The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 9 Dec, 1873

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Marine Casualties of 1873

We herewith present our usual annual statement of disasters on the lakes during the season just ended, in round numbers, figuring up to 1,021, so far as we have been able to obtain them, and which will no vary far from the correct figures. Of these, there were upwards of 250 collisions, 245 went ashore, 78 were total losses, which includes all those presently ashore, some of which may at some future time be rescued. There were nine explosions, involving the loss of more or less lives; 21 were either wholly or in part destroyed by fire; 50 capsized, and no less than 21 old hulks or rat traps have yielded to the elements and are no longer in existence.


Schooner Alice, damaged by ice in Point au Pelee passage and scuttled; raised and repaired.
Steam barge Old Concord with two barges in tow, grounded on St. Clair Flats; steamer had the tow post carried away.
Scow Seabird, coal laden, ashore at Kelley's Island and sunk and became a total loss.
Scow Vampire, ashore on Shickluna reef and total loss.
Scow Mermaid, lost jib-boom and bowsprit by being run into by schooner Kitty Grant in Chicago harbor.
Schooner Raleigh, sustained damages by running foul of the pier at Chicago.
Schooner Lucy Graham, lost her fore-topmast by collision with the schooner M. J. Wilcox at Chicago.
Schooner Josephine Lawrence, lost anchor and chain in the ice at Manitowoc.
Steamer Sheboygan, broke several buckets from her wheels by coming in contact with a bridge at Chicago.
Propeller Glance, lost smoke-stack and pilot house by getting foul of the schooner Cornelia Amsden's main boom.
Schooner J. J. Hill, with grain on board, had a hole stove in her bow while being towed into Oswego harbor.
Steamer Seneca, struck a snag in Bear Creek and sunk; got up and repaired.
Scow Money Maker, lost her bowsprit by getting foul of a ferry boat at Detroit.
Schooner L. Luddington, lost jibboom and head gear by collision with steamer Michael Groh at Chicago.
Schooner Wanderer, coal laden, ashore at Kelley's Island, filled and sank; got up and repaired.
Schooner Waleska, while loading wheat at Cheboygan, sprang a leak.


Tug M. I. Mills sunk at Sand Beach, Lake Huron, by collision with the bark Unadilla while taking her tow line; a total loss.
Schooners B. R. Blake and Advance, each lost their main booms on Lake Michigan.
Schooner Eliza Fisher, laden with lumber and lath, cargo took fire fifteen miles off Oswego; 12,000 feet was thrown overboard.
Bark J. B. Rice, lumber laden, ashore at Kelley's Island, was lightered off; damage not serious.
Schooner John Magee had her foresail and mainsail burned on Lake Huron by sparks from the tug Hector, which had her in tow.
Scow Planet, lumber laden, waterlogged and went ashore at Evanston, near Chicago; was got off.
Brig Orkney Lass, grain laden, got centerboard jammed on Lake Huron and repaired at Detroit.
Tug Goodnow, disabled in machinery while towing on the Detroit River.
Propeller Arizona, bound down, collided at the St. Clair Flats with the propeller Blanchard, bound up; the former sunk and most of her cargo damaged; repaired at Detroit.
Schooners Catchpole and Lake Forest collide off Big point au Sauble; the former lost bowsprit, jib-boom, small boat, main and fore-rigging, the latter damaged slightly.
Schooner Cape Horn collided with propeller Java off Long Point; the former sunk and total loss, one life lost.
Schooner Montcalm, while in tow on Lake Huron was run into by a tug, losing jib-boom and headgear.
Schooner Sasco, in same tow, lost two timberheads.
Propeller Meteor collided with the schooner Cascade at Marquette, the latter lost her bowsprit.
Schooner Mary Battle lost her main and mizzen masts in a squall on Lake Erie.
Bark C. J. Wells, grain laden, collided with the schooner Havana on Lake Michigan and damaged $3,000.
Schooner Havana, by aforesaid collision, lost bowsprit and jib-boom and damaged in all $300.
Schooner J. T. Mott, cargo coal; ashore at North Point, Lake Michigan, and was lightered off.
Propeller Champlain broke her wheel in the ice at Milwaukee.
Tugs W. H. Miner and G. W. Tift broke their machinery at Milwaukee.
Schooner Curlew crushed her anchor through her bottom at Chicago, but did not sink.
Steamer Ward damaged her port wheel by ice in the River St. Clair.
Propeller Canada, grain laden from Toledo, struck on coming out, and when off East Sister had three feet of water in her. She was got back to Turtle Island and run ashore; 15,000 bushels damaged.
Schooner City of the Straits, ashore at Long Point; pulled off; no cargo.
Schooner H. G. Cleveland, ashore at Long Point; pulled off.
Schooner Trenton, ashore ten miles above Port Colborne; cargo not stated; lightered off.
Schooner Jennie Powell, cargo staves from Toledo, sprung a leak on Lake Erie; returned minus part of deck load thrown over.
Scow Newell Hubbard, cargo lumber, ashore on the head of Belle Isle; lightered and pulled off.
Propeller Menominee, ashore at Bois Blanc, in the Straits, pulled off by tug Leviathan.
Propeller S. Chamberlain, ashore in same locality and got off by same means.
Propeller City of Concord had her upper works damaged $100 by collision with the schooner Finney at Chicago.
Steamer Eighth Ohio broke her connecting rod on Lake Michigan.
Tug Nellie Cotton bent her rudder while pulling a barge afloat at Carrollton, Saginaw.
Tug Hercules broke the crown sheet of her boiler at Saginaw.
Scow St. Joseph damaged by ice on Lake Huron, $150.
Propeller City of Vermont struck on Grand Haven Bar and lost her show and rudder.
Schooner Nettie Weaver, cargo lumber; damaged by ice on Lake Huron to the extent of $300.
Tug Swan, broke down her smoke-stack and exhaust at Bay City getting foul of a bridge.
Bark Red, White and Blue, struck a wreck at Buffalo; made a hole in her and damaged $500.
Scow John A. McDonald, cargo lath, struck the pier and sunk at Oswego; got up, damages $500.
Schooner Topsy, collided with the scow Gladiator at Chicago; damages to both vessels estimated at $200 each.
Scow U. S. Grant, cargo wood, run into ice on Lake Michigan; filled and capsized; got up and towed to Port Washington.
Bark E. C. L., lost her top-sail yard by a collision.
Schooner Caroline Marsh, lost some sails and outfit off Charlotte Lake Ontario; damages $300.
Barge Bessie Smith, lost anchor and full scope of chain in Detroit River, opposite Sandwich.
Scow Haven, dismasted at Toledo by collision with a railroad bridge.
Tug Dobbins, sunk by ice at Cleveland; got up.
Schooner Cornelia, ashore at Menominee and got off.
Tug Mystic, broke crank pin on Saginaw Bay.
Schooner L. Casey, dragged anchors and got ashore at Marble Head; pulled off with slight damage.
Barge Lilly May, had her small boat smashed at Windsor by collision with the barge Paragon, the latter running foul of her.
Propeller Milwaukee, cargo grain, got on the bank in St. Clair River, and was lightened off.
The schooner Cousin Mary, sunk at Chicago by the schooner St. Peter running foul of her; got up.
Schooner Honest John, cargo lumber, struck Chicago pier and water-logged; got inside.
Schooner C. C. Butts, cargo lumber, water-logged in Lake Michigan, and lost part of her deck-load.
Schooner Gem, badly damaged by collision with the propeller Alaska off Kenosha, Lake Michigan.
Schooner Queen of the West, cargo lumber, ashore on Peshtigo reef, lightened off; damage not serious.
Propeller Mohawk, ashore at North Point, Lake Michigan, in a fog; her engine became disabled; towed into Milwaukee.
Schooner Alice B. Norris, ashore in a fog at South Point Island; threw over 150 tons coal and got off; damage otherwise, $1,200.
Schooner Grace Murray, cargo ore, ashore near Kingston, Lake Ontario; lightened and taken into dock; damages$2,000.
Schooner Jessie Scarth, ashore at Point Frederick, Lake Ontario, was hauled off with slight damages.
Bark Tanner and schooner Swallow collide in Point au Pelee passage; the latter damaged $600, former $200.
Schooner J. C. Harrison, lost bowsprit, jibboom and headgear by colliding with barge Mercury on Lake Michigan; latter also damaged.
Schooner Gesine run into the schooner Portland at Milwaukee, doing damage to the latter $600.
Barge Magnet, cargo lumber, water-logged on Lake Ontario.
Schooner Traveler ashore in a fog nine miles above Cheboygan; tug Hagerman pulled her off.
Tug Alanson Sumner and schooner Jessie Scarth collided near the Gap, on Lake Ontario; former damaged in stern, latter started leaking.
Scow Ellie Doak lost jibboom entering Racine harbor.
Schooners Wm. Jones and Guide both lost jibbooms by collision at Chicago.
Steam barge M. Groh lost her mast by collision with a bridge at Chicago.
Scow Lime Rock struck a snag and sank in the River Thames; raised.
Bark E. C. L. got ashore in a fog at Washington harbor; pulled off.
Propeller Georgian run on a shoal and damaged opposite Gananoque.
Schooner Wanchemontagne lost both topmasts off the False Ducks.
Scow Mary Amelia damaged by a squall at St. Clair Flats; lost sails and outfit; damaged $300.
Schooner W. R. Allen, while being towed, collided with a bridge at Chicago. The tug also became disabled by a line in her wheel.
Bark Dundee, cargo grain, ashore at Morgan's Point, Lake Erie; was released.
Propeller Equinox, ashore at mouth of Detroit River, pulled off.
Schooner E. A. Nicholson, struck pier at Erie and was scuttled; got up and repaired.
( . . . one line obliterated) her foremast and damaged in outfit on Lake Erie.
Bark Montgomery lost jibboom and headgear on Lake Huron.
