The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Large Iron Ore Boat Coming into Sabin Locks, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 
Image  1923  Stereoview of laker WORRELL CLARKSON passing the Soo locks. Laker built in 1923 at Toledo, Ohio by Toledo Shipbuilding Company for Kinsman Transit Company. Later the ERNEST T. WEIR (1936) and GEORGE R. FINK(1952) 154-16731 Large Iron Ore Boat coming into Sabin Locks, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan ...
Approaching Cedar Rapids, St. Lawrence River, Canada 
Image  c 1920  Coloured postcard of the crowds on the foredeck of either the Canada Steamship Lines steamboats RAPIDS KING or RAPIDS PRINCE in the rapids of the Saint Lawrence River. Divided back "Approaching Cedar Rapids; Everyone on deck anxious to get the first glimpse of Cedar Rapids which boasts the fastest...
Steamer "Kingston" Canada Steamship Lines, Thousand Islands 
Image  c 1920  Coloured postcard of the Canada Steamship Line steamboat KINGSTON on the Saint Lawrence River in the Thousand Islands. A boat plane is flying overhead. Reverse: "The Post Card & Greeting Card Co. Ltd. Toronto" "Canada Series"
Steamer Quebec, St. Lawrence River 
Image  c 1920  Coloured postcard of Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company steamboat QUEBEC on the Saint Lawrence River "Steamer Quebec, St. Lawrence River""100,506" Reverse: "The Valentine & Sons United Publishing Co. Limited Toronto and Winnipeg; Printed in U.S.A."
Doran's Island near Morrisburg, Ont. 
Image  c 1920  ...Divided back. Pencil note on back "Nov. 1920" ...
Locks and Vessels in Ship Canal, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan 
Image  c 1920  Magic lantern slide of man in the foreground watching ships lock through the Sabin locks of the canal on the American side of the river at Sault Sainte Marie. One laker is in the lock. Two more wait above for their turn and a fourth can be seen in the distance coming in from Lake Superior. "H290...
Niagara Steamer "Chippewa" 
ImageComments  c1925  Coloured postcard of the Niagara Navigation Company steamboat CHIPPEWA. Patriotic postcard with a multi-coloured Maple Leaf and "Canada Land of the Maple" in one corner. Postmarked "Niagara Falls 23 Aug 1928" "Niagara Steamer "Chippewa" Reverse: "The Post Card & Greeting Card Co. Ltd., Toronto"...
Three of the Canada Steamship Company's Fleet. 
Image  c. 1925  Coloured postcard of the Canada Steamship Company's Niagara to Toronto steamboats CAYUGA, CHIPPEWA and CORONA A colour divided back postcard. It is dated 28 May 1925. This is the same image, with the same sailing vessel in the lower right corner, as was used with the Niagara Navigation Company...
"Midland City" awaiting "The Flyer" 30,000 Island Route, Georgian Bay, Midland, Ont. 
Image  c1921  Coloured postcard of the Georgian Bay Tourist Company steamboat MIDLAND CITY at the wharf, Midland, ON ex MAUD and AMERICA, the MIDLAND CITY was moved to Georgian Bay in 1921 and converted from a paddlewheeler to a screw propeller in 1933. Divided back. Letter on back but not stamped or...
Looking Between Ore Docks No. 2 and No. 3, Two Harbours, Minn. 
Image  c1920  Stereoview of the ore docks at Two Harbours, MN. Four lakers are in various stages of loading ore. 6978 -- Looking Between Ore Docks No. 2 and No. 3, Two Harbours, Minn. Keystone View Company, Manufacturers, Publishers, Copyrighted Made in U.S.A." "Meadville, Pa., New York, N.Y., Portland,...
Noronic: Canada Steamship Lines Ltd. on Great Lakes Canada 
Image  c1920  Coloured magic lantern slide of the Canada Steamship Lines steamboat NORONIC
Prescott Harbor 
Image  c 1920  The Canada Steamship Lines steamboats TORONTO and a second steamboat at the steamboat wharf downstream from the Prescott Elevator. Divided back postcard "Prescott Harbor" "Photo by E. C. Pinsonneault, Prescott" Reverse: "E. C. Pinsonneault, Prescott, Ont. Private Post Card"
Steamer "Rapids Queen," in Long Sault Rapids, St. Lawrence River 
Image  1920  Coloured postcard of the Canada Steamships Line steamboat RAPIDS QUEEN running the Long Sault Rapids in the Saint Lawrence River above Montreal, Quebec. Other pictures of the RAPIDS QUEEN show her with funnel while this image distinctly shows two. A coloured divided back postcard. Postally used....
Str. Chippewa, Sandusky, Put-In-Bay, Lakeside Route 
Image  c 1922  Coloured postcard of the Sandusky and Islands Steamboat Co. paddlewheeler CHIPPEWA on the Sandusky - Put-In-Bay route. The image may possibly date from the 1913-22 period when she was owned by the Arnold Transit Company. Divided back linen postcard. Postally unused. "Str. Chippewa, Sandusky,...
Str. "Greater Detroit" 
ImageComments  c1923  Coloured linen postcard of the Detroit & Cleveland Navigation Company steamboat GREATER DETROIT on Lake Erie. Divided back postcard. Postally unused. "Str. "Greater Detroit" Length 550 feet. Width, 100 feet. Draught 16 feet. Tonnage, 4,500. Horsepower, 12,000. Speed 21 miles" Reverse: "Pub. by...
S. S. "City of St. Joseph" Goodrich Transit Co. 
Image  c1924  Colour postcard of the Goodrich Transit Company steamboat CITY OF ST. JOSEPH This is the CITY OF ST. JOSEPH that was launched as the CITY OF CHICAGO, before a fire in 1914. Divided back postcard. Postmarked Saint Joseph, MI, 7 Jul 1931 "S. S. "City of St. Joseph" Goodrich Transit Co." Reverse:...
Last Boat of the Season, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. 
Image  c1920  Colour postcard of a laker in the Soo canal at Sault Saint Marie coated in ice from a passage, probably on Lake Superior. Divided back. Postally unused. "Last Boat of the Season, Sault Ste. marie, Ontario, Canada."
Buffalo Harbor 
Image  1925  Panoramic photograph of the Buffalo waterfront. Two passenger vessels are in the center slip. A laker unloads to the right.
Car Ferry "Ontario No. 1" at Cobourg, Ont., Canada 
Image  c 1920  Coloured postcard of the Ontario Car Ferry Company railroad car ferry ONTARIO No. 1 as it enters the harbour at Cobourg, with the pier lighthouse showing at the far right. Divided back. Postally unused. "Car Ferry "Ontarion No. 1" at Cobourg, Ont., Canada" "104254" Reverse: "The Valentine & Sons...
Steamer HURONIC entering Duluth-Superior Harbor 
Image  c1920  The Canada Steamship Lines steamboat HURONIC at the entrance to the Duluth-Superior harbour "Steamer HURONIC entering Duluth-Superior Harbor" Reverse: "Published by Duluth Photo Engraving Co., Duluth, Minn. Made in U.S.A." "C. T. American Art" "R-64163"

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