The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Vessel Sales in 1867

Aside from sixty-five sales of vessels of a lesser character, ranging in amounts from $400 to $4,000 each, we present below the principal and leading transactions of the year, the greater number of which transpired during the past winter and spring. Many at that time invested in vessel stock far beyond their means of paying, in anticipation of another prosperous year as instanced the two previous seasons. It is needless to add the year now closing finds them embarrassed far beyond the possibility of recovery. The total amount of sales including the above purposely omitted for the year, we find to be 333, exceeding the previous year (by) 110. In remote localities and doubtless elsewhere, many have transpired which have not been made public, while others it is possible may have escaped our notice, when the number would reach nearer 400 than the figure we have presented.

Schr Rising Star, one half, Dunn & Cummings to Captain Griffin, $15,000.
Schr Persian, same parties to Murray, King & Co., $14,000.
Bark Northwest, seven-eighths, B. S. Shepherd's estate to G H Gibson, $20,375.
Bark St. Lawrence, same parties to C M Chase, $25,300.
Schr Southwest, same parties to William Hoa, $28,100.
Schr Snow Bird, parties unknown to Capt. D Vance, $10, 200.
Schr J H Hartzell, one-fourth, John Rice to Jas. Draper, $4,000.
Schr A M Hart, V Swain to Toledo parties, $16,000.
Schr Z O Simmons, Skinner & Co to Flint and others, $12,000.
Side wheel steamer Saginaw, E Ward to Green Bay Company, $90,000.
Brig Iroquois, two-thirds, Harmon & Croul to S S Taff, $6,000.
Scow Almina, M McCarty to Regan & McNeily, $3,000.
Schr S T Atwater, one-half, Hosea Rogers to R R Brown, $14,000.
Schr Resolute, one-third, H H Smith to H D Dressing, $5,000.
Bark Maitland, one-fourth, Captain McKay to Watson & Smith, $4,000.
Schr E K Gilbert, three-eighths, Joseph Gray to J McNamus, $1,150.
Schr Golden Harvest, Houghton & Co. to Higgie and others, $20,000.
Schr J L Quimby, Rankin & Wilson to Burnham & Co., $5,500.
Tug John Martin, one-half, M T Hunter to Livingston & Co., $7,000.
Tug Lark, Chicago parties to Catlin, Witbeck & Co., $5,700.
Prop Equator, New Central Railroad Co. (sic) to E A Bush, $40,000.
Tug T W Notter, one-half, Bennett & Jones to J & P Gerlach, $3,500.
Tug J D Pole, Buffalo parties to E H Cady & Co. $14,000.
Prop Belle, Ward & Gardner to Cleveland parties, _____.
Prop Omar Pasha. No particulars.
Prop Clara, one-half, Larkin to Alex English, $4,000.
Schr North America, Marshal's sale, to Chas. Gubby, $445.
Tug H P Clinton. No particulars.
Tug R M Mixer, Murray & Bartley to Giles & Hemp, $5,000.
Tug Niagara, Otis Truman to M Munson, $4,400.
Schr J Martin, B F Gunn to McGregor Bros, $9,000.
Schr El Tempo, one-half, Jones Richards to ______, $3,700.
Tug Hattie May, Richmond & Dane to ______, $1,700.
Tug Ida H Lee, A C Scoville to _______. $5,000.
Tug Wm. Hewitt, _______ to Larkin & Kimball, $4,000.
Tug Chas Nelson, $4,500.
Tug W P Harrison, one-quarter, $1,200.
Prop Belle, Ward & Gardner, to Nickerson & others, $7,000.
Bark Indiana, D Sherman to Palmer & Keith, $10,000.
Brig Geo W Abell, one quarter, J H Palmer to B L Pennington, $2,000.
Schr Ringgold, Capt. Farquhar to Rush & Johnson, $2,000.
Schr A Ford, Capt Martin to L W Kitts, $9,000.
Tug Isaac Newton, Wilcox & Huntley to B D Baker, $7,500.
Schr W O Brown, J P Clark to Wm Doyle, $20,000.
Scow Swallow, Capt Nelson to M Boole, $3,000.
Schr Ferret, J Hannon to Schroeder & Miller, $2,500.
Scow Scottish Chief, one-half, J Leithead to H Turner, $2,500.
