The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Ontario (Steamboat), 1 Aug 1816 
TextNewspapers  1816  launch & first trip
Steam-Boat on Lake Ontario 
NewspapersText  "Steam-Boat on Lake Ontario," Albany Daily Advertiser, 15 Aug 1816, p. 2  The prediction in this article was very optimistic. She got out for the first time in April 1817, and started her regular service in May 1817
Steam boats 
TextNewspapers  "Steam boats," Niles Weekly Register, Oct. 19, 1816  Steam boats. We lately mentioned the launch of a steam boat at Sackett's Harbor; a second, for Lake Ontario, has been launched at Ernest, U. Canada. - The Kingston Gazette observes - "the opposite sides of the lake, which not long ago vied with each other in the building of ships of war, seem...
Niles Weekly Register, March 29, 1817 
TextNewspapers  Niles Weekly Register, March 29, 1817,   The steam boat Ontario, capable of carrying 2,000 barrels, is prepared for the lake, and will leave Sackett's Harbor every Monday, and make a route from Ogensburg to Niagara, stopping at several places to land or receive passengers. The fare for cabin passengers from Sackett's Harbor to ...
Buffalo Gazette (Buffalo, NY), 1 Apr 1817 
Ontario Repository (Canandaigua, NY), Tues., May 6, 1817 
TextNewspapers    On Monday the 21st of April ult. the fast sailing schooner Niagara, Capt. Trowbridge, of 60 tons burthen, from Oswego, belonging to Messrs. Townsend, Bronson & Co., of that place, arrived at the new village of Carthage, with 100 bbls of salt, consigned to Messrs. Norton, Beach & Strong, and ...
Wickham's Marine List 
TextNewspapers  "Wickham's Marine List," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), Wed., May 17, 1817  Wickham's Marine List PORT OF TROUPVILLE . ARRIVED - April 24 - Sloop Geneva , May , from Kingston , 2 days, with passengers. Schr. Sachem , Masters , 24 hours from Sacket's Harbor , bound up the bay. Capt. Masters reports that the Ice left Sacket's Harbor yesterday. 25 - ...
Buffalo Gazette (Buffalo, NY), 20 May 1817 
Marine List. 
TextNewspapers  "Marine List.," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), Wed., May 23, 1817  Marine List. PORT OF TROUPSVILLE. ARRIVED - May 14 - Schr. President, larabee, from Genesee river, bound to Ogdensburg, with flour. The President last night in a gale threw over her deck load consisting of 105 barrels of flour. - Schr. Ontario, Hugunin, from Sacket's Harbor, in ballast, ...
Wickham's Marine List 
TextNewspapers  "Wickham's Marine List," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), Wed., June 25, 1817  WICKHAM'S Marine List. PORT OF TROUPVILLE. ARRIVED - June 3 - Sch. Traveller, Gates, from Ogdensburgh, 5 days. Schr. Teazer, Reed, from Ogdensburgh, ballast. Schr. Union, Enoch, from Ogdensburgh, ballast. Schr. Olive Branch, Johnson, do, ballast. 4 - Schr. Minerva, Hugunin, from ...
The Steam Boat Ontario 
TextNewspapers  "The Steam Boat Ontario," Ontario Repository (Canandaigua, NY), Tues., Aug. 9, 1817  Oswego, August 7. The Steam Boat Ontario, Capt. Mallaby, touched here this morning from Niagara on her way to Sackets harbor, Ogdensburgh, &c. She was so much crowded with passengers that the captain was under the necessity of leaving a number of applicants at Niagara, for want of more ...
Breaking up of Lake Ontario 
TextNewspapers  "Breaking up of Lake Ontario," Ontario Repository (Canandaigua, NY), Tues., April 23, 1818  Sacket's Harbor, April 21. Breaking up of Lake Ontario. - The ice in this harbor and bay was broken up, and cleared out, on Wednesday last. On the same day sloop Arcadia left this port for Niagara. Several packets have left this for Kingston and other places on the lake, and navigation begins...
Ontario (Steamboat), aground, 1 May 1818 
TextNewspapers  1818  Reason: aground Lives: nil Remarks: Got off
Ontario (Steamboat), 11 Aug 1818 
TextNewspapers  1818  route
The steamboat Ontario 
TextNewspapers  "The steamboat Ontario," Ontario Repository (Canandaigua, NY), Tues., Aug. 18, 1818  The Steamboat Ontario, in going up the lake, encountered a severe gale on Wednesday night and Thursday last: when within three miles of the Niagara river, she was driven back as far as Sodus, but without receiving any damage. A few days previous, a small vessel, which plies as sort of a tender to...
Steam boat ONTARIO 
TextNewspapers  "Steam boat ONTARIO," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), 1 Apr 1819  Steam Boat ONTARIO This boat being now ready for carrying Freight and Passengers, will commence her operations for the ensuing season, and the times of leaving port will be as follows: Going Up She will leave Prescott every Saturday at 9 o'clock p.m. " " Sackets-Harbor ...
Marine List 
NewspapersText  "Marine List," Rochester Telegraph (Rochester, NY), 1 Jun 1819 
Steam-Boat Ontario 
TextNewspapers  "Steam-Boat Ontario," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), Wed., July 7, 1819  STEAM-BOAT ONTARIO . This Boat, being now ready for carrying Freight and Passengers, will commence her operations for the ensuing season, and the times of leaving port will be as follows. GOING UP, She will leave Prescott , every Saturday at 9 o'clock P.M. She will leave ...
Ontario (Steamboat), 7 Jul 1819 
TextNewspapers  1819  route
Ontario (Steamboat), 7 Jul 1819 
TextNewspapers  1819  advertising route

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