The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), December 22, 1866

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Vessels Passed out of Commission in 1866
The Number of Vessels Commissioned Last Year

Steamer May Queen, burned at Milwaukee; total loss.
Ferry steamer Windsor, burned at Detroit, a total loss, with 30 lives.
Steamer Forest Queen, dismantled and converted into a barge.
Schooner Wings of the Wind, sunk by collision on Lake Michigan; total loss.
Schooner L. C. Butts, ashore at Forest Bay, Lake Huron; total loss.
Tug John O'Brien, exploded in Niagara River; total loss.
Schooner Elm City, burned at Erie, with a cargo of water lime; total loss.
Schooner Angeline, wrecked near Milwaukee; total loss, with one life.
Schooner Flight, burned while ashore at Straits of Mackinaw; total loss.
Schooner Arabian, wrecked at Cleveland; total loss, with four lives.
Schooner Alice Grover, wrecked near Cleveland; total loss, with one life.
Schooner J. M. Lee, wrecked near Buffalo; total loss.
Brig S. C. Walbridge, wrecked below Cleveland; total loss.
Bark J. P. King, wrecked at Long Point; total loss, with fourteen lives.
Scow Pacific, wrecked at Port Burwell; total loss.
Schooner Philena Mills, wrecked below Cleveland; total loss, with three lives.
Steamer Planet, dismantled at Chicago, and placed out of commission.
Bark Ocean Wave, capsized and total loss, at Green Bay.
Steamer R. R. Elliott, dismantled and converted into a barge.
Schooner Coquette, capsized on Lake Michigan; total loss, with four lives.
Propeller City of Buffalo, burned at Buffalo; total loss; valuation $75,000.
Schooner Nonpariel, wrecked on Middle Island, Lake Huron; total loss.
Schooner Autocrat, with cargo grain, sunk by collision on Lake Michigan; total loss.
Schooner America, capsized on Lake Michigan; total loss, crew saved.
Schooner Elmira, wrecked at Genesee, Lake Ontario; total loss.
Schooner George C. Drew, wrecked on Charity Island, Lake Huron; total loss.
Steamer Ranger, wrecked above Port Stanley; total loss.
Scow Lone Star, wrecked near Fairport; total loss.
Tug N. P. Sprague, burned; total loss; point not named.
Schooner Puritan, wrecked at Buffalo; total loss.
Brig E. W. Cross, wrecked at Chicago; total loss.
Schooner Junius, wrecked at Long Point; total loss.
Schooner W. W. Brigham, wrecked on Lake Michigan; total loss.
Schooner M. S. Scott, wrecked at Racine; total loss, with cargo grain.
Bark Great West No. 1, wrecked on Racine Reef; total loss.
Schooner Hiawatha, sunk by collision on Lake Michigan; total loss.
Schooner Louisa, wrecked at Big Sodus, Lake Ontario; total loss.
Schooner Roanoke, wrecked at Pentwater, Lake Michigan; total loss.
Schooner Pioneer, wrecked near Grand Haven; total loss.
Barge Ark, wrecked on Lake Huron; total loss, with six lives.
Schooner Alma, foundered in Lake Erie; total loss, with six lives.
Schooner O. V. Brainard, wrecked at Port Hope, Lake Ontario; total loss.
Brig A. Mitchell, wrecked on Lake Michigan; total loss.
Tug Daniel Boone, burned at Buffalo; total loss.
Schooner Wm. Jones, capsized and total loss on Lake Michigan.
Propeller Mary Stewart, wrecked near Grand Haven, Lake Michigan; total loss.
Scow N G, wrecked in Pigeon Bay; total loss, with one life.
Schooner Bay Queen, wrecked at Port Colborne; total loss.
Propeller Lac la Belle; total loss in River St. Clair, by collision.
Bark Tom Wrong, wrecked at Port Burwell; total loss.
Barge Experiment, wrecked near Lexington; total loss.
Barge Sheridan, wrecked near Lexington; total loss.
Propeller Whitby, total loss by collision in Lake St. Francis.
Propeller F. W. Backus, total loss by fire at Racine.
Tug City of Buffalo, total loss by fire on Niagara river.
Bark John Sweeney, wrecked at Muskgon, Lake Michigan; total loss.
Schooner M. Ballard, wrecked on Lake Ontario; total loss, and all hands
Schooner Garry Owen, wrecked on Lake Erie; total loss.
Steamer Clifton, dismantled and placed out of commission.
Total number of vessels and steamers which have passed out of existence, 59.


