The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 17 Dec., 1872

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The following is a record of the marine disasters which occurred during the months of October, November and December.

Schr Mountaineer, ore laden, ashore at White Rock, Lake Huron, and total loss.
Schrs Wallin, Roeder, Gray, Free Soil and R. Simmons, all lost deck loads of lumber on Lake Michigan.
Schr H. P. Baldwin, lost foretopmast, and schr Bay State her starboard anchor outside.
Tug Red Jacket, sprung a leak at Chicago, and schr Marco Polo, sunk at Kingston, the latter got up.
Schr Ned Robinson, ashore at Kingsville while loading; no particulars.
Schrs American Union and S. P. Ely collide in River St. Clair, both sustaining more or less damage.
Schr Alice B. Morris, struck bottom near Malden, while bound down and broke two frames and ceiling, cargo delivered all right.
Schr F. B. Gardner and bark Summer Cloud collide in Lake St. Clair; the former lost bowsprit, jibboom and gear.
Schr Amaranth same time lost bowsprit, jibboom and headgear.
Schr Orient, lost mainsail and mainrigging in a storm on Lake Ontario.
Barge J. Butler, lost deckload of lumber on Lake Ontario.
Prop Robert Holland, cargo grain, ashore at Point au Pelee, got off, hull and cargo considerably damaged.
Prop Alaska, general cargo, on the rocks near Malden, and badly damaged in hull and cargo.
Barge Robert Emmett, ashore at Port Bruce, Lake Erie, got into Burwell.
Schr James Norris, railroad iron, sprung a leak on Lake Erie, towed to Detroit.
Schr Jennie and Annie, ore, struck a rock in Sault Erie (sic), towed to Cleveland.
Stmr John Sherman, broke her engine on Lake Michigan, towed to Chicago.
Schr Volunteer, lumber, ashore at Port Maitland, and badly damaged, got off.
Prop Cuyahoga, struck the rocks at Eagle Harbor, losing rudder and damaging forefoot.
Prop St. Paul, broke her shaft and arrives at Detroit.
Barges Kenosha and Harvest, got ashore near bar Point and pulled off.
Schrs Couch and D. J. Dobbins, while in tow, grounded near Malden, both damaged in outfit.
Schr Owasco, cargo of grain, struck on wreck of Butcher Boy near Bar Point, cargo all damaged, the vessel's damage severe.
Schr S. J. Tilden, rudder stock carried away at Beaver Island.
Schr Ardent, lost bowsprit, foremast, damaged hull and otherwise damaged in outfit in a storm off Whitehall, Lake Michigan, no cargo.
Schr Mary Ellen, stranded same time and place.
Schr Hurrah Boys, capsized at Racine and lost 170 barrels of salt.
Brig Monitor lost topgallant yard and some of her sail in the Straits.
Schr Annie Sherwood, coal laden, struck on Colchester Reef and was lightered off after three days, badly damaged, and laid up at Detroit for the season.
Schr Vermont, in a storm struck Milwaukee pier, and schr Driver collided with schr Transit same time, losing jibboom.
Tug Day, burned to water's edge at Buffalo, no particulars.
Steam barge G. P. Heath, shifted deck load lumber and lost a portion of her deck load on Lake Michigan.
Schr Falcon, took fire on Lake Michigan and narrowly escaped destruction.
Schr F. W. Grifford, struck rock in Detroit River and started a leak.
Schr R. J. Gibbs, ashore at Port Stanley, cargo railroad iron, got off.
Schr Challenge, wrecked at Muskegon and total loss $7,000.
Schr Kate Hinchman, cargo pig iron, on Colchester Reef, got off and towed to Detroit badly damaged.
Schr Grace Sherwood, ashore in a gale at Port Burwell, got inside.
Schrs Hibernia and Sybella came in collision at Kingston, Ont., and both slightly damaged.
Schr C. C. Butts, cargo lumber, waterlogged and abandoned by her crew on Lake Michigan.
Prop barge D. W. Powers, cargo iron ore, broke her machinery on Lake Huron, repaired at Detroit.
Schr J. L. Gross, cargo coal, ashore at Poverty Island, was pulled off.
