The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 22 Dec 1865

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Full Particulars of the Disasters for Each Month of the Year
An Unusually Large Record

Below will be found our usual annual statement of disasters for the season just closed, which have been collect from the files of the different exchanges - the greater part, however, received and published at this port. The total number thus reported I 421, and increase over the previous season of 42. In addition to the above, we have the memoranda of between 60 and 70 others not given in the following statement, in consequence of not receiving more definite particulars. These, if published, would swell the actual number to 500, at which we place the actual number of the season, which exceeds any former season on record:

Total number of disasters in 1860 . . . . . . . . . . . . 370
" " " " " 1861 . . . . . . . . . . . . 275
" " " " " 1862 . . . . . . . . . . . . 300
" " " " " 1863 . . . . . . . . . . . . 350
" " " " " 1864 . . . . . . . . . . . . 379
" " " " " 1865 . . . . . . . . . . . . 500


Schooner Whip - Driven on the beach at St. Joseph harbor, a total loss and captain drowned.
Schooner C. J. Roeder - Ashore at Kelley's Island, and scuttled: raised and repaired.


Schooner Hamlet - Ashore at Grand Haven; lost deck load lumber; raised and repaired.
Scow Juno - Lost both anchors and deck load lumber on Lake Huron.
Schooner C. N. Johnson - Damaged in sails and rigging on Lake Erie.
Schooner Myrtle - Cargo lumber; ashore at Point au Barque; raised and brought to Detroit.
Schooner Fairfield - Cargo lumber; ashore near Forester, Lake Huron; got off and repaired at Detroit.
Schooner Atalanta - Damaged in head gear in Detroit River by getting foul of a tow of vessels.
Brig Sebastopol - Broke her rudder on Lake Michigan; towed to Chicago by propeller B. F. Wade.
Schooner E C Blish - Cargo grindstones; ashore at Point au Barque; got off and repaired.
Schooner L D Coman - Ashore at Point au Barque and became a total loss.
Schooner E S J Bemis - Lost jib boom and gear in Detroit River by collision with another craft.
Schooner Morning Light - Lost jib boom and head gear by collision with unknown craft on Lake Huron.
Schooner Stampede - Hole knocked into her stern by collision on River St Clair; no particulars.
Schooner Twin Sisters - Bulwarks and stanchions carried away by a tug coming alongside.
Bark Jesse Hoyt and schooner Gem - Collided in Straits of Mackinac; former lost small boat and spanker, and quarter damaged; latter jib boom, head gear and both jibs.
Schooner Star of the North - Sprung a leak on Lake Erie; arrived at Detroit.
Schooners A G Morey and James Platt - Collided near Rondeau; former lost jib boom and head gear; latter damaged in quarter.
Schooner Ketchum - Grain loaded; on a reef near the Straits; hull and cargo damaged; arrived at Detroit.


Scow Sylvia Morton - Knocked a hole in her bottom in Maumee River; repaired at Toledo.
Schooner T Kingsford - Ashore at Pilot Island; got off and repaired at Milwaukee.
Bark S A Marsh - On Stony Island, Detroit River,; lightered off with slight injury.
Bark John Sweeney - On middle ground at St. Clair; lightered off without damage.
Bark R J Sanborn, lost bowsprit and headgear by collision with an unknown vessel in the Straits.
Propeller Northern Light - Damaged in the bottom by getting on the rocks in the Sault River.
Schooner International - Damaged cargo of grain by spring a leak on Lake Michigan; repaired at Milwaukee
Schooner J F Tracy - On a reef at New River; lost deck load of lumber and vessel damaged $280.
Schooner Cynthia Gordon - Damaged $500 by collision with tug Little Giant in Chicago harbor.
Schooner Saranac - Carried away foreboom on Lake Huron while jibing.
Schooner W J Whaling - Lost jib-boom and bow-sprit by running foul of a bridge at Cleveland.
Brig W. Treat - Lost foresail and flying jib on Lake Huron.
Tug Success - Exploded her boiler at Chicsgo; one man killed; boat repaired.
