The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
Ontario and the Great Lakes
The Railway and Marine World (Toronto, ON), May 1911, pp. 467, 469, 471

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It is reported that the Ontario Car Ferry Co., is considering the building of another car ferry, to run with its car ferry Ontario No. 1, between Cobourg and Rochester.

The water was withdrawn from the Cornwall canal during April, to enable the contractors, Fallon Bros., to complete their contract of building a new weir and a wall, running west from lock 17.

The Lake Carriers Association, Apr. 14, announced its recommended draught for vessels passing the Limekiln Crossing at Amherstburg, as 19 ft., and for the Canadian lock at Sault Ste. Marie, as 17 3/4 ft.

The Hamilton Steamboat Co.'s steamboat Macassa arrived at Toronto, Mar. 30, being the first vessel to arrive at that port this season. The customary hat was awarded by the harbor master to Captain J. Henderson.

At a special meeting of shareholders of the Northern Navigation Co., held at Toronto, Apr. 8, it was decided to increase the number of directors, and C. A. Barnard, K.C., was added to the board, the other members of which were given in our April issue.

The steam tug which has been built by Clark Bros., Toronto, during the winter, was launched Apr. 7, and named J. T. Clark. She is to be used in the Toronto island freight and baggage business, in connection with the Toronto Ferry Co.

The Turbine Steamship Co.'s s.s. Turbinia, has been thoroughly overhauled, and some of her machinery renewed, during the winter, and it is announced that she will be put on her regular service between Toronto and Hamilton. May 20.

In consequence of the death of G. B Greene, Secretary-Treasurer Upper Ottawa Improvement Co.. Ottawa, the following appointments have been made: — Superintendent, P. W. Tomkins: Secretary- Treasurer, E. C. Woolsey; Paymaster, K. A. Greene.

It is announced that the Lake Erie and Northern Ry., which recently obtained a charter to operate an electric railway from Port Dover to Galt, by way of Brantford, intends to run vessels between Port Dover and Fort William, for both passengers and freight.

Eddy Bros,, of Blind River, have ordered a steel steam tug at Collingwood, for delivery in July. It is to be of steel throughout, equipped with fore and aft compound engines, supplied with steam by a Scotch boiler. The dimensions will be, length 75 ft., breadth 14 ft., depth 9 ft.

The Peterboro and Lake Simcoe Navigation Co., is reported to have acquired [p. 469] the steamboat Geneva, tor operation on Rice Lake, in place of the company's steamboat Otonabee. which is to be operated on Lakes Simcoe and Couchiching. The Geneva was built at Orillia in 1905.

The U.S. Board of Engineers for rivers and harbor work, is endorsing the project to straighten the Detroit channel between Fighting Island and Wyandotte. There are five turns in five miles, and it is estimated that to dredge away the curves, thus making a straight channel. 800 ft. wide, and 22 ft. deep, would cost $310,000.

The Niagara, St. Catharines and Toronto Navigation Co.'s steamboat Dalhousie, which is being built at Collingwood. will, it is anticipated, be completed in time to make her first trip to Toronto, June 15, when she will immediately be placed on her route between Toronto and Port Dalhousie in conjunction with the steamboat Garden City.

The s.s. Filgate, which has been sold by the Montreal and Cornwall Navigation Co., to the Cornwall and Montreal Transportation Co., Cornwall, was built at Montreal in 1879, and is a paddle wheel steamer with engine of 100 n.h.p. Her dimensions are. length, 158 ft., breadth, 25.4 ft., depth 7.8 ft.; tonnage, 425 gross, 237 register.

The Detroit and Windsor Ferry Co., incorporated under the laws of the State of Michigan, has been licensed to carry on its business in Ontario, provided that it shall not use, in Ontario, a larger amount of capital, than $500,000, without further application for supplementary- license. N. A. Bartlet, Windsor, has been named as its attorney.

The annual meeting of the Merchants Mutual Line Ltd., was held at Toronto, Apr. 15, when the financial reports for 1910 were submitted and approved. Following are the officers and directors for the current year:— President. D. B. Hanna: Vice President, Z. A. Lash. K.C.; other directors, Sir Henry M. Pellatt, F. Nicholls and W. H. Moore.

A London. Eng., press dispatch, of Apr. 3. says: "A Newcastle correspondent wires confirming the report that Furness, Withy and Co., are moving a big scheme for securing direct communication between Liverpool and the Canadian lakes. Three companies operating on the lakes will become one large concern, working from Montreal with ocean steamships provided by Lord Furness."

The Canadian Lake and Ocean Navigation Co's annual meeting was held at Toronto, Apr. 15, when the accounts for the past year were submitted and approved. Following are the officers and directors for the current year:— President. D. B. Hanna: Vice President. Z. A. Lash. K.C. ; other directors, Hugh Sutherland F. H Phinnen. K.C., F. Nicholls, E. R. Wood, Sir Henry M. Pellatt and Noel Marshall.

