The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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WM. A. HASKELL at the Soo Locks 
Image  1907  WM. A. HASKELL, later to be known as JOYLAND, is shown at the Soo Locks in this 1907 photo by A. E. Young.
DOUGLASS HOUGHTON upbound above the Soo Locks 
Image  1909  In 1909 the camera of A. E. Young caught DOUGLASS HOUGHTON, still with two funnels, upbound above the Soo Locks.
MAYFLOWER leaving Hanlan's Point 
Image  c1900  MAYFLOWER is shown leaving Hanlan's Point in this early photo. Note the original pilothouses, fancy paddleboxes, and decorative paintwork.
OJIBWAY at Sault Ste. Marie 
Image  1903  In her first year of service on "The Hiawatha Route", OJIBWAY was caught by the camera of A. E. Young at Sault Ste. Marie, 1903.
Wooden steamer JUNO 
Image  between 1885 and 1918  This is the only known photo of the wooden steamer JUNO, at one time a unit of the Point Anne Quarries fleet.
JOHN HANLAN sunk in Toronto's Bay Street ferry docks 
Image  30 Jun 1909  The date is June 30, 1909, as JOHN HANLAN lies sunk in Toronto's Bay Street ferry docks after being rammed by the H. M. PELLATT.
Spring fit-out at Collingwood 
Image  20 Apr 1909  Spring fit-out at Collingwood, April 20, 1909. Group includes HAMONIC, CITY OF MIDLAND, GERMANIC, DORIC and IONIC.
CITY OF COLLINGWOOD prepares to dock at Midland 
Image  c1902  CITY OF COLLINGWOOD prepares to dock at Midland c. 1902. She burned at her namesake town in 1905.
LAKESIDE leaves Port Dalhousie harbour 
Image  c1909  The handsome little LAKESIDE leaves Port Dalhousie harbour enroute to Toronto. Directly behind the steamer is Lakeside Park.
The wooden ARIZONA below the Soo Locks 
Image  1904  The wooden ARIZONA, with a deckload of lumber and with a barge in tow, is downbound below the Soo Locks in this 1904 photo by Young.
LUELLA at Hanlan's Point 
Image  c1908  The year was c.1908 when the camera of Rowley W. Murphy caught LUELLA in the lagoon at Hanlan's Point bound for Lakeside Home.
CHICORA at Toronto's Eastern Gap 
Image  c1903  The graceful CHICORA looked like this from 1878 to 1904. The photo was taken at Toronto's Eastern Gap c.1903.
REUBEN DOUD inbound at Toronto's Eastern Gap 
Image  c1906  Not long before her loss on this very spot, REUBEN DOUD was caught by the camera of Rowley W. Murphy as she was inbound at Toronto's Eastern Gap, the late afternoon sun gilding her sails.
REUBEN DOUD on the Ward's Island beach 
Image  24 Aug 1906  REUBEN DOUD goes to pieces on the Ward's Island beach, August 24, 1906. Note her trademark, the three-cornered squaresail, in tatters on the foremast yard.
Image  c1906  This is how JAMES WHALEN looked when she rescued MONARCH's crew from Isle Royale in December 1906. The tug was built the year before by Bertram's at Toronto.
TURBINIA during her trials on the River Tyne 
Image  May 1904  This rare photo is believed to show TURBINIA during her trials on the River Tyne in May 1904. Note the profusion of paddle tugs. Hawthorne, Leslie & Co. photo supplied through the courtesy of Robert L. Campbell.
ESCORT at Port Dalhousie with the barge UNGAVA 
Image  November 23, 1907  ESCORT was a typical wooden harbour tug and long served on the Welland Canal. View is taken from a mourning card issued after her sinking on November 23, 1907 and shows her at Port Dalhousie with the barge UNGAVA.
ESCORT being rebuilt in a lock on the third Welland Canal 
Image  1908  it is early spring in 1908 and ESCORT's rebuilding is well underway in a lock on the third Welland Canal. She shared the dry lock with tug ALERT.
BROCKVILLE in the Lachine Rapids 
Image  c1901-1909  The same ship, under the name BROCKVILLE, runs the same stretch of the Lachine Rapids sometime between 1901 and 1909. This Notman photo has not been retouched.
BERMUDA in the lower harbour at Sault Ste. Marie 
Image  1908  James Davidson's BERMUDA is downbound in the lower harbour at Sault Ste. Marie in this Young photo dated 1908.

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