Bark H. H. Brown - Ashore at Long Point; got off with slight damage.
Schooner King Sisters - Ashore on Mammy Judy; lightered off.
Propeller Free State - Ashore at 40 Mile Point; hull and cargo damaged, repaired.
Propeller Potomac - Ashore near same locality, got off without damage.
Schooner Jupiter - Tow of tug Continental, collided with bark Watson in Chicago harbor; former damaged $350.
Schooner J Thursby - While being towed out of Cleveland, run foul of steamer Morning Star, damaging latter $350.
Bark Badger State - In tow of tug Wood; ran foul of a bridge, damaging head-gear.
Schooner Henry Hagar - Had her stern knocked off at Bar Point by collision with unknown vessel; one man drowned.
Schooner Jennie Bell - Ashore at Ontonagon, and sunk; got up and repaired.
Scow Union - Water-logged in Lake Erie; towed to Put-in-Bay.
Tug Pliny F. Barton - Destroyed by fire at Baby's Point.
Steamer Emerald - Upper works damaged by fire on River St Clair, $400.
Propeller Indian - Ashore at East Sister; cargo merchandise damaged; got off badly hogged; repaired at Detroit.
Schooner Monitor - Cargo lumber; ashore at Round Island; got off with slight damage.
Propeller Union - Broke her crank on Lake Superior; towed into Copper Harbor.
Schooner Toledo - Struck a sunken wreck and sank in Chicago harbor; raised and repaired.
Propeller North - On Mohawk Reef; cargo flour; got up and repaired.


Schooner Aldebaran - Lost foresail and maingaff topsail on Lake Erie; repaired at Detroit.
Propeller Oneida - On Elk Island; was lightered off.
Iron steamer Kingston - On Split Rock, Lake Ontario; subsequently raised.
Brig C P Williams and propeller Fountain City - On Lake Huron; both sustained severe damages.
Schooner Lively - Damaged $100 by collision in Chicago harbor.
Propeller Lady Franklin - Damaged wheel and sprung a leak on Lake Superior; repaired at Detroit.
Propeller Governor Cushman - Ashore on Summer Island; got off with slight damage.
Bark Waverly - Damaged hull and cargo grain on a reef, foot of Lake Michigan.
Tug Fannie White - Exploded steam drum at Bay City; one life lost.
Scow Trenton - Ashore at Chicago and sunk; got up and repaired.
Brig Commerce - Struck by lightning at Green bay; losing topgallant-mast and splitting topmast head.
Schooner H. A. Richmond - Ashore at Round Island; was got off with slight damages.
Brig Globe - Small boat smashed at Detroit by schooner Millard Fillmore.
Propeller Wabash - Ashore on Hen and Chickens; lightered 2,000 bbls and got off with slight damage.
Propeller Ironsides - Took fire in her hold at Detroit, doing slight damage.
Schooner Wings of the Wind - Damaged in hull and rigging on the flats; repaired at Port Huron.
Tug Fanny Spafford - A wreck by explosion in Chicago harbor; one life lost.
Bark Great West No. 2 - Partially dismasted on Lake Huron; repaired at Detroit.
Schooner Fremont - A total loss by collision with bark American Union, near Bailey's Harbor.
Brig D. Ferguson - Totally dismasted by a squall on Lake Huron; towed to Buffalo for repairs.
Schooner B F Davy - Lost mainmast on Lake Michigan; sprang a leak and damaged cargo; arrived at Detroit.
Bark Lafrinier - On a reef near Bailey's Harbor; sprung a leak; reached Detroit and was repaired.
Schooner Russian - On Colchester Reef; sprung a leak; lightered off and repaired at Detroit.
Bark S V R Watson - Ashore below old Mackinac; lightered off with trifling damage.
Bark Cleveland - Ashore on Plumb Island; lightered off and towed to Chicago.
Bark Republic and brig Canopus - Collided off Clay Banks; latter total loss, with 16,000 bush wheat; former damaged.
Propeller Prairie State - Damaged by fire at Oswego, $2,500.
Propeller Comet - Sunk at Washington Harbor; cargo damaged; raised and repaired.


