The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Oswego Advertiser & Times (Oswego, NY), July 9, 1870 
TextNewspapers    Capt. Ford's Gaff Topsail Rigging. - Whatever croakers may say, (and thee are always those who will croak, with about as much wisdom as an owl - particularly if they have no direct interest in the croakable matter), the invention of Capt. Geo. A. Ford of this city is, as far as adaptability...
Oswego Advertiser & Times (Oswego, NY), Friday, July 15, 1870 
TextNewspapers    Collision and Loss of a Schooner. - On Thursday, July 7th, the propeller Bristol, bound up, and the schooner Azov, bound down, collided on Lake Ontario. Immediately after the collision taking place everything was done by the captain and crew of the propeller to render assistance to the ...
Oswego Commercial Advertiser & Times (Oswego, NY), Friday, Aug. 5, 1870 
TextNewspapers    Shocking Casualty! _______ Explosion of the Steam Tug Tornado! _______ Three Lives Lost! _______ Total Destruction of the Tug! _______ Shortly after three o'clock this morning, a large proportion of people in the city were suddenly aroused by a deep jarring report of a heavy explosion,...
Oswego Advertiser & Times (Oswego, NY), Sat., Aug. 20, 1870 
TextNewspapers    Marine Disaster. - The schooner Norwegian, owned by Morgan Wheeler Esq., of this city, and the tug Maria Melvin, owned by J.D. Murphy, Esq., went ashore at an early hour this morning, a few hundred yards below the east pier, opposite Fort Ontario. The Norwegian, Capt. Chas. Brown, was on her...
Oswego Advertiser & Times (Oswego, NY), Aug. 23, 1870 
TextNewspapers    Wrecking - The insurance companies have engaged powerful pumping apparatus from Kingston and Buffalo, to put on board the schooner Norwegian and tug Melvin, and the probabilities are, should the weather prove moderate, that both crafts will be got off and brought into port. ...
Oswego Advertiser & Times (Oswego, NY), Aug. 24, 1870 
TextNewspapers    The tug Highlander from Kingston, is at work today endeavoring to pull off the schooner Norwegian, which went ashore opposite Fort Ontario on Saturday last. The tug Maria Melvin, which went ashore under Fort Ontario, was hauled off this forenoon by the Canadian steamer Wellington, and taken to...
Oswego Advertiser & Times (Oswego, NY), Aug. 24, 1870 
TextNewspapers    Loss of the Schooner E.B. Gannett. - The schooner E.B. Gannett, Capt. Warner, which left here Saturday night for Ogdensburg with 40 tons of waterlime, sprang a leak when some twelve miles down the lake and sank in deep water. The crew got aboard of the yawl and came ashore at Nine Mile Point....
Oswego Advertiser & Times (Oswego, NY), Wed. , Sept. 29, 1870 
TextNewspapers    TERRIFIC EXPLOSION _______ Destruction of the Steam Tug Dodge - Heavy and Wide-Spread Damage - Remarkable Escape of the Crew from Injury - The City Treated to a Mild Earthquake Experience. _______ About ten minutes past 4 o'clock this morning, the whole city was aroused by a most ...
Commercial Advertiser (Oswego, NY), Thurs. , Sept. 29, 1870. 
TextNewspapers    From enrollment records: Vessel built in Philadelphia, Pa. , 1864. 65x18x6 37 tons (US#10546)
Oswego Advertiser & Times (Oswego, NY), Monday, Nov. 7, 1870 
TextNewspapers    A Melancholy Narrative of Shipwreck. - During the storm of last week, the Canadian schooner Jessie, belonging at Port Stanley, was wrecked at her entire crew of eight persons lost, on Salmon Point, which lies about opposite this port on the north shore. The Belleville Ontario gives the ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 8 Aug 1870 
TextNewspapers    TUG EXPLODED. - A dispatch from Oswego on the 6th says: The tug Tornado exploded her boiler this morning, about four miles up the lake. Capt. W. H. Manwarring, Morry Atchison (sic), engineer and Zebulon Stone, deck hand, were all lost. The tug was valued at $12,000, with no insurance. ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 10 Aug 1870 
TextNewspapers    THE TUG TORNADO . - This tug, which was sunk Saturday morning last near Oswego, was built in Oswego by Messrs. Kittle and Moore, and was about eight years old. She was owned by Messrs. Smith & Post, was a staunch one of the largest size, and one of the most powerful on Lake Ontario. The ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 25 Aug 1870 
TextNewspapers    *a guess - original nearly unreadable
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 4 Sep 1870 
TextNewspapers    *timber head - a crude bollard made of a timber projecting through the deck.
Oswego Advertiser & Times (Oswego, NY), Sat.,  Oct. 22, 1870 
TextNewspapers    Fire in the Harbor. About half-past ten o'clock last night the propeller Wm. Cowle took fire while lying on the east side of the harbor, and considerable confusion was created for a time in the efforts to prevent the flames from spreading to the surrounding shipping and reaching property on ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 28 May, 1870 
TextNewspapers    NOTE: The BENTON was a small (308 gt) passenger and freight steamer built in 1867 by Hitchcock & Gibson, Buffalo. She was converted to a bulk freighter in about 1883 and burned to a total loss at the Ford Rouge Plant, near Detroit, in August, 1909.    
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 24 May, 1870 
TextNewspapers    This little article shows a pair of the hazards of "stern-launching." Parentheses are in the original.
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 4 Sep, 1870 
TextNewspapers    The figures for the lakes appear to include only American tonnage. Though the figures don't actually add up, you get the idea. The total tonnage figure represents roughly 2,200 registered U.S. vessels.
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 30 Aug, 1870 
TextNewspapers    This is the only instance I know of of a vessel being so totally destroyed by the action of escaping air as she sank. The fact later brought about accusations that THORNTON was totally unseaworthy at the time of her loss. She was 274 gt, built by Bidwell & Banta at Buffalo in 1853.
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 31 Aug, 1870 
TextNewspapers    SCHOONER SUNK. - A dispatch from Oswego from Capt. E. P. Dorr states that the schooner E. B. Gannett , loaded with plaster consigned to Ogdensburg , sprung a leak twelve miles north of Oswego and sunk. The crew took to the yawl and reached the shore in safety. The Gannett was built at ...

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