Some trouble has arisen between the parties operating ferries between Fort Frances. Ont., and International Falls, Minn., and it is probable that the matter will be referred to arbitration. In the meantime, the ferry service is at a stand still. Gagne Bros., Fort Frances, have the Canadian license to run the ferry, and L. W. Wilson, International Trails, the U.S. license, and they have hitherto worked in conjunction.

The Inland Lines steamboat Dunelm, which was stranded at Isle Royale, last fall, has been docked at Port Arthur for repairs. She is the first vessel to be docked at the Western Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Co.'s yards. After completion of these repairs, her place on the dock will be taken by the steamboat Trevor, which was also wrecked at Isle Royale, last fall, and subsequently purchased and salved by F. S. Wiley, Port Arthur.

In connection with the press reports to the effect that P. Paton, of Collingwood, has been appointed General Agent Inland Lines, and Northern Navigation Co., at Winnipeg, we are advised that it somewhat misleading, as such an appointment has not been made, either by the Inland Lines or Northern Navigation Co. Upon the projected amalgamation of the two companies being completed, it is said that he will be appointed western representative of the amalgamated concern, with headquarters at Winnipeg.

The Rainy River Navigation Co. will operate both its vessels on the Lake of the Woods, this year, the Keenora running between Kenora and Rainy River, where she will transfer passengers, etc., to the Agwinde, which will run up to the Rainy River at Fort Frances. Considerable difficulty has at times, been experienced with low water at the mouth of the river, but it is anticipated that the dredging now being carried out there, will keep the channel open during the time the boats are operating.

Included in the work to be undertaken on the Trent Valley canal this season is a number of repairs, the cost of which is stated as about $53,000, as follows:— between Kirkfield lift lock and Lake Simcoe, $5,000: Sturgeon Lake, Lindsay river, $4,000; rip-rap Balsam lake, Lake Simcoe division. $5,000; duplicate lock gates, $5,000; reservoir waters, Jumbo lake, $9,000: entrance piers at Buckhorn lock two piers above the one below. $4,000; moving bridge at Fenelon Falls, $2,000; purchase of land, etc. and repairs to lock at Bobcaygeon, $15,000.

The steamboat Cataract, owned by the Cataract Ice Co., Niagara Falls. Ont., was damaged by fire to the extent of about $8,000, recently. It is stated that the after part of the boat including the hull and machinery was destroyed. She was formerly known as the Myles. and owned by the Myles Transportation Co., Hamilton, and was built at Hamilton in 1882. her dimensions being, length 175 ft., breadth 33.6 ft., depth 14.0 ft.: tonnage. 957 gross, 598 register and she equipped with engine of 200 n.h.p driving a screw.

An examination of the steamboat John Sharples, which was wrecked on Galloup Island, Lake Ontario, last fall. shows that she is in comparatively good condition. There is a large hole in her starboard quarter, but otherwise the damage does not appear considerable. A portion of the cargo, about 12,000 bush. of grain, was removed during the winter but otherwise it is intact. The Reid Wrecking Co., Sarnia. have the contract from the underwriters for salving the vessel, for $20,000.

The Department of Marine and Fisheries will receive tenders. May 1, for two twin screw gasolene launches for the Fisheries Patrol Service on the Great Lakes. The dimensions of the boats must be, length between perpendiculars, 56 ft., breadth 10 ft., draught. 3 ft.; speed 10% knots an hour, and each is to be equipped with two 34 h.p. gasolene engines of a type satisfactory to the Deputy Minister. One boat is to be delivered at Parry Sound, and the other at Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

The Trent Valley Navigation Co., steamboat Esturion is reported to have been sold to a Fenelon Falls syndicate, and it is stated that she is being thoroughly overhauled, for operation between Lakes Simcoe and Rice Lake, this season. She was built in Toronto in 1884, and is paddle wheel driven, with engine of 31 n.h.p. Her dimensions are, length 96 ft., breadth 17 ft., depth 6.2 ft.; tonnage, 118 gross, 75 register. It is also stated that the owners will be known as, the Trent Valley Navigation Co., Ltd.

A Belleville deputation waited on the Ministers of Railways and Canals and of Public Works recently, in reference to the proposed removal of the shoals in the Bay of Quinte at Telegraph Light and Point Anne, and also in Belleville harbor, and also to ask for the construction of a new wharf at Belleville, for which plans were submitted. Both Ministers promised early consideration, and it is said that engineers are to be sent down to make the necessary surveys for the preparation of estimates.

A meeting of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers, in Montreal, Mar. 30. discussed the resolution passed at a previous meeting, requesting the Society's council to urge upon the Government the importance of study and report before any commitments are made in reference to the damming of the St. Lawrence or the carrying out of any other great scheme of canal transportation. A resolution was passed delaying further action on the previous resolution, until the matter had been further considered.

