The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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IMPEROYAL and SARNOLITE in Toronto Ship Channel 
Image  1936  IMPEROYAL is inbound as SARNOLITE unloads at the Imperial dock in the Toronto Ship Channel about 1936.
Image  20 Sep 1936  M.S. PILSUDSKI. Montreal, Quebec, Sept. 20, 1936. View taken from deck of C.P. S.S. Duchess of Atholl.
DEEPWATER with a load of pulpwood 
Image  8 Jul 1934  DEEPWATER, upbound with a load of pulpwood, at Homer in the Welland Canal on July 8, 1934.
TREVISA at Milwaukee 
Image  1930s  ...TREVISA is seen at Milwaukee during the 1930's...
WILIAM SCHUPP in the Toronto Ship Channel 
Image  Jul 1938  WILIAM SCHUPP laid up in the Toronto Ship Channel. July 1938.
GEO. B. DONOVAN bound to Toronto Elevators 
Image  Nov 1938  The next last trip of the season bring GEO. B. DONOVAN, Capt. A. E. Laking, Master, to Toronto Elevators. November 1938.
JAMES B. FOOTE at Galops 
Image  c1930s  ...JAMES B. FOOTE is upbound at Galops in this Denno photo from the 1930s....
BEECHBAY entering Toronto Western Gap 
Image  1936  With crated Chrysler autos on deck, BEECHBAY enters Toronto Western Gap c.1936.
JOHN IRWIN unloads at the McColl Frontenac Toronto terminal 
Image  c1935  JOHN IRWIN unloads at the McColl Frontenac Toronto terminal c. 1935.
CYCLO-CHIEF heads down the Toronto Ship Channel 
Image  c1930  Shortly after entering lake service, CYCLO-CHIEF heads down the Toronto Ship Channel.
MAPLEBRANCH entering the Toronto Ship Channel 
Image  1939  The final rebuild left MAPLEBRANCH looking like this. She is sesen entering the Toronto Ship Channel in this 1939 photo.
Image  11 Oct 1937  HAMONIC, phtographed by Capt. Wm. J. Taylor, is seen downbound on a late-season trip loaded down to her marks with bagged flour. Her forward lounge has shutters on it as was normal on post-season trips. The photo was taken by Cap Taylor from his lighthouse tender either on lower Lake Huron or,...
PRIMROSE after rebuilding 
Image  Aug 1938  This August 1938 photo shows PRIMROSE after rebuilding. She is Citybound from Hanlan's Point in her last month of service.
ROBERT P. DURHAM at Toronto Elevators 
Image  c1936  ROBERT P. DURHAM is seen at Toronto Elevators about 1936.
CAPTAIN C.D. SECORD passes down Little Rapids Cut 
Image  c1936  Shortly after her sale to Mohawk, CAPTAIN C.D. SECORD passes down Little Rapids Cut, Sault Ste. Marie.
HIBOU at Kingston 
Image  c1935  This is HIBOU as she looked prior to her tragic accident. The background would indicate that the photo was taken at Kingston in 1935.
PETER G. CAMPBELL downbound in Lake St. Clair. 
Image  c1933-46  PETER G. CAMPBELL is captured by the camera of Capt. William J. Taylor while downbound in Lake St. Clair.
Image  c1921-36  BENMAPLE looked like this for the better part of her short life on the lakes when owned by the Port Colborne and St. Lawrence Navigation Co. Ltd.
MOYRA in the Welland Canal 
Image  mid-1930s  This spirited photo of MOYRA in the Welland Canal was taken in the mid-thirties.
Image  1937  During 1937 SONIA encountered a hurricane and was driven ashore on the east coast. Aboard at the time was the late Rowley W. Murphy and this photo comes from his collection.

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