Bark Great West No. 2 - Arrived at Detroit in a leaky condition with centre board out of order.
Bark S. E. Calvin - Sprung a leak and sunk at Port Burwell; got up and repaired.
Schooner Barbarian - On a reef in Lake Ontario; jettisoned 2,000 bushels grain and got off.
Propellers Illinois and Dean Richmond - Collided at Point au Pelee; the former a total loss, with cargo of flour and grain.
Barge Empire - Cargo lumber; damaged in a gale in Buffalo; was got in and repaired.
Schooner Milwaukee Belle - Cargo lumber; sprung a leak on Lake Michigan; run into North Bay; towed thence to Chicago.
Schooner Seaman - Took fire in her foresail in Detroit, which was totally destroyed.
Schooner Supply - Lost her topsail in a squall on Lake Huron.
Schooner W O Brown - Carried away her bowsprit by collision with a canal boat in Buffalo Creek.
Brig S C Walbridge - Struck with lightning at Saginaw, losing her mainmast.
Bark Panama - Lost her foreyard on Lake Michigan.
Schooner Berlin - On Belle Island; lightered cargo and got off.
Schooner Gerritt Smith - On a shoal near Cape Vincent; got off by lightering her cargo.
Schooner John Weeden - Struck by lightning on Lake Superior, losing her mainsail.
Schooner Kirk White - Sprung a leak on Lake Huron, and threw over 15,000 feet lumber.
Schooners Dane and Tartar - Damaged in River St. Clair while towing, by collision with schooner Eagle Wing.
Schooner Helen Blood - Damaged in hull and headgear in a gale on Lake Michigan.
Schooner Illinois - Cargo coal; sprung a leak, and sunk off Vermilion; total loss, crew saved.
Bark Northwest - Cargo coal and hollow ware; sprung a leak a leak on Lake Erie; repaired at Detroit.
Barks Watson and City Milwaukee [sic] - Collided n Lake Huron; latter dismasted, and towed to Buffalo.
Schooner Arkitack - Sunk at Chicago by running foul of a sunken crib; raised and repaired.
Propeller Norman - Broke her cylinder on Lake Michigan; towed to Detroit.
Schooner Albatross - Ashore near Death's Door; total loss.
Scow Mary Ann - Damaged by unknown vessel in Detroit River.
Tug Eagle - Disabled in machinery while towing on the river.
Scow Pacific - Damaged by collision on the flats.
Schooner Black Hawk - Grounded in Detroit River, and lightered.
Schooner S Robinson - Run on her anchor at Oswego; sprung a leak and damaged cargo grain.
Schooner W G Grant - Cargo coal; grounded on the flats; after several days' detention was lightered off.
Bark Constitution - Ashore at East Sister; cargo grain; lightered and got off without damage.
Schooner Clyde - Ashore at Cedar Point, Sandusky; lightered lumber, got off and repaired at Detroit.
Schooner Josephine - Ashore and filled at Port Burwell; raised and repaired.
Tug Samson - Destroyed by fire near Malden, a total loss.
Steam J P Ward - Destroyed by fire at Bay City, total loss.
Schooner Odd Fellow - Lost deck load, lumber, during a gale on Lake Ontario, Several other like disasters took place at the same time; no particulars.
Schooners Lookout and E. Kanter - drifted foul of each other in Detroit river, both damaged slightly.
Schooner Mary Francis - Ashore at Rondeau; a total loss, $2,600.
Schooner Comet - Bows stove in, jibboom and bowsprit gone by collision with tug Windsor in River St. Clair.
Tug Swan - On Peach Island reef; capsized and filled; was got up.
Brig Gen Worth - Lost foreyard in a gale on Lake Huron.
Steamer Huron and schooner E P Dorr - Collided off Point au Barque; damage considerable to both.
Schooners J W Nicholas and Advance - Collided near mouth of Detroit river; latter damaged $600.
Bark Col. Ellsworth - Damaged $400 by collision with barge Baltic, near Point au Pelee.
Schooners Anna Craig and Australia - Collide near Long Point, Lake Ontario; former's jibboom and bowsprit gone; latter's headgear and one jib.
