The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Jan. 8, 1861 
TextNewspapers    Names of Propellers and Vessels Laid Up in the Port of Oswego Propellers Norman of Oswego Tugs Lady Franklin, Tornado, Robert Reed, Major Dana, J.H. Bloore of Oswego Barks Gibraltar of St. Catharines Admiral of Quebec Cleveland of Chicago Sonoro of Milwaukee Resolute of Buffalo ...
Oswego Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), Jan. 15, 1861 
TextNewspapers    The Salt Trade. - The Onondaga Salt Springs have furnished one of the first and permanent elements of business in Oswego. As early as the year 1818 the manufacture and shipments of the article to this port were quite extensive, and constituted the important branch of commercial business in the...
Oswego Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), Tuesday,  March 6, 1861 
TextNewspapers    Secession in Oswego Harbor - The Laws Enforced! - There was a bit of excitement in Oswego harbor yesterday morning, growing out of the secession operation. It seems that Sheriff Tucker had attached the schooner J.P. Kirtland, of Milan, Ohio, with her cargo of grain, at the suit of the Toledo...
St. Catharines Journal (St. Catharines, ON), March 7, 1861 
TextNewspapers    Five schooners, 43 canal boats, and five tugs are being constructed or their building is contracted at Buffalo. The ship carpenters of Detroit struck for higher wages on Friday. They demand $2 a day on old work and $1.75 on new work, which is an advance of fifty cents on the old price. ...
St. Catharines Journal (St. Catharines, ON), March 28, 1861 
TextNewspapers    A Strike - The ship carpenters and caulkers of this town, and also of Port Dalhousie and Port Robinson, struck this morning for an advance in wages. They demand $1.75 per diem, instead of $1.50, which has been the wages for some time back. They also require weekly payments of their earnings. A...
Oswego Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), April 8, 1861 
TextNewspapers    A Monster Canal Boat. - The largest canal boat we have ever seen, and we think the largest afloat, was launched on Saturday from the boat yard of Samuel Miller of this city. The new boat is called the Abraham Lincoln, bears a handsome portrate of "Old Abe" on the stern, and belongs to Ald. ...
Oswego Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), April 8, 1861. 
TextNewspapers    "On Saturday evening, a man named Dennis Woods, who had been boarding at the hotel of Mrs. Cunningham in the vicinity of Pea Soup Flats, made his appearance at the police office and entered complaint against parties for assault and battery. He was too much under the influence of bad whisky to ...
Oswego Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), Thursday, May 15, 1861 
TextNewspapers    The Steamer Comet Sunk. - The steamer Comet, which left Kingston Tuesday night for Toronto, collided with the schooner Exchange, near Nine Mile Point Light, and sunk in forty feet of water. Two lives were lost. The schooner sustained but slight damage. A strange fatality has attended the ...
St. Catharines Journal (St. Catharines, ON), June 20, 1861. 
TextNewspapers    St. Catharines, Monday, June 17 -- Fire at Port Robinson: Abbey's Ship-yard Destroyed. We understand that the workshops in Messrs. J.P. and J. Abbey's Ship Yard, Port Robinson, were set fire to last night, and completely destroyed. The loss is not stated, nor if there was any insurance. It is...
Oswego Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), June 25, 1861 
TextNewspapers    Ship Carpenters On A Strike - We learn that the ship carpenters of this city are on a strike. Under the sanction of their Union they demand $1.75 per day for their labor, their pay heretofore having been $1.50. We suppose their demands will ultimately be acceded to. ...
Oswego Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), June 25, 1861 
TextNewspapers    The strike of the Ship Carpenters. - We were in error yesterday in saying that the Ship Carpenters' Union had struck for an advance in their rate of wages. They have hitherto received for their labor fourteen shillings a day; but the masters, by reason of the hard times and the dull state of the...
Oswego Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), June 28, 1861 
TextNewspapers    ... me. I must confess that I don't think that these Union men are asking anything unreasonable at all. A Friend of the Union. Oswego, June 26, 1861. ...
St. Catharines Journal (St. Catharines, ON), July 11, 1861 
TextNewspapers    The Ship Carpenters and Caulkers Union Mr. Editor, - Allow me space for a few words to correct a statement in you much esteemed journal in reference to the Union on the Welland Canal. I would just state that the Society lately formed is not broken up; and as to the organization, no man could...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 18 May 1861 
TextNewspapers    DISASTROUS COLLISION - THREE LIVES LOST. - Capt. Dorr received the following dispatch from Kingston yesterday morning: The schooner Exchange, with a cargo of wheat from Chicago, collided with the steamer Comet, last night, off the Duck (sic). The Comet is a total loss. Three men are also lost....
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 27 Jul 1861 
TextNewspapers    *at Garden Island, Ont. by Henry Roney.
St. Joseph Traveler (St. Joseph, MI), 17 July 1861 
TextNewspapers    MARINE DISASTER PROBABLE LOSS OF THE PORPELLER BRITTON WITH ALL ON BOARD The propeller L. L. Britton , Captain John Q. Adams , which has been for some weeks past plying between this port Chicago, there is every reason to believe, is lost with all on board. She left St. Joseph for ...
Our Lake Defences 
TextNewspapers  "Our Lake Defences," Wyoming County Mirror (Warsaw, NY), December 18, 1861, page 2  Column 7
Globe (Toronto, ON), April 11, 1861, page 2 
TextNewspapers  Globe (Toronto, ON), April 11, 1861, page 2page 2  The Launch Of A Schooner At Oakville The good times are once more visiting Oakville. In the years 1854, '55 and '56 launches were of frequent occurrence, but of late they have been few and far between. There is good promise, however, of a revival. On Tuesday last a fine schooner, 110 feet ...
Globe (Toronto, ON), May 10, 1861, page 3 
TextNewspapers  Globe (Toronto, ON), May 10, 1861, page 3page 3  The schooner Alpha cleared from Hamilton on the 3rd instant for Kingston with 15,259 bushels of No. 1 Spring wheat. This is the first cargo of the season from Chicago via Sarnia and G.W.R .. The Alpha was built this year at Oakville by Messrs. Duncan Chisholm and John Simpson ...
Hamilton Evening Times (Hamilton, ON), May 28, 1861, page 3 
TextNewspapers  Hamilton Evening Times (Hamilton, ON), May 28, 1861, page 3page 3  This was the launch of the Hero .

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