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HIBOU surfaces from the depths of Georgian Bay 
Image  Oct 1942  Much the worse for wear, HIBOU surfaces from the depths of Georgian Bay in October, 1942.
BELLECHASSE in Owen Sound moored alongside CARIBOU with MANITOULIN 
Image  1942  In 1942 BELLECHASSE went to Owen Sound to help in the raising of HIBOU. She is seen here in port, moored alongside CARIBOU, with MANITOULIN in the right background. Photo courtesy Robert Ireland.
OUTARDE on the bottom of the St. Lawrence River at Clayton, New York. 
Image  Jan 1946  The date is January or February 1946 as OUTARDE (I) lies on the bottom of the St. Lawrence River at Clayton, New York. courtesy of Nels Wilson
ONTARIO NO. 1 enters Cobourg harbour 
Image  c1945-51  ONTARIO NO. 1 enters Cobourg harbour. The ship moored alongside the east pier is the lighthouse tender GRENVILLE
KINGSTON leaving Toronto Harbour by the Eastern Gap 
Image  late 1940s  This classic photo by the late Rowley W. Murphy illustrates the graceful lines of KINGSTON as she leaves Toronto Harbour by the Eastern Gap late in her career.
KINGSTON leaving Toronto on her last trip 
Image  September 17, 1949  This may well be the last photo taken of KINGSTON while in operation From the camera of J. H. Bascom, it shows her leaving Toronto on her last trip, September 17, 1949.
Image  1948  NASSAU, formerly GLENCAIRN, deteriorated considerably during her many years of idleness at South Chicago.
DALHOUSIE CITY crossing Toronto Bay towards the Eastern Gap 
Image  1949  DALHOUSIE CITY is seen crossing Toronto Bay towards the Eastern Gap in 1949, her last year of Lake Ontario service.
Image  c1945-46  CONSUMERS POWER (III), which sailed briefly as CAPTAIN JOHN ROEN, has been purchased by the Erie Sand Steamship Co. Photo by Capt. Wm. J. Taylor dates from 1945 or 1946.
ARAGON in the Toronto Ship Channel 
Image  1945  ARAGON, in the colours of the Tees Transit Company, is seen in the Toronto Ship Channel in this 1945 photo
Image    Photograph of CHEYENNE in her St. Lawrence Steamship colours
Imperial Whitby 
Image  1946-49  Photograph of IMPERIAL WHITBY leaving Toronto Ship Canal
William M. Connelly 
Image    Photograph of WILLIAM M. CONNELLY upbound below the Soo Locks. The ferry JAMES W. CURRAN can be seen off the bow.
Image  c1940-47  Photograph of of the Canada Steamship Lines steamboat TORONTO.
Image    Photograph of the Canada Steamship Lines steamboat TORONTO laid up in the Coatsworth Cut in the spring of 1947.
Toronto scrap tow 
Image    Toronto Telegram photo of steamboat TORONTO in tow of HELENA and R.C.C. NO. 5 en route to Hamilton for scrapping.
Henry C. Daryaw 
Image    Photograph of the HENRY C. DARYAW after her grounding near Brockville.
Arthur Orr 
Image    Photograph of ARTHUR ORR at Hamilton alongside lighter RESCUE waiting to be scrapped.
Image    Photograph of CAYUGA outbound in the Eastern Gap, Toronto
Image  late 1940s  Photograph of CAYUGA following KINGSTON out the Eastern Gap, Toronto.

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