Propeller City of Chatham, cargo 700 bbls. Flour, burned at Hamilton, Ont., steamer and cargo total loss. Boat valued at $33,000.
Schooner Cecelia, ashore in fog near Muskegon; got off.
Schooner J. G. Colfage, collided with a barge in River St. Clair; damage slight.
Scow Trio, lost her small boat in a gale on Lake Michigan.


Propeller Meteor, burned at the dock in Detroit; cargo supplies. Valuation of steamer $70,000 & cargo $85,000. Insurance on boat, $50,000; on cargo $105,000; total $155,000.
Schooner Cascade, ashore at Point au Pelee and full of water; got off.
Schooner Annie Sherwood, in tow of the propeller Philadelphia, collided with the propeller Relief's raft, near Algonac, and got on Harson's Island; lightered off.
Bark Massilon, ashore twenty miles above Whitefish Point, Lake Superior, cargo ore; threw over deckload and pulled off.
Schooners Ida and A. Rust collided in Chicago harbor, both sustained damages, each $300 or thereabouts.
Barge Herschel and schooner St. Peter collided in Chicago harbor; latter damaged some $300.
Tugs G. W. Wood and Nagel collide in Chicago harbor; neither badly hurt.
Schooner Catchpole had her bows stove in by collision in Chicago harbor.
Schooner Mary E Perew, cargo grain, ashore at Presque Isle Point, Lake Huron; started leaking; vessel and cargo sustain more or less damage.
Schooner Gen. Worth, cargo coal, ashore on Grassy Island; lightered and pulled off.
Schooner City of Manitowoc got ashore at Racine and was lightered off.
Schooner C. N. Johnson arrives at Manitowoc with foremast carried away.
Schooner Warren and propeller Bertschy collide near Vedder's Pier, Lake Michigan, both sustaining slight damage.
Tug Gardiner broke her shaft and damaged $1,500.
Propeller W. Cowie and schooner D. Freeman got jammed in a lock at Port Dalhousie; damage to either moderate.
Schooner E. Leighton collided with the propeller W. T. Graves on Lake Michigan, losing bowsprit and damaged $600.
Schooner A. Rust, while loading at Muskegon started a leaking and nearly filled. She was got to Chicago and repaired.
Schooner Charger got driven ashore at Bar Point by a tornado and remained two weeks before released; damages $3,000.
Schooner Kate L. Bruce damaged in outfit by collision in the Welland Canal.
The schooners Mary Grover, Elvina, Jennie Graham and Manzanella sustained slight damage at the same time in the Welland Canal.
Schooner Great West damaged in outfit by a gale on Lake Michigan.
Schooner Col. Cook was dismasted on Lake Erie.
Schooner Racine had a hole stove in her side by getting foul of an abutment at Chicago.
Propeller J. L. Hurd broke her shaft on Lake Huron while en route from Lake Superior.
A raft in tow of tug Goodnow got ashore at Point au Pelee.
Schooner Senator, cargo ore, got on the rocks at Pipe Island, and the schooner Crosthwaite, in a like fix, at the Neebish.
Schooner Miami lost her sails and foretopmast in a gale on Lake Erie.
Propeller Union got on Grayton Shoals in the Straits and got off.
Tug G. W. Farrar exploded her boiler at Port Huron and her captain fatally scalded.
Propeller Granite State carried away four gates in the Welland Canal.
Steamer M. Sutton blew out her cylinder head at Portsmouth, Saginaw.
Scow Louisa, of Fairhaven, was damaged $300 while at anchor in the Detroit River by a towed vessel running into her.
Propeller Toledo got on the rocks at Graham Shoals and was pulled off.
Schooner C. North, while being towed, collided with the propeller Toledo at Chicago, and damaged to the extent of $200.
Schooner H. A. Richmond, cargo lumber, ashore at East Sister, and sustained serious damage.
The tug Laketon lost a raft in a gale on Saginaw Bay.
Propeller City of New York broke her wheel coming out of Oswego, got ashore and was rescued by the propeller Granite State.
Tug Mystic, disabled in machinery while towing on the river.
Propeller Caldwell had her stern damaged by collision with an unknown vessel during a fog in the Straits.
The tug Kitty Frid was burned to the water's edge on the St. Lawrence River.
Steamer Mason knocked a hole in her hull at Crow Island and was run ashore to prevent sinking.
Schooner Goshawk got ashore four miles above Detroit, but was got off without serious damage.
Schooner Guiding Star got ashore near same place, and threw over a quantity of coal, which released her.
Propeller Pacific got ashore inside Detour light; got off without serious damage.
The tug Constitution got disabled in machinery near Detour, and was towed to the Sault by the tug Dobbins.
Steam barge East Saginaw, cargo lumber, got ashore in Detroit River; lightered and pulled off without serious damage.
Tug Brady run aground in Detroit River, and was pulled off by the tug Goodnow.
Steam barge Henry Howard, cargo lumber, aground on Port Crescent reef, Lake Huron; threw over 50,000 feet and was pulled off.
Steam barge Petronelle, cargo staves, ashore at Middle Sister, Lake Erie, and sunk; raised and brought to Detroit.
Steamer Grace Trescott blew out her cylinder head at Detroit.
Schooner John Weber cargo wood, ashore near Chicago; got off.
Steam barge Annie Laurie collided with a canal boat at Chicago; the latter sank, laden with corn.
Schooner Minnie Muller arrives at Chicago minus a portion of her sails and outfit.
Tug Tillinghast struck the dock at Erie and displaced her machinery.
Propeller Lake Breeze, disabled in machinery at Pentwater.
Schooner P. S. Marsh, cargo grain, got ashore at South Fox, Lake Michigan; Damage said to be slight.
Schooner A. B. Moore, cargo grain, dismasted off the Beavers, losing all but one mast.
Schooner Sommers collided with the tug Louis Dole at Chicago, damaging her stern and headgear; the tug lost her exhaust pipe.


Schooner Mary Battle lost her foretopmast on Lake Erie.
Schooner Dundee arrives at Port Colborne damaged in sails.
Schooner Seventh Ohio arrives at Chicago minus a portion of her sails; also the brig Mechanic and schooner Arcturus.
The bark Constitution; schooners Perew, Comanche, Nabob, Elide, D. A. Wells and Turner & Keller arrive at Chicago at about one and the same time damaged in sails and outfit, the result of a heavy gale on Lake Michigan.
Scow Hercules and schooner Adirondac came in collision at Chicago, latter lost main boom, former damaged in outfit.
Schooner Willard lost her jibboom by collision at Chicago.
The clippers City, Dispatch and Red Wing damaged in outfit by a gale on Lake Michigan.
The Frank Parson and Nabob also damaged in outfit by same storm on Lake Michigan.
The Seabird lost her topsail in same storm.
The iron propeller Philadelphia, general cargo, struck on Bar Point and was run ashore; cargo nearly all damaged.
Schooner Glad Tidings lost main boom on Lake Michigan.
Schooner Z. G. Simmons lost her main boom by collision with the bridge at Chicago.
The steamer Oconto collided with the tug Ida at Chicago, making a big hole in the latter.
Schooner Colonel Cook broke her main boom in a squall on Lake Michigan. The schooner Florence met with a like disaster.
Schooner Correspondent lost main-topmast by a squall in Chicago.
The schooner L. B. Johnson damaged by fire in Chicago.
The steamer Algoma broke one of her engines in Georgian Bay, and was brought to Detroit for repairing.
Barge Ironton on the rocks in the Neebish, and started a leak.
Schooner J. Burt got on the rocks in the Neebish and was pulled off; damage slight.
Tug Samson lost a raft off Port Stanley, Lake Erie; subsequently recovered.
Schooner St. Andrew, struck by lightning on Lake Huron, splintering mainmast and maintopmast.
The bark Carrier and scow Sea Star collided at Chicago; former lost bowsprit, jibboom and other damaged; the latter damaged in hull $200.
Propeller Russia, disabled in machinery on Lake Huron and returned to Port Huron.
Steam barge Monitor struck Kenosha pier, damaging rail and bows.
Propeller Philadelphia and schooner Reciprocity collide at Milwaukee, the latter damaged $300.
Propeller City of Detroit and barge Guiding Star, ashore in a fog at Oak Creek, south of Milwaukee; got off, damage slight.
Schooner D. A. Wells lost nearly all her sails on Lake Michigan in a gale.
Schooner S. A. Marsh, cargo of wheat, ashore at South Fox, Lake Michigan, got off; cargo not damaged, vessel not serious.
Propeller Montana broke the platen rod of her engine on Lake Michigan.
Schooner W. H. Oades lost jibboom in a squall on Lake Ontario.
Schooner Guido collided with the bark Parana in the Straits and lost her jibboom; the latter uninjured.
Tug Harrison ran into the schooner Conquest at Chicago and damaged her $350; in the melee the tug Wood was damaged $100.
Schooner Persian ashore at Evanston, Lake Michigan; got off herself with slight damage.
Barge Wyoming ran into schooner G. Barber at Chicago and damaged her $300.
Propeller City of Toledo broke her shaft on Lake Michigan; arrives at Chicago.
Schooner Three Bells sprung foremast on Lake Michigan.
Schooners Prince Alfred and Madeira collided at St. Catharines; each damaged $300.
Schooner Evaline Bates lost an anchor and chain in a squall at Kelley's Island.
Schooner R. Doud, cargo coal, struck a shoal at Point au Pelee and jammed her center-board, resulting in damages $400.
Steam barge Fletcher collided with international bridge at Buffalo; damages estimated at $100.
Tug A. F. Bartlett broke her cylinder head on Detroit River.
Propeller Empire struck a shoal in St. Lawrence River and sunk; was subsequently got up.
Bark City of Milwaukee struck by lightning in Lake Erie, losing her maintopmast.
Schooner Northern Belle, cargo 530 tons coal collided with schooner Annie Vought near Skillagalee, and became a total loss.
Schooner Annie Vought, by aforesaid collision, lost bowsprit, headgear and damaged in bows.
