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Eyewitness Account of Naval Engagement off Oswego 
TextNewspapers  "Eyewitness Account of Naval Engagement off Oswego," New York Mercury (New York, NY), July 26, 1756  Eyewitness Account of Naval Engagement off Oswego His Majesty's Sloop Oswego . Oswego , July 2d, 1756 I have been out with Commodore Bradley on two cruises. On the first we were out twelve days, endeavoring to get to Niagara , but the wind blowing constantly from the westward, we ...
Geneva Expositor (Geneva, NY), Aug. 24, 1808 
TextNewspapers    The Manlius paper states, that on the night of the 8th ult. , a battle took place off Oswego , between two boats which escaped from that port, and some men on shore. Muskets were discharged at the boats, but they cleared and made sail, destined to Sackets Harbor . - When daylight appeared...
TextNewspapers  "Portage," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), June 21, 1809  PORTAGE. ______ Porter, Barton & Co. Having taken a lease from the state of New-York of the carrying place at the Falls of Niagara , and been at great pains and expense in forming and completing an establishment not only for the portage of goods around the falls, but for the ...
Democratic Foresight 
TextNewspapers  "Democratic Foresight," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), Aug. 15, 1810  This was the brig Oneida
Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), Sept. 11, 1811 
TextNewspapers    The US brig was the Oneida
Action Upon Lake Ontario 
TextNewspapers  "Action Upon Lake Ontario," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), July 29, 1812  By Yesterday Afternoon's Mail. _______ Action Upon Lake Ontario - On Sunday the 19th ult. at 9 A. M. the Royal George , the Prince Regent and two brigs, entered Sacket's Harbor , came within one and a half mile of the town and commenced an attack-and continued the cannonade about one...
Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), Oct. 7, 1812 
TextNewspapers    We are informed that on Friday morning last , about day break, the British ship of war, Royal George , came to anchor off the mouth of Genesee river , sent her boats in, and cut out the schooner Lady Murray , (lately forfeited to government for a breach of the non-importation law) and the ...
Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), Wed., Sept. 16, 1812 
TextNewspapers    On Wednesday last, we were greatly alarmed, by the arrival of an express, with information that the British were landing a large body of troops at the mouth of the Genesee River . The news reached this place about 7 o'clock in the morning. The militia were immediately ordered out in a body, and...
Action upon Lake Ontario 
TextNewspapers  "Action upon Lake Ontario," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), Wed., July 29, 1812  By Yesterday Afternoon's Mail. _____ Action upon Lake Ontario. -- On Sunday the 19th inst. at 9 A.M. the Royal George, the Prince Regent and two brigs, entered Sackets Harbor, came within one and a half mile of the town and commenced an attack - and continued the cannonade about one hour, ...
Niles Weekly Register, October 29, 1812 
TextNewspapers    Same report in: Baltimore, Niles Weekly Register, October 30, 1812 but the last sentence reads "The force now collected at Niagara amounts to 8000 men."       New York, The Columbian, October 31, 1812.       Lexington, Kentucky Gazette, November 10, 1812.       Same report in: Quebec LC,...
Niles Weekly Register, Aug. 15, 1812 
TextNewspapers    Sackett's Harbor is now in a respectable state of defence. The British have not made a second attempt upon it as was expected. The brig Oneida and a schooner mounting one 32 pounder and two sixes, will manned by volunteers, have sailed for the purpose of contesting the sovereignty of the lake. ...
Niles Weekly Register, Sept. 26, 1812 
TextNewspapers    New-York, Sept. 22 We understand that Isaac Chauncey is appointed to the rank of commodore, and will leave this city on Wednesday for the lakes, with 600 as hearty tars as ever floated, who have volunteered their services in defence of their country. ...
Dominion of the Lakes 
TextNewspapers  "Dominion of the Lakes," Niles Weekly Register, Oct. 14, 1812  Dominion of the Lakes - Government, it seems, are at length wide awake on this subject. Capt. Chauncey and about 700 brave tars, and about 150 marines have within a few weeks past proceeded through Schenectady on their way to Lakes Erie and Ontario. They were in high spirits and will no doubt...
Niles Weekly Register, Nov. 14, 1812 
TextNewspapers    At Sackett's Harbor, about the 1st inst. the naval force of the United States, armed and manned by gallant crews, was on the point of sailing to meet the enemy. Commodore Chauncey had hoisted his broad pendant on board the Oneida of 18 guns, Lieut. Woolsey, and his squadron consisted of one brig...
Buffalo Gazette (Buffalo, NY), October 13, 1812 
TextNewspapers    The Lady Murray and a Revenue Cutter, cut out! On the 1st inst. the Royal George, late from Newark, anchored off Genesee River, sent in her boats and cut out, without opposition, the schooner Lady Murray and a Revenue Cutter and towed them out. They afterwards went unmolested to the storehouse,...
York Gazette (Toronto, ON), October 24, 1812 
TextNewspapers    Kingston, (UC) Oct. 3 Last night arrived his Majesty's ship the Royal George, from Niagara, with the American schooner Lady Murray, and a small fishing boat, prizes, which they took from the Genesee river. ...
Northern Whig (Hudson, NY), December 22, 1812 
TextNewspapers    The notice we took in our paper of the 8th inst. of the capture by the British at the mouth of Genesee river of a vessel belonging to Capt. Wm. McKinstry, when expressing our approbation of that officer's conduct at Queenston, has induced the conductors of the print which is weekly issued from...
A Plain Statement of Facts. 
TextNewspapers  "A Plain Statement of Facts.," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), 15 Jul 1812  ... be borrowed at a few minutes warning from the inhabitants, also two small swivels; and on the 29th of June proceeded on our way to the foot of which are usually called the Upper Narrows, when at about one o'clock at night we discovered the schooner, Sophia, Capt. Montgomery (Matthew McNair, one...
Extract of a letter from a gentleman at Sacket's Harbor, to his friend in this city 
TextNewspapers  "Extract of a letter from a gentleman at Sacket's Harbor, to his friend in this city," Ontario Repository (Canandaigua, NY), May 4, 1813  New-York , April 20 . Extract of a letter from a gentleman at Sacket's Harbor , to his friend in this city, dated April 9, 1813 . A great number of our brave tars have died this winter with the lake fever, and a number are sick yet. Yesterday was launched the pilot boat built schooner ...
Extract of a letter from a gentleman at Sacket's harbor, to his friend in this City 
TextNewspapers  "Extract of a letter from a gentleman at Sacket's harbor, to his friend in this City," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), May 5, 1813  Extract of a letter from a gentleman at Sacket's harbor , to his friend in this City , dated April 9, 1813 . A great number of our brave tars have died this winter with the lake fever, and a number are sick yet. Yesterday was launched the pilot boat built schooner The Lady of the Lake . ...
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Palmer Collection

Primarily Lake Ontario Ships and their stories