Bark H. P. Baldwin, built at Detroit by J. M. Jones, for B. G. Stimson, burthen 656 tons.
Propeller Fremont, built at Fremont, Ohio, owners unknown, burthen 600 tons.
Schooner Montpelier, built at Clayton, New York, for Fowler & Esseltyne, capacity 18,000 bushels.
Bark C. K. Nims, built at Cleveland by Quayle & Martin, for O. L. Nims; 700 tons.
Schooner J. Bigler, built at Detroit by J. M. Jones, for A. Carrier, burthen 380 tons.
Bark Bridgewater, at Buffalo for Bennett & Avery, capacity 35,000 bushels.
Bark Nelson, at Milwaukee, by Elsworth & Co. for Nelson & Co., 30,000 bushels.
Bark Onondaga, built at Fairport by Bailey & Co., for O. L. Nims, 700 tons.
Schooner Goshawk, built at Cleveland, by L. Lafrinier, for Winslows, 40,000 bushels.
Schooner H. Fitzhugh, built at Oswego, for T. S. Mott, capacity 20,000 bushels.
Bark Maria Martin, at Cleveland, by Quayle & Martin, for R. H. Harman, 30,000 bushels.
Schooner Erie, built at Port Huron by D. J. Lewis, gone to seaboard, 290 tons.
Schooner Mystic, built at Milan by Raynor & Bates, burthen 240 tons.
Schooner Oak Leaf, built at Cleveland by Peck & Kirby, for H. Kelly, 20,000 bushels.
Schooner W. Crosswaite, built at Bay City by Crosswaite, burthen 500 tons.
Steamer Evening Star, at East Saginaw, by Tripp & Kirby, burthen 343 tons.
Schooner Olive Branch, built at Oswego by Goble & Co., capacity 228 m feet lumber.
Schooner S. T. Atwater, built at Charlotte, New York, by George Hardison, for H. Rogers, 18,000 bushels.
Bark Bessie Barwick, at St. Catharines, by L. Shickluna, 18,000 bushels.
Schooner Regina, at St. Catharines, by McLeod, 8,000 bushels.
Schooner Walliskie, at Sheboygan, by Robins & Co., burthen 150 tons.
Bark L. C. Woodruff, at Buffalo, by F. N. Jones, for Winslows, 30,000 bushels.
Schooner Southwest, built at Oswego, for B. S. Shephard, Chicago, 20,000 bushels.
Tug Robert Emmett, at Grand haven, by Captain Myers, small class.
Scow Flora, at Milwaukee, by McLellan, burthen 91 tons.
Tug L. Q. Rawson, at Sandusky, small class.
Propeller Brooklyn, at Cleveland, for Northern Transportation Company, burthen 300 tons.
Schooner E. M. Carrington, at Port Huron by Carrington, 120 m feet lumber.
Steamer City of Sandusky, built at Sandusky, burthen 400 tons.
Steamer Keweenaw, at Marine City for E. Ward, burthen 900 tons.
Bark Lottie Wolf, at Green Bay, by Wolf, for Saveland & Co., burthen 383 tons.
Bark H. Bissell, at Toledo, for Bissell & Miner, burthen 600 tons.
Propeller City of London, at St. Catharines, for Canadian owners, burthen 300 tons.
Bark Tubal Cain, at Detroit, by J M Jones, burthen 400 tons.
Bark James F Joy, built at Detroit by S. McDonald, 33,000 bushels.
Scow M O Keyes, at Conneaut, by Lynn & Co, capacity 150 m lumber.
Schooner W B Allen, at Ogdensburg, for E B Allen & Son, burthen 400 tons.
Scow Colorado, at Cleveland, for Becker and others, capacity 200 m feet lumber.
Schooner Jane Ralston, at Gibraltar, for W R Linn, Detroit, burthen 400 tons.
Scow American Champion, at Trenton, by Baker & Co., 200 m feet lumber.
Bark John Miner, at Detroit, by John Stupinsky, for Capt. Miner, 20,000 bushels.
Bark F. Morrell, at Marine City, by Luff & Gilchrist, 367 tons.
Schooner Regulator, at Buffalo, by F N Jones, burthen 150 tons.
Tug J T. Edwards, at Buffalo, by F N Jones, small class.
Schooner Escanaba, at Vermillion for A. Bradley, Cleveland, 500 tons.