Schr Dolphin, coal laden, sprung a leak on Lake Erie, and reached Detroit.
Barge Sophia Smith, damaged to the extent of $500 by the steam barge Sarah E. Sheldon running foul of her at Cleveland.
Prop China (Canadian), cargo merchandise, burned at Kingston, Ontario.
Tug P. P. Pratt, exploded her boiler at Oswego, nobody hurt.
Schr S. H. Kimball, cargo coal, on Racine Reef, lightered off.

Prop Arizona, damaged her shoe going out of Chicago, owing to not being in proper trim, drawing 5 feet forward and 13 aft.
Schr Willis, cargo grain, sunk by collision with bark Elizabeth Jones, 16 miles east of Point au Pellee, a total l oss.
Prop Lac La Belle, foundered in Lake Michigan with general cargo from Milwaukee for Grand Haven, nine lives were lost.
Schr Minot Mitchell, sprung a leak and sank 6 miles off Manitou, cargo lumber, vessel total loss, valuation $7,900.
Barge Forest Queen, wrecked near Buffalo in a violent storm and all her hands lost, cargo lumber also lost.
Barge Kentucky, lumber laden, waterlogged on same occasion.
Schr Hamlet, lost her foremast in a gale and was towed into Grand River.
Schr Winnie Wing, lost all her canvas on Lake Michigan, towed to Chicago.
Schr Columbia, coal, fouled with schr Smith & Post while being taken in tow, and compelled to lay up.
Schr Exile, ashore at Chocolate Reef, Lake Superior in a gale; her situation is favorable for getting off.
Steam barge G. E. Ellis, cargo wheat, ashore at Wilson, Lake Ontario, got off.
Prop Ironsides, struck the bar at Grand Haven and sprung a leak.
Prop W. M. Tweed, bound down, struck off the Lime Kilns, Detroit River, and damaged keel.
Schr Jessie Scarth, ashore at Wolfe Island, Lake Ontario, got off after long delay, much damaged.
Schr W. G. Emery, cargo barley, struck a rock and sank below Gananoque in nine feet of water; got up and repaired.
Schrs Stronach, Essex, and Ashtabula, all damaged more or less by collision at Manitowoc.
Schr J. A. Travis, struck Sheboygan pier and damaged slightly.
Schr J. E. Gilmore, lost her jibboom and grounded in Oswego harbor.
Tug Admiral D. D. Porter, broke her engine and became disabled for the season, her barges went ashore but were recovered.
Prop Araxes forced the schr Dart ashore and collided with schr Trenton coming out of Toledo, breaking off her jibboom and cathead.
Schr Wm. Sanderson, lost most of her sails and outfit on Lake Erie and drove back to Buffalo.
Schr Emmett, ashore south of Sheboygan pier and stranded.
Schr Josephine, cargo grain, lost her jibboom and all her jibs on Lake Huron.
Steamer Kasota, drove ashore on Rice's Point, Lake Superior, got off.
Brig Sea Gull, lost foreboom, mainboom and jibboom in a gale on Lake Erie.
Schr Lookout, struck the pier and sunk in the Grand River.
Steam barge St. Clair, broke her stern bearings on Lake Huron.
Barge Alabama, cargo grain, sunk at Dickinson's Landing, Lake Ontario, cargo all damaged, vessel got up.
Schrs C. Blake and China, cargoes, respectively, pig iron and railroad ties, sprung a leak on Lake Ontario and returned to Kingston.
Schr Peerless, struck on Ford's Shoals, Lake Ontario, unshipped rudder and broke stern posts.
Prop Nebraska, cargo flour and grain, struck at the lime kilns, broke one of her wheels and sprung a bad leak; cargo more or less damaged.
Barge Planet, ashore and total loss at Bailey's Harbor, cargo lumber.
Prop Atlantic, pilot house and forward cabin damaged $300 by fouling with vessels on St. Clair Flats.
Bark Montgomery, lost jibboom and headgear, same time and place.
Bark Cecelia, lost bowsprit and all forward through same cause.
Bark Winona and schr Reciprocity collide near crib, latter lost jibboom, bowsprit and cutwater.
