The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), December 21, 1866

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Sale of Vessel Interests in 1866
Total Number of Sales - 268

The following list of vessel sales the past year will be found of interest:
Propeller Norman, by Littlejohn & Co., Oswego, to Leopold Austin & Co., for $25,000.
Schooner Carthaginian, by same parties to Lyons & Finney, Oswego, for $17,500.
Schooner Bahama, by T. S. Mott, Oswego, to Clarke & P(?), for $20,500.
Schooner T. S. Mott, by T. S. Mott, to Morgan Wheeler, Oswego for $23,000.
Schooner E H Gilbert, by Martin Radcliff to Benjamin Green, Oswego, for $4,000.
Schooner Gen. Sigel, by unknown parties to Capt. H(ansom?) for $7,500.
Bark J. S. Austin by H. S. Marshall, at Cleveland, to W. & R J Mack, for $8,715.
Brig Rio Grande by Lee & Watson, Buffalo, to M. Goulden, Oswego, for $7,300.
Schooner Harriet Ross, by N. P. Bradley, Chicago, to McCabe Bros., Buffalo, for $7,300.
Schooner M. B. Spalding, by Fisher & Richardson to Griffin & McDonald, Buffalo, for $14,000.
Schooner J. M. Lee, by J. S. Provost, Buffalo, to unknown parties, on private terms.
Schooner Wm. Fiske, by P. C. Sherman, to Cotton & Sears, Buffalo, for $14,000.
Schooner Imperial, by P. C. Sherman, to S. L. Watson, for $15,000.
Schooner Dauntless, by P. C. Sherman, to Doyle & Gibbs, Oswego, for $18,000.
Schooner Sunbury, by G. P. Hosmer, Lockport, to D. Whitney, jr, Detroit, for $10,500.
Schooner Elm City, by Collison & Flett, Buffalo, to E. Collins, Buffalo, for $2,350.
Schooner C. N. Johnson, by Cotton & Sears, to R Dunigan, Toledo, for $9,300.
Schooner John S. Reid, by and to Buffalo parties unknown, for $3,500.
Schooner Ataunto, by and to parties unknown, at Toledo, price $24,000.
Bark Jesse Hoyt, by Taylor & Jewett, Buffalo, to Racine parties, on private terms.
Bark Sunshine, by O L Nims, Buffalo, to J. S. Noyes, Buffalo, on private terms.
Schooner A C Hart, by F Harman, Ashtabula, to V Swain, Cleveland, for $16,000.
Schooner Mary Adelaide, by U. S. Marshal, Rochester, to C. Lopez, for $625.
Propeller Mary Stewart, by N.Y. Central Railroad to C. Mears, Chicago, for $20,000.
Bark Waverly, by Bennett & Avery, Buffalo, to Locke & Co., for $11,000.
Brig Concord, by Marshall & Jones, , Detroit, to B Whitaker, on private terms.
Schooner W B Hibbard, by Capt. Cohen, Cleveland, to Geo. McKay, for $11,000.
Schooner Marion Egan, by W. M. Egan, Chicago, to Taylor & Brown, for $18,000.
Tug W. A. Moore, by J Pridgeon, Detroit, to J. M. Ballantyne, Chicago, $34,000.
Barge Baltic, by J Pridgeon to J. M. Ballantyne, Chicago, for $10,000.
Scow Orion, by H Lodewyck, Detroit, to Chicago parties, for $4,650.
Schooner M. H. Sibley, by Butterfield & Swarthout, to Alger & Jager, Detroit, for $7,200.
Scow Medora, by unknown parties, to ____ Dudley, Detroit, for 1,525.
Schooner Reindeer, by Merick & Co., Detroit, to R. Ryder, Detroit, for $9,500.
Schooner E. S. J. Bemis, by Estes & Co., to John Stewart, Detroit, for $11,000.
Scow Dolphin, half interest by E. Lebot, Detroit, to D. Sheehan, for $4,000.
Schooner Ferrett, by parties unknown, to James Craig, Detroit, for $4,000.
Scow Union Star, by parties unknown, to White & Fick, Detroit, for $4,000.
Schooner Enterprise, by Degraff & Keith, to Wilcox & Draper, Toledo, for $8,000.

