The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Sat., 14 Dec, 1872

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Disasters to Shipping on the Lakes in 1872

Below will be found a continuation of the list of marine disasters, those for the first five months of the season having been published Friday morning:

Schr Thos. S. Mott, run foul of by schr Republic at Chicago, damages $800.
Prop Canada, machinery disabled on Lake Ontario, repaired at Kingston.
Prop L. J. Farwell, struck a rock above Sault Canal, causing a bad leak; towed to Detroit for repairs.
Schr Yankee, cargo wheat, damaged in outfit and hull by collision at St. Clair Flats, taken in dry dock.
Schr Collingwood, damaged in bulwarks and stanchions at same time.
Schr S. J. Tilden, lost small boar and mizzen boom same time and place.
Scow Minnie Corlett, broke from her moorings at Waukegan pier, lumber and shingles lost and vessel badly damaged.
Bark C. K. Nims, cargo grain, struck at Bar Point and started a bad leak, vessel returned to Detroit, cargo more or less damaged and vessel $500.
Tug Jennie Belle, run foul of by prop Chicago at Detroit and damaged $300.
Tug Black Ball and Louie Dole, collided near Chicago, latter damaged $600.
Prop City of London, damaged cabin and furniture in gale on Lake Ontario.
Schr W. T. Greenwood, cargo staves, ashore on Snake Island, Lake Ontario, got off.
Prop Lac La Belle, broke machinery on Lake Michigan, returned to Milwaukee.
Schr Evening Star, fouled with a Chicago bridge and damaged outfit.
Prop City of Fremont, broke machinery on Lake Huron, towed into Sarnia.
Schr Middlesex, cargo ore, sprung a leak at Marquette, towed through to Cleveland with steam pump on board.
Bark Alexandria, cargo timber, sprung a leak and lost foremast-head on Lake Erie.
Schr A. Ford, coal laden, sprung a leak on Lake Erie, repaired at Detroit.
Schr Erie, after thirty-seven years' service, foundered at her anchors off Marble Head.
Schr Fanny Campbell, lost most of her sails and outfit at Point au Pelee.
Schr Fearless, cargo lumber, waterlogged and capsized off White Fish Point.
Steam barge Mary Robertson, burned off Lacrosse village, Lake Michigan, and destroyed to water's edge; rebuilt at Detroit; damage $26,000.
Prop Anna Laura fouled with Rush street bridge, Chicago, damage light.
Schrs American Union and S. S. Osborne collided near Fox Island, Lake Michigan, latter lost bowsprit and foremast, former lesser damages.
Scow Snowbird, sunk while parties were exploding a rock in Detroit River, got up and repaired.
Schr Waucoma, cargo pig iron, sprung a leak on Lake Huron, towed to Detroit with steam pump aboard.
Schr Star of Hope, damaged by collision at the St. Clair Flats, cut through and stem plank broken.
Schr Florida, damaged slightly, same time and place.
Barge Argo, lost 10,000 feet of lumber and 20,000 shingles, in a gale on Lake Ontario.
Schr R. J. Sanborn, split foresail and topsail on Lake Michigan.
Schr Raleigh, lost mainboom and gaff, by collision with schr Evaline at Chicago.
Scow Ida and Mary, cargo stone, ashore at Sturgeon Point, Lake Erie, total loss.
Brig H. Rooney, ashore on Lake Huron, pulled off by tug Quayle.
Stmr W. R. Clinton, struck a rock and broke rudder at Grindstone City, Lake Huron.
Scow Boaz, lost deck load of lumber on Lake Michigan.
Schr Narragansett, lost some of her sails in a squall on Lake Erie.
Schr Sea Gem, damaged hull by striking Manistee pier.
Schr Garibaldi, damaged in outfit in a gale on Lake Michigan.
Schr Glad Tidings, broke her engine (sic) on Lake Ontario.
Schr Odd Fellow, waterlogged, lost deck load and mainmast on Lake Ontario.
Scow J. F. Porter, ashore at Clough's Pier, Lake Erie, got off.
Schr C. J. Whiting, ashore at Vermillion and sank, raised and repaired.
Schr Cortland, lost mainsail by a squall while anchored at Detroit.
