The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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CHICAGO TRIBUNE outbound at Port Dalhousie 
Image  c1925  The first CHICAGO TRIBUNE, destined to be sunk by enemy action, is outbound at Port Dalhousie, carrying an ad for one of her owner's publications on the side. Photo dated about 1925.
JAMES H. REED passing down Little Rapids Cut 
Image  1921  The victim of a 1944 collision. JAMES H. REED is seen passing down Little Rapids Cut in this 1921 Young photo
OVERLAND in the Keating Channel 
Image  c1921-25  OVERLAND in the Keating Channel at Toronto.
SIMON LANGELL outbound at the Toronto Eastern Gap 
Image  c1919-23  SIMON LANGELL, the lines of her stern showing her age, is outbound at the Toronto Eastern Gap during her Misener years
CLAREMONT at the Terminal Warehouse, Toronto 
Image  Nov 1929  On her last visit to Toronto, CLAREMONT unloads at the Terminal Warehouse, November 1929.
JOLLY INEZ in Little Rapids Cut 
Image  1923  JOLLY INEZ, formerly TURRET CHIEF, passes up Little Rapids Cut at Sault Ste. Marie in 1923.
TURRET CROWN above Sault Canal 
Image  c1923  After doing battle with Lake Superior and coated with snow and ice, TURRET CROWN waits for passage down the Sault Canal.
CITY OF OTTAWA unloading at Toronto's York Street Slip 
Image  c1922  CITY OF OTTAWA unloads at Toronto's York Street Slip c. 1922.
YUKONDOC below the Soo Locks 
Image  1927  YUKONDOC, seen below the Soo Locks in this 1927 Young photo, is obviously in some sort of trouble, as shown by her deep draft and the derrick scow alongside.
SARNIAN downbound at Sault Ste. Marie 
Image  1923  SARNIAN is seen downbound at Sault Ste. Marie during her C.S.L. years in this 1923 photo.
MAPLEHURST in winter quarters at Port Dalhousie 
Image  c1920  ...The elusive MAPLEHURST in winter quarters with other veteran C.S.L. steamers at Port Dalhousie, c. 1920....
BALTIC  in Little Rapids Cut 
Image  1920  ...The camera of A. E. Young cuaght BALTIC, an early Jones & Laughlin unit, in Little Rapids Cut during 1920....
JASMINE preparing to leave Centre Island dock 
Image  1927  JASMINE, showing her years, is seen preparing to leave Centre Island dock in 1927. Toronto Transportation Commission photo.
WAWATAM in Playfair fleet as GLENLIVET 
Image  1924  WAWATAM is seen in her later years, serving the Playfair fleet as GLENLIVET.
Aground on Ile Parisienne 12/10/27 
Image  10 Dec 1927  Photographed four days after her stranding, the ice-shrouded wreck of LAMBTON rests on Ile Parisienne. Aground on Ile Parisienne 12/10/27
Image  c1920s  This very rare photo, taken by a member of the Russell family shows JOSEPH L. RUSSELL at Oswego in the mid-Twenties. At left is the Erie Canal steam barge "M. G. PHELPS". Courtesy of Capt. John Leonard
FRED G. HARTWELL downbound out of the Davis Lock 
Image  1923  Downbound out of the Davis Lock at the Soo is FRED G. HARTWELL in this Young photo apparently taken in 1923, her first year of service.
WHITE STAR  in C.S.L. colours 
Image  c1915-26  This is WHITE STAR as she appeared in C.S.L. colours during her last decade as a passenger vessel. Note the beautifully decorated paddleboxes.
CITY OF OTTAWA in the York Street slip at Toronto 
Image  c1924  CITY OF OTTAWA is shown in the York Street slip at Toronto about 1924. The fantail visible at the far left belongs to MAPLEBRANCH.
GLENVEGAN at Little Rapids Cut 
Image  1924  This is WIARTON as she appeared in 1924 when sailing for Mathews under the name GLENVEGAN. Young photo taken at Little Rapids Cut.

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