Scow Union Star - Collided with unknown vessel in tow of tug Satellite; lost her jibboom, bowsprit and head gear.
Bark America - Damaged on the Flats; repaired at Detroit.
Bark J P Mack - Ashore near the Eau; got off and repaired.
Propeller Oneida - Broke her machinery on Lake Michigan; towed to Milwaukee.
Bark Tanner - Collided with unknown vessel in Detroit river; damaged severely.


Propeller Meteor and Pewabic - Collided on Lake Huron: Latter total loss with many lives lost - former was damaged slightly.
Propeller Meteor - Damaged by fire and sunk at Sault Ste. Marie, raised and repaired at Detroit.
Schooner Sailor Boy - Dismasted in a gale on Lake Michigan; towed to Milwaukee.
Schooner Cuba - Lost jibboom, bowsprit, headgear, one anchor and more or less chain by collision with schooner Ferguson on Lake Huron.
Bark Northwest - Run on Sheboygan; cargo grain; lightered off.
Propeller Norman - Aground on the flats; lightered off.
Schooner Frederick - Foundered off Grand Haven; total loss; crew saved.
Steamer Traveller - Destroyed by fire at Eagle Harbor; loss $40,000.
Schooner Gen. Sigel - Cargo grain; sprung a leak on Lake Michigan; cargo damaged.
Tug Monitor - Destroyed by fire at Muskegon; total loss.
Brig E W Cross and Schooner A. Baensch - Collided outside Chicago; former total loss with cargo lumber; latter damaged $1,200.
Scow Improvement - Damaged $100 by collision with unknown vessel on river St. Clair.
Schooner W. Kelly - Ashore west side Cleveland piers; lightered off.
Schooner Susquehanna - Cargo coal, sprung a leak and sank off Conneaut, Lake Erie; total loss; crew saved.
Schooner E. C. Roberts - Cargo grain; grounded on a rock near Bar Point; sunk in shoal water; loss heavy, cargo all ruined.
Propeller S. D. Caldwell - Aground in Sault River; jettisoned 200 tons copper.
Bark Ogarita - Lost jibboom and headgear by collision with Propeller Mendota in Buffalo harbor.
Bark S. D. Woodruff - Run into while at anchor in Detroit river by schooner Wings of the Wind while towing; loss $600.
Schooners L B Crocker and C J Roeder - Collided of Colchester; damages to either $100.
Scow Porcupine - On a rock at Maumee and sunk; raised.
Propeller Stockman - Destroyed by fire on Bear creek; a total loss.
Bark Potomac and Schooner Garibaldi - Collided on the flats; both damaged $200.
Schooner C G Richmond - On a rock at Saginaw; sunk; raised and repaired.
Bark L H Cotton - On Colchester reef; jettisoned 80 tons pig iron and got off; repaired at Cleveland.
Bark St. Lawrence - Ashore near Presque Isle; jettisoned 800 bushels of grain and got off.
Propeller Winslow - Ashore at North Point; got off by propeller City of New York.
Schooner White Squall - Lost jibboom and foretopmast in a squall near Bar point.
Bark Fleur de Marie - Ashore at Long Point, Lake Ontario; got off and repaired.
Schooners Ethan Allen, Ketchum, Eclipse and B F Davy - Damaged by collision on the flats; repaired at Detroit.
Schooner Glen Avon - Cargo barley; ashore at Don River, Lake Ontario; vessel and cargo damaged.
Schooner Willard Johnson - No cargo; ashore at Pointe au Barque; a total loss, $20,000.
Schooner D Ferguson - Jettisoned 60 tons of iron ore in a gale on Lake Huron.
Schooner Charlotte - Ashore near Sheboygan; no cargo; got off.
Scow Eugenia - Ashore on Peach Island; cargo lumber; vessel total loss and part of cargo.
Bark Illinois - Knocked holes in her bottom in river Thames; repaired at Detroit.
Steamer Watertown - Destroyed by fire at Cape Vincent; a total loss.
Schooner Clayton Belle - Damaged in sails and rigging on Lake Michigan.