Scow Drake, cargo brick, ashore at Port Washington, got off.
Schr Gen. Worth, lost foremast in a gale off Scotch Bonnet, Lake Ontario.
Prop Favorite and schr J. Lawrence collided at Manitowoc, both damaged $500.
Prop barge Sun, disabled in machinery on Lake Erie, towed to Buffalo.
Bark City of Buffalo and schr S. H. Lathrop, ashore in River St. Clair, got off.
Scow Angeline, lost mainsail in a squall on Detroit River.
Prop City of Madison, damaged and shifted cargo in a gale on Lake Michigan.
Bark Wm. Home, ashore in a gale six miles below Port Dalhousie, got off.
Bark Prince of Wales, went ashore same time and place.
Schr Richardson, cargo corn, ashore at Presque Isle, Lake Ontario, got off.
Prop Merchant, disabled in machinery near Milwaukee, repaired there.
Tug Dudley, went ashore and full of water at Fairport, got off.
Barge Sophia Smith, damaged in starboard quarter by being run into.
Barge Seminole, cargo timber, waterlogged on Lake Huron.
Brig Helfenstein, cargo oak, sprung a leak on Lake Erie, arrived at Detroit.
Schr Industry, cargo lumber, waterlogged on Lake Erie, damage $300.
Schr F. L. Jones, lost center-board off Ashtabula, towed to Cleveland.
Stmr Magnet, ashore on the Ducks, Lake Ontario, lightered off.
Schr Jennie Mullen, ashore on Pappoose Island, Georgian Bay, lightered off.
Schr Day Spring, struck by lightning, losing foremast and one man killed.
Prop barge Concord, machinery disabled on Lake Erie.
Schr J. Tibbetts, lost foremast by collision with prop Vanderbilt at Buffalo.
Schr Berlin, lost jibboom by collision on the Maumee.
Ferry steamer Detroit, damaged $300 by prop Thos. A. Scott running foul of her.
Schr Welland, got a hole in her by striking Muskegon pier.
Schr Clara, lost her sails in a squall near Green Bay.
Schr Bessie Boalt, lost her rudder and the Caplis her jibboom on Lake Michigan.
Schr Mary Nau, struck by lightning and lost her foremast on Green Bay.
Schr Col. Hathaway and Asa Childs, got on Grosse Ile, Detroit River, pulled off.
Schr Truman Moss, lost foremast and damaged $700 at Chicago.
Schr Two Brothers, lost 16,000 feet lumber on Lake Ontario in a gale.
Schr Olivia, lost deck load of lumber, same time and place.
Schr Henry Martin, cargo wheat, sunk by collision with schr St. Lawrence, near Wolfe Island; cargo total loss; barge raised.
Schr L. B. Sheppard, fouled and carried away foremast of schr Maid of the Mist at Sheboygan.
Bark John Breden, sprung a leak on Lake Erie and run back to Buffalo.
Prop Bertschey, damaged $8,000 by fire at Depere, Wisconsin, repaired,
Schr L. Meeker, capsized off Point Sauble, Lake Michigan, grain laden, vessel and cargo a total loss with five lives.
Schr Delos DeWolf, cargo grain, sprung a leak on Lake Michigan and reached Milwaukee.
Schr Alpha, wrecked in a gale at Oswego, total loss.
Schr Orion, sunk of Long Point, Lake Erie, a total loss.
Schr Jennie and Annie, cargo grain, sprung a leak and returned to Milwaukee.
Schr Almina, ashore at Cleveland, got off and repaired.
Schr C. P. Minch, aground on Port Huron middle ground, pulled off.
Brig Ocean, cargo stone, sprung a leak and sunk in Lake Ontario, total loss.
Tug Babcock, damaged and sunk at Chicago, got up.
Prop Chicago Belle, filled and sunk at Manitowoc, got up.
Scow Home, ashore at Free Soil, Mich., and damaged $1,000.
Prop Argyle, cargo grain, struck a rock in St. Lawrence River and sunk; cargo total loss, vessel raised.
Bark Zach Chandler, topmast shivered by a stroke of lightning off Point Betsey.
