The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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"A Revolution in Travelling": The Steamboat Letters of the Torrance family, 1831-1848 
Text  Fisher, Rob, ""A Revolution in Travelling": The Steamboat Letters of the Torrance family, 1831-1848," The Northern Mariner / Le marin du nord (St. John's, NL), Oct 2011, 359-376  The Torrance family's correspondence in the collection of papers by Robert M. Powell and his family at Library and Archives Canada must be recognized for his discussion of the steamboats of the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes in the 1830s and 1840s. This recently discovered cache of letters...
The First Generation of Marine Engines in Central Canadian Steamers, 1809-1837 
Web site/pageNewspapersText  Apr 1997 
Atlantic (Steamboat), 1996 
TextNewspapers  1996  Ontario Court Litagation
Algosound (Steamboat), 1987 
TextNewspapers  1987  ex DON-DE-DIEU, V.W. SCULLY
The Frontenac: A Reappraisal 
Web site/pageText  1987  This article appears on the 'net essentially as it originally appeared in FreshWater, vol. 2, no. 1 (Summer 1987): 28-39. A few of the notes have been altered to reflect the change of name of the National Archives of Canada (NAC) from the Public Archives of Canada (PAC), and the subsequent...
City of Saint Paul (Steamboat), U1494, 1983 
TextNewspapers  1983  ex AUNT BETSY
"Until Further Notice": The Royal Mail Line and the Passenger Steamboat Trade on Lake Ontario and the Upper St. Lawrence River, 1838-1875 
Web site/pageText  1983  This is essentially the thesis that was submitted to the Department of History at Queen's University for the degree of Masters of Arts in 1983. Chapter 5 is slightly revised based on the minor revisions in its published form as "The Canadian Navigation Company, 1861-1875" FreshWater, v. 1, n. 1...
White Star (Steamboat), 1 Jun 1975 
TextNewspapers  1975  used as breakwater
Steamboat COALFAX at Belleville 
Image  July 1962  Colour photograph of the Hall Corp. of Canada steamer COALFAX in Belleville, ON Owned by Hall from 1957 to 1967
Dart (Steamboat), collision, 1 Apr 1962 
TextNewspapers  1962  Reason: collision Lives: nil Hull damage: $400
Western States (Steamboat), U81811, fire, 1 Mar 1959 
TextNewspapers  1959  Reason: fire Lives: nil Freight: nil Remarks: Total loss
Western States (Steamboat), U81811, 1959 
TextNewspapers  1959  scrapped at Bay City, Mich.
Greyhound (Steamboat), U86621, 1959 
TextNewspapers  1959  scrapped
ImageCommentsMysteries  c1958,   Colour photograph of VACATIONLAND and an unidentified laker in the Straits of Michilimackinac From the collection of Clarence E. Jones, a fireman on the CITY OF PETOSKEY as well as the CITY OF CHEBOYGAN.
MICHIGAN approaching Sault locks 
Image  July 1957  Third in a set of pictures from a private "viewmaster" reel showing the Canadian lock at Sault Sainte Marie in July 1957. The Texas Company (Texaco) tanker MICHIGAN is approaching. In 1960, Texaco renamed her TEXACO MICHIGAN. "Canadian Locks Reel No. 23" "July 1957"
Eastern States (Steamboat), U136981, 1957 
TextNewspapers  1957  burned at spectacle
Ranger (Steamboat), 1956 
TextNewspapers  1956  ex HASTINGS,
City of Detroit III (Steamboat), U209571, 1956 
TextNewspapers  1956  dismantled, Detroit 1956
"Fontana" taking coal at Sodus, 1955 
Image  1955  Self-unloader "Fontana" of Boland-Cornelius fleet takes on a load of bituminous coal at the Pennsylvania Railroad coal trestle at Sodus Point, N.Y. in the summer of 1955. Coal was then taken to Niagara-Mohawk steam generating plant in Oswego. This "shuttle" existed for some 25 years, at times...
Overniter (Steamboat), U81811, 1955 
TextNewspapers  1955  ex WESTERN STATES

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