Steamer J B Smith, A Smith to John Huschings, $6,000.
Prop R Prindiville, J Nicholson to Henrig & Moore, $16,000.
Tug Stranger, H N Strong to Gillett, Murphy & Taylor, $16,000.
Schr C G Alvord, B G Stimson to E W Hudson, $18,000.
Bark H P Baldwin, B G Stimson to E W Hudson, $50,000.
Brig Concord, one-third, B Whitaker to A A Parker, $4,000.
Tug John Martin, M J Hunter to Hodge & Christle, $7,000.
Schr Kearsarge, Fowler & Esseltyne to J H Campbell, $15,000.
Tug Zouave, one-fourth, R J Hackett to Thomas Hackett, $3,000.
Tug Zouave, one-half, R J Hackett to Henry Hackett, $6,000.
Schr Dispatch, R G Merrick & Co. to E L Kelsey, $12,000.
Schr M H Sibley, one-half, Alger & Lee to A J Itsell, $4,000.
Schr Kirk White, one-half, N Reeve to J Phaneuf, $2,000.
Brig Castalia, Seth Clark to Regina & Loadwyck, $11,000.
Steamer Island Queen, D Kelly to A D Dickenson, $8,000.
Prop Saginaw, Fitzhigh & Follett to J L Hurd & Co., $14,000.
Tug N C Simons, Capt. Cook to ______ Jones, $6,000.
Schr Miami, Pengeot & Brother to ______, $14,000.
Schr N C Ford, J W Mack to J E Leonard, $8,500.
Schr Geraldine, J H Montgomery to McEwen & others, $9,000.
Bark City of Milwaukee, Flint & Nims to Wm. Byrne & Bro., $26,000.
Bark P C Sherman, one-fourth, R Montgomery to S S Guthrie, $7,500.
Schr Pamlico, one-sixth, N C Winslow to D McCormick, $5,833.
Schr Lookout, Seth Clark to Robertson and others, $12,500.
Schr Henry Hager, Holland and others to Kane & Co., $7,000.
Tug Adele, Carroll and others to Bragg & Sloan, $3,000.
Bark Sunshine, one-eighth, John S Noyes to James Knight, $2,682.72.
Schr Jenny Lind, M Williams to Collins & Lanerian, $8,000.
Schr Eliza Logan, three-fourths, S L Watson to E J Pratt, $9,000.
Bark City Chicago, Sarah K Nims to J L Higgie, $21,320.
Schr Lookout, one-half, F P Sears to Seth Clark, $6,500.
Wreck of prop Racine, two-thirds, M W Frank to Watson & Hawkins, $600.
Brig Frontier City, Snow & Daggart to Chas. Williams, $9,500.
Barge Empire, J S Noyes to Maria W Reid, $14,000.
Schr Venice, one-third, G G Barnum to M Gage, $5,000.
Schr L J Farwell, Bradley & Jones to Allen Buckley, $500.
Bark Sunshine, one-fourth, J S Noyes to Maria W Reid, $5,365.45.
Schr W Fiske, one-third, John Cotton to Sears & Holland, $6,000.
Schr Moselle, H R Watson to Quinn and others, $12,000.
Bark Twilight, one-fourth, D Vance to H J Winslow, $6,000.
Schr Wm Fiske, Sears & Holland to Stambach and others, $16,000.
Brig Young America, P Pangeot to Starkey and others, $14,177.
Tug C W Jones, one-half, John Green to C Byrnes, $5,000.
Schr Marsala, J B Anderson to H Janson, $11,500.
Schr Sophia Smith, H C Winslow to E Morris, $9,000.
Schr Aldebaran, two-sixteenths, Noyes & Burt to Isaac Gage, $251.25.
Schr Aldebaran, seven eighths, Noyes & Burt to Sears & Holland, $11,375.
Bark Sunshine, one-eighth, J S Noyes to M W Reid, $2,682.73.
Brig Helfenstein, H C Winslow to Margaret M Harnett, $15,000.
Bark Champion, seven-sixteenths, T Mather to S Rummage and others, $12,000.
Schr Ellington, J H Montgomery to Coleman & Tift, $7,000.
Schr Eli Bates, Davison & Sons to Montgomery and others, $15,550.
Schr L VanValkenburg, three-eighths, N C Winslow to R C Winslow, $7,500.