Schr B. R. Lummis, sunk by collision with prop City of Fremont in Grand Traverse Bay, a total loss with one life.
Bark J. C. Wing, ashore on Spider Island, got off, damage large and the vessel incapacitated for service throughout the remainder of the season; cargo grain, all damaged.

Schr Eagle Wing, lost deck load of ore in a gale on Lake Huron.
Schr Harvest Home, cargo iron ore, sprung a leak in Lake Erie.
Schr Evaline, damaged badly at Chicago by collision.
Schr Dane, lost bowsprit and jibboom in severe weather at Chicago.
Schr John Magee, lost jibboom and outfit on Lake Michigan.
Schr Col. Hathaway, lost deck load of coal in Lake Erie.
Schr El Tempo, sprung her foremast in a gale on Lake Michigan.
Schr Little Belle, struck Muskegon pier and sunk, got up.
Schr E. M. Carrington, struck on Bar Point and badly damaged.
Schr Dan Newhall, ashore at White Lake, got off and repaired.
Scow Seabird, ashore at South Haven, got off and repaired.
Schr Ada, ashore at Port Washington, got off and repaired.
Schr Monterey, lost bowsprit and outfit by collision on the Flats.
Schr C. Harrison, ashore and full of water at Michigan City, got off.
Schr Midnight, on a reef in the Straits and damaged badly.
Bark Erastus Corning, lost big anchor and chain at Thunder Bay.
Schr Chas. Hinckley, disabled in rudder and outfit on Lake Erie.
Schr Annie Sherwood, damaged in outfit on Lake Erie.
Schr John Miner, cargo railroad iron, sprung a leak and returned to Buffalo for repairs.
Schr Gen. Sigel, lost bowsprit, jibboom and mainmast head by collision on Lake Michigan.
Steam barge Kitty Friel, struck a rock and sunk 10 miles below Cape Vincent, got up and repaired.
Barge Elliott, ashore and total loss at Port Burwell, also cargo of lumber.
Barge Forester, lumber laden, ashore and total loss, same place.
Tug Bemis, took fire and burned to water's edge on Saginaw Bay, loss $6,000.
Brig Fashion and schr Challenge, damaged in outfit on Lake Michigan.
Bark Red, White and Blue, struck on Bar Point, got off, cargo damaged.
Scow schr Rush , ashore at Leamington, pulled off and repaired.
Seven deck loads lumber, viz. Schrs Arab, Beloit, Pilgrim, Hamilton, Jones and J. J. Bronson, lost on Lake Michigan, latter vessel sprung a leak.
Seven vessels damaged in outfit, viz. Schrs Hayden, Herald, J. B. Newland, M. M. Dunham,, Celts, Octavia and Magnolia on Lake Michigan.
(. . .)igan and was towed to Milwaukee.
Schr H. W. Hawkins, waterlogged, and scow D. R. Owen lost her jibs on Lake Michigan.
Schr R. J. Crawford, struck by lightning at anchor under Long Point, damaging foremast, cabins and decks to the extent of $500.
Schr Rust, damaged in outfit by a squall on Lake Michigan.
Tug Bismarck, broke her machinery in the Straits and was towed to Milwaukee.
Schr Kate Richmond, cargo wheat, sprung a leak and damaged cargo on Lake Michigan, and the schr Onward sprung a leak.
Props S. D. Caldwell and City of Toledo, came in collision while landing at Northport, damages not severe to either.
Schr Metropolis, ashore on Hog Island in the Straits, got off.
Schrs Gerrit Smith and Albatross, damaged in outfit on Lake Michigan.
Prop Riverside, damaged in upper works by collision with the schr J. Baker in Detroit River.
Steam barge Jenness, collided with the bark Gen. Burnside off Point au Barque, broke an arch and damaging cabin, Burnside minus bowsprit and outfit.
Bark Parana lost sails and outfit in the Straits during a storm.
Schr Sweet Home, sprung a leak and sunk below Kingston, Lake Ontario, got up.
Tug W. B. Castle, broke her shaft on Lake Huron while towing barges.
Schrs E. C. Roberts and A. H. Moss, in a gale broke adrift at Marquette and to prevent going on the rocks were scuttled, raised and repaired.