Schr Barbarian, ashore between Peshtigo and Oconto, no particulars.
Prop Oconto, on a reef in Green Bay, got off with slight damage.
Schr C. C. Trowbridge, cargo coal, lost both topmasts and sprung both mastheads on Lake Michigan.
Bark Peshtigo, schrs E. M. Portch, Advance, F. B. Gardner, Dick Somers, Annie Vought, Oneida, and Harriet Ross, all damaged in sails and gear on Lake Erie and sent back to Buffalo.
Schrs J, Masten, Mary, J. McLeod, Mariner and Rutherford, all drove back to the canal, all more or less damaged in outfit.
Schr G. W. Holt, cargo iron ore, dismasted off Point au Barque.
Bark Sunnyside, lost her foreyard in heavy weather outside.
Tug Eliza Williams, broke her engine en route to Duluth, picked up by schr Amoskeag, broke adrift and after long delay reached Detroit.
Steam barge Mary Jarecki, laden with ore, ashore north of Summer Island, Green bay, got off and repaired at Milwaukee, damage severe.
Schr E. P. Dorr, grain, shifted cargo and sprung a leak on Lake Michigan, damaged also in outfit.
Schr A. J. Rogers, coal-laden, sprung a leak at Oswego and saved from sinking by a steam pump.
Schr Kate Lyons, damaged in outfit on Lake Michigan and laid up at Muskegon.
Prop George Dunbar, disabled by dropping her shaft on the east shore of Lake Michigan.
Tug G. W. Wood, damaged $150 by fire in Chicago harbor.
Schr Wm. John, cargo peas, sprung a leak and sunk three miles off Oswego and total loss, insurance $2,000.
Schr Francis Palms, ashore at Duluth in a gale, got off and in port.
Schr Sweetheart, ashore at the same place with same results.
Bark Harry Bissell, lost all her sails in a gale on Lake Huron and arrives at Mackinaw.
Schr Acontias, coal, sunk at Oswego by collision, got into port.
Schr Emily, cargo barley, sprung a leak and sank near Gananoque, a total loss.
Prop Florence, struck a snag and sunk in Bear Creek.
Prop C. Reitz and scow Banner collided at Chicago, latter badly damaged.
Schr Welland, missed the harbor and went ashore at Manistee, a total loss.
Bark J. S. Austin, grain, arrives at Detroit minus her jibboom.
Schrs Onondaga and Swallow, bound down, damaged at the Flats $200.
Prop Idaho, disabled in rudder at St. Clair Flats.
Schrs John Magee and Rising Star, arrive at the canal, the former minus her foresail, the latter foresail, jib and flying-jib.
Scow Hunter, lost deck load of lumber and sprung a bad leak in the gale.
Schrs A. Medbury and Hercules collide at Four Mile Point, Lake Ontario, former total loss with cargo of salt; latter badly damaged.
Schr Petrel, cargo wood, ashore in Milwaukee Bay, no particulars.
Schr George Henry, ashore at Stoney Creek, Lake Ontario, and schr Tom Martin minus her rudder at Fair Haven.
Schr S. H. Lathrop, ashore on Hinkley's Flats, St. Lawrence River; pulled off by revenue cutter Chase with slight damage.
Schr Hayden's starboard bow stove in by collision with schr J. Hibbard at Chicago; latter lost bowsprit, jibboom and headgear.
Tug Sheppard, sunk at her dock in Chicago harbor from some unknown cause.
Prop Bruno, cargo flour, struck a rock in Galoupe rapids and sunk; got up.
Schr White Oak had her davits carried away at Cleveland, the schr Gerrit Smith, her mainboom on Lake Erie.
Bark Northwest, lost jibboom in Buffalo harbor.
Scow Venture, while at anchor picked up her cable with the jibboom swinging, carrying away bowsprit and lost both anchors.
Schrs Gen. Grant and Ketchum, both lost their anchors same time.
Prop Bertschy, ashore at Escanaba with eight feet of water in the hold, got up.
Prop John Stewart, burned near Sebewaing and total loss.
