The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), May 8, 1839 
TextNewspapers    ... of a beloved daughter. All of the above persons, with the exception of Ackerman and See, were men of families. It has been reported that two females were on board the Atlas, but we have it from good authority that this is not correct. Schr. ATLAS lost 1839. ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), May 8, 1839 
TextNewspapers    Launch . - On the 30th ult. was launched at Chaumont Bay, the Schooner R. C. Smead, of 100 tons burthen. She was built by Messrs. Silas and Asa Davis, the former of this village , and is named in honor of Lt. Smead of the U. S. Army, late superintendent of the public works in this village. She...
Buffalo Commercial Advertiser (Buffalo, NY), May 9, 1839 
TextNewspapers    Schooner Lost -We learn that on Saturday last the schooner Atlas, from Sackett's Harbor, was capsized off the piers at Oswego, by which the crew, five in number, together with two ladies, passengers, were drowned. The schooner was laden with stone, and this was the first season of its running....
Cleveland Daily Herald (Cleveland, OH), May 11, 1839, page 2 
TextNewspapers  Cleveland Daily Herald (Cleveland, OH), May 11, 1839, page 2page 2  Column 1
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), Tues., May 7, 1839 
TextNewspapers    Distressing Casualty . - Early on the morning of Saturday last, a small schooner was noticed by our citizens, about two miles off, making for this harbor. - The wind was then and had been blowing with some violence during the preceding night, and as the lake was rough and boisterous, some ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Wed. , Sept. 25, 1839 
TextNewspapers    During the gale which occurred on the 14th and 15th inst. , the schooner New York , of this port, owned by Messrs. Bronson and Crocker, was lost, and all on board probably perished. She was commanded by Captain George Carlisle, who is said to have been an excellent seaman and a worthy man, and...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Wed. , Oct. 9, 1839 
TextNewspapers    Mr. Rose, of Marysburgh, whose letter we gave in our last, informs us that the body of the Captain of the ill-fated schooner New York , was found on Sunday morning, the 22nd inst. , there were $37 and his clearance papers from the port of Cleveland in his pocket. He was the same person who ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 24 Jul 1839 
TextNewspapers    A novelty appeared in our river last week, it being no less than a miniature steamboat built for the purpose of testing a new boiler, invented by Mr. John Lille, an ingenious mechanic of this village. The boat is 32 feet long by 6 wide; the cylinder is 20 inches long with 4 1/2 inch bore, and is...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 13 Nov 1839 
TextNewspapers    .... The above historical facts we have gleaned from Mr. Cooper's* excellent Naval History of the United States. - Post. [*James Fenimore Cooper's book was published in 1839; revised, updated and expanded in 1856. He was a prolific writer of histories as well as a novelist.] ...
Detroit Daily Advertiser (Detroit, MI), 28 Sep 1839 
TextNewspapers    This vessel was built at Amherstburg, Ont., in 1813, and figured prominently in the "Battle of Lake Erie," at Put-in-Bay. Captured as a prize, she was later allowed to sink in Misery Bay.
Western Herald (Sandwich, ON), Thursday, June 6, 1839 
TextNewspapers    A few days since, one of the Yankee Brigands captured at Windsor, and so humanely set at large by His Excellency Sir George Arthur, with several of his companions in arms, a short time since paid a visit to a gentleman in the neighborhood, and demanded a watch which he said had been taken from...
Western Herald (Sandwich, ON), Thursday, June 13, 1839 
TextNewspapers    The Steamboat CYNTHIA. -- Which was burnt last autumn between this and Amherstburgh, part of whose hull and engine was saved from the devouring elements, last week made her appearance in our waters, having come from Chatham, entirely renovated, resucitated, altered, amended, improved, revised...
Western Herald (Sandwich, ON), Wednesday, August 21, 1839 
TextNewspapers    The Steam-boat THREE BROTHERS. -- The enterprising and public-spirited Messrs. Eberts of the flourishing town of Chatham, have lately added to our few water craft a splendid new steamer bearing the above appropriate name. She was launched at Chatham last Spring, and made her first...
Western Herald (Sandwich, ON), Wednesday, August 28, 1839 
TextNewspapers    We learn from the Oswego Herald that the schooner GURNSEY, of Rochester, the vessel that carried the gang of pirates to Cobourg, returned to Oswego from a Canadian port lumber laden; the Captain and crew were drunk, and had more money than persons in their circumstances generally possess....
Western Herald (Sandwich, ON), Wednesday, September 18, 1839 
TextNewspapers    ... to tow down to Huron, preparatory to a reconstruction of the great steamer at some future day. Advert 1839 Summer Arrangement. The New and Splendid Steam Boat "BROTHERS." Will for the present season, run as follows: Leaves Chatham every Tuesday, -- Thursday, and Saturday...
Western Herald (Sandwich, ON), Thursday, December 19, 1839 
TextNewspapers    ... by the officer and his crew to whom they now express their hearty gratitude." --- "Malden, U. C., 9th. December, 1839" ...
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), Wed., May 1, 1839 
TextNewspapers    ... authorities as an atonement, has been and will be cheerfully done to the extent of their power. In our next we shall give the statement of Capt. Hugunin and a letter addressed to him on the subject. Gravelly Bay, April 24, 1839 Sir, - The schooner Stephen Girard, of Oswego, Capt. J.C. Hugunin, arrived...
St. Catharines Journal (St. Catharines, ON), August 29, 1839 
TextNewspapers    Explanation Of The Steam Boat Collision - The Oswego Herald contains an account of the collision between the United States and the Great Britain, mentioned in our last, by which it appears that the accident was not intentional, on the part of the former. The two boats have been accustomed to...
St. Catharines Journal (St. Catharines, ON), August 29, 1839 
TextNewspapers    Another Collision - The Canadian boats, Com. Barrie and Wm. IV, came in contact, about forty miles above Kingston, on Monday night last. Much damage was done to the Barrie, but no lives were lost. ...
St. Catharines Journal (St. Catharines, ON), September 12, 1839 
TextNewspapers    The Great Western, American steamer, on Lake Erie, has been accidentally burnt, while lying at wharf in Detroit. ...

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