Schooner Lochiel - Cargo wheat; foundered in Lake Ontario; total loss; crew saved.
Schooner Milwaukee Belle - Lost flying jib and gaff-topsails to a gale on Lake Michigan.
Schooner S G Andrew (sic) - Damaged in sails during same storm.
Three of four barks laden with lumber ashore near Lexington; all got off and cargoes partly saved.
Brig Globe - Lost jib-boom, bowsprit and head gear by collision with brig Williams on Lake Huron.
Schooner Triumph - Ashore and total loss near Chicago in a gale.
Steamer May Queen - Sunk at Sheboygan and total loss.


Steamer Planet - Took fire Straits of Mackinac; damaged more or less.
Schooner L B Crocker - Struck the pier at Port Dalhousie and damaged.
Schooner Lewis Cass - Ashore at Wolf river, and total loss.
Steamer Huron - On a rock in Saginaw river; sunk and finally raised; since condemned.
Scow Industry - Lost foresail and jib in a gale on Lake Erie.
Schooner Pioneer - Struck the pier at Genesee and damaged severely.
Schooner Iris - Ashore at Burlington Beach, cargo coal; total loss.
Propeller Pittsburgh - Ashore at Bar Point; lightered off.
Propeller Arctic - Ashore near Gibraltar; lightered off.
Propeller Whitby - Aground at Port Stanley, and broke her wheel; towed to Toledo for repairs.
Propeller North - Jettisoned a quantity of pig iron in a storm on Lake Huron; returned to Sarnia for repairs.
Propeller Indian - Broke her wheel in Lake Erie; towed to Detroit and repaired.
Propeller Buckeye - Struck a rock in River St. Lawrence, and sunk in 70 feet of water; cargo flour and grain; since raised.
Schooner W. O. Brown and bark Nichols - Collided near Bar Point; former sunk and total loss, with 380 tons coal and 125 do pig iron.
Schooner Morning Light and bark Austin - Collided while in tow on the flats; damage to either $200.
Propeller City of New York - Broke machinery on Lake Michigan, towed to Milwaukee.
Scow Highland Chief - Waterlogged, capsized and sunk off Cleveland; since raised and repaired.
Propeller Winona - Grounded at Bar Point; lightered off.


Schooner C F Allen - Cargo corn; ashore at West Sister; lightered off in a leaky condition.
Schooner Frontenac - Ashore at Port Burwell; total loss.
Schooner R. Parrington - Ashore at Muskegon; got off.
Bark Cleveland - Ashore on Strawberry Island, Green Bay; lightered off.
Schooner Thistle - Ashore at Long Point, Lake Ontario; cargo barley; damaged in hull and cargo.
Scow N G - Struck pier at Black River and sunk inside; since raised and repaired.
Bark Southampton and schooner City - Collided on Lake Erie; each damaged $200.
Scow Oriental - Dismasted in Cleveland harbor by bark Sunnyside, sailing in with square yards.
Bark Gibraltar - Dismasted in Welland Canal by collision with schooner Carthagenian; latter lost jibboon and gaff topsail.
Schooner John Thursby - Sprung a leak on Lake Erie and sunk inside Port Stanley harbor; raised and towed to Cleveland.
Bark H H Brown - Lost mainsail and mizzengaff -topsail in a gale on Lake Huron.
Scow B G Allen - Lost deck load shingles in a gale on Lake Huron.
Scow Magdalene - Ashore and full of water at South Bass Island; raised and repaired.
Bark Sam Ward - Cargo lumber; ashore at St. Helena; lightered off.
Propeller City of Buffalo - On Stony Island, Detroit river; got off after several days' detention and lightering her cargo.
Schooner Traveller - Ashore at Rondeau; was lightered off.
Scow Lake City - Cargo lumber; sprung a leak and sunk at Detroit; raised and repaired.
Schooner Tornado - Cargo grain; sprung a leak on Lake Ontario; was towed into Charlotte, cargo damaged.
Schooner Thornton - Cargo corn; put into Charlotte with four feet of water in her hold.
Schooner Grand Turk - Cargo wheat; damaged forefoot and keel in St. Lawrence river; leaking slightly.