Schr Gurtrude, cargo groceries and supplies, beached at Ludington while attempting to enter that port, got off.
Schr Margaret A. Muir, run into by schr Stronach at Manitowoc, the former lost her bowsprit; schr Ashtabula sunk at the dock same time.
Schr Floretta, run into by prop Ironsides at Milwaukee, and sunk, no cargo, got up.
Bark Favorite, damaged in sails and outfit on Lake Huron.
Schr New Hampshire, sunk and total loss by collision with schr Maggie Thompson, thirty miles from Chicago, valuation, $5,000.
Schr Clayton Belle, cargo grain, ashore at Clayton, three thousand bushels thrown overboard and vessel got off.
Bark Gibraltar, grain, lost bowsprit by collision at the Flats and otherwise damaged $350, repaired at Detroit.
Bark Board of Trade and schr Prince Alfred, both coal laden, ashore on either side of Point au Pelee, lightered and pulled off.
Schr Maddena, missed Sheboygan piers and went on the beach, got off.
Barge Caroline, cargo of grain, sunk on Galoup Rapids, vessel raised.
Schr Margaret A. Muir, sprung a leak at Milwaukee immediately after taking on her first cargo.
Prop St. Paul, ashore at Duluth, off again with slight damage.
Stmr Northwest, cut through by ice and sunk in Green Bay, got up.
Schr M. Egan, lost jibboom at the Flats, and the Cambridge her small boat and rudder on Lake Superior.
Steamer Java, twelfth victim of the season, struck a rock near the Lime Kilns, causing a bad leak and requiring a steam pump.
Tugs Crusader and Melvin collide at Oswego, both damaged to sinking, but kept afloat until running ashore.
Barge Indianola, sunk by ice near Bay City, raised by steam pumps from Duluth.
Stmr York, ashore six miles above False Ducks, got off.
Schr Portland, ashore foot of Lake Ontario, released, and scow Forwarder, sunk at Black River, raised.
Stmr City of Toledo, broke her rudder at Pentwater, and schr Idaho broke hers at the Straits.
Schr Russell Dart, ashore twenty miles above Port Maitland, total loss, and schr Corsican, ashore near same place, reported total loss.
Schr Havana, sprung a leak and ran back on Lake Erie, and schr Morning Star, capsized near Pentwater, one life lost.
Schr Wm. Elgin, cargo wheat, ashore thirty miles below Oswego, no particulars.
Tug Ripple, with a lighter, ashore and both a total loss, at Port Burwell.
Tug Mildred, while towing a vessel, foundered near Alpena.
Prop China, cargo grain, sunk near Sault Canal, released.
Schr Sam Flint, cargo corn, ashore at Bar Point, got off and laid up at Malden.
Schr J. A. McDonald, cargo coal, ashore and total loss at Brighton, Lake Ontario.
Schr Free Democrat, beached at Milwaukee, got off.
Prop Burlington, sunk by ice near Bar Point, rescued.
Schr D. R. Martin, iron ore, sprung a leak and beached in North Bay, Lake Michigan, no particulars.
Stmr Chicora, struck a rock and sunk in Lake Superior, rescued and repaired at Detroit.
Steam barge Trader and the W. B. Ireland collided near the Flats, the latter damaged in her bows.
Prop India, disabled en route from Lake Superior.
Prop Dunkirk damaged by ice at Bay City and laid up.
Schr Homer, coal, stranded at Point La Barbe, Straits of Mackinaw, and there at latest advices.
Schr Delaware, cargo of corn, ashore near Holland, Lake Michigan, total loss.
Schr C. L. Johnston, lost big anchor and chain near Sheboygan.
Schr Spray, lost deck load of wood on Lake Michigan.
Schr Jennie and Annie, cargo corn, sprung a leak and stranded at Eagle Bluff, opposite the Manitous, vessel and cargo a total loss with six lives.
Schr S. B. Andrews, damaged in outfit on Lake Michigan.
Schr J. F. Joy, lost her mainsail in heavy weather on Lake Erie.
Brig Lafayette Cook, cargo coal, ashore near Port Stanley, got off.
