The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Image  c1914  Photograph of the Canada Steamship Lines steamboat NORTH KING at what appears to be Rockport, ON.
Image  1936  Photograph of the oil tanker J. OSWALD BOYD The J. OSWALD BOYD was built for the Mexican oil trade, but was wrecked on Simmons Reef near the Beaver Islands in Lake Michigan in December 1936. "Operated by Jos. F. O'Boyle Oil Transportation 15 Moore St. N.Y."
ImageMysteries  1924-31  Photograph of Mathews Steamship Company canaller BIRCHTON, probably in one of the Saint Lawrence canals.
ImageMysteries  c1920s  Photograph of the Keystone Transport Company canaller KEYWEST
Image  1916-20  Photograph of the Imperial Oil, Ltd. canal sized oil tanker IOCOMA Dating based on the description of the vessel in Scanner, v. 14, n. 8 (May 1982), Ship of the Month, Ship of the Month No. 111, IMPERIAL WHITBY
Leaving the Locks at the "Soo," Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 
Image  c1899  Coloured postcard of a lock at Sault Ste. Marie, MI with a laker just about to exit downbound. Leaving the Locks at the "Soo," Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 5145. Copyright 18899, by Detroit Photographic Co. Handwritten: "Your Leter at hand. With best regards Edward H."
Harbor Scene, Buffalo N.Y. 
Image  c1907  Coloured postcard of a busy harbour scene in Buffalo, New York in the early 1890s. The postcard probably dates from a decade later. In the foreground on the left hand side is the WILLIAM H. BARNUM of Buffalo which sank off Mackinaw City in the spring of 1894. At least eight other vessels are in...
Mouth of Buffalo River, Buffalo, N.Y. 
ImageMysteries  c1908  Coloured postcard of a laker steaming out of Buffalo harbor past the lighthouse into Lake Erie. According to the notes on the face of the postcard the lighthouse tender CROCUS is lying off the supply depot on the south pier. "Mouth of Buffalo River, Buffalo, N.Y." Handwritten: "Main Light and...
Water Front after the storm of Sunday, January 20th, 1907, Buffalo, N.Y. 
Image  1907  Coloured postcard of the HURLBUT W. SMITH and WILLIAM NOTTINGHAM on the beach near Michigan Street, Buffalo after the great storm of 20 January 1907 The SMITH and NOTTINGHAM were on the beach all winter before their salvage. "Water Front after the storm of Sunday, January 20th, 1907, Buffalo,...
Unloading lumber in the Twin Cities 
Image  c1912  Coloured postcard of the Edward Hines Lumber Co. steamboat L. L. BARTH unloading lumber into a barge.
Steamer SEEANDBEE between Buffalo and Cleveland 
Image  c1919  Coloured postcard of the Cleveland and Buffalo line steamboat SEEANDBEE on Lake Erie. "Steamer SEEANDBEE between Buffalo and Cleveland"
A Century of Sail and Steam on the Niagara River 
Web site/pageText  1911 
The Great Lake Marine 
Web site/pageNewspapersText  10 Jun 1886 
Passenger Steamers 
Web site/pageNewspapersText  16 Aug 1898 
The Seabird: An Historical Essay 
Web site/pageText  2006 
"Until Further Notice": The Royal Mail Line and the Passenger Steamboat Trade on Lake Ontario and the Upper St. Lawrence River, 1838-1875 
Web site/pageText  1983  This is essentially the thesis that was submitted to the Department of History at Queen's University for the degree of Masters of Arts in 1983. Chapter 5 is slightly revised based on the minor revisions in its published form as "The Canadian Navigation Company, 1861-1875" FreshWater, v. 1, n. 1...
Early Days On The Lakes, With An Account Of The Cholera Visitation Of 1832 
Web site/pageText  1902  ... and seamen multiplied upon the lakes. And as Capt. Beard was my first captain, I may be allowed to give some account of the incidents connected with that pioneer voyage. We sailed from the port of Black Rock one of the last days of May, bound for Cleveland, Ohio, or rather we were towed up the rapids (by...
Steamboat RIVERSIDE 
Image  c1905  Black and white photograph of the passenger steamboat RIVERSIDE posed with passengers and crew lining the decks. RIVERSIDE was rebuilt in Cape Vincent in 1904.
Image  between 1924-1928  Black and white photograph of the Thousand Island Navigation Company steamboat MISSISQUOI Owned by the Thousand Islands Navigation Company from 1924 until she burned in 1928. There is a version of the photograph that clearly shows the Gananoque Inn in the background, owned by Clark Carnegie....
Steamboat COALFAX at Belleville 
Image  July 1962  Colour photograph of the Hall Corp. of Canada steamer COALFAX in Belleville, ON Owned by Hall from 1957 to 1967

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