The parties names to the following sales we do not find recorded:
Tug Red Jacket, $4,000; schooner L. B. Shepherd, $11,500; schooner McCullough, $5,600; scow Tempest, one-half interest, $1,400; brig Banner to A Toll, $25,000; schooner Golden Harvest, one-half, $3,300; brig Table Rock, $5,000; brig Lowell, $6,000; schooner Peoria, $2,000; tug Watson, $2,250; schooner Gertrude, (No. 2), $2,000; schooner Active, one-half interest, $3,000; schooner M. McNair, $7,000; schooner Union, two-thirds p.t.; schooner Quickstep, one-half interest, $5,000; SCHOONER Dolphin, one-half interest, $350; brig Mechanic, $8,000; propeller Mary Stewart, one-half interest, $11,000; schooner Louisa Ann, one-half interest, $1,000; schooner Tempest, $5,000; schooner Wayne. one-half interest, $1,350; schooner Ada, one third interest, $1,500; schooner Gertrude, one-third interest, $1,333; scow Cousin Mary, one-half interest, $1,000; schooner Calcutta, $5,500; schooner Minnesota, one-half interest, $3,285; bark Hungarian, one-half interest, $5,000; tug Vandusen, one-third interest, $8,287; schooner J. E. Sutherland, one-half interest, $1,000; schooner Joe Vilas, one-third interest, $3,000; schooner Sasco, $14,000; schooner Magnet, $3,600; schooner Australia, $7,000; schooner Muskingum, $14,500; schooner R B Hubbard, $6,500; schooner Walrus, $10,000; schooner Grand Turk, $8,500; schooner Cynthia Gordon, $3,000; bark Campion, one-eighth interest, $5,000; schooner Live Oak, one-half interest, $3,500; schooner Argo, $6,000; schooner Arctic, one-half interest, $4,050; schooner Montezuma, $10,000; brig Pilgrim, $7,000; tug O'Brien, one-half interest, $7,500; schooner Poland, $6,100; schooner Grace Murray, one-eighth interest, $1,127; schooner Willington, $11,000; schooner D. Dall, $7,000; schooner Purington, $10,000; schooner Monteagle, $14,000. Total sales - 51.

Propeller Neptune, by Western Transport Company, Buffalo, to P E Wright, Detroit, $22,000.
Schooner Dreadnought, by W. Doyle, to Cook & Brother, Buffalo, $10,500.
Schooner Philena Mills, by J. Davidson, Buffalo, to H. Loedwyck, Detroit, $6,500.
Schooner B. R. Lummis, by E. Kanter, Detroit, to J W Jones, Racine, $7,000.
Scow Dolphin, one-half interest, by J L Miner to D Sheehan, Detroit, $4,000.
Schooner Thomas Simms, by B Hadaman, Oswego, to Captain Martin, $13,700.
Schooner Kate Robinson, by J. B. Scott to Smith, Kelly & Co., Forester, $9,500.
Schooner Home, by Buffalo parties to Hubbard & Cummings, Port Huron, $11,500.
Schooner Monteagle, by N. R. Bradley, Chicago, to Talcott & Farnum, Buffalo, $14,000.
Steamer S. Clement, by E. B. Ward to John Hutchings, Detroit, $25,000.
Propeller B. F. Wade, by E. B. Ward to J. Pridgeon, Detroit, on p.t.
Propeller Mongomery, by and to same party, on p.t.
Brig Powhattan, by J Stafford, Chicago, to A Reid, Depere, Wisc., on p.t.
Tug Relief, by Board of Underwriters to Sartwell & Marsh, on p.t.
Bark Tom Wrong, by J A Eakins, Sparta, C.W. to parties unknown, $5,800 in gold.
Scow Louise, by J. Tracy, Port Burwell, to S. Kanady Detroit, $2,000 in gold.
Schooner A Davis, by J A Eakins, Sparta, C. W. to McDermaid & Co., on p.t.
Schooner Senator, by C H Smyth, Oswego to P. McEvoy, Oswego, $20,000.
Schooner Lewis Wells, by Carrington & Casey, to J Davidson, Buffalo, $13,500.
Tug Mary Bell, by unknown parties, to George Butler, Marine City, $4,000.
Tug Emerald, by Smith & Co., Algonac, to Sage & McGraw, Saginaw, 16,000.
Scow Juno, by unknown parties at Detroit, for $1,600.
Tug Urania, by Saginaw parties to Campbell & Mills, Detroit, $8,000.
Tug E. Gallagher, by John Ernst to George Bryant, Detroit, $2,200.
Bark Excelsior, by J. Kelderhouse, Buffalo, to Thos. Kelderhouse, $20,000.
Scow Black Hawk, by E. Perrit to C Mears, Chicago, $2,000.