Schr Thos. H. Howland, cargo coal, sprung a leak and sunk in Beaver Harbor, raised and towed to Milwaukee.
Schr Kate L. Bruce, cargo coal, ashore on Chickaloni Reef, got off.
Bark Northwest, cargo wheat, ashore at Port Hope, Lake Huron, got off badly damaged and laid up at Port Huron.
Schr J. F. Card, cargo ore, ashore at Starve Island, Lake Erie, pulled off.
Stmr G. W. Reynolds, burned at bay City and total loss.
Barge Ottawa, cargo coal, sunk by ice near Middle Bass, Lake Erie, total loss.
Barge Ontario, cargo coal, broke adrift from tug Torrent near Middle Bass, Lake Erie, and disappeared, probable total loss.
Prop Mary Ward, ashore and total loss at Thornbury, Lake Huron, with eight lives.
Bark Sarah Ann Marsh, ashore and total loss at Weller's Bay, Lake Ontario.
Schr Sunrise, a small craft, ashore and total loss at Cleveland, with two lives.
Prop New York, cargo merchandise, cut through by ice, arrives at Toledo with cargo damaged.
Schr Melrose, lost foresail and jibboom near Long Point, Lake Erie.
Bark. Gen. Burnside, dragged anchors and went ashore above Grand River, Ont., no particulars.
Schr Marquette, cargo ore, struck at Grand Island, Lake Superior, her recovery probable.
Schr Mary Hattie, while moored at Detroit the water fell, she settled on a pile and sunk, got up.
Scow Idaho, lumber, sunk by ice in Sandusky Bay, no particulars.
Schr E. Kanter, cargo railroad iron, ashore two miles from Leland, Lake Michigan, cargo and vessel a total loss.
Schr W. G. Grant, cargo coal, ashore and total loss near same place.
Schr Jas. Couch, lost anchors near the Beavers, bound up.
Schr Souvenir, cargo shingles, ashore and total loss, near Ludington, Lake Michigan, with seven lives.
Prop Chicago, disabled in machinery and damaged in hull while attempting to enter Racine harbor.
Barges Jupiter and Saturn, ore cargoes, foundered in Lake Superior with the loss of fifteen lives.
Schr Mary E. Perew, cargo wheat, sprung a leak on Lake Huron and laid up at Port Huron.
Schr Middlesex, cargo ore, ashore and full of water at Point au Pins, recovery probable.
Schr W. O. Brown, cargo grain, foundered in Lake Superior, eight lives lost.
Schr C. C. Griswold, met with a like fate, same locality, eight lives lost.
Schr John Rae, ashore on Timber Island, Georgian Bay, got off badly damaged.
Schr J. P. Mack (so stated), ashore at Ashtabula and total loss.
Schr Reindeer, stranded below Four Mile Point, Lake Ontario.
Schr Rainbow (a lower laker),lost mainmast and foretopmast on Lake Ontario.
Prop Wenona, cargo supplies, disabled in rudder near Alpena; rescued and brought to Detroit by tug Sweepstakes.
Schr Granada, cargo salt, struck a rock and sunk at Port Colborne.
Bark G. L. Coyne, ashore at Erie, pulled off by revenue cutter Perry.
Schr W. H. Oades, lost most of her sails on Lake Ontario in a gale.
Schr Emerald, cargo salt, ashore at St. Helena, threw over 400 barrels and got off.
Schr M. R. Goffe, lost jibboom and outfit on Lake Erie.

Bark Alexander, sunk by ice at Thorold, Ont., to be raised.
Prop James Fisk, Jr., damaged by ice and ran to Cleveland.
Schr Geo. H. Waud, ashore near Erie, stated a total loss.
Prop Russia, cargo wheat, struck on Bay Point, Lake Erie, and cargo more or less damaged, released.
Schr A. H. Moss and Empire State, collided in River St. Clair, both somewhat injured.
Bark Bertschey, ashore in a snow storm at Escanaba, a hole stove in her and causing her to sink, cargo damaged, boat raised.
Schr City of the Straits, cargo grain, struck bottom in Detroit River, and arrives at Buffalo with 18 inches of water in her hold.

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Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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