The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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SPARTAN leaving Alexandria Bay, N. Y. 
Image  c1890  Most of SPARTAN is seen leaving Alexandria Bay, N. Y., in this photo by William Notman.
EMPRESS OF INDIA entering Port Dalhousie 
Image  1898  In this photo by Wm. Traill believed taken in 1898, her last year on the route, EMPRESS OF INDIA enters Port Dalhousie harbour.
ROSEDALE leaving Yonge Street Dock 
Image  1898  This spirited photo by Wm. Traill shows ROSEDALE leaving Yonge Street Dock, in 1898. Note the sails on the fore and main.
D. D. CALVIN with the schooner HERBERT DUDLEY 
Image  c1890s  This early photo of D. D. CALVIN, supplied by the late C. H. J. Snider, illustrates the loading of timber through the steamer's bow port. In the background is the schooner HERBERT DUDLEY.
Port Dalhousie 
Image  1896  The schooner MINNEDOSA, awaits upbound passage with GLENGARRY in this 1896 photo of Port Dalhousie by W. A. Traill. In the right background are ALGONQUIN and ROSEDALE.
SIR S. L. TILLEY in the Third Welland Canal near Port Dalhousie 
Image  c1896  SIR S. L. TILLEY and her crew pose for the camera of a W. A. Traill in the Third Welland Canal near Port Dalhousie c. 1896.
Launch of MAJESTIC at Collingwood 
Image  23 Apr 1895  The date is April 23, 1895 and the crowd has just witnessed the launch of MAJESTIC at Collingwood.
Image  1891  SOUTHERN BELLE, (a) ROTHESAY CASTLE, was a former blockade runner and for a while ran the Niagara Route. She was scrapped at Toronto in 1891.
MONARCH in the Soo Canal 
Image  c1890-99  MONARCH is seen in the Soo Canal in this early photo. It can be dated as prior to 1899 as she still carries the insignia of the North West Transportation Company.
COLUMBIAN runs the Lachine Rapids in 1898 
Image  1898  COLUMBIAN runs the Lachine Rapids in 1898. Examination of this print shows that most of the persons on deck and much of the wave action near the ship have been retouched, a common Notman feature.
LLOYD S. PORTER on the St. Clair River 
Image  c1893-98  LLOYD S. PORTER, in the colours of the Jenks Shipbuilding Company, is seen on the St. Clair River sometime between 1893 and 1898.
ARK,  CLINTON, ACADIA and MACASSA in Muir's pond 
Image  before 1896  Along with the barge ARK, "rabbit" CLINTON, and the larger ACADIA, MACASSA reposes in Muir's pond, Port Dalhousie.
Composite package freighter MYLES 
Image  c1881-96  We have no idea when or how this misfortune befell the composite package freighter MYLES
Image  c1896-1900  This is HENRY R. JAMES as she appeared from 1896 until shortly after 1900.
Image  c1893  This is GREYHOUND as she apeared when she ran between Toronto, Lorne Park, and Oakville. Photo, probably dated 1893 or earlier.
MARISKA upbound in the Weitzel Lock 
Image  1895  This very early photo shows MARISKA upbound in the Weitzel Lock at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Note the absence of an after mast.
ARABIAN at Hamilton 
Image  1892  This early photo is thought to show ARABIAN while fitting out at her builder's yard at Hamilton in 1892.
Image    Photograph of ROSEDALE leaving the Yonge Street wharf, Toronto
Image  c1890s  Photograph of lumber carrier RESOLUTE docked at Midland. Note the sail on her mast, the stocked anchor hung from her starboard bow and the lifeboat suspended above deck on the kingpost.
Image    Photograph of the PONTIAC after her collision with ATHABASCA in the Little Lake George Channel of the St. Mary's River, 14 July 1891. Note that her entire foredeck is missing.

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