The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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"A Revolution in Travelling": The Steamboat Letters of the Torrance family, 1831-1848 
Text  Fisher, Rob, ""A Revolution in Travelling": The Steamboat Letters of the Torrance family, 1831-1848," The Northern Mariner / Le marin du nord (St. John's, NL), Oct 2011, 359-376  The Torrance family's correspondence in the collection of papers by Robert M. Powell and his family at Library and Archives Canada must be recognized for his discussion of the steamboats of the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes in the 1830s and 1840s. This recently discovered cache of letters...
The Frontenac: A Reappraisal 
Web site/pageText  1987  This article appears on the 'net essentially as it originally appeared in FreshWater, vol. 2, no. 1 (Summer 1987): 28-39. A few of the notes have been altered to reflect the change of name of the National Archives of Canada (NAC) from the Public Archives of Canada (PAC), and the subsequent...
Early Shipping Days on Lake Ontario Recalled 
TextNewspapers  Meagher, Frederick J., Early Shipping Days on Lake Ontario Recalled, "Early Shipping Days on Lake Ontario Recalled," Syracuse Herald (Syracuse, NY), 2 Aug 1928  Early Shipping Days on Lake Ontario Recalled ____ By Frederick J. Meagher With the harbor of Oswego filled with a fleet of many yachts, ranging from tiny Buccaneers to handsome schooner yachts and motor cruisers of every size, all gathered here for the annual regatta of the Lake Yacht ...
The ONTARIO. 1817 
ImageComments  1913,   The ONTARIO. 1817. The first steamboat on Lake Ontario despite Cumberland's assertions. From the original drawing by Captain James Van Cleve Used in Barlow Cumberland, A Century of Sail and Steam on the Niagara River
Seventy Years a Sailor 
NewspapersText  "Seventy Years a Sailor," Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), 21 Sep 1903 
Side-wheel Steamer Ontario 
Image  1899,   Sketch of the ONTARIO, the first steamboat to operate on the Great Lakes Illustration from J. B. Mansfield, ed., History of the Great Lakes. Volume I, Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1899. Probably based on the James Van Cleve sketch. "Side-wheel Steamer Ontario"
Steamer Ontario 
Image  1896,   Engraving of the Steamer Ontario published in John Ross Robertson, Landmarks of Toronto: A Collection of Historical Sketches of the Old Town of York From 1792 until 1833, and of Toronto From 1834 to 1895 [volume 2] , Toronto: J. Ross Roberston, 1896, page 887. "Ontario"
Ontario (Steamboat), U155097, 1885 
TextNewspapers  1885  ex FLOWER CITY
Ontario (Steamboat), 11 Oct 1880 
TextNewspapers  1880  history
Early Steamboating Reminiscences 
TextNewspapers  Van Cleve, James, Early Steamboating Reminiscences, "Early Steamboating Reminiscences," Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), 4 Apr 1876  Early Steamboating Reminiscences From the Ontario, Martha Ogden and United States. By Captain James Van Cleve A day or two since Hon. Alvin Bronson received a large book containing as the fly leaf denotes: "Reminiscences of the Early Period of Steamboats and Sailing Vessels on Lake ...
The Steamer "Ontario" 
Image  1876,   Engraving of the American Express Line steamboat ONTARIO, whose captain was Horatio Nelson Throop of Pultneyville, NY. From History of Wayne County, 1876 Steamer "Ontario" Built at Clayton 1847 by John Oades for Ontario & St. Lawrence Steamboat Co. 232'1" x 32'2" x 11'6" 832 tons. Cut by ice...
Ontario (Steamboat), 7 May 1873 
TextNewspapers  1873  lengthened
Ontario (Steamboat), 1873 
TextNewspapers  1873  ex TRANSIT, CONSTITUTION
Ontario (Steamboat), aground, 1 Jul 1863 
TextNewspapers  1863  Reason: aground Lives: nil Hull damage: $100 Cargo: $100 Remarks: Got off
Ontario (Steamboat), 18 Mar 1862 
TextNewspapers  1862  winter layup mishap
Ontario (Steamboat), collision, 1 Oct 1860 
TextNewspapers  1860  Reason: collision Lives: nil Hull damage: $300 Remarks: Repaired
Ontario (Steamboat), 1 Jul 1860 
TextNewspapers  1860  revenue seizure
Ontario (Steamboat), 23 Aug 1856 
TextNewspapers  1856  thief caught
Port of Genessee, on Lake Ontario, N.Y. 
Image  5 Jul 1856  Woodcut engraving of the Port of Genesse, on Lake Ontario, N.Y. from an ambrotype by E. T. Whitney of Rochester. The principal steamboats are, from left to right, the MAPLE LEAF, HIGHLANDER and ONTARIO. The original ambrotype is featured in Gerald T. Girvin, "The Maple Leaf Story Prior to the...
Port of Genesse on Lake Ontario 
Image    Ambrotype of the Port of Genesee on Lake Ontario. The steamboats are, from left to right the MAPLE LEAF, HIGHLANDER and ONTARIO. An article appeared in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 5 July 1856 with a woodcut engraving of this image.

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