Schooner Mary Selina - Cargo hoops and lumber; ashore at Big Sodus; got off and repaired.
Brig Ocean - Cargo hoops; capsized off Fairport, vessel and cargo a total loss.
Schooner Rambler - Ashore and total loss east shore Lake Michigan.
Schooner Merrick - Sunk with a cargo corn on Round Reef, Georgia (sic) Bay; got up; she was bound for Collingwood.
Schooner Almeda - Sprung both masts in a gale on Lake Ontario; put into Kingston.
Tug Eclipse - Broke machinery in Sault River.
Tug Kate Williams - Disabled in machinery while towing on river.
Schooner W H Merritt - Ashore on Lake Michigan; no particulars.
Schooner Senator - Shifted her cargo; lost min boom, jib boom, and split her mainsail on Lake Michigan; arrived at Chicago.
Bark J P King - Cargo grain; sprung a leak on lake Michigan; cargo damaged.
Schooner Crusader - Ashore near Racine; got off and repaired.
Schooner America - Ashore at Twin Rivers; got off and repaired.
Schooner H. B. Steele - Ashore at Sheboygan; got off and repaired.
Schooner H C Winslow - Cargo grain; sprung a leak head Detroit River; repaired at Detroit.
Schooner Russell Dart - Carried away head gear and damaged foresail Saginaw Bay.
Brig Roscius - Had her small boat smashed by bark Newsboy.
Schooner Seaman - Damaged mainsail on Lake Huron.
Schooner Kirk White - Carried away foreyard on Lake Huron.
Schooner John Webber - Lost bowsprit and headgear by collision on the flats.
Bark Sunshine - Carried away her headgear on the flats.
Schooner Vanvalkenberg - Lost fore-boom and split topsail on Lake Huron.
Schooner Ben Flint - Met with a like disaster on Lake Huron.
Schooner North Star - Damaged in hull ($200) on the flats.
Schooner Sasco - Lost her foremast on Lake Ontario.
Steamer Ranger - Ashore at the Ducks, Lake Ontario; got off and repaired.
Schooner Dauntless - Damaged by collision with a bridge in Chicago harbor.
Schooner E Masters - Lost deck load of lumber in a gale on Lake Ontario.
Brig Lafayette Cook - Ashore at Sodus, Lake Ontario; cargo lumber; no particulars.
Steamer Truesdell - Broke her shaft near grand Haven.
Schooner J Navagh - While entering Oswego harbor broke centerboard and both davits; lost foresail and split her mainsail.
Propeller Eclipse - Foundered going into Cleveland and sprung a leak.
Schooner Sarah Bond - Lost her bowsprit going into Cleveland.
Schooner Tawas - Lost deck load lumber and some of her sails in Saginaw Bay.
Schooner Comet - Damaged in sails on Lake Michigan; bound down.
Bark H H Brown - Lost big anchor and chain in Saginaw Bay.
Scow Adair - Ashore near Lexington; got off and repaired.
Schooner Fulton - Damaged in sails on Lake Erie; repaired at Detroit.
Schooner N P Goodell - Damaged by collision on Lake Huron, no particulars.
Bark H H Brown - Struck on Sandusky Bar; cargo lumber; vessel total loss; cargo partly saved.
Schooner Volunteer - Damaged in sails on Lake Ontario, and the schooner Russian sustained alike disaster at the same time.
Schooner Junius - Lost 70,000 feet of lumber during a gale on Lake Ontario.
Schooner Garibaldi - Wrecked in Georgian Bay; total loss with three lives.
Bark Sonora, Schooner Grand Turk, Sunshine and Schooner Lydia Chase - All in tow; damaged more or less by being run foul of by another tow of vessels.
Schooner Wanderer - Struck Port Stanley pier and sunk inside.
Schooner D O Dickenson - Ashore at Point Sable; lightered off.
Schooner Minerva Cook - Cargo lumber; ashore at Sodus; Lake Ontario; no particulars.
Schooner M L Collins - Damaged in sails and rigging in a gale on Lake Huron.
