The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Plan of Hamilton Docks, 1842 
Image    Plan of Hamilton waterfront to illustrate Ivan S. Brookes, Hamilton Harbor, 1826-1901 . Redrawn from an original dating from 1842. "City Docks, 1842" Signed "I. S. Brookes"
Oswego Herald (Oswego, NY), May 25, 1840 
TextNewspapers    Travel and State of Trade. - Our harbor presents an animating scene by the almost constant arrival and departure of steam vessels and other craft. The steamboat Great Britain has taken her place in the daily line between this and Lewiston. Besides the American boats that ply daily between this...
Kingston Chronicle (Kingston, ON), May 30, 1840 
TextNewspapers    ... with the products of the West - no schooner of less than 100 tons. A comparative statement of tolls received from the opening of the canal to the 30th of April, in 1839 and 1840, shows an increase this year over last, of about $750. ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Wed. , April 27, 1842 
TextNewspapers    LAUNCH. - The elegant first class Steamboat, "Lady of the Lake," was launched from the ship yard in East Oswego, yesterday afternoon. She is 196 feet in length and 24 feet wide, of a beautiful model and constructed of the very best materials. She was built by Mr. G. S. Weeks, and as a specimen...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Wed. , Nov. 14, 1842 
TextNewspapers    METEORIC SHOWERS. On the evening of the 13th there was a violent squall on Lake Ontario, accompanied as those who were on the lake say, by snow and lightning. The Lady of the Lake, Capt. Taylor, was on her passage from Sacket's Harbor to this port, and encountered the utmost violence of the...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Nov. 29, 1842 
TextNewspapers    Lake Ontario Navigation We find the following under the Commercial head of the N. Y. Ev. Post, of the 21st. It appeared about the same time in some of the other principal city journals. Correspondence of Pomeroy & Co. Buffalo, Nov. 18, 1 P. M. - A year ago today, a desolating gale of ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Wed. , March 29, 1843 
TextNewspapers    PROCEEDINGS OF THE MARINERS OF OSWEGO Pursuant to a call of the seamen of Oswego, a meeting was held at the Market on the 13th of march inst. , at 4 o'clock, P. M. , for the purpose of consulting upon the subject of sailors' wages. R. H. Spencer was appointed Chairman and S. C. Andrews ...
Kingston Chronicle (Kingston, ON), Nov. 22, 1843 
TextNewspapers    ... Kingston 1837 Sir Robert Peel 350 Brockville Destroyed by patriots in 1838 1837 Gore 200 Niagara 1838 Queen Victoria 200 do 1839 Henry Gildersleeve 250 Kingston 1840 Highlander 300 Cot. du Lac 1840...
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), Wed. , Oct. 30, 1844 
TextNewspapers    Effects of the Gale. - The steamer Lady of the Lake, reported ashore at Ogdensburgh, is off and came into this port on Friday last, having sustained but little damage. The John Marshall, which went ashore near Stoney Point, has gone to pieces, and is a total loss. The schr. Pacific, of this ...
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), Wed. , Nov. 20, 1844 
TextNewspapers    Disasters on the Lake . - The Schooner Essex of this port, owned by Doolittle Mills & Co. and the Captain, with a cargo of wheat from Sandusky, in attempting to beat out of the Niagara river on Wednesday night last, carried away her jib and main gaff, and went ashore at the mouth of the ...
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), Wed. ,  Nov. 27, 1844. 
TextNewspapers    Disasters on the Lake The wind has blown a gale from the West and N. West from Saturday evening down to Monday evening, with some abatement of its severity on Monday. The schooner Charleston belonging to Messrs. Fitzhugh & Co. of this place, while on her way down from the Welland canal, ...
Steamboat Collision on Lake Ontario 
TextNewspapers  "Steamboat Collision on Lake Ontario," Republican (Baldwinsville, NY), April 20, 1846  Steamboat Collision on Lake Ontario. - As the steamers Sovereign and Transit were coming out of the Toronto Harbor together Tuesday the Transit in order to prevent Sovereign from passing, endeavored to run her upon the shore. The Sovereign thereupon steered directly for the Transit, striking her...
Rochester Daily Advertiser (Rochester, NY), Thursday, June 8, 1846 
TextNewspapers    Launch of the "Genesee Chief" _____ The splendid new steamer, "Genesee Chief," recently built at the landing, will be launched today at 3 o'clock. Carriages will be in readiness to convey passengers to and from the river. After the boat glides into her future element, she will be towed to the...
Rochester Daily Advertiser (Rochester, NY), Friday, June 19, 1846 
TextNewspapers    Launch of the Propeller. _____ A large concourse of people assembled at the landing yesterday afternoon to witness the launch of the new Propeller, "Genesee Chief. " The banks of the stream, and the hills upon both sides, were lined with ladies and gentlemen. The steamer Niagara was also ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Monday, Oct. 20, 1846. 
TextNewspapers    Oswego, Oct. 15th During the storm of Monday night, the schooner Malcolm, with 3,500 bushels Wheat on board, broke from her moorings and drifted ashore at the foot of the Island in the harbor, and filled with water. Her Wheat sold yesterday, deliverable at the starch factory, near Utica, at...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Monday,  Oct, 20, 1846. 
TextNewspapers    The Canadian three-masted schooner Grampus, of Toronto, was towed into port this morning by the U. S. Cutter Jefferson, Capt. Mather, with her spars all gone but her mizzen mast. She has a cargo of lumber, and was dismasted on Tuesday. Capt. Troop, of the Rochester, reports a Canadian schooner...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Tues. , Nov. 24, 1846. 
TextNewspapers    This area was thereafter known as Grampus Bay
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Dec. 1, 1846 
TextNewspapers    Gale on Lake Ontario The Schooner Minerva, with 6,200 bushels of Wheat, and the W. H. Merritt, a Canadian Vessel, without loading, went ashore at Braddock's Bay. The former will be a total loss. Likewise the Cleveland, at Irondequoit Bay, with 250 bushels salt. Total loss. 1,000 bushels Wheat,...
Buffalo Commercial Advertiser (Buffalo, NY), 1846 
TextNewspapers    NAVIGATION OF THE LAKES. "I HAVE noticed several communications in your paper recently...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), March 16, 1847 
TextNewspapers    Growth of Oswego We have taken a look about our village, the few past pleasant days, in order to mark, more particularly, the progress making in building, and to observe the large increase of new and substantial vessels fitting t out for the opening of Spring navigation. We had supposed, ...

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