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Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), 12 November 1887 (Saturday) 
TextNewspapers    Capt. A. P. Read , owner of the schooner Myosotis , received a telegram from Capt. John Mahoney , the master, reporting the loss of his vessel at St. Joseph . The Myosotis left Escanaba last Tuesday with 600 tons of ore. Encountering adverse winds she ran to Chicago for shelter, leaving...
Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), 16 July 1861 (Tuesday) 
TextNewspapers    For some days past great anxiety has prevailed concerning the safety of the propeller L. B. Britton , Capt. Adams , which left St. Joseph , Michigan, for this port on Monday of last week, nothing having since been heard of her up to last evening. She took a cargo of railroad ties from St....
Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), 17 November 1883 
TextNewspapers    Early yesterday morning the schooner Regulator of this port was cast on the beach about twenty miles south of St. Joseph almost opposite Chicago . The schooner was bound here from White Lake , with a cargo of lumber. A telegram from her captain states that on leaving the vessel one man...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 22 Apr, 1873 
TextNewspapers    A VETERAN CRAFT GONE - During a freshet which occurred at Fairport , Ohio, a few days since, the schooner CITIZEN , which laid up at that port, broke from her moorings, and before she could be recovered she came in contact with timbers and other refuse material, which caused her to sink and...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 10 Dec, 1871 
TextNewspapers    MARINE ------------ Port of Detroit, Dec 10 ------------- VESSEL SALES. - The more important transfers of floating stock may be summed up as follows, those of lesser grades having been passed over: Scow American Champion, C. H. Casey to R. H. White, one-half interest $3,000 ...
Niles Gazette and Advertiser (Niles, MI), 10 October 1835 
TextNewspapers    DISTRESSING ACCIDENT --We learn from a friend at St. Joseph, that on Monday last the jolly boat of the schooner Commodore, in attempting to land, with eight men on board was capsized and five of them were drowned. among the lost was the mate of the Commodore. The boat sent to rescue the ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 22 Dec, 1871 
TextNewspapers    After a mild early winter, a heavy freeze in mid-Decemeber trapped late-running vessels all over the lakes. The vessels on this list - more than 75 of them - had to lay up in the Welland Canal area for the winter. Most were bound to other ports at the time.
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 22 Dec, 1871 
TextNewspapers    THE BRIGHTIE IN PORT. - The wrecking schooner [sic] Leviathan has arrived here with the schooner Brightie , recently ashore on Washington Island . The Brightie is in excellent shape and appears to have suffered little damage. - [ Milwaukee Wisconsin , 19th. ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 22 Dec, 1871 
TextNewspapers    THE BRIGHTIE IN PORT. - The wrecking schooner [sic] Leviathan has arrived here with the schooner Brightie , recently ashore on Washington Island . The Brightie is in excellent shape and appears to have suffered little damage. - [ Milwaukee Wisconsin , 19th. ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 11 Oct, 1873 
TextNewspapers    *actually Manitowoc       Off. # Rig Name G.T. Home Port       25026 Sc. Union 97.71 Chicago, Ill.       25027 Sl. Union 9.04 Chicago, Ill.       25041 St. s. Union 28.93 White Lake, Mich       25045 Sc. Union 35.66 Green Bay, Wisc      ...
Farmer's Journal & Welland Canal Intelligencer (St. Catharines, ON), 10 Jan 1827, page 3 
TextNewspapers  Farmer's Journal & Welland Canal Intelligencer (St. Catharines, ON), 10 Jan 1827, page 3page 3  First Boat A meeting of the native inhabitants of St.Catharines and its vicinity, and all others who feel an interest in the proposed undertaking, is requested at Mr. Dyer's Merchant Exchange, in this village, on Saturday evening next [January 13], to take into consideration the expediency of,...
St. Joseph Herald (St. Joseph, MI), 25 June 1870 
TextNewspapers    .... F. W. Bacchus, and the next year the prop. Fintry, one of the fastest and best boats of her time, which blew up in 1855, during the midnight watch, some 250 miles from Buffalo off the Round O; out of 40 souls saving only 15, who were in the water nine hours before they were picked up. That winter...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 15 Mar, 1873, page 1 
TextNewspapers  Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 15 Mar, 1873, page 1page 1  Column 3
Niles Republican (Niles, MI), 26 November 1842 
TextNewspapers    MORE FROM THE LAKES. - The schr. Florida went ashore at South Black River. No lives lost. The Harrison and the Ottowa made the harbor at Chicago, which they reached in a damaged and sinking condition. The brig Rosa, we learn, reached Chicago in safety. The schr. Wisconsin, arrived at St....
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Tues., 23 Nov, 1858 
TextNewspapers    ASHORE. - The schooner City of Toronto, Capt. George Goulding, went ashore on the piers on Thursday night about eleven o'clock, and now lays high on the rocks. She left Toronto Thursday morning, and encountered a heavy gale before getting half-way across the lake. She rode gallantly until near...
Antwerp Gazette (Antwerp, NY), October 3, 1883 
TextNewspapers    Same report in: Adams, NY, Jefferson County Journal, October 10, 1883.
Niles Republican (Niles, MI), 6 May 1848, page 2 
TextNewspapers  Niles Republican (Niles, MI), 6 May 1848, page 2page 2  The Algoma The Grand River papers are bragging greatly at the arrival on their river of the steamer Algoma, an old boat that has been running on the St. Joseph river since the year one, and was sold at last by its owners to some Grand River customer. The Eagle of the 29th ult., says - "Her ...
St. Catharines Journal (St. Catharines, ON), April 21, 1853 
TextNewspapers    Vessels Passed Through The Welland Canal April 13 Abigail Oswego Black River Emerald Do Saginaw Raleigh Do Cleveland Wheaton Do Toledo Ireland Do Sandusky D. Church Do Erie Elgin Do Port Burwell Portland Sacketts ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 28 Oct, 1874 
TextNewspapers    ... loss, collision with a vessel on Lake Ontario, $50,000. 1856 Bay State, sunk with merchandise at Chicago, $40,000. Western Michigan, collision with brig Northumberland in Lake Michigan, $2,000. Vermont, ashore on Chickeolnee Reef, $24,000. J. W. Brooks, lost with all hands, (22 lives) in Lake...
Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), 18 Sep, 1874 
TextNewspapers    LIGHTS ON GEORGIAN BAY. - For the guidance of shipping visiting the lumber sections in Georgian Bay there has been established by the Dominion Government no less than eleven lights, nine of which number are located on islands and can be seen from as far distant as any others on the lakes. At...
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