Schr Sasco, cargo grain, lost bowsprit in a squall on Saginaw Bay.
Bark S. B. Pomeroy, got on the Whale's Back and pulled off, badly damaged.
Schr Algerine, ore laden, sprang a leak on Lake Superior and was towed to Detroit.
Schr Wm. Lewis, grain loaded, sprung a leak in a gale on Lake Michigan; was towed first to Grand Haven, thence to Milwaukee; a considerable portion of her cargo damaged.
Schr D. R. Martin, cargo lumber, waterlogged on Lake Michigan in a gale.
Scow Louisa, cargo bark, waterlogged and capsized on Lake Huron, was finally towed to Detroit.
Schr Emma, sunk at Milwaukee, and the Coral struck the pier and knocked a hole in her side.
Prop Argyle, ashore at Point Imogean, got off with slight damage.
Prop St. Albans, disabled in rudder, and scow St. Joseph minus a jibboom, by barge Guiding Star getting foul of her.
Schrs Libbie Nau and White Squall collided on Lake Huron - the former grain laden, the latter ore - latter a total loss with seven lives; Naw lost jibboom and other slight damages.
Bark Alexander lost her foremast in a squall on Lake Huron.
Schr Adirondack, dismasted in a gale on Lake Erie.
Schr Cortlandt, ashore and total loss near Rond Eau, Lake Erie.
Lightship driven from her anchorage on Colchester reef and went ashore, restored to her position.
Schr York State and scow Supply, while in tow, broke loose and went ashore at Milwaukee, got off.
Prop Fountain City, disabled in rudder bound down on Lake Michigan.
Schr D. P. Rhodes, coal laden, waterlogged and sunk between Mouse Island and Put-in-Bay, raised and repaired.
Brig Roscius, coal laden, struck at Point au Pelle and damaged hull and outfit.
Schr M. J. Wilcox, run foul of during the night by schr St. Andrews, lost her bowsprit and serious damage to her hull.
Bark Butcher Boy, foundered and went down at Bar Point, total loss $24,000.
Schr Annie Vought, damaged in hull and outfit, same storm and place.
Schr Wake Up, coal laden, sunk near Detroit river, got up and repaired.
Schr L. Valkenburg, ashore near Little Point in same gale, got off.
Brig Montezuma, cargo l umber, ashore at Tyrconnel, Lake Erie, total loss.
Schr Agnes, cargo staves, ashore near Rond Eau, got off badly damaged.
Barge Sweepstakes, lumber laden, waterlogged on Lake Huron.
Barge Iroquois, coal laden, ashore in Detroit River and sprung a leak.
Schr H. P. Murray, dismasted off mouth of Genessee River, repaired.
Scow F. Wilcox, on Stoney Island Reef two days, pulled off.
Schr St. Andrew, pig-iron laden, sprung a leak on Lake Ontario and returned to Kingston.
Schr David Dall, ashore at Pugatuck, got off with slight damage.
Schr Lydia Case, ashore on Pilot Island, total loss.
Barge J. H. Crake, ashore near Chicago and total l oss.
Nine vessels, viz., Schr Ostrich, Eliza Day, Challenge, Sea Gem, Hattie Wells, A. Rust, L. B. Shepard, A. H. Wright and New Hampshire, lost sails and outfit in a gale on Lake Michigan.
Schr E. Scoville, lost deck load of lumber and otherwise damaged on Lake Michigan.
Schr Lavinia, met with a similar disaster in the same storm.
Schr Northern Belle and Peoria, damaged in the same way in the gale.
Schr Gesine, lost foreboom and the J. P. Ward deck load and all her sails on Lake Michigan.
Schr Ironsides, badly damaged in the same gale and struck the pier at Waukegan, damaging her bows.
Bark Great West, sprung a leak in the gale on Lake Michigan.
Schr Joe Vilas, her mainmast shattered and schr Peerless, outfit damaged.
Bark City of Painesville, lost topgallant mast on Lake Michigan.
Schr Mary Booth, ashore on Pilot Island and damaged severely.
Schr Thomas Parsons, cargo grain, sprung a leak, lost her jibboom and returned to Detroit.