Schooner Louisa McDonald run into by a steamer at Chicago and lost jibboom, bowsprit, headgear besides other damages.
Propeller St. Paul, upward bound, disabled in machinery, and towed to Detroit.
Schooner Eureka, cargo coal, ashore and sunk at Port Colborne; raised and repaired.
Schooner Two Brothers lost jibboom by collision at Saginaw.
Tug L. B. Johnson run into by the propeller C. Reitz at Chicago, damaging the latter $150.
Schooner Mariner struck by lightning on Lake Michigan, losing her fore-topmast.
Tug Clematis run into the schooner Enterprise at Chicago, damaging the latter $200.
Schooner Sea Gem got ashore on Lake Michigan, and damaged $400.
Schooner E. R. Blake, ashore at Green Bay, cargo coal, lightered off.
Steam barges Dunkirk and Herald collided on Lake Huron, the latter sunk and afterwards raised. David Thorburn, mate of the Dunkirk, was drowned.
Scow Eugene run into by a tow off Marine City, carrying away foremast and headgear.
Schooner Nabob and bark Elizabeth Jones collided near the Straits, the former damaged, losing bowsprit and a portion of rail; latter damages of lesser importance.
Schooner John T. Mott, while passing through a Welland Canal lock, by striking the sharp point of a rock.
Schooner Ida, struck by lightning at Manistee, losing mainmast.
Tug B. W. Aldrich took fire about the boilers at Ludington, and was damaged to the extent of $2,000.
Schooner Harvest Home lost main-booms and other potions of outfit on Lake Superior in a squall.
Schooners Adriatic and Mary collided in the south end of Lake Michigan during a squall, the latter lost her bowsprit.
Tug Mystic broke her shaft on lake St. Clair and was towed to Detroit by steamer Milton Ward.
Steam barge City of Port Huron and consort Dictator got on the rocks in the Neebish; the former's bows stove in.
Schooner S. J. Holley run on her anchor at Racine and knocked a hole in her bottom.
Steamer Northwest, wheelhouse damaged at Cleveland by a vessel's jibboom.
Steam barge Ballantine broke her rock shaft on Saginaw Bay, and returned to Bay City for repairs.
Propeller Georgian had her foresail burned and mast charred off Ogdensburg.
Brig N. M. Standard and scow E. Leighton collided at Milwaukee; former lost cathead and jibboom, the latter her rudder.
Steam ferry Hattie Brown broke her shaft at Bay City.
A scow laden with wood, in tow of tug Tornado, took fire between Red River and Green Bay, and damaged more or less.
Schooner Sophia J. Luff struck a shoal near the Straits, damaging her forefoot and part of her keel.
Schooner Scotia disabled in center-board at Buffalo, causing a delay of one day.
Schooner Gold Hunter struck coming out Vermillion harbor and reached Cleveland leaking badly.
Propeller Bruno, bound up, got ashore at Grosse Isle, and was pulled off by the tug J. P. Clark.
Steam barge Ballantine, cargo corn, struck an obstruction in Lake St. Clair, causing a leak and compelling her to dock at Detroit.
Schooner L. A. Burton got her center-board jammed on Lake Michigan.
Bark Prince of Wales and schooner Morning Star collided off Nine Mile Point, Lake Ontario; the latter damaged $300, the former uninjured.
Schooners Kate Lyons and Welland collided on Lake Michigan and injured $300 each.
Schooner Gallatin, cargo coal, sprung a leak on Lake Erie and run to Erie for repairs.
Tug Hercules, broke her crank while towing on the river.
Tugs Nagel and Annie L. Smith collided at Chicago; the latter badly damaged.
Brig Mechanic, sunk while loading at Marquette.
Schooners Denmark and Odin, collided on Lake Michigan: both vessels were damaged to the extent of $300 each.
Schooner Josephine, got ashore at Pentwater and was pulled off.
Steamer Minnie V., scuttled by some unknown miscreant and sunk at Superior City.
Barge Sandusky, damaged in top hamper by collision with the topsail yard of the bark Maria Martin.
Schooner Rival, sprang a leak and sunk at Bay City; raised.
Schooner Sunrise, struck by lightning on Lake Erie, losing her fore-top-mast.
Tug A. D. Allen, sunk at Chicago from some unknown cause.
Steamer Daniel Ball, got on a pile at Bay City and crushed a hole through her bottom.
Steam barge Wm. Cowie, cargo lumber, got on a shoal in St. Lawrence River; raised and was lightered off.
Schooner Senator Blood, struck an obstruction in Welland Canal, causing a bad leak.


Propeller Tioga, got on Niagara Reef, between West Sister and Green Island; and was pulled off without serious damage.
Schooner Arcturus, struck a rock coming out of Green Bay and started a bad leak.
Schooner Annie Sherwood, carried away her jibboom on Lake Huron in heavy weather.
Propeller Russia, bound down, disabled in one wheel.
Schooner Sovereign, sprung a leak and put into Pentwater for repairs,
Steamer Ferry M. Courtwright, burned at St. Clair; loss not heavy.
A raft in tow of tug Sampson, collided with the international bridge at Buffalo, and was badly wrecked.
Schooner Willard, lost her jib-boom; and the schooner Gazelle sprung a leak on Lake Michigan.
Brig Mechanic, sprung a leak on Lake Michigan, cause general debility.
Canadian propeller Vanderbilt; ashore near Saginaw; got off badly damaged.
Tugs Ida H. Lee and Dick Davis, collided near Milwaukee; the former filled with water but was got inside.
Schooner Regular ran into the schooner Ida Keith, at Chicago; damage not serious to either.
Schooner Flying Mist, while in tow, run foul of the schooner Mary Ward; damaging the latter seriously forward.
Schooner Challenge, cargo lumber, sprang a leak on the passage from Green Bay, caused by a mouse hole.
Schooner Oneonta arrives at Chicago minus her foretopgallant mast.
At Saginaw the steamer Daniel Ball got a log in her wheel and tore three buckets off. The tug Nellie Cotton got her wheel loose, and the steamer
Eva English broke her cross-head.
Schooners Knight Templar and Caroline Marsh collided off Point Peter, Lake Ontario, damage not serious to either.
Schooner Granada sprung a leak on Lake Michigan, and the schooner Fearless on Lake Ontario.
Scow Alpena, cargo lumber, waterlogged on Lake Erie, and was towed into Cleveland.
Tug Admiral Porter got ashore at Oak Point and was pulled off by tugs Hiram Calvin and Lady Franklin.
Schooner Wm. Elgin sprung a leak on Lake Erie and was repaired at Cleveland.
Propeller Comet sprung her arches during heavy weather on Lake Erie, and received new ones at Cleveland.
Schooner Superior got on a reef near the upper end of the Sault and sprung a leak.
Schooner Fame, cargo coal, sprung a leak off Port Colborne, and went in there for repairs.
A scow engaged in dredging Swan Creek sunk, the repairs costing $800.
Steam barge Oscar Townsend sustained damages while being launched at Port Huron.
Barge H. G. Williams, cargo coal, got ashore at Cedar Point; returned to Sandusky and became a total loss; cargo saved.
Scow J. B. Chapin sprung a leak on Lake Michigan.
Tug Parker got on the water works crib near Buffalo, damaging her shoe and keel and starting a leak.
The steamer Bob Hackett, while lying at the dock in Windsor, was run into by the railway steamer Transit and damaged $3,000.
Tug Annie L. Smith collided with the schooner Cuyahoga at Chicago; damage to either slight.
Steamer Abyssinian took fire while crossing Lake Ontario, resulting in damages and a big fright among the passengers.
Schooner A. Rust, cargo lumber, struck a rock off Alpena on North Point and sunk; raised and repaired.
Schooner A. W. Lucky sustained slight damage by a collision with a propeller on Lake Erie, while the former was in a tow.
Schooner ?na got aground and also the tug which had her in tow near the Grand Trunk docks, Sarnia, causing a considerable difficulty before
getting released.
Schooner S. S. Osborne lost bowsprit and headgear by a collision on Lake Huron.
Tug H. N. Martin, while towing a vessel in Cleveland harbor, was damaged to the extent of $300 by a bridge.
Schooner Sardinia arrived in Chicago leaking badly and went into dry-dock.
Barge J. D. Morton, cargo lumber, broke loose from the propeller Sun on Lake Erie, and went ashore twenty miles below Cleveland; a total loss.
Schooner L. Shickaluna, cargo coal, sprung a leak on Lake Erie; lost part of deck load and vessel seriously damaged.
Steam barge Graves, became disabled by one of her boilers giving out on Lake Michigan; repaired at Milwaukee.
Barge Sunshine, cargo lumber, waterlogged while in tow of the propeller Buffalo on Lake Huron and lost deck load.
Propeller Shickaluna, struck bottom six miles east of Morrisburg, on Lake Ontario, and sunk; got up and repaired; cargo salt.
Propeller Bruno and schooner H. P. Murray, collided on Welland Canal; the former sustained serious damage, the latter slight.
Barge Sunbury, cargo lumber, broke loose from the steam barge Tempest on Lake Erie and waterlogged, afterwards rescued; some of the deck load was lost.
Scow Sassacuss, coal laden, got on Ford Shoals, Lake Ontario; was lightered and pulled off.
A raft in tow of tug Mocking Bird collided with the international bridge and became demoralized badly.
Schooners F. W. Gifford and ?na collide on Lake Huron; the latter started a bad leak and damaged serious, the former also a slight leak; repaired at Port Huron.
Brig Pilgrim damaged in a storm on Lake Michigan to the extent of $800.
Bark Parana, broke her topsail yard on Lake Erie.
Schooner Milwaukee Belle, ashore on southeast reef of Chambers Island, cargo lumber; vessel filled, but was rescued.
Schooner Addie, damaged by collision on Lake Michigan, $100.
Schooner Ora, cargo lumber, waterlogged on Lake Michigan.