Bark Levi Rawson, one-half, J T Davidson to Smith & Bore, $13,400.
Schr Echo, B M Cabe to Moore & Co., $7,000.
Schr Monteagle, Talcott & Farnham to T & W Moore, $14,650.
Schr Raleigh, E Madden to W & T Moore, $10,000.
Schr Miami, Starkey & McDonald to T & W Moore, $16,000.
Schr M B Hale, Mixer & Smith to W & T Moore, $17,000.
Bark H S Fairchilds, one-third, Jane Coatsworth to Mills & Hamilton, $4,800.
Schr H A Richmond, Harrison & McKibbon to McDonald & Co.
Schr L J Farwell, Alice Buckley to Talcott & Farnham, $18,000.
Tug American Eagle, R R Brown to Jas. Porter and others, $10,500.
Schr Resolute, one-third, H H Smith to Elizabeth Dressing, $5,000.
Tug L B Trowbridge, one-half, T E Cowles to D & J Hammill, $1,750.
Schr Mary Booth, A Starkey to H N Ballard, $8,200.
Brig Empire State, W O Brown to W McDonald and others, $15,000.
Tug Diamond, F Sutton to M B Miller, $5,000.
Schr E K Gilbert, three-eighths, J Gross to J Mc Manus, $1,100.
Bark Tubal Cain, Hudson & Jones to Whitaker & Beals, $18,000.
Schr Cortlandt, one-fourth, C Whitaker to James Bassone, $4,000.
Schr Supply, Coyne & Strong to M & M J Ryan, $17,000.
Schr Harvest Home, E W Hudson to Wm. Christie.
Schr Light Guard, J M Jones to Hoffner & Mayes & Slackford, $24,000.
Schr Star of Hope, Trowbridge, Wilcox & Co. to G W Wolverton, $15,500.
Schr. Theo. Perry, P Keller to Wm. Stewart, $15,000.
Schr Columbian, E Hunter to Wm. Stewart, $24,000.
Schr George Foote, Hugh Coyne to Wm. Stewart, $14,000.
Tug Jennie Bell, Wm. Mitchell to Johnson & Mills, $5,000.
Steamer Mariner, one-third, E St. Amour to A Roe, $800.
Barge J D Morton, A & W Dana to Abner Stone, $6,000.
Scow Regulator, Lanstro & Holstine to T A Wilkinson, $1,000.
Steamer Little Eastern, J B Jackson to C E H Miller, $3,500.
Tug Uncle Ben, one-half, O M Miller to J B Jackson, $2,500.
Scow Swallow, Nelson Boston to J M Pickens, $450.
Schr R J Gibbs, P Carroll to W A Noble and others, $7,500.
Scow Gull, J Loranger to J Furi, $500.
Brig Acadia, J P Clark to B B Grummond, $4,000.
Tug Gen. McClelland, one-fourth, E Hunter to H W Larzelere, $5,000.
Scow Josephine Napoleon, B Bondy to F Bondy, $200.
Scow W M Bates, M Hines to David Voght, $3,600.
Scow Major Anderson, one-half, O Dubrey to G Sigourness, $130.
Scow Maple Leaf, one-half, John Johnson to E Kanter, $7,000.
Scow Newsboy, C Sims to C Melrose, $900.
Schr Starlight, E Kanter to Alexander Toll, $18,000.
Prop Bell, one-third, Robinson & Smith to Ward, Gardner & Gallagher, one-half, $666.66.
Prop Congress, one-fourth, Hieman & Gwoyer to F C Hentig, $2,550.
Scow Eugene, one-half, E Prouty to L M Mason, $1,400.
Tug Gen. Burnside, one-sixth, J B Baker to C P Young, (?)000.
Hull of steamer J P Ward, Flowers & Bros. to M. Prouty, (?)0.
Schr J P Ward, one-fourth, M Prouty to L M Mason, $1,500.
Steamer Keweenaw, one-eighth, J H Wilkins to Eber Ward, $11,800.
Barge Dan Sickles, Hackett & Strachan to W & T C Duddleston, $2,000.
Schr City Tawas, M Williams to Moran, Alger & Lee, $19,000.
Schr Ferrett, L M Mason to C & C Schneider, $3,500.
Scow Mary Amelia, H Cooper to J P Hurd and others, $6,000.
Scow Spray, A Navarre to D Leton, $1,000.
