The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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METEOR downbound at Little Rapids 
Image  18 Jun 1953  Whaleback tanker METEOR downbound at Little Rapids, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, June 18, 1953.
COL. JAMES M. SCHOONMAKER downbound in Lake St. Clair 
Image  23 Jun 1951  COL. JAMES M. SCHOONMAKER downbound in Lake St. Clair, June 23, 1951.
Image  15 Aug 1957  WILLIAM P. SNYDER JR., showing her orange boot top, heads up Little Rapids cut, August 15, 1957
Image  17 Jun 1959  SHENANGO II is upbound in Little Rapids in the St. Mary's River below the Soo Locks, June 17, 1959.
IMPERIAL HAMILTON in Toronto's Eastern Gap 
Image  Aug 1958  IMPERIAL HAMILTON in the Toronto Eastern Gap in August 1958.
KEYSTATE upbound from Welland Canal Lock 8 
Image  2 Jul 1951  KEYSTATE has just left Welland Canal Lock 8, upbound, in this view taken by J. M. Kidd at Port Colborne, July 2, 1951.
NEW YORK NEWS (II) above Lock 1 at Port Weller 
Image  16 Apr 1955  NEW YORK NEWS (II) lays out a screen of sweet-smelling coal smoke above Lock 1 at Port Weller, April 16, 1955.
HERON BAY (I) downbound at Little Rapids Cut 
Image  20 Jun 1958  HERON BAY (I) is downbound at Little Rapids Cut, St. Mary's River, with a deckload of pulpwood in this June 20, 1958 view.
WOLVERINE in Lake St. Clair 
Image  23 Jun 1951  WOLVERINE passes PUT-IN-BAY in Lake St. Clair, June 23 1951.
MAKAWELI at Allanburg on the Welland Canal 
Image  12 Nov 1955  MAKAWELI is seen at Allanburg on the Welland Canal on Nov. 12, 1955.
CITY OF TORONTO in Toronto Eastern Gap 
Image  Aug 1956  On a hot August evening in 1956, CITY OF TORONTO arrives at the Toronto Eastern Gap pierheads.
CASCO downbound at Port Weller 
Image  21 Nov 1954  CASCO is shown downbound at Port Weller, November 21, 1954.
RENVOYLE enters Toronto Eastern Gap 
Image  Jul 1958  "The big, graceful, red-hulled RENVOYLE" enters Toronto Eastern Gap in July 1958.
TRANSBAY inbound at Toronto's Eastern Gap 
Image  8 Sep 1957  The canal tanker TRANSBAY is inbound at Toronto's Eastern Gap in this Sept. 8, 1957 photo.
A. M. GERMAN in Port Colborne Harbour 
Image  10 May 1958  During happier days, the Canadian Dredge & Dock tug A. M. GERMAN is seen at work in Port Colborne Harbour, May 10, 1958.
BATTLEFORD in the Welland Canal. 
Image  12 Nov 1955  The date is November 12, 1955 as BATTLEFORD heads for Lock 2 in the Welland Canal.
T. J. CLARK approaches Ward's Island dock 
Image  Jul 1958  On a morning run in July 1958, T. J. CLARK approaches Ward's Island dock.
BULKARIER waits in the Polson Street slip, Toronto 
Image  30 Jul 1958  BULKARIER waits in the Polson Street slip. Toronto, for the arrival of CEMENTKARRIER, July 30, 1958.
STARBUCK passes up Little Rapids Cut 
Image  18 Aug 1956  STARBUCK passes up Little Rapids Cut on August 18, 1956 in her last year of operation.
H.J.D. No. 1 helping HERON BAY under the Cherry Street Bridge 
Image  10 Dec 1955  H.J.D. No. 1 looked like this on December 10, 1955 while helping HERON BAY (I) under the Cherry Street Bridge, Toronto.

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