Propeller Atlantic lost her mast by its coming in contact with the tophamper of a vessel on River St. Clair.
Schooner A. R. Moore was twice disabled in outfit after leaving Chicago, and each time compelled to return for repairs.
Schooner S. Bigler lost her fore stay-sail off Forty Mile Point, Lake Huron.
Schooner Lucerne lost her square-sail yard and flying jib on Lake Huron.
Schooner Cortez and brig Starlight collided on Detroit River, while both were in a tow bound either way, damaging each to the extent of $400.
The barge Comet broke adrift from the steamer Dunbar on Lake Michigan, but was subsequently recovered.
Charles Nelson, aged thirty-one years, drowned from schooner Corwin on Lake Michigan.
Schooner Japan, collided with a vessel, name not given, off Cheboygan, both sustaining serious damage.
Propeller Oneida, ashore on the head of Belle Isle; lightered off.
Steamer Young America; ashore at Fighting Island, pulled off.
Schooner S. P. Ely, ashore on the rocks in the Neebish; pulled off.
Schooner Marion Egan, ashore and abandoned on Cove Island, Georgian Bay, afterwards released; insured for $10,000, her full value; no cargo on board.
Schooner Kearsarge, cargo wood, waterlogged on Lake Michigan.
Barge St. Clair, cargo lumber, waterlogged on Lake Huron.
Scow Three Bells, bows crushed in Chicago harbor.
Barge Oliver Cromwell, sprung a leak while loading at Marquette and sank.
Brig Orkney Lass, while loading at Marquette, sprung a leak and was towed to the beach.
Steam barge Vienna and consort, ashore at Presque Isle, Lake Huron, got off; steamer's damages said to be $1,800.
Schooner Gerrit Smith, cargo wheat, sprung a leak on Lake Huron and damaged some 700 bushels.
Bark Maria Martin damaged by tug Black Ball at Chicago - $1,000.
Scow Ida Root, cargo stone, ashore at Black River, Ohio.
Schooner C. Harrison ashore and sunk at Evanston, Lake Michigan; got off.
Schooner C. N. Johnson sprung a bad leak on Lake Michigan.
Tug Witch of the West broke her shaft at Bay City.
Schooner Kearsarge ashore at Good Harbor Bay, Lake Michigan; got off.
Bark Manzanilla lost her captain overboard at Port Dalhousie.
Schooner M. L. Collins, cargo grain, got ashore in Detroit River and was lightered off.
Tug Edward Gallagher exploded her boiler on Torch Lake, killing one man.
Schooners Flying Mist and G. H. Waud collide at Chicago; former damaged $1,500.
Schooner Wm. Jones run into Polk street bridge, losing jib-boom besides other damages.
Schooner Cambridge, cargo ore, shore above Marquette, total loss; valuation $35,000; insured for $25,000, also $2,500 on freight and $6,000 on cargo.
Schooner Hubbard lost her jibboom and the George L. Wrenn her mainboom on Lake Michigan.
Schooner Montana, cargo of ore, on the head of Belle Isle, lightered off without damage.
Schooner Saveland; split some of her sails on Lake Michigan.
Propeller City of Fremont burst a flue on Lake Michigan.
Schooner Senator rolled her foremast out of her on Lake Erie.
Schooner C. G. Triumph (new vessel) damaged 500 bushels of wheat on her first trip to Kingston by a sudden leakage.
Schooner Maggie McRae, cargo timber, waterlogged on Lake Erie, and after towing back capsized on DR; got up.
Schooner Saveland carried away chain plates and otherwise damaged at St. Clair Flats.
Schooner Bay State, ashore at Lones Island, rescued; $3,000.
Barge Comet, cargo of lumber, arrived at Chicago waterlogged.
Bark Acorn, cargo of ore, sprung a leak on Lake Superior and sent to Detroit for a steam pump.
Propeller Cleveland, ashore at Middle Island, Lake Huron, pulled off; she was bound up.
Barge J. G. McCullough threw overboard 10,000 feet of lumber to prevent being lost.
A raft, in tow of tug Wilcox, broke up in a storm and went ashore on Lake Huron.
Tug Star damaged by fire at Saginaw $500.
Schooner Comanche shifted cargo on Lake Michigan, and damaged one thousand bushels of corn.
Schooner E. R. Turner carried away her mizzenmast at St. Clair Flats by collision.
Schooner Dick Somers, cargo of ore, sprung a leak on the passage and went into dock at Detroit.
Schooner H. P. Baldwin lost jibboom by bucking a bridge at Chicago.
Schooner Pilgrim lost most of her sails in a gale on Lake Michigan.
Schooner L. Parsons lost her jibboom in heavy weather on Lake Michigan.
Propeller Arizona collided with the schooner Mary Collins at Erie, the latter losing bowsprit, foretopmast, jibboom and squaresail-yard.
Bark E. T. Coyne got ashore at Alpena, upward bound; got off by steam pumps and a tug.
Schooner Sweetheart, cargo of ore, sprung a leak on the passage down.
Schooner P. Hayden lost mainsail and the Atalanta her jib, on Lake Michigan.
Schooner Etta Belle, cargo of corn, sprung a leak and sunk off Sodus, Lake Ontario; a total loss; insured for $1,000.
Schooner Richard Mott, cargo lumber, lost foremast and maintopmast in a gale on Lake Michigan.
Schooners Gipsey, Honest John, South Side, Perry Hannah, C. L. Johnson and D. Newhall damaged in outfit on Lake Michigan.
Schooner Elbe ashore on Lake Michigan; got into port.
Schooner J. F. Tracey damaged, to what extent not stated, on Lake Michigan in a gale.
A raft, belonging to Sanborn and Brother, went ashore in a storm at Grindstone City, Lake Huron.
Scow Hugh Coyne struck some timber in Maumee River and sunk; raised and repaired.
The propeller Oswegatchie broke her wheel, the Crossthwaite lost foretopmast; the Golden Fleece her jibboom, and the schooner S. F. Gale damaged more or less in outfit.
Schooner Conquest, cargo wood, sprung a leak and waterlogged near Milwaukee.
Barge Windsor, ashore at Manistee; damage light.
Schooner Gertrude parted her chains and went ashore between Pentwater and Little Point Sauble; rescued.
Steam barge Cormorant broke her cylinder head at Cleveland on her first start from that port.


Propeller Passaic and schooner R. Winslow collided at Buffalo, the former damaged $$350, the latter $40
Schooner Cameron, damaged by colliding with a bridge at Chicago, and the J. Bean, Jr. lost her center-board outside.
Bark Constitution, while being towed, got ashore on Peche Island; cargo grain; was lightered off.
Tug Monitor, got on a pile at Chicago, broke her wheel, bent her shaft, and damaged in all $1,000.
Barge Forest City damaged her rail and otherwise, by colliding with Rush street bridge at Chicago.
Schooner Russian by a collision carried away bowsprit, jibboom and foretopmast at Chicago.
Steamer City of Toledo burst her steam chest at Muskegon.
Steamer J. A. Dix and propeller Russia collided near the Lime Kilns, the former damaged $3,000.
Schooner Iroquois, while at a dock in Detroit, was damaged in hull by railway steamer Great Western.
Barge Herschell, cargo grain, ashore at Point au Pellee, was lightered off.
Schooner Monitor, carried away her mainmast head, and the Thomas Gawn her square-sail yard, while ore laden, bound down.
Bark Favorite, went ashore at Ashtabula; was got off with rudder gear carried away.
Propeller Russia, damaged by collision with the steamer J. A. Dix to the extent of $5,000.
Schooner Cecilia, cargo grain, sunk in Point au Pellee passage by collision with schooner Oriental, bound up; the former was raised and taken to Detroit; cargo total loss.
Schooner Oriental, by aforesaid collision, lost bowsprit, jib-boom, head gear and damaged in bows.
Schooner Plymouth Rock sprung a leak, and the schooner Speed lost her jib-boom by contending with a bridge at Chicago.
Schooner Merrimac dismasted off Port Stanley, losing her foremast and maintopmast.
Schooner M. C. Cameron, cargo corn, ashore on Peche Island; lightered off after considerable delay.
Schooner John Webber, cargo wheat, ashore at Fighting Island; lightered off.
Bark Erastus Corning, cargo grain, struck a boulder at Bar Point, starting a bad leak and call for a steam pump; cargo more or less damaged; repaired at Detroit.
Bark Thos. C. Street was run foul of while anchored near Port Huron by the schooner Mineral State which was in a tow; the Street lost bowsprit and headgear; damage to other not stated.
Schooner Truman Moss lost deck load lumber and sprung a leak on Lake Michigan, and the tug Drake damaged at Chicago by bucking a bridge.
Schooner Wm. Home got ashore at Alpena and released, and the Australia on a reef in Detroit River and got off.
Schooner Gold Hunter ran into a canal boat at Cleveland and sunk her.
Propeller Ironsides foundered in a heavy gale between Grand haven and Muskegon; general cargo, a total loss; steamer $70,000; insurance, $48,500; insurance on cargo $100,000; twenty-four lives were lost.
Schooner John Tibbetts struck the pier at Muskegon during a gale and became a total loss; vessel valued at $5,000; insurance $3,500.
Schooners Westchester, Lizzie Troope and scow Christie all got ashore near Muskegon. The schooner C. North, barges Golden Harvest and Apprentice Boy, also schooner Magnolia and scow C. C. Butts, went ashore near Grand Haven.
In the same storm the schooners Persia, C. Harrison and scow Sea Star got ashore at White Lake, and well out.
The scows Hunter, Planet and Celt were all damaged more or less in the same gale and arrived at Milwaukee. The schooner Charlotte Raab, cargo of railroad iron, lost all her sails and went ashore at Beaver Island; got off.
Steam barge Cormorant, while coming to anchor at the South Manitou, collided with the schooner Scotia, carrying away her bowsprit and all forward.