Tug Bob Anderson, by H N Strong, half interest to John Dumas, Detroit, $10,000.
Schooner Ferrett, by George Carpenter to L M Mason, Detroit, $3,000.
Schooner Mary, by O Bourke to R J Hackett, $500.
Propeller J H Jerome, by Capt. Fournie, to C Gardner, $2,000.
Scow Canada, by R Reaume to Frank Norton, Detroit, $150.
Steamer Ariel, by J. H. Jerome to H Poole, Detroit, on p.t.
Steamer G. W. Reynolds, by Toledo parties to Alexander English, Saginaw, on p.t.
Propeller Lady Franklin, by Ward & Strachan to J H Stevens, St. Joseph, $25,000.
Tug Geo. H. Parker, by J L Whipple to G H Parker, Detroit, one-half interest, $7,000.
Schooner M H Sibley, by P Jager to R A Alger, one-half interest, $1,800.
Schooner Swallow, by H N Strong to W H Goodnow, Chicago, on p.t.
Schooner Skylark, by H N Strong to W H Goodnow, Chicago, on p.t.
Steamers City of Cleveland and Morning Star, by Annie M. Evans, Detroit, 1-100 int. for $2,000; D Carter and S. Gardner, each 1-50 int. for $4,000 each, to L. N. Pierce.
Scow U. S. Grant, by unknown parties to F M Simonds, Detroit, $8,500.
Steam yacht E A Brush, by Roe & Shipley, to McArthy & Co., Glen Arbor, $4,500.
Schooner Neshoto, by N Pendleton, Racine, to J C Maxwell, Chicago, $23,000.
Steamer Little Eastern, by J W Gilbert, East Saginaw, to J C Jackson, half int., $1,400.
Schooner Enterprise No. 2, by C Chegrim, to A Dendrew, Detroit, half int., $750.
Tug E. Gallagher, by Geo. Bryant, Detroit, to A D Dickenson, Detroit, on p.t.
Propeller Mayflower, disabled, by Western Transportation Company to H N Strong, Detroit, $10,000.
Scow Margaret Alice, by E L Harvey to A L Pierce, Detroit, $400.
Barge Illinois, by W E Warriner, ninth int. To B T Prentiss, $780.
Schooner Acontias, by J P Clark to John Moore, Detroit, $18,000.
Brig Paragon, by Sinclair & Co., to Stafford & Co., Port Hope, $6,000.
Schooner J F Warner, by R Dunigan, Toledo, one-half int. to W. Harlow, $8,000.
Tug Dispatch, by J A Sloan, Malden, to S B Grummond, Detroit, $19,000.
Tug Eagle, by John Linkeon, Muskegon, to W Mees, half-int., $950.
Brig Starlight, by E. Kanter, Detroit, to A Toll, Mackinaw, $18,000.
Schooner Sophia Smith, by E. D. Loweridge to H C Winslow, Buffalo, $9,000.
Schooner C D Dousman, by N C Winslow, to Christianson & Johnson, $14,000.
Schooner Hiawatha, by H S Walbridge, Toledo, to Chicago parties, $12,000.
Schooner W Wallace, by M Brontz to A Westbrook, for $1,000.
Tug Arrow, by T M Hubbell to North & Clark, $7,000.
Schooner Ottawa, by Geo. McChesney, Oswego, to Erie parties, $8,000.
Brig W Treat, by Taylor & Jewett, to J S Noyes, Buffalo, $25,000.
Tug Miranda, by E Perry, Grand Haven, to E Eastman, half int., $2,500.
Scow J A Sanders, by Snook & Tucker, to Hill and others, $4,000.
Scow Dan Tucker, by J Paquette to G Haldram, Detroit, $600.
Schooner Oneida Chief, by E Fitzgerald to B & J Hubbard, Milwaukee, $15,000.
Schooner D Todd, by E S Bemis, Buffalo, to Mears & Bates, Chicago on p.t.
Tug J. E. Eagle, by M B Kean, to J Hutchings, Detroit, on p.t.
Brig Young America, by Farnham & Hodge to Bird & Co., Buffalo, $14,000.
Schooner M. Courtwright, by Scott & Hearns, Erie, to Mears & Bates, Chicago, on p.t.
Schooner Jefferson, by Merick & Co., Detroit, to Boomer, Byington & Co., of Chicago, on p.t.
Propeller Adriatic, by W. O. Brown, Buffalo, to L. Coats, $30,000.