The U.S. Lake Survey reports the levels of the Great Lakes, in feet above tidewater, for Mar., as follows:— Superior 600.69: Michigan and Huron 579.30; Erie 570.97; Ontario 244.96. As compared with the average March levels for the past 10 years, Superior was 1.22 ft. below; Michigan and Huron 0.98 ft. below: Erie 0.76 ft. below, and Ontario 0.76 ft. below, and it is anticipated that, during April, Superior would remain stationary. Michigan and Huron would rise 0.3 ft., Erie would rise 0.6 ft., and Ontario- would rise 0.7 ft.

The British Canadian Shipbuilding and Dock Co., Ltd., has been incorporated under the Dominion Companies Act, with a capital of $10,000,000, and office at Toronto, to design and build docks of every description, wharves, steam and other vessels of all kinds; to carry on a general ship building and repairing business, with kindred and allied trades, and to act as ship owners, agents, forwarders, [p. 471] etc. The incorporators are Sir Henry M. Pellatt, Hon. J. M. Gibson, Toronto; C. Ellis, Clydebank, Scotland; A. Gracie, Glasgow, Scotland, and A. C. Ross, Sydney. N.S.

The Merchants' Mutual Line, will, this season operate the following vessels :— A. E. Ames, H. M. Pellatt, J. H. Plummer, Beaverton, Mapletom, and Saskatoon, owned by the Merchants Mutual Line, Ltd., Toronto; Acadian and Canadian, owned by the Mutual Steamship Co., Ltd., Toronto; D. A. Gordon, owned by the International Steamship Co., Ltd., Toronto; C. A. Jaques, owned by the Jaques Transportation Co., Ltd., Montreal; Bickerdike. owned by the Montreal and Great Lakes Steamship Co., Ltd., Montreal; City of Ottawa, City of Hamilton and City of Montreal, owned by the Montreal and Lake Erie Steamship Co., Ltd., Montreal; A. E. McKinistry, owned by the Interlake Transit Ltd., Toronto, and Advance, owned by the Montreal Transportation Co., Ltd., Montreal.

The Nipissing-Pontiac Steamboat Co., has been organized at New Liskeard, to acquire the steamboat Aileen from the Upper Ontario Steamboat Co., and to operate her on Lake Timiskaming, between North Timiskaming, Guigues, Haileybury and New Liskeard. The Aileen is 78 1/2 ft. long, by 12 1/2 ft. beam, and has capacity for about 80 passengers and 20 tons of freight. A covered scow has also been acquired, a dock at Tomstown and a dock and storehouse at New Liskeard, the price paid for the whole being given as $6,500. Provisional directors were elected as follows: Messrs. Monaghan and Renaud, North Timiskaming; Piche and Gotnier, Guigues; Warrell, Brickendem, Fullerton, Bolger and Burwash, New Liskeard. It was decided to apply for incorporation immediately.

A press dispatch from Montreal, Apr. 20, stated that following an important meeting of the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Co., there, it was learned, that after conferences with the representatives of the Northern Navigation Co., and Inland Lines Ltd., the two companies have been bought out by a syndicate, of which Lord Furness is the head, and it is understood that the same syndicate has purchased a large block of R. & O.N. Co.'s stock, which will give it a large representation in the company. It was decided to issue 10,440 new shares at par, thus increasing the capital by $1,044,000, and making the total paid up capital, $4,176,000. The new stock will be issued to shareholders in the proportion of one share for every three now held, and a special meeting will be held. May 1 to ratify the directors' actions.

The steamboat which is being built at Kingston for Capt. A. Foster, mayor of Smiths Falls, was launched there. Apr. 19. and christened Buena Vista. It was intended to name her Venture, but, as there is already a vessel of that name, a new one had to be found. Her dimensions are, 90 ft. long over all; beam 18 ft., depth 6 1/2 ft. She is of the composite type, with keel, stem and stern posts and deadwood of white oak, with 2 in. sides and 2 1/2 in. bottom, frames 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 in. steel angles, and shear strake running the entire length, centre keelson 12 by 5 in. girder iron, boiler and machinery keelsons 12 by 3 in., and additional two 6 by 3 in. keelsons running the entire length of the bottom. On the promenade deck there is a saloon cabin with circular front and two state rooms. And aft of these two toilet rooms. Aft of the stairway are the galley and mess rooms, and the stern is taken up by a restaurant. The wheelhouse and captain's quarters are on the upper deck. The machinery consists of fore and aft compound condensing vertical engines with cylinders 9 and 18 ins. diar., by 14 ins. stroke, supplied with steam at a working pressure of 150 lbs, by a Fitzgibbon boiler. There is also a complete equipment of pumps and fire extinguishing appliances. She will run between Kingston and Smiths Falls.

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Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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