Schooner Fanny Campbell, grain loaded, sprung a bad leak and came too at the South Manitou.
Propeller Akron, of the Northern Transportation Company's line, burned to the water's edge five miles above Alexander Bay; and a total loss; cargo merchandise.
Schooner Ralph Campbell, cargo corn, sprung a leak near the Straits, and aid sent for at Detroit; cargo more or less damaged.
Schooner Ella Ellinwood, lost jib-boom by collision with a tug at Chicago; the schooner Gazelle and scow Green Bay damaged outside.
Propeller Jas. Fisk and scow Four Brothers collided at Chicago, each damaged $100.
Schooner Frank Perew, ran into the schooner Raleigh at Chicago and damaged her $200.
Schooner Pilgrim, pounded against Chicago pier and the tug Nagle; a line in her wheel and damaged against the pier.
Schooner Westchester, went ashore at Muskegon and schooner Algerine, cargo ore, sprung a leak at Detour.
Scow Storm was damaged in her outfit $200 by collision with the schooner Fleetwing at Sandusky Bay.
Propeller India got ashore near Middle Island, Lake Huron, threw overboard several hundred bbls flour and some 3,000 bu grain and was liberated.
Schooner Minnie Mueller lost her foremast and main-topmast and other outfit in a gale on Lake Michigan.
Scow Ida Bloom ashore at Ludington and the schooner H. Fisher ashore at South Haven; both recovered.
Tug J. L. Beckwith damaged $300 by collision with a propeller on Detroit River.
Schooner Waucoma arrived at Cleveland with steam pumps, having sprung a leak.
Schooner Buena Vista lost bowsprit and jibboom by a bridge at Chicago.
Schooner G. L. Norris, cargo wheat, shore at East Sister; vessel got off, cargo damaged.
At Milwaukee the schooner Island City was damaged by lightning and a seaman killed. The schooner Pride had her foresail split and the Minnie her mainsail split. The schooner Driver went ashore at Carleton, and the scow Beloit her boat smashed, besides losing her small anchor and chain.
Schooner Argo, twenty-six years on the lakes, damaged by collision on Lake Michigan and towed to Chicago for repairs.
Propeller Merchant ran into the schooner City of Painesville, at Chicago, and damaged her $500.
Scow schooner Snow Bird lost bowsprit, jibboom and sunk in Detroit River by collision; got up again.
Barge J. G. McCullough, cargo lumber, waterlogged on Lake Huron; lost lumber and finally went ashore near the head of St. Clair River.
Schooner Onondaga, cargo wheat, ashore at Old Mackinaw; damage slight.
Schooner R. J. Skidmore, cargo lumber, collided with schooner Argo on Lake Michigan, and arrives at Racine waterlogged.
Barge M. B. Spaulding, cargo lumber, struck a rock near Malden; sprung a leak and returned to Detroit for repairs.
Tug Union damaged the canal boat Georgian and her cargo at Chicago $3,500 by collision.
Schooner Illinois, thirty-six years afloat, arrives at Milwaukee minus her davits and other outfit.
Steam barge Henry Howard got ashore near the head of St. Clair River, and bark D. A. Van Valkenburg minus her foretopmast and other outfit.
Schooner A. Rust arrives at Port Huron minus her jibboom and bowsprit, caused by a steamer running foul of her.
Scow schooner Dakota, cargo ore, sprung a leak and sunk at Beaver Harbor; raised and towed to Detroit.
Schooner Baltic, cargo coal, struck a dock at Toronto and sunk.
Steamer J. A. Dix and tug Oswego collided in Detroit River, the latter damaged about $300.
Propeller Canisteo, broke her machinery and returned to Detroit; she was bound up.
Propeller Lake Breeze, got ashore at Grand Haven and run foul of New Era, damaging latter's stem.
Propeller Cleveland, bound west, was towed to Alpena disabled in machinery.
Schooner B. F. Bruce, cargo corn, ashore at Port Sanilac; got off leaking and cargo damaged more or less; 400 bushels lost.
Schooners Oneonta and Morning Light were damaged in outfit while outside.
Schooner W. J. Whaling, sixteen years in service, a total loss at Grand Haven, and cargo of 3,000 barrels salt. She was dragged ashore. Michael Whalen, cook, was drowned.
Schooner Highland Chief, a cruiser for thirty-three years on Lake Ontario, struck a rock and sunk at Toronto.
Schooner Anna Craig ran foul of schooner J. Bigler at St. Catharines, carrying away the latter's bowsprit and damaging her bow.
Steam barge S. E. Sheldon, bound up, ashore at Point au Pellee; was released with slight damage.
Schooners Harvest Home and White Cloud were both damaged to the extent of $300 in a gale on Lake Huron.
Schooners Prince Alfred and Oriental collided in Welland Canal; former damaged $100, latter stated at $100.
Bark Advance ashore at Pilot Island, near Death's Door; a total loss; valuation $15,000.
Tug Clematis broke her engine on Lake Michigan.
Schooners Becke and El Tempo were damaged in outfit on Lake Michigan.
Schooners Annie Sherwood and A. Bradley collide at Buffalo; the latter damaged $300, former $100.
Barge Juno sunk on St. Lawrence River with 9,000 bushels of wheat.
Scow Whittlesea, a craft of 17 years, laden with stone, broke up on Lake Michigan; a total loss; valuation $3,000, insurance $1,000.
A raft owned by Moore & Alger was badly broken up at Au Sable, Lake Huron.
Bark Summer Cloud damaged at St. Clair Flats to the extent of $300 or more by collision.
Schooner L. B. Shepherd lost jibboom, schooner Nicholson her cathead, schooner Hutchinson her rudder disabled and the schooner Lena Johnson minus jibboom, all in a gale on Lake Michigan.
Schooner Laura Emma, lost jibboom and foremast by collision with schooner F. L. Danforth at Buffalo.
Propeller L. D. Caldwell collided with schooner E. C. Tempo at Kenosha; vessel damaged $200.
Schooner John Brown, twenty-six years old, becomes a total loss at Muskegon after bucking the pier.
Schooner Ellen Pike, eighteen years old, a total loss by going ashore at Kewaunee; valuation $2,800, no insurance.
Schooner Cascade, cargo of coal, damaged $300 by collision with schooner H. J. Webb in Lake Erie.
Bark Summer Cloud, run ashore in the Straits, was released by lightering and some strong pulling.
Steam barge Egyptian got on the rocks in Sault River; the amount of damages sustained not stated.
Propeller City of Concord ran into the scow Seabird, off Milwaukee, doing the latter serious damage. The schooners Mosher and Advance arrive at that port leaking badly.
Schooners Thomas Gawn and E. A. Richardson, bound down, were towed onto a reef near Malden; were got off without serious damage.
Schooner E. G. Benedict, cargo staves, ashore at Fighting Island, and got off at an expense of $300.
Schooner Bismarck, ashore and scuttled at North Harbor reef; rescued.
Propeller Union got ashore at Au Sable Point, Lake Superior; cargo supplies; a total loss; valuation $23,000; insurance $17,000.
Propeller Dean Richmond, ashore on Peche Island; lightered and pulled off by the propeller Tioga.
Schooners John Burt and Two Friends collided near Malden, solely through the fault of the tug which had them in tow; either vessel was damaged to the extent of $300 or more.
Scow C. L. Fick got shore at AuSable and was lightered off.
Schooner J. F. Joy lost foretop mast and jibboom in heavy weather.
Steam barge Cormorant arrives at Buffalo dismasted and damaged in upper works.
Schooner Advance, cargo lumber, sprung a leak and arrives at Chicago with two feet of water in her hold.
Propeller Colorado, , ashore on Bois Blanc, Straits of Mackinaw, got off without serious damage; she was bound down.
Brig Hampton, a pioneer craft twenty-eight years old, cargo lumber, wrecked and total loss off Cheboygan, Lake Michigan; $1,000, no insurance.
Steamer Manitowoc, damaged $300 in upper works by collision with schooner M. R. Goffe near Chicago.
Steamer Chicora, on the rocks in the Neebish; pulled off.
Tug Gen. Burnside, broke a crank pin at Tawas.
Tug Winslow sustained damage to her stern by collision with the tug Sattelite on Lake Huron.
Steam barge Mary Robertson; ashore and full of water in Georgian Bay; cargo lumber; got up and towed to Detroit.
Propeller Potomac on middle ground, near Central Depot, Detroit; detained several hours and lightered off.
Schooners Sweet Home and Clayton Belle, collide in Welland Canal; both damaged more or less.
Schooner F. B. Gardner arrived at Bay City damaged in center-board.


Schooner Little Georgia, cargo lime, took fire off Holland, Lake Michigan, and scuttled.
Schooner Rockaway struck a pile in Welland Canal, causing a hole in her bottom.
Bark Naiad, cargo coal, ashore near Racine; got off.
Schooner Wm. Bates struck Chicago pier, broke jib-boom and damaged otherwise.
Steamer Reindeer collided with the tug G. R. Wilson and sunk her in the Maumee River; valuation $4,000.
Schooner Truman Moss, cargo 225 m lumber, struck the breakwater at Chicago and sunk; reported a total loss; valuation $14,000; insurance on vessel $10,000.
Propeller Vanderbilt and schooner J. H. Hartzell collided at Chicago; vessel lost jibboom, steamer damaged considerably in upper works.
Schooner C. Harrison, afflicted chronically, damaged by getting foul of White Hall pier; expense of repairs $1,500.
Schooners Ida and E. W. Morris collided at Cleveland and both damaged more or less.
Tug Monitor, struck a boom and sunk at Muskegon.
Bark Thomas C. Street, ran into the dock at Oswego and damaged. Propeller Lowell, broke her piston rod at Oswego.
Tug Ferry, disabled at Chicago while working at the schooner Truman Moss.
Bark J. B. Rice pounded her bottom while loading on lake shore; started a leak and went into dock.