Propeller Portsmouth, by Erie Railway Co., to W. P. Richmond, Buffalo, on p.t.
Tug Constitution, by Armstrong & Hackett to John Strachan, 3/4 int., $10,000.
Scow Annie, by E Poole to W H Radcliff, $1,125.
Tug H Warner, by J G Campbell to J B Lemieux, $5,000.
Bark Tubalcain, by Ashley & other to J M Jones, 5/8 int., $6,600.
Schooner Oliver Culver, by Bennett & Avery to Seth Clark, Buffalo, $18,000.
Schooner George Goble, by T L Parker to Parker & Lynch, Oswego, $23,000.
Schooner Arrow, by H S Halstead, Chicago, to Curtiss & Brown, $11,500.
Bark Geo. Sherman, by K Sherman to L L Lyon, Cleveland, 1/2 int., $13,000.
Schooner S G Andrews, by Whitney & Co., to Loud, Priest & Co., $10,500.
Tug Gen. Grant, by Evans & Kilmaster to John Dumas, Detroit, $21,000.
Bark Tubalcain, by J M Jones to E W Hudson, 1/2 int., $9,000.
Scow Addain, by G R Richardson to W Gardner, Detroit, $400.
Scow Wildflower, by R Winter to J Beller, 1/2 int. $300.
Scow Foam, by Geo. Freeman to Z Freeman, 1/2 int., $500.
Scow Union, by Z Freeman to E Freeman, 1/2 int. $400.
Schooner C F Allen, by L Allen to W Lontill, Chicago, $10,000.
Steamer Illinois, disabled, by M B Kean to Edward Kean, $10,000.
Schooner B G Allen, by J Blair to A Navarre, $1,400.
Scow Fairy, by F Hungerford to D B Sexton, Cleveland, $2,675.
Scow Emma, by Wilcox & Co. to Warriner & Co., $3,500.
Tug Michigan, by J Pridgeon to Canadian Government, $18,000 gold.
Barge Ark, by E B Ward to Geo. Carleton, $600.
Scow Humming Bird, by D Jacquet to Peter Detour, $400.
Outfit of bark H C Winslow, by Pittman & Co. to E W Hudson, $4,500.
Barge Morning Star, by A Smith to John Carbrey, $2,200.
Propeller Burlington, by C. C. Blodgett, Detroit, to W Livingston, 1-10 interest, $2,000.
Bark Great West, No. 2, by C M Lindgren to Jillette & King, Chicago, on p.t.
Tug Ben. Drake, by Chicago parties to Dickey & others, Chicago, $10,000.
Steamer Evening Star, by F A Curtiss to A D Dickinson, 10 shares, $12,000.
Scow Emily, by T W Snook, Mt Clemens, to Hill & Co., $6,000.
Schooner W Tell, by G Stergen to N Robbins, $1,800.
Scow Forrest, by Detroit parties, to Harman & Croul, Cleveland, $5,800.
Schooner Nightingale, by E W Hudson to W Christie, Erie, $15,000.
Brig Helfenstein, by Ferris & Co, to D D Harnett, Buffalo, on p.t.
Tug Ontario, by A T Kingman to parties in Galveston, Texas, $10,000.
Tug Superior, by and to same parties last noted, $10,000.
Scow Seabird, by T W Snook, Mount Clemens, to A Gilchrist, $2,500.
Scow Traveler, by F Taitre to N Buffet, $800.
Barge Forest Queen, by E Ward to Strachan & Hackett, 2/3 interest, $1,500.
Tug H P Clinton, by W E Warriner to J Stupinski, 2/3 interest, $666.66.
Steamer Philo Parsons, by Sandusky parties to Chicago parties, $18,000.
Scow Evergreen, by J B Mayor to Dell & Thayer, $3,000.
Schooner J Fretter, by A H Peer to L M Mason, Detroit, $1,500.
Schooner Live Yankee, by J M Jones to B Whitaker, Detroit, 1/3 interest, $4,000.
Schooner Cortlandt, by J M Jones to B Whitaker, Detroit, 1/2 interest, $4,500.
Tug Ajax, by O K Downs to E W Gibson, 1/4 interest, $2,000.
Steamer City Sandusky, by J Lawler to H Fall, 1/8 interest, $6,625.
Same steamer, by same party to Barker & Bewick, 1/4 interest, $13,250.
Bark Indiana, by Milwaukee parties to R K Winslow, on p.t.
Propeller Niagara, by unknown parties to Kellogg & Gooding, $10,000.
