The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Oswego Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), March 14, 1859 
TextNewspapers    Busy. - The work of repairing and the hum of busy preparation is everywhere going on along our docks. Carpenters, caulkers and sailors are hard at work, and fixing things for the opening of navigation, for the further delay of which there seems to be no good reason in the elements at least....
Oswego Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), March 28, 1859 
TextNewspapers    Cheering. - This has been one of the most spring like days we have yet had. The sun has shone warm and brightly, calling vegetation forth from the winter slumberings. The harbor is alive with vessels moving about and the puffing of Tugs in search of some craft unable to stem the stream, gives...
Rochester Union & Advertiser (Rochester, NY), March 29, 1859 
TextNewspapers    Lake Steamers - Paddle Wheels Giving Place to Screws - A New Enterprise _____ It will be but reiterating to say that we have often expressed in these columns, to say that the days of side-wheel steamers on the Lakes are drawing to an end, and that so fast as these now afloat are disposed...
Oswego Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), April 12, 1859 
TextNewspapers    Our Harbor. - Notwithstanding the general depression of business which has existed this spring, our harbor presents a lively and business-like appearance. This is mainly occasioned by the lively tug-boats, which are continually on the move. They have all been thoroughly overhauled, and every...
Oswego Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), May 15, 1859 
TextNewspapers    We publish the following letter, by request of a disinterested party, which fully explains itself: Messrs. Lee, Lamoree and Navagh: Gents - On the night of the 23d of April I had the misfortune to meet with disaster in the neighborhood of Genesee River. Owing to the efficiency of the tug...
Oswego Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), May 20, 1859 
TextNewspapers    This tug was built in 1855 in Oswego by Thomas Dobbie. Morgan M. Wheeler, owner and master. Named for John H. Bloore, an Oswego forwarder. 54x11x7 32 tons. Abandoned 1864.
Oswego Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), Oct. 10, 1859 
TextNewspapers    ARRIVAL OF THE SCHOONER GOLD HUNTER FROM SCOTLAND. - This A I vessel arrived at this port from Montreal on Saturday night, with partial load of salt, and is now completing her cargo with pig iron and will sail for Chicago. The vessel sailed from Quebec for Cork June 9th, with a mixed cargo,...
Oswego Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), Oct. 10, 1859 
TextNewspapers    ... the coast of Brazil. The only thing that I have on the GOLD HUNTER is a mention in an April, 1859 article that she was being "got up" at Cleveland for a voyage to Europe. The clipping I have on her launch doesn't mention that she was being built for the Europe trade: ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Monday, Nov. 7, 1859 
TextNewspapers    Wreck of the Schooner "Twilight" The small scow schooner Twilight, owned by Capt. Ouderkirk, and used chiefly for transporting wood, was lost last Tuesday night, about fifteen miles east of the mouth of the Genesee River. She was bound from Sodus to Charlotte, where her owner resides, loaded...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 8 Nov 1859 
TextNewspapers    The next week they probably had a man who wanted to sell them a bridge! A sidewheel steamer that would carry 3,000 passengers and 3,000 tons of freight at 50 mph using less fuel than a conventional steamer - we should get the plans! In fairness, at his time Brunel's mammoth iron steamship GREAT...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 24 Nov 1859 
TextNewspapers    This phenomenon has also been observed and well documented on waters of Lakes Michigan and Superior which overlie great deposits of iron ore.
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 16 Aug 1859 
TextNewspapers    All of the vessels mentioned are American Great Lakes boats.
Oswego Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), Mon., April 25, 1859 
TextNewspapers    "Marine News" The schooner Northerner, Capt. Disbro, bound from Ogdensburgh to the Genesee river, was out in the gale of Saturday. She left the St. Lawrence Saturday morning, and after having been out a few hours, snowing hard, with the wind gradually increading and the sea fast. At about 2...
Rochester Democrat (Rochester, NY), Tues., April 26, 1859 
TextNewspapers    Effects of the Late Gale. - About 12 o'clock last Saturday night the schooner S. Buttles , Alexander Pollock , master, went ashore 10 or 12 miles east of the Genesee river . The Buttles is a small vessel of 125 tons burthen, and belongs at Port Stanley . She has on board a load of staves...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), April 11, 1859 
TextNewspapers    Miniature Ship. - Geo. A. Ford , Esq., has just finished a miniature ship, which excels anything of the kind ever attempted in this vicinity. The vessel is built on the clipper plan, is sixteen inches in length, and is framed, he same as a large ship. Her frame and timbers are of oak, as ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), April 21, 1859 
TextNewspapers    A Mirage. - At about six o'clock last evening a magnificent sight attracted our attention. The peculiar state of the atmosphere caused a refraction which presented the Canada Shore, which seemed but a few miles distant. The trees and beach were distinctly visible, and the phenomenon was one...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Friday,  Oct. 7, 1859 
TextNewspapers    Went Ashore. - An unfortunate marine disaster occurred just off our harbor on Wednesday night. Quite a strong north west wind had sprung up that afternoon, and about eight o'clock the schooner Commerce , Capt. Onderkirk , made our harbor within about half a mile, when the rudder was ...
Oswego Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), Tues., April 28, 1859 
TextNewspapers    "Union Village" At a meeting convened at the Cobble Stone School House, on the 7th inst. at 10 o'clock A.M. Agreeably to adjournment, Selden P. Clark took the chair, and Jonathan Lamb acted as Secretary. On the platform in the rear of the officers of the meeting were seated several ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Mon., Sept. 5, 1859 
TextNewspapers    The Schooner J.C. Riggs Dismasted - Loss of Life. - The schooner J. C. Riggs, Capt. Leadly , cleared from this port on Saturday morning for Cleveland , with a cargo of salt, and encountering a heavy gale on Saturday night she was put back for Oswego . She weathered through the night ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), July 9, 1859 
TextNewspapers    The Harbor never looked pleasanter than at the present, for although there are some vacant docks yet enough remains to keep the eye and ear busy if not for the many hands that have heretofore found employment along the crowded wharves. The Canal is drawing largely from this port in the ...
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