Bark Asa Childs, at Mentor, Ohio, for Fountain & Co., 450 tons.
Schooner Monterey, at Detroit, by Campbell & Owen, for Merick & Co, 400 tons.
Steamer Orion, at Manitowoc, cost $80,000, burthen 300 tons.
Bark D. A. Vanvalkenburg, at Toledo, burthen 500 tons.
Bark Montmorenci, at St. Catharines, for Merick & Co., 400 tons.
Schooner Mary Hattie, at New Baltimore, carries 140 m lumber.
Steamer W R Clinton, at Marine City, for Flower & Brother, 300 tons.
Propeller City of Detroit, at Marine City, for C C Blodgett, at Detroit, 800 tons.
Bark C J Wells, at Cleveland, by Quayle & Martin, for F Perew, 300 tons.
Tug Ida Botsford, at Port Huron, for Botsford, small class.
Schooner Glad Tidings, at Detroit, by J M Jones, for D Whitney, jr, 250 tons.
Schooner L M Mason, at Algonac, by Smith & Mason, 250 m feet lumber.
Schooner Superior, at Port Huron, by D J Lewis, gone to seaboard, 300 tons.
Steamer Saginaw, at Marine City, for E Ward, Detroit, 900 tons.
Steamer Messenger, at Cleveland, by E M Peck, small class.
Schooner R C Crawford, at Algonac, by Smith & Butterfield, 250 tons.
Propeller Florence, at Windsor, by S & H Jenkins, also owners, small class.
Bark Anne Sherwood, at Fairport, for A. Sherwood, Buffalo, 790 tons.
Schooner S G Hungerford, at Henderson, for Mixen & White, 17,000 bushels.
Bark T B Rice, at Conneaut, for M Capron, burthen 300 tons.
Iron steamer Great Western, at Windsor, for Great Western Railway.
Schooner Cortez, at Oswego, by Lee & Navagh, for C H Smyth, 18,000 bushels.
Schooner Geo. C. Finney, at Oswego, by George Goble, for Lyons & Finney, 20,000 bushels.
Schooner Geo. H. Wand, at Buffalo by J. Kelderhouse, 26,000 bushels.
Schooner Smith & Post, at Oakville, for Smith & Wilson, 200 tons.
Brig Ottawa, at Hopewell, Lake Ontario, burthen 197 tons.
Schooner Kate Lyons, at Black River, Ohio, by Wm. Jones, burthen 245 tons.
Schooner Pamlico, at Buffalo, for Winslows, burthen 500 tons.
Schooner Z G Simmons, at Huron, Ohio, capacity 9,000 bushels.
Schooner Jane C. Woodruff, at St. Catharines, by L Shickluna, 18,000 bushels.
Schooner Frank Bruce, at Buffalo, capacity 8,500 bushels.
Tug Andrew Miller, at Chicago, by Miller & Co., cost $14,000.
Scow bark Menominee, at Menominee, for A Kirby, 235 m feet lumber.
Tug Wm. Goodnow, at Milwaukee, large class.
Steam scow Mackinaw, at Detroit, by John Stupinsky, for Kanter & Clinton.
Schooner Charles Wall, at Cleveland for Winslows, burthen 629 tons.
Schooner Grace Whitney, at Gibraltar for D Whitney, jr, Detroit, 270 m feet lumber.
Scow barge Forest King, at Tonawanda, carries 300 m feet lumber.
Schooner Sophia J. Luff, at Marine City, burthen 375 tons.
Schooner Rockaway, at Oswego, capacity 17,000 bushels.
Schooner Homer, at Sheboygan, for A P Lyman, 30,000 bushels.
Steamer Northwest, at Manitowac, for A E Goodrich, Chicago, 900 tons.
Propeller Boscobel, at Peshtigo, Wis, by Philbrook, 900 tons burthen.
Schooner Denmark, built at Kingston, C.W., burthen 400 tons.
Schooner Corsair, at Oswego, by Lee & Navagh, for C H Smith, 18,000 bushels.
Steamer R N Rice, at Detroit, by Campbell & Owens, not yet completed, 1,200 tons.
Steamer Marine City, at Marine City, not yet completed, about 300 tons.
Total number of new vessels, as far as known, in 1866 92.

Number in 1865 24.

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Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), December 22, 1866