The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Stuart H. Dunn 
Image  c1905  Photograph of the STUART H. DUNN unloading a cargo of coal at the Toronto Electric Light Company wharf at the foot of Scott Street. Note Pier 23 on the tower.
Image  c1900  Photograph of the PONTIAC in the colours of the Cleveland Iron Mining Company downbound in the Weitzel Lock at Sault Sainte Marie.
Image  c1901-1914  Photograph of the Pittsburgh Steamship Company laker MARINA preparing to load a cargo of iron ore. Note the loaded ore cars atop the loading trestle.
Image    Photograph of NEPTUNE upbound above the Soo Locks.
Image  c1905  Photograph of ROSEDALE downbound in the third Welland Canal above Port Dalhousie.
Image    ...Photograph of the SYLVANIA shortly after launching at West Bay City, Michigan on 18 March 1905....
Howard L. Shaw 
Image  ca1905  Photograph of HOWARD L. SHAW shows her down bound at Sault Sainte Marie. Note the towline to her barge.
Howard L. Shaw 
Image    Photograph of HOWARD L. SHAW at Sault Ste. Marie after being stripped by the towline of the steamer CORALIA and barge MAIA.
[PRESCOTT] Running Lachine Rapids, St. Lawrence River 
Image  c 1905  ... Formerly the BOHEMIAN. Renamed PRESCOTT for the 1905 season. Burned 27 Aug 1909 in Montreal. Undivided back. Postmarked Montreal Que, 23 Jun 1909 5 am ...
Harbor. Toronto, Canada 
Image  c 1905  Coloured postcard of the Yonge Street wharves in Toronto with at least four steamboats in the view. The second steamboat from the left is the OCEAN. The central wharves are both passenger facilities with crowds getting on the Niagara Navigation Company steamboat CHIPPEWA. To the right lies the...
Grain Elevator (Steamer Discharging), Montreal 
Image    Coloured postcard of a steamboat belonging to the Montreal and Lake Superior Line discharging at the Harbour Commissioners No. 1 Grain Elevator in Montreal harbour. Divided Back. Postmarked "Montreal, QUE Sta R., 7 Mar 1912" "Grain Elevator (Steamer Discharging), Montreal" "102,771" Reverse: "The...
Port Hope from the Lighthouse 
Image  c 1905  Black and white postcard of Port Hope harbour. One of the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation steamboats is heavily lit up on the outside of the pier. A tugboat and barge (possibly carrying coal or dredge spoil is inside the pier. A third vessel is the government dredge NIPISSING. The original...
View of River at Charlotte, Near Yacht Club, Rochester, N. Y. 
ImageComments  c 1905  Coloured postcard of the Yacht Club at the Charlotte, NY, at the mouth of the Genessee river below Rochester, NY. In the background the steamboat OTTAWA (ex. A. B. TAYLOR) leaves port. Another version of this view identifies part of the picture as the Naval Reserve Station. Postally unused....
S.S. "Alberta" near Fort William 
Image  c1905  The Canadian Pacific Railway Great Lakes steamboat ALBERTA in Lake Superior as it nears Fort William An undivided back postcard "S.S. "Alberta" near Fort William" "101,208" Reverse: "The Valentine & Sons' Publishing Company Ltd. Montreal and Toronto Printed in Great Britain"
Loading 1400 Tons of Copper on Boat, Houghton, Mich. 
Image  c 1905  Stereoview of railroad flatcars delivering ingots of copper to a lake freighter at Houghton, Michigan "22049 -- Loading 1400 Tons of Copper on Boat, Houghton, Mich." "Keystone View Company, Manufacturers Publishers, Copyrighted Made in U.S.A." "Meadville, Pa., New York, N. Y., Portland, Oregon,...
River Steamer, St. Lawrence River, Prescott, Ont. 
Image  c 1905  ...Formerly the BOHEMIAN. Renamed PRESCOTT for the 1905 season. Burned 27 Aug 1909 in Montreal....
Image  c 1905  Black and white photograph of passengers sitting on the hurricane deck of the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company steamboat KINGSTON. The view looks forward (to the left) towards the pilot house and the ships bell. Most of the passengers are dressed for the cold, in full length coats and...
Captain of the PRESCOTT 
Image  c 1905  ...Formerly the BOHEMIAN. Renamed PRESCOTT for the 1905 season. Burned 27 Aug 1909 in Montreal....
Whaleback Steamer, Christopher Columbus, Entering Harbor, Milwaukee, Wis. 
ImageComments  c 1905  Coloured photocard of the Goodrich Transit Company passenger whaleback CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS with passengers lining the decks. Undivided back. Postmarked, "Milwaukee, WI, 14 Aug 1906" "Whaleback Steamer, Christopher Columbus, Entering Harbor, Milwaukee, Wis." "513 V. O. Hammon Pub. Co., Chicago"
S.S. "Mataafa" Wrecked Nov 28, 1905 
Image  1905  ...Black and white real photo postcard of Pittsburgh Steamship Company steamboat MATAAFA lying wrecked at the entrance to Duluth Harbour after the storm of 28 Nov 1905....

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