The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Alexandria (Steamboat), C85768, aground, 3 Aug 1915 
TextNewspapersComments  1915  Reason: aground Lives: nil Hull damage: $75,000 Cargo: included Freight: sugar,vinegar,&c. Remarks: Total loss
Spartan (Steamboat), burnt, 1 Jun 1874 
TextNewspapers  1874  Reason: burnt Hull damage: $900 Remarks: Repaired
John Owen (Steamboat), broke machinery, 26 Jun 1847 
TextNewspapers  1847  Reason: broke machinery Lives: nil Remarks: Repaired Also quoted in Democratic Free Press (Detroit), 1 July 1847, p. 2 with an added note that "The steamer Missouri, Capt. D. McBride has taken her place in the Toledo line. She leaves Toledo every Sunday morning."
Steamer Caroline, burned and sent over Niagara Falls in 1837. 
ImageComments  1899  Reproduction of a fantasy sketch of the CAROLINE, which while burned in the aftermath of the Upper Canada rebellion in 1837, definitely did not go over Niagara Falls. This version reproduced from an article in Cassier's Magazine. Illustration from J. B. Mansfield, ed., History of the Great...
Montreal (Steamboat), C32910, fire, 25 Jun 1857 
TextNewspapersComments  1857  Reason: fire Lives: 264 Hull damage: $41,000 Cargo: included Remarks: Total loss
R. and O. Navigation Co.'s Steamer "Toronto" 
ImageComments  c1904  Coloured postcard of the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company steamboat TORONTO Undivided back; Postmarked "Aurora, Ont., Aug [ ] 08." "R. and O. Navigation Co.'s Steamer "Toronto"; "100634" Reverse: "The Valentine & Sons' Publishing Co., Montreal and Toronto, Printed in Great Britain";...
Shamrock (Steamboat), sunk by explosion, 1 Jul 1842 
TextNewspapersComments  1842  Reason: sunk by explosion Lives: 54 Remarks: Total loss ??
Captain Raoul Lalonde on the Britannic 
ImageComments  1908-1930  Snapshot of Captain Raoul Lalonde standing beside the wheelhouse of the Montreal & Cornwall Navigation Company steamboat BRITANNIC. In the background can be seen one of the lifeboats.
Cream City (Steamboat), U4579, aground, 1 May 1862 
TextNewspapers  1862  Reason: aground Lives: nil Remarks: Got off
The Lodor Proposal 
Text  Walter Lewis, "The Lodor Proposal," FreshWater, 1990, 17-19 
Superior (Steamboat), aground, 7 Jun 1827 
TextNewspapers  1827  Reason: aground Lives: nil Remarks: Got off
Shipping on Lake Erie 
NewspapersText  "Shipping on Lake Erie," Register of Pennsylvania, Mar 1831, p. 160 
Grain Elevator, Odensburgh R. R. 
Image    From Franklin B. Hough, A History of St. Lawrence and Franklin Counties, New York: From the Earliest Period to the Present Time (Albany: Little & Co., 1853) after page 560. Grain Elevator. Ogdensburgh, R. R. Miss L. J. Woolworth A. L. Hoffman & Co. Albany
Steam Boat Navigation 
Text  , 563-68  Section from Franklin B. Hough, A History of St. Lawrence and Franklin Counties, New York: From the Earliest Period to the Present Time (Albany: Little & Co., 1853) Grain Elevator. Ogdensburgh, R. R. Miss L. J. Woolworth A. L. Hoffman & Co. Albany
Wealth and power westward 
NewspapersText  "Wealth and power westward," Niles Weekly Register, 7 Oct 1826, p. 87 
New Steam-Boats 
NewspapersText  "New Steam-Boats," Buffalo Emporium (Buffalo, NY), 11 Sep 1824, p. 3  The American steamboat in question would become the PIONEER, which was enlarged and run on Lake Erie rather than the Niagara River
The City of Dover 
ImageComments  c1916-1921  Black and white photograph of the CITY OF DOVER on Lake Erie, probably carrying Kolbe Company fish and passengers between Port Dover, ON and Erie, PA. The CITY OF DOVER shifted to Georgian Bay in 1921 to operate as an excursion boat. She was retired around 1960 and broken up at Port Severn, ON.

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