Scow Falcon, one-sixth, R A Alger to G W Lee, $1,000.
Schr M H Sibley, one-half, R A Alger to Lee & Henry, $1,000.
Barge Detroit, one-half, R A Alger to Lee & Henry, $2,325.
Schr Preble, one-fourth, R A Alger to G W Lee, $7,000.
Tug L L Lyon, one-third, Joseph Raymond to Joseph Grense, $3,000.
Scow F X, two-thirds, F X St. Ameur to Daniels & Raymond, $3,000.
Schr E S J Bemis, J C Estes to John Stewart, $11,000.
Tug Ontario, one-half, A Dens to A D Dickenson, $1,000.
Barge St Clair, one-half, Strachan & Hackett to Morton & McLachlan, $1,000.
Stmr Clara, one-half, John Moore to H Stiner, $3,500.
Scow Union Star, White & Fick to Hawley & Pines, $1,200.
Schr B G Allen, Marshal's sale to E Lebot, $810.
Bark Summer Cloud, H N Strong to John Moore, $36,000.
Tug Ida Allen, two-thirds, Abner Stone to J M Quirk, $3,500.
Schr Gen. Sigel, _______ to W W Starkey, $8,000.
Bark D Morris, one-half, H J Winslow to J E Green, $3,870.
Schr Rising Star, Dwan & Cummings to ____ Griffin, $28,000.
Schr Jas. Navagh, same parties to _____ Griffin, $16,000.
Schr Wayne, M O'Brien to E McGraw, $2,000.
Brig Monitor, one-twelfth, E Saveland to L Engrud, $2,000.
Schr Collingwood, one-third, R Keith to J G Keith, $5,500.
Schr Jennibel, one-sixth, J Christianson to Wm Carrie, $1,126.
Brig Monitor, one-fourth, Z Saveland to J Rugee, $5,750.
Schr C G Breed, one-fourth, R P Fitzgerald to D M Brigham, $6,250.
Schr Challenge, E M Portch to O J Deardorf, $4,500.
Schr Sea Gem, one-third, J Richards to H Albrecht, $2,657.
Schr W W Brigham, one-half, A M McClellan & Co. to J Quinn, $4,250.
Schr Three Sisters, P Peterson to S H Severson, $2,000.
Brig Lowell, Robertson & Gillespie to Stanley and others $(3),000.
Schr J H Drake, Gillet & King to Thompson & Gunderson, $18,000.
Bark Clayton, S Clark to J W Durand and others $10,000.
Bark Flying Mist, H C Winslow to Thomas Hood, $27,000.
Bark F B Gardner, F B Gardner to Elkins & Merrill, $30,750.
Schr Essex, Smith & Sheriff to Flack & Lawrence, $12,000.
Schr Cuba, Wynkoop and others to Willard & Compton, $12,000.
Schr Stampede, John Maitland to Elkins & Merrill, $20,000.
Brig Mechanic, Wm. Daniels to James & Hanson, $19,000.
Schr AEtna, Wm. Hen to James Steel and others, $12,700.
Schr Kate Hinchman, Walbridge & Fulton to M Didsell, $16,000.
Schr Arctic, Wm H Robinson to W C McMillan, $2,250.
Schr Willington, Andrew Boyle to J H Burgh and others, $11,000.
Schr Reciprocity, Hood & Henderson to E Ryerson, $14,000.
Schr Ellen Williams, R Prindiville to J R Barker, $10,000.
Schr Racine, H H McLean to Young & McCarthy, $10,000.
Schr Myrtle, J Gannea to Bigelow & Ulmann, $10,000.
Schr Fairfield, Hoffner & Mayes to M Keller, $8,000.
Schr Dreadnaught, C M Lindgren to J Richolson and others, $10,000.
Schr Arrow, A E Curtis and others to Louis Polter, $13,000.
Schr Black Hawk, Sarah A Haines to Ira Minard, $10,000.
Schr C C Trowbridge, Stead & Slackford, to H S Halstead, $12,750.
Prop Norman, B F Leopold to J M Austrian, $28,000.
Schr Ralph Campbell, Elkins & Merrill to Rosenberger and others, $14,000.
Schr Flying Cloud, Fowler & Esseltyne, to L M Hain, $11,500.
Prop Ontonagon, A F Leopold to J F Leopold, $15,000.
