The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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The Great Western Railway yards and shops, showng the grain elevator built in 1862 
Image    A photograph of the Hamilton waterfront by the Great Western Railway yards, featuring the grain elevator. To the left of the picture a schooner lies alongside the wharf. Used to illustrate Ivan S. Brookes, Hamilton Harbor, 1826-1901 .
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), April 3, 1862 
TextNewspapers    The schooner NIGHTINGALE, at present laid up at this port, has been sold, we understand, by parties in Oswego, to E. W. Hudson, Esq., of this city. The price is stated to be $10,500. The NIGHTINGALE is a staunch built vessel of some 16,000 bushel capacity. We learn also, the schooner ...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), May 7, 1862 
TextNewspapers    FOR CHICAGO. - The new Barque PARAMA, built the past winter at Cleveland, passed up yesterday, bound for Chicago. Also, a fore-and-aft schooner built at Oswego, called the GEORGE GOBLE, bound for the same port. - Detroit Free Press ...
Launch and Accident 
TextNewspapers  "Launch and Accident," Syracuse Journal (Syracuse, NY), May 7, 1862  LAUNCH AND ACCIDENT. ---The RUSSIAN, a new vessel, the best boat thatwas ever set from the Oswego yards, was launched yesterday afternoon. She is about 400 tons burthen, and will carry 17,000 bushels of grain through the Welland Canal. The owner are MessrsSmith and Post. She was built at ...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), May 8, 1862 
TextNewspapers    LAUNCH. - The Oswego Times says a new Barque of 400 tons burthen and 17,000bush. capacity, named the RUSSIAN, built at Miller's ship-yard for Messrs. Smith & Post was launched on Wednesday last. ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), June 13, 1862 
TextNewspapers    The steam tug LADY FRANKLIN has been sold to Smith & Post of Oswego, for the sum of $7,000 cash, and takes her departure from here for that port this morning. She has been plying on the river since August last, is new and of great power, and will answer well for towing vessels in and out ...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), July 21, 1862 
TextNewspapers    A SPLENDID VESSEL. - The schooner RUSSIAN, of Oswego, made her first appearance in our harbor yesterday and took on board a cargo of 20,000 bush. wheat for Kingston. The RUSSIAN was built at Oswego last spring, and is owned by the well known firm of Smith & Post of that city. In ...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), August 23, 1862 
TextNewspapers    GONE TO THE OCEAN. - The steamer MAPLE LEAF, which ran this season between Charlotte, Oswego, and Canadian ports, has been sold to Messrs. Long & Deland, of Boston, and by them chartered to the United States Government. She is now on her way to the ocean. Once down the rapids of the St. ...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), October 15, 1862 
TextNewspapers    A NEW VESSEL. - A very handsome little schooner, called the CIRCASSIAN, built by David Rogers of Alcott, N. Y. , for Smith & Post, of Oswego, arrived at this port on Saturday, from the Badger State Warehouse. The CIRCASSIAN is one of the best vessels, in point of build and outfit, that ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 5 Feb 1862 
TextNewspapers    THE LONDON TIMES ON OUR LAKE DEFENSES The London TIMES of the 7th (of January) thinks that, in case of a war with the United States, Canada would be attacked by sea instead of land and maintains that the policy of England would be to carry on a naval warfare on the great lakes, devastating the...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 23 Apr 1862 
TextNewspapers    *pony engine - a small auxiliary steam engine used to run deck gear - winches, capstans, pumps, etc.
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 3 May 1862 
TextNewspapers    BRITISH LION was wrecked in a storm on Long Pt, Lake Erie, Oct. 4, 1877
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 5 Feb 1862 
TextNewspapers    * Two 11-inch Dahlgren guns were installed. **equipoise = counterbalanced, i.e. the rudder had a vane both foreward and aft of a central axle.
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 14 May 1862 
TextNewspapers    THE NEW STEAM BARK CREAM CITY. - This monster steam craft arrived here yesterday afternoon shortly after five o'clock, and came alongside the dock foot of Bates street, where a large number of citizens, including many of our first and best mechanics, availed themselves of the opportunity to...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 27 Jun 1862 
TextNewspapers    The CREAM CITY went ashore in the great gale of Nov 22, 1869 near Detour, Michigan, in northern Lake Huron and was stranded. Despite determined efforts to extricate her, the big vessel resisted all attempts and was abandoned to break up December 8.
St. Catharines Evening Journal (St. Catharines, ON), January 2, 1862 
TextNewspapers    As for the lakes, we have there already a seventy-four gun ship, of excellent model, suitable to turn into a screen, and if iron plated and armed with rifled guns, able to sweep Lake Erie of any fleet the British could show there in the next six months. - New York Evening Post ...
St. Catharines Evening Journal (St. Catharines, ON), January 2, 1862 
TextNewspapers    When next our much respected contemporary discusses the probability of war with England and the important of our lake defences, we wish it would point out how it proposes to get that seventy-four gun ship from Sacketts Harbor into Lake Erie. Will the New Orleans go through the Welland Canal or...
St. Catharines Evening Journal (St. Catharines, ON), January 31, 1862 
TextNewspapers    A New Canal Proposed The Chicago Tribune is troubled about the position of England at this moment, and is anxious that the West should be made independent of Canada by the construction of a new canal on the American side of the Falls of Niagara. Knowing the anxiety of our contemporary to...
St. Catharines Evening Journal (St. Catharines, ON), January 2, 1862 
TextNewspapers    The tug McQueen, which left here a few days since for Port Colborne, to bring to this port the bark Col. Elsworth, returned On Saturday evening with that vessel in tow. The McQueen has left again to fall in with the bark Torrent, which vessel is now on Lake Erie bound for this port. - Det. Free...
St. Catharines Evening Journal (St. Catharines, ON), January 23, 1862 
TextNewspapers    Loss Of A Schooner - The schooner Isabella Ainslie, of Leith, C.W., was wrecked on the 27th December, about seven miles north of the Limestone Islands, in the Georgian Bay. No lives were lost. ...

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