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Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Wed. , May 11, 1831 
TextNewspapers    We learn that during the gale on Monday last, the schooner Monroe, Capt. Host, belonging to the house of J. T. Trowbridge & Co. of this village, on her passage from Genesee River to this port, was driven ashore near Sodus, and so completely wrecked, that it is considered doubtful she can ...
Colonial Advocate (Toronto, ON), May 19, 1831 
TextNewspapers    The MONRO schooner,belonging to Oswego, went ashore last Sunday week four miles west of that port (two days from Ogdensburgh), and is a total wreck. The crew were all saved. ...
Cleveland Weekly Herald (Cleveland, OH), May 26, 1831, page 3 
TextNewspapers  Cleveland Weekly Herald (Cleveland, OH), May 26, 1831, page 3page 3  Column 2
Palladium and Chronicle (Oswego, NY), July 27, 1831 
TextNewspapers    Distressing Occurrence. - On Wednesday last the new and beautiful schooner Henry Clay, Capt. Duncan Campbell, of this port, bound to Cleveland, Ohio, with a cargo of 618 bbls. of salt, and having on board nine persons, was capsized in a gale and immediately sunk, near the mouth of Niagara...
Kingston Chronicle (Kingston, ON), Sat. , July 30, 1831 
TextNewspapers    SHIPWRECK ON LAKE ONTARIO. - The Henry Clay, on her first voyage from Oswego to Cleveland in Ohio, was upset in a squall off Niagara on the 20th July, and immediately sunk. She had 600 barrels of salt as cargo; of nine passengers on board - three only were saved; and these solely by the ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Wed., May 23, 1832 
TextNewspapers    The new schooner Ohio , owned by Walton Willet, of this village, was launched from the Ship Yard yesterday morning. She is rated at 120 tons, and is designed for the Welland Canal trade. ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Wed. , Dec. 5, 1832. 
TextNewspapers    Henderson, Mexico Bay November 15, 1832 Samuel Denison, Esq. - Sir - I left Oswego in the Martha Ogden, belonging to you, on the 12th instant, about half-past 1 P. M. , with every prospect of a pleasant and short passage to Sacket's Harbour. - Shortly after leaving the harbour of Oswego, the...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Dec. 5, 1832 
TextNewspapers    Distressing Occurrence. -- On Sunday night last, the Sch. Caroline, Capt. Tyler, owned by J. T. Trowbridge & Co. of this village, sailed from this port for Ogdensburgh, laden with a valuable Cargo of Merchandize to the amount of some $30 or $40,000. When about 20 miles out, a sudden flaw of ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Jan. 2, 1833 
TextNewspapers    Salmon River and Sandy Creek Harbours -- The President's Message returning the Harbour Bill has been transmitted to the House of Representatives disclosing the reasons for withholding his signature. Comparing this Message and the address of the Oswego County Republican Convention of last ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Nov. 20, 1833 
TextNewspapers    - The schooner Two Brothers, Capt. Stevenson, sailed from Pultneyville for this port, on Tuesday the 12th inst., laden with wheat and apples. Since then nothing has been heard of her. On Sunday a barrel of apples, the captain's hat and the tiller were picked up ashore near the Nine Mile Point,...
Oswego Free Press (Oswego, NY), Dec. 4, 1833 
TextNewspapers    Last Saturday, agreeably to the notice in our last, the new and elegant Steamboat Oswego was launched, and it was the most splendid sight of the kind we ever beheld. She went offf into her future element, gracefully and proudly, without an hindrance or accident of any kind. Our place, whose name...
Oswego Free Press (Oswego, NY), Wed., March 26, 1834 
TextNewspapers    Launch .- The schooner Winnebago belonging to Messrs. Bronson Crocker, will be launched from the ship yard in this village, on Tuesday next at two o'clock P.M. (owing to the unfavourable state of the weather not on Saturday, as stated in the Palladium .) She is commanded by Capt. J. Green,...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), May 14, 1834 
TextNewspapers    Lake Ontario Steam Boats. - The new British Steam-boat COBOURG, commenced her trips between Prescott and Niagara this week, and will stop at this Port both on her upward and downward passage. She will leave this Port for Niagara, touching at Cobourg and Toronto, every Friday evening; and for ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Dec. 3, 1834 
TextNewspapers    Shipwreck and Loss of Lives. - During the severe gale of Saturday night last, the schooner Jeanette, Capt. James King, arrived from Niagara with a cargo of 2700 bushels of Whet; and 2 or 300 bushels of Walnuts; and in attempting to enter our harbor, fell to the leeward of the gap between the...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Wed., April 29, 1835 
TextNewspapers    Melancholy Occurrence. - On Thursday last, while seven semen, mostly belonging to the crew of the Schooner Emily , then lying in our harbor, were passing from one of our wharves to the Emily in a jolly boat, as they were going through the gap near the mouth of the river, the boat was ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Oct. 14, 1835 
TextNewspapers    The new schooner Albany was launched from the ship yard in this village yesterday afternoon. She is rated at 110 tons and is owned by Mr. A.T. Evertsen, of this village. ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Wed. , Nov. 25, 1835 
TextNewspapers    The Late Gale. - In addition to the particulars which we published in our last of the loss of life and property by the gale of the 11th inst. , we are enabled to give the following: The schooner Robert Bruce of Henderson, Jefferson co. , left Kingston, U. C. on the morning of the 11th bound...
Democratic Free Press (Detroit, MI), June 27, 1838 
TextNewspapers    FROM THE FRONTIER (Correspondence of the Albany Argus ) Watertown, June 13, 1838 Dear Sir -- We have nothing of importance in regard to the affairs of the frontier, save the fact just communicated to me, that this morning , while the steamer Oneida was passing Wells' Island, Johnson,* ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), May 8, 1839 
TextNewspapers    Disastrous Event. - On Saturday morning last, the schr. Atlas, of Dexter, Jefferson county, oh her passage to this port with a cargo of stone from Chaumont, when within about two miles of our village, was seen to founder and sink beneath the waves. The wind at the time, was blowing fresh from...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), May 8, 1839 
TextNewspapers    Launch . - On the 30th ult. was launched at Chaumont Bay, the Schooner R. C. Smead, of 100 tons burthen. She was built by Messrs. Silas and Asa Davis, the former of this village , and is named in honor of Lt. Smead of the U. S. Army, late superintendent of the public works in this village. She...
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