Schr J F Warner, Battle & Harlow to Hood, Wilson & Brown, $15,000.
Prop J G Truesdell, M Ryerson to A E Goodrich, $52,000.
Prop Ottawa, M Ryerson to A E Goodrich, $50,000.
Bark Chenango, H C Winslow to Chicago parties, $24,600.
Schr Clara Parker, Thos L Parker to C M Lindgren, $41,500.
Schr C C Trowbridge, H S Halstead to Osgood & Bullen, $14,000.
Schr Atalanta, R B Hubbard & Co. to J Dancy, $20,000.
Schr Grand Turk, David Dall to J Enders, $13,000.
Schr Bay State, L Moore to Prindiville & Spaulding, $12,000.
Schr Anglo Saxon, E G Merick & Co. to Samuel Clark, $22,000.
Bark Carrice, W E Warriner to Chicago parties, $15,000.
Schr M. F. Johnson, one-eighth, J L Miner to A Ruehle, $1,500.
Barge R R Elliott, two-thirds, P E Wright to R J Hackett, $700.
Tug W B Castle, one-half, A M Harman to R J Hackett, $11,000.
Scow Maria, F S Wells to L M Mason, $8,500.
Barge Forest Queen, one-third, Eber Ward to Thomas Adams, $4,000.
Barge Waurecan, one-quarter, R J Hackett to H Hackett, $2,010.
Barge Ontario, one-quarter, R J Hackett to J A Sloan, $1,500.
Brig W Lewis, Carrington & Preston to Wm. Provis, $15,000.
Tug S S Rummage, J B Williams to Jackson Iron Co., $12,000.
Bark Merrimac, Wm. Stewart to Bouillier & Granger, $9,000.
Tug T. D. Dole, to E H Cady, $14,000.
Eighteen propellers, New York Central Railroad Co. to T. D. Dole, terms not given.*
Schr Harriet Ross, M I Mills to L Vance, $8,500.
Bark Norman, F B Gardner to C J Magill, $10,000.
Schr Patrick Henry, O W Goit to F W Mucher, $7,500.
Schr A Rust, C M Lindgren to J P Mills, $15,000.
Bark S B Pomeroy, two-thirds, N C Winslow to Z M Hall, $10,000.
Same vessel, one third, same party to J P Morris, $5,000.
Schr T J Bronson, H C Winslow to Benj. Eyster, $14,000.
Brig Lucy J Clark, Bissell & Davison to P J Ralph, $25,000.
Tug John Martin, J Prigeon to M T Hunter, $14,000.
Barge Mary Barter, R J Hackett to Strachan & Adams, $7,000.
Bark Fame, E W Hudson to W W Hart, $10,000.
Bark H C Winslow, E W Hudson to W W Hart, $15,000.
Brig Mariner, E W Hudson to Marshall & Waffle, $17,000.
Bark City of the Straits, one-half, S S Woolverton to J E Pittman, $12,779.47.
Tug Gen. Burnside, J B Baker and others to W Livingston, $15,000.
Schr Iris, L S Bedford to T Burrell, $4,200.
Schr Preble, one-half, T A Ellery to C S Geel, $3,500.
Tug Star No. 2, Stewart & Lewis to Mories & Curley, $4,450.
Schr Live Yankee, one-sixth, B Whitaker to T Hurlburt, $2,500.
Hull of str City of Cleveland at auction to J McNally, $4,000.
Prop City of Fremont, Fremont parties to J Pridgeon, $61,500.
Prop Ironsides, S Mendelbaum & Brady to Dwight Scott, terms not public.
Tug American Union to Capt. Moody, $11,000.
Barges Matilda & Harriet, J M Ballentine to Ballentine & Crawford, $14,000.
Barge Michigan, J M Ballentine to Ballentine & Crawford, $14,000.
Tug W A Moore, J M Ballentine to Ballentine & Crawford, $30,000.
Barges Ajax & Baltic, same to same, $19,000.
Tug J Prindiville, A B Crawford to Ballentine, Crawford & Co., $30,000.
Bark Marquette, P J Ralph to I Q Perry, $18,000.
Schr Joseph Cochrane, T L Parker to Lindgren, Hea & Bruce, $12,000.
Schr Petrel, Stafford, Hayward & Co. to Long & Schaffer, $8,500.

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