Steamer Romeo, by Toledo parties to Saginaw parties, $3,000.
Propeller Belle, by D M Hagadorne to J C Robinson, $7,000.
Schooner Mary Collins, by F Harman to Blackburn & Co., Chicago, $14,000.
Tug Boston, by Boston & Finehart to Tom Lewis, Detroit, $2,600.
Barges H Langley and P P Boyce, by L Esperance to Tom Lewis, Detroit.
Schooner Dreadnought, by W Doyle to C M Lindgreen, Chicago, $20,000.
Schooner Dan Finchell, by Rosch & Co., Chicago, to Burns & Moore, $21,000.
Scow Margaret Alice, by A E Pierce to Eaton & Co., $500.
Schooner S L Noble, by J T Howard to J H Howard, $4,000.
Propeller J E Eagle, by M B Kean to J Hutchings, Detroit, $9,000.
Schooner Gallatin, by A G Cooke, Oswego, to C Harding, Chicago.
Schooner Harriet Ross, by McCoble & Jasmer to Chicago parties, $10,000.
Bark Waverly, by Locke & Stambach to Maj. Eaton, $14,000.
Schooner Wild Rover, by B O Wilcox to Jones & Johnson, Cleveland, $11,000.
Iron tug Dexter, by David Bell, Buffalo, to Field and others, Ashtabula, $11,000.
Scow Rosa, by M Hinman to Fabren & No(?), $1,800.
Steamer Mohawk, by Ward & others to Jewett & Co., $11,000.
Scow Spanker, by Wesley & Co. to A R Sinclair, $2,900.
Bark Newsboy, by J R Bentley & Co., Buffalo, to O L Nims, $31,000.
Tug Dan Rhodes, by Toledo parties to Dan Lewis, $4,000.
Schooner Plymouth Rock, by Oswego parties to H J Winslow, $10,000.
Schooner Republic, by Olsen & Co., Milwaukee, to H J Winslow, on p.t.
Schooner Gem of the Lakes, by parties unknown to E Kanter, Detroit, $700.
Tug M P Harrison, by Orr & Vandolsen to Chandler & Pierce, $11,000.
Bark Clayton, by Merick & Co., Detroit, to S D Clarke, on p.t.
Steam scow Twilight, by S Richardson to L Clark, $1,360.
Propeller Antelope, by E W Owen to E B Ward, Detroit, $60,000.
Propeller Clifton, by United States Marshal to Nelson Mills, $560.
Schooner S H Lathrop, by Fowler & Merick to D Whitney, jr, Detroit, $18,000.
Scow Dan Tucker, by G W Meldrum to D Baffett, $1,200.
Schooner Winona, by A B Mowry, Milan, to J T Hutchinson, Cleveland, $18,000.
Brig C P Williams, by E W Hudson, to Cleveland parties, $12,000.
Tug Gen. Burnside, by Sandusky parties to J B Baker, Detroit, $14,000.
Schooner Mary B Hale, by L Lawson to Mixer & Smith, Buffalo, $15,500.
Schooner Z G Simmons, new, by Huron parties to Kenosha parties, $15,500.
Tug Prindiville, by Nicholson & Prindiville to A R Crawford, two-thirds interest, private terms.
Schooner R J Gibbs, by P Carroll to W A Noble, Monroe, $7,000.
Schooner Dayspring, by Woolner & Garrick to Capt Thomson, $4,400.
Schooner Blue Bell, by Milwaukee parties, purchaser unknown, $3,200.
Propeller Skylark, by unknown parties to J H Stephens, St. Joseph, on private terms.
Schooner Wanderer, by J Farrasy to T Baker, $3,500.
Brig Acadia, by J P Clark to S B Grummond, Detroit, $4,000.
Schooner Clara Parker, by T L Parker to L Lawson, Chicago, $41,500.
Schooner City Tawas, by M Williams to Alger & Lee, Detroit, $19,000.

Total number of sales - 268.

Sales in 1865 - 65.

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"p.t." presumably means "private terms." Most listed fractions are somewhat difficult to read in the original and represent my best guess at deciphering them. Some items of interest: most of the sales of vessels across the border were transacted in gold; the famous Oswego tugs Ontario and Superior were sold to parties in Texas; the Detroit tug Michigan was sold to the Canadian government; the most valuable sail vessel mentioned was the schooner Clara Parker, which sold for $41,500, while the most valuable steam vessel was the Antelope, $60,000.
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December 21, 1866
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Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), December 21, 1866