Bark Red, White and Blue and schooner Guiding Star collided on Lake Huron; former bowsprit, jib-boom and head-gear, latter rail and bulwarks.
Schooner N. P. Goodall, her rudder disabled on Lake Huron.
Tug Jennie Bell ran into tug Uncle Sam at Bay City and sunk her.
Propeller Asia, cargo wheat, struck a rock at Port Colborne and sunk; raised.
Schooner Odd Fellow lost deck load of lumber on Lake Ontario.
Scow Johnson, cargo lumber, ashore at Kenosha.
Schooner Belle Stephens, on Skillagalee and ashore; got off by steamer Warrington badly damaged.
Schooner C. A. King, towed into Bay City in a leaky condition.
Schooner Vermont, arrived at Chicago damaged to the extent of $200.
Schooner Trinidad, cargo wheat, run into by a scow in St. Clair River and damaged $300.
Schooner Wm. Sanderson, cargo grain, damaged by collision with an unknown vessel off Forty Mile Point.
Propeller City of Madison and schooner Ellen Spry; got ashore on Strawberry island, Green Bay; lightered off.
Bark Golden West, on a reef near Au Sable; got off, no particulars.
Schooner Superior, cargo ore, struck an obstruction above the Sault and sunk in the Sault Canal; raised and repaired.
Scow Mary Amelia, ran foul of the steamer Fessenden, latter stopping in the center; damage to former $100.
Schooner F. D. Barker, cargo wheat, ashore at Port Colborne; got off; 9,000 bushels damaged.
Schooner City of Tawas ran into the bark Golden West, carrying the latter's bowsprit, jibboom, and head gear, besides cutting her down within two planks of the water's edge.
Propeller Argyle arrived at Chicago in a leaky condition, and the schooner Curlew, damaged at Muskegon $1,000.
Barge W. H. Orton struck the pier at Erie and filled.
Schooners J. F. Joy and E. C. Roberts collide at Buffalo; the latter minus bowsprit and jibboom, former her mizzenmast.
The schooner Alice sunk a scow same time and place.
Schooner Halstead, cargo grain, ashore on Pe3che Island, lightered off.
Tugs Frank Moffatt and River Queen come in contact near Port Huron; former lost all the buckets from her wheel, the latter's bows damaged.
Schooner Marie, cargo ties and telegraph poles, ashore at Pultneyville, Lake Ontario; reported a total loss.
Propeller Susquehanna, cargo lumber, ashore 12 miles north of Milwaukee.
Schooners M. R. Goffe and F. L. Danforth collided at Buffalo, the latter damaged $50.
Propeller City of Boston broke her cylinder head and piston on Lake Michigan and was towed to Detroit.
Schooner Jessie Conger, cargo stone, ashore at Cleveland.
Steam barge J. A. Estabrook ashore and total loss at Fairport, cargo lumber. Steamer's valuation $15,000; insurance $16,000; cargo insured for $3,000.
Brig Powhattan, cargo grain, twenty-five years in service, sunk at Alexander Bay, Lake Ontario; total loss.
Brig New York, lumber laden, ashore near Oswego.
Barge Ocean, scuttled at Tawas; got up.
Schooner Fearless lost her center-board on Lake Michigan.
Barge Ocean, an old steamboat hulk, and twenty-two years in service, becomes a total loss at Pointe au Barques, with a cargo of lumber.
Schooner D. P. Dobbins parted her small chain at South Manitou and stranded; got up.
Schooner Yankee Trader (small) went ashore there same time.
Propeller St. Lawrence, cargo merchandise, burned to the water's edge at Edwardsburg, Lake Ontario; total loss.
Schooner Margaret Muir collides with barge Rutter at Chicago, losing a jibboom.
The schooner Advance arrives, minus some canvas.
Propeller Messenger sunk the scow Emanuel at Milwaukee, damage $400.
Schooner Lizzie Throop a total loss at South Haven; value $4,400. She was twenty-four years old; insurance $1,800.
Schooner Mary ashore at Charlotte, Lake Ontario, total loss.
Steam barge Chas. Reitz lost deck-load of lumber on Lake Michigan.
Schooner J. O. Moss ashore and off near Muskegon.
Propeller Young America, Northern Transportation Company's line, ashore and total loss, two miles west of Yate's pier, Lake Ontario.
Schooner Annette Davis, cargo staves, ashore and total loss at Port Stanley.
Schooner L. Shickaluna, cargo lumber, waterlogged and badly damaged in a storm on Lake Huron.
Schooner Frank Perew, cargo grain, ashore at Fox Island and total loss.
Schooner C. Jeffery, cargo 10,000 bushels of wheat, dragged anchor, went ashore and sunk near Kingston.
Propeller Gordon Campbell, cargo grain, ashore at Whetstone Point, Lake Huron, lightered and pulled off.
Schooner Mountaineer (Canadian) ashore at Mearford, Lake Huron, and total loss.
Propeller Benton, run foul of tug Smith at Cleveland, doing damage to the extent of $300.
Schooner C. P. Minch, lost small boat and deck load of ore in a gale on Lake Huron; the schooner Hungarian, in same storm lost her main-sail.
Barge D. Morris, cargo lumber, ashore and total loss at Pigeon Bay with two lives lost; valuation $4,000.
Barge Globe, once a brig and 29 years afloat, lumber laden, ashore and total loss at Pigeon Bay; value $3,000.
Schooner Saginaw, no cargo, ashore near Black River, Ohio, and reported a total loss.
Barge Saginaw, cargo lumber, which anchored in Pigeon Bay during a gale, foundered; afterwards raised.
Schooner J. W. Nicholas, cargo, foundered at her anchor in Pigeon Bay; vessel and cargo a total loss.
Barge J. F. Rust, cargo lumber, ashore near Point au Barques, Lake Huron, a total loss.
Schooner Paragon damaged in a gale on Lake Erie $300.
Propeller Alma Monro and schooner Mary Copely collided at Port Colborne, damage to either slight.
Schooner Melvina, cargo lumber, in a gale lost both anchors and chains and otherwise damaged in Point au Pellee passage.
Schooner Itasca lost anchor and 25 fathoms of chain at Beaver Island.
Schooner N. B. Norris lost two jibs and the Mary Nau her staysail in a gale on Lake Michigan.
Bark Great West collided with propeller Detroit at Chicago; damage slight.
The schooners Hippogriff and Josephine have a collision with like results.
Schooner Clara Youell struck the pier at Cleveland, damaging bulwarks and rail.
Schooner Plymouth, cargo wood, and scow Ferrett, lumber, lose their deck loads on Lake Michigan.
Bark L. C. Woodruff lost cathead by collision with the Butcher Boy, and the Walhalla her jib-boom at Manistee.
Schooner Niagara run into propeller Equinox at Port Huron; latter lose pilot-house, mast and bulwarks; she afterward run ashore on Elk Island.
Scow Lilly Dale, ashore and total loss at Kelly's Island.
Schooner Reed Case was run into by the bark Jane Bell at Port Huron, the former losing bowsprit, jib-boom and head-gear, besides other damages.
The Lightship, driven from Colchester reef, Lake Erie, and went ashore.
Bark Acorn, while sailing up Detroit River, run on to Mammy Judy and delayed thirty-six hours.
Schooners Experiment and Ketchum collide at Chicago, the former sunk and total loss; valuation $600. Ketchum's damage $400.
Steam barge Geneva, steam pipe burst, from which she sunk, and became a total loss on Lake Superior.
Schooner J. H. Hartzell was run into by the schooner Harvest Home near Port Huron, damages $100.
Schooner New London, damaged by collision at Port Huron, $500, no particulars.
Propeller Arizona, ashore at Point au Pellee; threw over coal and got off.
Schooner Denmark arrives at Detroit damaged $300 by getting aground.
Schooner Elvina lost foremast and maintopmast in heavy weather, no particulars.
Schooner Pulaski sprung a leak in the Straits.
Schooners Trade Wind and Ida Keith were towed into Erie damaged in hull and outfit.
Schooner Sultan struck the pier at Port Hope, Ontario, and went to pieces; valuation $1,400.
Schooner Union, ashore above Port Maitland: got off.
Schooner Meridian, ashore on Sister Reef, Green Bay.
Bark J. B. Rice and schooner Grace Whitney collided near Cleveland, the former damaged $200.
Steam barge J. D. Crow, cargo stone ashore and total loss at Leamington.
Bark S. D. Woodruff (Canadian), twenty-three years old, timber laden, ashore and total loss at Leamington; $4,000.
Schooner E. Fitzgerald, cargo grain, ashore on Racine reef; got off, jettisoned portion of cargo.
Schooner Mary Elizabeth lost deck load of ore on Lake Superior.
Propeller Java got a line in her wheel at Chicago, and delayed for one day.
Tug Frank Perew lost a dredge below Long Point, Lake Erie.
Schooners Bates and Tempest collided at Chicago, damage slight.
Propeller Antelope got her barges ashore in Sarnia Bay and got off after much expense and delay.
Propeller Lake Breeze lost her rudder on leaving Pentwater.
Scow Waubonsie capsized and lost cargo of brick off Fort Gratiot. The schooner Aldrich lost her shoe and rudder at Grand Haven.
Schooners Trinidad and M. Proctor collided at Oswego; damage to the latter $50.
Schooner E. P. Royce, cargo telegraph poles, ashore in Green Bay.
Propeller St. Albans, on Peche Island; lightered off.
Tug Wm. Hall broke her wheel at Put-in-Bay.
Schooners C. W. Walker and C. H. Burton collided at St. Clair Flats; former damaged $100.
Bark Pride of America, ashore lower end of lake Ontario.
Schooner Consuelo lost her mainmast on Lake Erie.
Scow Frankie Wilcox ran into the propeller Buckeye at Cleveland, each damaged $100.
Bark British Lion damaged $200 by collision at Kingston.
Schooners S. P. Ely and Mary Perew fouled at Chicago; each damaged $100.