Barge Bay City, waterlogged and lost deck load of lumber in Lake Erie.
Prop Colorado and schr Emeline collide on Lake Michigan, the latter damaged in hull and outfit.
Prop Annie Laura, struck St. Joseph pier and sunk inside, got up.
Schr W. B. Allen, cargo grain, damaged hull and outfit in a gale on Lake Huron, repaired at Detroit.
Schr Jenny Lind, waterlogged and lost portions of outfit on Lake Michigan, arrived at Milwaukee.
Schr Hattie Johnson, sprung her foremast in the gale, got ashore on Old Mackinaw, lost small anchor, mainboom and gaff, also crosstrees.
Schr Rising Star, lost flying jib, ran into the dock at Menominee and carried away bobstays.
Scow Emma Leighton, started her deadwood aft and sprung a leak on Lake Michigan.
Schr Mary L. Higgie, carried away her centre-board and ran into Manitowoc.
Schr Walhalla, lost foremast, scow Maple Leaf her mainsail, schooner (?)enaw split her mainsail, and the scow lost her jibboom in the same locality.
Bark Orphan Boy, lost small anchor and chain at Old Mackinaw.
Bark Ogarita, arrived at Chicago minus foretopmast and two yards.
Schr M. McNair, cargo telegraph poles, ashore and total loss at Horn's Pier, Lake Michigan.
Prop Phil Sheridan, in a storm on Lake Huron, lost portion of deck load and had her gangways and bulwarks stove in.
Steam barge Detroit, lumber laden, ashore and total loss, six miles above Harrisville, Lake Huron. The barge Hunter, like cargo, lost same time and place with one life.
Schr Evaline, shipped a sea which carried away her bulwarks and narrowly escaped foundering.
Schrs Bigler, Argo, Warren, Rowena and S. B. Pomeroy all arrived at Chicago in a leaky condition.
Schr Lewis Day, lost foresail and damaged in hull and outfit on Lake Michigan.
Schr Phalarope, coal laden, ashore and total loss at Rond Eau.
Schr James Scott, ashore at Port Burwell, got into port.
Schr Annette Davis, ashore at Port Bruce, Lake Erie, got off.
Schr Trader, ashore at South Have, got off, damage slight.
Schr Kenosha, ashore and total loss near Rond Eau, Lake Erie.
Schr Yankee Blade, ashore at Point au Pelee, got off and towed to Detroit.
Schr Fayette Brown, ore laden, foundered near Bar Point in a terrible gale, got up and repaired.
Bark Constitution, lost tow-post, two timber-heads and monkey-rail.
Prop Galena, ashore and total loss at North Point, Thunder Bay.
Prop Equinox, ashore at South Manitou, pulled off by prop City of Fremont.
Schr Richard Winslow, lost canvas at South Manitou, Lake Michigan.
Schr Fred A. Morse, lost small boat and other damages outside.
Schr Pierpont, lost part of her deckload of lumber on Lake Huron.
Schr Rapid, cargo railroad ties, capsized in Lake Erie, and total loss with seven lives.
Schr Bob Simms, lost mainboom and mainsail on Lake Erie.
Brig Sea Gull, mainstaysail blown away on Lake Erie.
Bark Lotus, lost bowsprit and some rigging by collision with schr Bessie Boalt at St. Joseph, the latter her mainboom.
Three barges broke adrift from prop Belle Cross and went ashore near Colchester, got off.
Schr W. H. Oades, cargo coal, ashore below Bar Point and badly damaged, got off and in port.
Barge Iron City, wrecked and total loss at Sturgeon Point, Lake Erie.
arge Table Rock, wrecked and total loss near Tawas, with five lives.
Schr Corsica, cargo ore, foundered off Sturgeon Point, Saginaw Bay, with five lives.
Schr Neshoto, foundered at the same locality, with the loss of five lives, cargo ore.
Bark D. P. Dobbins, lost sails and outfit in same locality.
Schr Summit, cargo grain, wrecked and total loss at Tawas Point, two lives.
Prop Benton, ashore at Tawas Point, released.
Bark John Breden and schr J. C. Harrison, lost sails and outfit off the Sauble, Lake Huron.