Propeller Mineral Rock - Lost twenty head cattle overboard in Saginaw Bay and put into Tawas with three feet of water in her hold.
Schooner M B Spaulding - On a reef in Lake Huron; sprung a leak and lost her mainsail; also big anchor and 45 fathoms chain.
Brig N M Standart - Lost big anchor and 75 fathoms chain at Point au Pelee.
Propeller Marquette - Ashore at Bar Point, and after getting off sunk at
the mouth of Detroit River; vessel and cargo damaged to a large amount.
Bark H. L. Lansing - Cargo coal; ashore near Chicago; total loss.
Brig R. Hollister - Cargo lumber; ashore near Chicago; total loss.
Schooner Ellen Blood - Ashore west side Lake Michigan; cargo wood; got off and repaired.
Schooner Gem - Cargo grain; sprung a leak on Lake Michigan; put into Milwaukee for repairs.
Bark R J Sanborn - Ashore at Milwaukee; got off.
Schooner E G Gray - Dismasted on Lake Michigan; repaired at Chicago
Schooner Morning Light - Cargo grain; damaged while going into Milwaukee.
Schooner M F Johnson - Cargo grain; lost some of her sails on Lake Michigan; reached Milwaukee.
Schooner Albatross - Lost her fore-boom on Lake Michigan.
Propeller Her Majesty - Sunk at Port Colborne; jettisoned 500 barrels of flour and got up.
Bark Cream City - Carried away her foremast on Lake Erie.
Schooner Algerine - Cargo Barley; sprung a leak in Welland Canal, and discharged cargo at Port Colborne.
Schooner Geneva - Cargo coal; sprung a leak near Erie Harbor.
Brig Mayflower - Damaged sails and rigging on Lake Erie; arrived at Toledo.
Propeller S D Caldwell - Damaged in a gale on Lake Huron; repaired at Detroit.
Schooner Arrow - Ashore and sunk at Point au Pelee; cargo grain; vessel got up; cargo nearly all damaged.
Scow J McCulloch - Lost 30 tons coal between Buffalo and Erie in a gale.
Schooner Columbia - Jettisoned 40 tons of coal between Buffalo and Erie.
Schooner Madison - Split most of her sails during a gale between Buffalo and Erie.
Schooner Jenny Lind - Lost deck load lumber between Buffalo and Erie.
Schooner Mary A Rankin - Lost deck load and split most of her sails between Buffalo and Erie.
Schooner W Vanatta - In same storm lost her topsail.
Bark Summer Cloud - Lost royal-mast on Lake Huron.
Brig Paragon - Split her sails and damaged in bulwarks and stanchions on Lake Huron.
Schooner Marion Egan - Center-board jammed on the flats.
Schooner Dauntless - Carried away mainmast head on Lake Huron.
Schooner Conquest - Sails damaged; jibboom and forefoot carried away on Lake Huron.
Schooner Corinthian - Carried away mainboom; the scow storm her jibbooms and davits; and scow St. Joseph bowsprit and jibboom, all on Lake Huron.
Schooner Cornwell - Cargo corn; ashore at East Sister; vessel and cargo a total loss.
Scow Dolphin - Broke rudder machinery at Point au Pelee, and lost most of her sails; repaired at Detroit.
Tug O B Green - Damaged by fire at Chicago; repaired.
Bark Alice and Schooner E P Dorr - Collided on Lake Michigan; both badly damaged.
Schooner Flight - Cargo salt; ashore at Bois Blanc Island, Straits Mackinac; vessel total loss; cargo mostly saved.
Bark J P Mack - Ashore at Port Brice, Lake Erie; repaired.
Schooner Fanny - Capsized on Lake Michigan; total loss; crew saved.
Schooner W H Willard - Ashore at Sand Beach; got off.
Schooner Winfield Scott - On a reef at Point au Barque; vessel got off; deck-load lumber lost.
Bark S V R Watson and brig N M Standart - Collided at Point Waboschance (sic); latter damaged in hull and rigging; former slightly.
Schooner Com. Foote and bark Summer Cloud - Collided in Oswego harbor; latter lost mizzen gaff and dama

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Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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