Schooner Alma lost in a gale 47,500 feet of lumber on Lake Ontario.
Schooner Onondaga damaged in outfit on Lake Michigan $300.
Schooner Lyman N. Davis lost deck load of lumber and damaged in outfit on Lake Michigan.
Schooner Hawkins carried away her mainmast and lost deck load of lumber on Lake Michigan.
Schooner Clara Parker arrives at Chicago with center-board broken.
Schooner Champion came in collision with a tow of barges at Point au Pellee, and was damaged $600.
Bark Racine, dismasted by collision on St. Clair River.
Schooner Mary Collins got ashore in Green Bay and was released. Schooner Richard Mott, ashore at Oconto; got off.
Brig Helfenstein, damaged in a gale on Lake Michigan $500.Schooner Young America, damaged in a gale on Lake Michigan $300.
Bark Red, White and Blue collided with the schooner Pulaski in the Straits; former minus bowsprit, jibboom and head-gear; latter's damages noted elsewhere.
Schooners Ariadne and Eliza Quinten, ashore at New Castle, Lake Ontario; the tug Robb, while attempting their release, sunk.
Bark Jane Bell, got ashore on Grosse Isle, Detroit River, and was there at the close of navigation.
Schooner Angus Smith, cargo grain, lost her foresail on Lake Huron.
Schooner H. C. Post, general damages in hull and outfit on Lake Michigan, and arrives at Milwaukee; $600.
Schooner Traveler, cargo wood, lost jib-boom entering Milwaukee; struck a sunken wreck and started a bad leak.
Schooner Union, struck the piers going into Milwaukee and damaged.
Steamer Katy Reid, burned on Saginaw River and total loss; valuation, $12,070; insurance $7,000.
Propeller Neptune, broke her wheel and disabled in rudder at St. Clair Flats. Schooner Orient sprung a leak and arrives at Oswego with 2,500 bushels wet corn.
Schooner Atalanta got on the bar at Oswego; lightered off.
Tug Geo. N. Brady, pilot-house carried away by a vessel's main-boom at Detroit.
A large raft of logs in tow of steamer Katy Reid went ashore on Saginaw Bay.
Bark Montmorency lost both anchors and forty-five fathoms of chain on Lake Ontario.
Bark Wm. Sturgess lost bowsprit and head-gear entering Buffalo harbor by collision.
Schooner Valentine got ashore at Port Austin while loading; pulled off and towed to Detroit.
Propeller Benton broke her wheel on Lake Huron.
Schooner Theodore Perry, cargo corn, ashore and full of water on Lake Ontario.
Tug George Maytham sprung a leak and came near sinking while going to the relief of propeller Young America.
Bark Favorite lost most of her sails in a gale on Lake Michigan.
Schooner Orkney lass ashore and badly damaged on Peshtigo Reef.
Schooner Metropolis, cargo grain, in a gale, damaged sails and put into Manitowoc.
Schooner Trenton, in same storm, lost most of her sails, boat, and davits.
Schooner H. Fitzhugh, cargo grain, lost her foremast and shifted cargo in same gale on Lake Michigan.
Schooner E. C. Hutchinson lost much of her canvas and man overboard on Lake Michigan.
Schooner Fellowcraft, cargo grain, ashore at Bar Point four days; lightered and towed to Detroit.
Schooner Picton, cargo coal, ashore and sunk at Presque Isle, Lake Ontario.
Schooner Fleetwing lost her foresail on Lake Michigan.
Schooner S. L. Atwater, cargo wheat, sprung a leak and returned to Chicago for dockage.
Schooner Newsboy, cargo corn, sprung a leak, lost mainsail and returned to Chicago.
Schooner Montblanc arrived at Chicago minus foresail, boom, and gaff.
Schooner Sailor, cargo grain, returns to Chicago minus foresail, boom and gaff.
Schooner Imperial and Gibson each lost a boat.
Steamer Spartan disabled in machinery on Lake Ontario.
Steamer Metropolis damaged her machinery on Lake Superior.
Schooner Cambria, cargo railroad iron, sprung a leak on Lake Erie; threw over iron and run her ashore; towed to Detroit.
Schooner Ellington, twenty-six years afloat, cargo block stone, struck Buffalo breakwater and total loss; valuation $5,000; cargo $23,000.
Schooner Acontias, cargo grain, lost most of her sail on Lake Erie.
Schooner C. Wilson, cargo grain, sails took fire from a tug, losing foresail, square-sail and fore top-sail.
Bark L. C. Woodruff, bound up, ashore below Port Burwell; returned to Buffalo.
Schooner Arabella Chambers, cargo wood, wrecked on the island of Toronto, two lives lost.
Propeller Colorado ashore at Sleeping Bear, Lake Michigan; got off.
Steamship Amazon in a snow storm, ashore at the North Manitou and abandoned; steamer valuation $100,000, insurance $75,000; no cargo.
Barges E. J. Judd and E. B. Jones, which were in tow of the Amazon, ashore at same place; both will probably be saved.
Schooner Atkinson, cargo corn, ashore and total loss at Waiska Bay, Lake Superior.
Bark Sunnyside lost some of her sails in the Straits.
Tug Mary foundered in Green Bay and four lives lost.
Schooner Boaz, lost masts and sails in a gale on Lake Michigan.
Scow W. H. Prince, cargo lime, ashore at Muskegon and took fire from the lime and damaged seriously.
Propeller Montgomery, in a gale on Lake Huron, threw overboard deckload of flour and got into port.
Schooner Oak Leaf, lost small boat on Lake Huron.
Schooner Hartford, grain loaded; arrived at Kingston with cargo damaged.
Schooner Clyde lost a portion of her outfit on Lake Ontario.
Schooner Denmark, on the rocks at Death's Door.
Propeller City of Madison, ashore on Washington Island and total loss.
Schooner Day Spring ashore at Muskegon, cargo hay, badly damaged.
Schooner Moonsoon ashore at Grand Haven; was twenty-five years old, and report says, went to pieces.
Schooner Fred A. Morse ashore at Pine River, Lake Michigan; not off at the close of navigation; valuation, $40,000.
Schooner Annie Vought lost big anchor and seventy-five fathoms of chain at Rond Eau Point; run for Buffalo and damaged in outfit.
Bark C. K. Nims lost foretopmast on Lake Erie.
Schooner Laura got ashore on lower end of Lake Ontario; got off.
Steamer City of Toledo missed the pier at Manistee and went ashore; got off.
Steam barge Belle Cross lost her smoke-stack near Port Colborne.
Scow C. C. Butts stranded on the east shore of Lake Michigan, and Kate Hinchman lost foregaff.
Barges in a tow of propeller Prairie State were twice broken up in a storm on Lake Huron.
Schooner Cornelia Amsden got ashore at Caseyville, Lake Huron; got off without serious damage.
Schooner Lambert went ashore at Hysteria Island; schooner Stranger at Fair Haven; schooner Rural at Big Creek, and the sail-boat Carpenter near at hand.
Schooner Kate L. Bruce ashore on South Fox Island; got off, damaged in outfit.
Schooner Harriet Ann went ashore at White Lake and scow Banner at St. Joseph, the schooner Maple Leaf at South Manitou.
Schooner Laura Belle went ashore at the Beavers and the scow Ella Doak at the South Manitou.
Schooner Penokee, lost an anchor and full scope of chain at the Beavers.
Schooner H. Folger, cargo coal, went ashore at North Manitou.
Propeller Argyle cut away her bulwarks to prevent sinking on Lake Michigan.
Schooner Ahira Cobb lost some of her canvas in same gale.
Schooner Geo. E. Purington collided with the schooner D. Ferguson at Death's Door, former minus bowsprit, jibboom and head gear.
Schooner Delos DeWolf, cargo coal, ashore at Timber Island and scuttled on Lake Ontario.
Schooner Yankee, cargo coal, lost fore-mast, main-mast, bowsprit, jib and yawl by a squall off Point au Barques.
Schooner Sam Flint, driven back to River St. Clair minus her main-boom, fore-gaff, and all her jibs.
Barge J. G. McCullough, cargo lumber, collided with the schooner Champion near Point au Pelee and got ashore; rescued.
Schooner Enterprise, cargo lumber, went ashore at Pensaukie, Lake Michigan.
Propeller Anna L. Craig, from Duluth for Buffalo, jettisoned 300 barrels of flour and a quantity of fish.
Schooner Minerva, collided with schooner W. H. Dunham at Muskegon; damage to either vessel $100.
Schooner Perry Hannah, cargo grain, damaged cargo on the passage to Ogdensburg.
Schooner L. L. Lamb was jammed against the stone wall at Port Colborne by a propeller and started to leak.
Bark Pensaukie, her rudder disabled at St. Clair Flats.
Schooner Mary Hattie damaged in hull and outfit while riding out a gale at the pier at Harrisville.


Schooner Gilbert Mollision, cargo of corn, foundered on Lake Michigan, and all hands, nine all told, lost; valuation of vessel, $23,000, insurance $16,000; cargo insured.
Steamer Bavarian, burned off Oshawa, Lake Ontario; twenty lives lost; valuation $80,000; insurance, $40,000.
Schooner Camden, stranded at Beavers; rescued.
Bark E. C. L., ashore in Grand Traverse Bay; rescued.
Tug Buffalo, while working her engines at a Bay City dock, and all hands ashore at dinner, got loose and left on her own hook; got foul of a bridge, losing her smoke-stack and pilot-house.
Schooner Arendal lost her jibboom at Chicago; a collision.
Schooner E. J. Sanborn, fourteen years on the lakes, struck Manitowoc pier and reported a total loss; valuation $5,000.
Schooner Cossack carried away her bowsprit on Lake Michigan.
Scow Sinai ashore two miles north of Frankfort.
Schooner M. L. Collins lost anchor and cable at St. Helens.
Schooner Lydia Case, cargo coal, stranded near Death's Door.
Schooner Hannah Etty lost her mainmast on Lake Michigan.