Barge Globe, cargo lumber, sprung a leak and sunk at Tawas, got up.
A tow of two barges from tug Zouave got ashore in Saginaw Bay, recovered.
Schr Rebecca, cargo plaster, ashore at Alabaster, pulled off.
Bark Jesse Hoyt, cargo grain, lost spars and outfit in Tawas Bay.
Three barges broke loose from Colin Campbell, on Saginaw Bay, recovered.
Barge Lincoln, lumber laden, ashore at Sauble, Lake Huron, got off.
Barge Wolverine, lumber laden, shore at Tawas, recovered.
Prop New Era, lost two barges on Lake Michigan, recovered.
Prop New Era, arrives at Chicago with much water in her.
Barge Harmony, broke adrift from Prop Chas. Reitz on Lake Michigan, recovered.
Prop Dalhousie, burned and total loss on Lake Ontario.
Schr Maggie Thompson, cargo salt, at the Beavers, leaking and cargo damaged.
Prop Ocean, damaged cargo in a gale on Lake Michigan.
Scow Granville, ashore at Clay Banks, Lake Michigan, and total loss.
Schr Louisa McDonald, sprung her mainmast in the gale on Lake Michigan.
Schr Mary Nau, sunk between Pilot and Detroit Islands, no particulars.
Schr J. H. Hartzell, damaged in sails and outfit on Lake Huron.
Schr W. Grandy, lost bowsprit by striking the pier at Cleveland.
Schr Elm City, lost big anchor, and the Young America her mainboom.
Barges Adriatic and Baltic, wrecked on Lake Erie and all hands, fourteen lives.
Schr G. J. Whitney, lost with all hands and was not seen after leaving Chicago; eight lives. Her career from the first was an unfortunate one.
Bark Robert Gaskin, totally dismasted on Lake Erie, towed to Detroit.
Schr Almeda, in a gale lost spars, sails and riggings on Lake Erie, towed to Detroit.
Schr Narragansett, cargo ore, ashore in Hammond's Bay and badly damaged, got off and towed to Cleveland.
Scow American Champion, arrives at Buffalo waterlogged and damaged in hull and outfit.
Bark Churubusco, ashore at Death's Door and total loss.
Prop Lake Michigan, towed into Grand Haven by prop Lac La Belle, disabled.
Schr Lydia Chase, total loss at Pilot Island, Green Bay.
Barks City of Milwaukee and Northwest, lost outfit on Lake Michigan.
Schr H. A. Richmond, ore laden, sunk and badly damaged in the Straits, got up and towed to Detroit.
Schr Southwest, cargo of ore, ashore at Tawas, got off.
Schr Maple Leaf, wrecked and total loss at Isle Royale, Lake Superior.
Schr Forrest, ashore at Clay Banks, Lake Erie, rescued.
( . . . ) the mouth of the Detroit River, got off without damage.
Scow Neil Cochrane, ca( . . . ) total loss at Elm Creek, Lake Huron.
Schrs West Side, Black Hawk and Phoenix were all damaged more or less at Chicago piers.
Schr W. W. Brigham, lost deck load of lumber and damaged in outfit on Lake Michigan.
A tow of barges broke loose from prop Birckhead on Lake Huron, some waterlogged but all were recovered.
Brig Monitor, broke her centre-board, coming up Lake Erie.
Bark Red, White and Blue, damaged cargo at the head of Lake Erie.
Prop Atlantic, cargo merchandise, in the equinoctial gale was handled rough on Lake Erie, with slight damage to hull or cargo.
Schr Exchange (Canadian), ashore north of Goderich, badly damaged, saved.
Bark C. J. Wells, lost jibboom and some of her canvas in the Straits.
Barge Wyoming, stranded at Grand Haven, got off, damage not serious.
Tug Advance, ashore and total loss on Lake Ontario.
Schr Marysburg, cargo ore, lost both anchors and main boom at Long Point, Lake Erie.
Schr M. L. Collins, lost mainsail, besides other damage, on Lake Erie.
Bark S. A. Marsh, cargo lumber, waterlogged and lost deck load on Lake Ontario.
Schr Magdala and scow Fenton, ashore at Long Point, not off yet, their recovery probable.

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Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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