Propeller Europe damaged by fire at Kingston, Ontario.
Schooner Dan Marble, coal laden, lost both anchors and sprung a leak.
Barge Joseph ashore near Port Huron; damage slight.
Schooner-barge Bessie Smith, cargo ore, ashore on Beaver Island, damaged in sails and outfit and not released at the close of navigation.
Tug L. U. Masters damaged in upper works and lost smoke-stack by a vessel in Lake Huron.
Tug Dexter damaged by fire at Milwaukee $1,000.
Propeller Lake Erie, disabled, having burned out the fires of her boiler on Lake Huron.
Steam barge T. W. Snook, ashore at Alcona, Saginaw Bay, got off and towed to Detroit.
Schooner Gallatin, cargo grain, damaged her entire cargo in a gale on Lake Michigan and returned to Chicago.
Steam barge Ballantine threw over 50 tons of coal in Lake Michigan and deserted her consort.
Schooner B. F. Wade, lost canvas; the J. B. Merrill, deck load of lumber, fore-gaff and some canvas, also her small boat; the schooner Kearsarge damaged in sails and the G. Barber her jibboom and bowsprit, all in a gale on Lake Michigan.
The schooner Mystic lost sails, the Regulator lost timber and the schooner Challenge a total loss at Milwaukee.
Propeller City of Boston, cargo grain and flour, ashore four miles south of Frankfort and a total loss.
Propeller St. Paul disabled at Long Point; machinery gave out.
Tug Compound struck a rock in Fort Erie rapids and was run ashore.
Schooner Maggie Thompson lost deck load of lumber and damaged in hull and outfit on Lake Michigan.
Schooner Geo. B. Sloan shifted her cargo and lost small boat on Lake Michigan.
Schooner E. M. Portch lost deck load of lumber, and the J. A. Holmes disabled in outfit on Lake Michigan.
Schooner H. G. Cleveland, cargo grain, in a gale on Lake Michigan, jettisoned cargo and damaged more or less.
Schooner Eliza Gerlach struck the pier at Milwaukee and was damaged in her bow.
Schooners Stella, H. Fisher, Mosher and Carlingford were all damaged more or less in cargo on Lake Michigan.
Schooner Higgie and Jones, cargo grain, lost boat and damaged in canvas, on Lake Michigan.
Schooner Reciprocity, cargo lumber, sprung a leak and had to have a steam pump.
Schooner Lyman Davis lost 5,000 feet of lumber, and the Gen. Sigel her deck load, on Lake Michigan.
Propeller California, got ashore at South Bay, Lake Ontario.
Schooner A. B. Moore dismasted; two masts gone five miles south of Manitowoc and started a leak.
Steam barge Hilton, lost deck load of flour on Lake Michigan.
Schooner Newsboy, run back on Lake Michigan with some of her sails lost.
Schooner A. G. Morey had her decks swept clear and damaged in sails.
Schooner Onondaga damaged part of a cargo of oats on Lake Michigan; scow Planet lost her main-sail and the schooner Odin was run into and damaged in outfit.
Schooner Grace A. Channon collided with bark Lafrinier; both damaged in outfit.
Scow Ella Doak damaged $200 by propeller Chicago.
Schooner S. A. Wood ashore at Centreville, Lake Michigan.
Propeller Japan broke her eccentric on River St. Clair; drifted foul of schooner Perry Hannah, and damaged her $100.
Schooner Hamilton, twenty-six years afloat, ashore at South Haven, Lake Michigan, and total loss; worth about $4,000.
Schooner Belle Walbridge lost deck load lumber and damaged in outfit off Manitowoc.
Schooner Minnesota, another old stager of twenty-six years, ashore and total loss north of Two Rivers; cargo lumber.
Schooner Kingfisher, ashore with canvas gone in Mackinaw Straits.
Propeller Philadelphia lost her smoke-stack on Lake Michigan. Schooner Pelican, ashore at Grand Island, Lake Superior, was lightered and pulled off by barge Egyptian.
Propeller Java, laden with wheat, corn and oats, struck a boulder at the Lime Kiln Crossing in Detroit River and sunk at Malden. A week afterward she was got back to Detroit, her grain all damaged, besides some flour on deck. A large opening was made in her bottom.
Propeller Vanderbilt, cargo grain and flour, struck a boulder at Lime Kiln Crossing, Detroit River, causing serious damage and fastening a rock between her frames, which was afterwards found at Buffalo.
Propeller D. Ballantine, cargo grain, struck a boulder at the Lime Kiln Crossing, Detroit River, was run ashore and sunk; much of the cargo damaged.
Propeller Russia, cargo grain and flour, struck a boulder at the Lime Kiln crossing, Detroit River, doing serious damage to her bottom and damaging more or less cargo.
Scow Storm, cargo stone, ashore and total loss at Bar Point.
Schooner E. M. Carrington, cargo 7,000 bushels oats and 500 barrels flour; sunk near the dock at Au Sable, Lake Huron; all damaged, vessel rescued and towed to Detroit.
Propeller Alaska ashore on Racine, north point; got off.
Tug Dorr lost two scows off Grand River, Lake Erie.
Propeller S. D. Caldwell broke her crosshead in the Straits.
Schooner Uncle Sam sunk and total loss by collision with steamer Hackett, near Bark Shanty, Lake Huron.
Scow Rosa Ann, cargo sixty cords wood, capsized and total loss on Lake St. Clair.
Scow Gladiator and schooner Atlantic were damaged by getting foul of Chicago breakwater.
Schooners C. L. Johnson, Christie, Alaska, Kate Howard and Game Cock sustained damage at Muskegon.
Schooner J. G. McGrath, cargo coal, ashore at Long Point; got off and towed to Port Burwell.
Schooner Longman ashore at Point Traverse, Lake Ontario.
Schooner West Side, cargo grain, ashore near the head of Lake Ontario; got off, damages slight.
Schooner Lookout lost stanchions and rail for some distance and the Addie her fore and main rigging.
Bark Lotus, cargo grain, sprung a leak on Lake Erie and returned to Detroit; damage nominal.
Steamer R. N. Rice ashore below Bar Point, bound for Detroit; lightered and pulled off.
Schooners New Dominion and Live Oak collide at Chicago: either damaged $100.
Schooner Union, cargo stone, ashore at Point Monger; got off.
Schooner Swallow slipped her chain and big anchor at Beaver Island to prevent going ashore.
Scow U. S. Grant ashore near Saugatuck.
Schooner Homer stranded at St. Martin's Island and got off.
Steamer Chicora arrives at Windsor disabled in machinery.
Tug E. L. Anthony exploded her boiler at Milwaukee and killed the engineer.
Propeller Colorado was run into at St. Clair Flats and upper works damaged.
Propeller C. Reitz pounded on the bottom at Manistee, damaging her bottom.
Propeller Milwaukee and schooner Arundel collided at Milwaukee; starting a bad leak and compelling the latter to discharge her cargo of supplies.
Bark Canada, cargo lumber, burned to the water's edge below Quebec; the cook was drowned.
Propeller Oswegatchie ashore at Point au Pelee, was got off without serious damage.
Schooners J. H. Howland and China collide in the Welland Canal; former lost jibboom and bowsprit, the latter main rigging.
Bark Gibraltar, cargo timber, ashore at Point Peter, Lake Ontario; got off.
Bark City of Milwaukee, grain laden, on returning to Milwaukee broke her windlass and was otherwise damaged.
Schooner Wm. Grandy, cargo grain, lost her sails and otherwise damaged;
returned to Milwaukee and laid up.
Schooner North Star, eighteen years on the lakes, stranded near Cheboygan and reported gone up.
Schooner Granada, cargo grain, ashore on Bois Blanc, in the Straits; a total loss.
Schooner C. Wilson, cargo grain, met with disaster to her outfit on Lake Michigan, and laid up at Manitowoc.
The Ocean Wave, cargo rye, ashore in a snow storm on Lake Michigan.
Tug Hector (Canadian) ashore above Sugar Loaf, Lake Erie, and total loss; valuation, $15,000.
Schooner Mary Collins, cargo grain, sprung a leak in the Straits and was towed to Detroit and repaired.
Steam barge Fayette, cargo supplies for Frankfort, ashore in Hammond's Bay; not off at latest advices; $40,000.
Schooner Smith & Post, cargo wheat from Detroit; lost her foresail on Lake Ontario.
Tug Jennie Griffin, cut through by ice in Welland Canal; sunk.
Steamer Manistee damaged by ice near the Sault.
Schooner E. Hall, cargo wheat, sunk of Pultneyville, Lake Ontario; valuation $1,900, insurance $2,000.
Schooner Lady Dufferin, cargo salt, arrived at Milwaukee with center-board broken.
Schooner Escanaba, ashore at Bois Blanc; reported abandoned for the winter.


Barge Cormorant, stranded on Fox Point, Lake Michigan; jettisoned 5,000 barrels of flour and got off.
Tug Gen. Burnside, damaged by the gale at Detroit $1,000.
Steam barge Mackinaw damaged by same storm $700.
Steamer Keweenaw damaged by same storm $100.
Propeller Benton, enroute from Tawas to Detroit, broke her wheel.
Schooner Laura, during the gale at Detroit, was run foul of by a barge and damaged $500.
Tugs Quayle and G. H. Parke, each sustained damage by the gale of $300.
Two steam dredges broke loose at Detroit during the gale and sunk; two others got adrift but were rescued.
Steamer Thomas Webb sprung a leak and sunk opposite Belle Isle, Detroit River.
Schooner Zack Chandler, leaves Port Huron for Chicago, was driven by a storm into Tawas Bay and there frozen in.
Propeller City of Detroit, cargo wheat and flour, founders in Saginaw Bay and becomes a total loss with twenty lives.
Barge Guiding Star, cargo wheat, became separated from the aforesaid steamer, and up to this writing nothing is known of her, though probably a total loss.

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Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 9 Dec, 1873