The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Sat., April 8, 1871 
TextNewspapers    The "Gilbert Mollison" Afloat. - This morning the steam tug Morley towed the new and staunch schooner Gilbert Mollison out into blue water, where the centre board was shipped, and the vessel is ready for sea. The Mollison is an A 1 vessel, full canal length, and capable of carrying 19,000 ...
Oswego Advertiser & Times (Oswego, NY), Sat., April 8, 1871 
TextNewspapers    New Vessel. - A fine new vessel of the first-class, built during the winter at the yard of Andrew Miller & Co., hauled up the stream this morning, with flying colors, and in complete order to sail. She is named the "Gilbert Mollison," and is owned by Mitchell Brothers and M. Murphy. Her ...
Oswego Advertiser & Times (Oswego, NY), April 11, 1871 
TextNewspapers    (arrivals and clearances) Schooner Gilbert Mollison cleared April 11 with 1,900 barrels of salt for Chicago. ...
Oswego Advertiser & Times (Oswego, NY), April 18, 1871 
TextNewspapers    Cleared for Oswego. - The new schooner Gilbert Mollison cleared from Chicago yesterday with 19,134 bushels of wheat at 9 cts for freight. ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), July 29, 1871 
TextNewspapers    On The Stocks. - Messrs. Goble McFarlane have in course of building for Alderman Morgan M. Wheeler, a finely proportioned schooner. Its dimensions are 143 feet keel, 26 feet six inches beam; 11 feet hold. She will have a carrying capacity of about 21,000 bushels. The schooner is built of the...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Monday, Aug. 21, 1871 
TextNewspapers    Launch of the "Madeira." - On Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock the new and staunch A 1 schooner Madeira was launched from the yard of Goble McFarlane at the foot of West First street. There was a large gathering of people to witness the proceeding. They commenced to gather about 3 o'clock. To...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Nov. 8, 1871 
TextNewspapers    Way Down Near The The Suwanee River - Direct For Florida. - For some time the schooner S.S. Ellsworth, Captain Edwards, has been in course of reconstruction. The mainmast has been done away with, the boiler of the tug Dodge has been place in her, and she has been converted into a screw ...
Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), Nov. 14, 1871 
TextNewspapers    The petition is not included in the article.
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Thurs., Nov. 23, 1871 
TextNewspapers    Most Remarkable Cat Journey on Record. - At the office of the Northern Transportation Co. is a cat which has made the most remarkable journey on record. The name of the cat is "Daisy," and she was born in Ireland. She was left at the N.T. Co.'s office by some emigrant passengers through here...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 2 May 1871 
TextNewspapers    ... through. 1867 - May 6, steamer Keeweenaw (sic), 634 tons, first boat through. 1868 - May 4, steamer Keweenaw, 634 tons, first boat through. 1869 - May 7, propeller St. Paul, 900 tons, first boat through. 1870 - April 25, propeller Pacific, 616 tons, first boat through. 1871 - May 10, steamer Keweenaw...
Saginaw Courier (Saginaw, MI), 2 Jul 1871 
TextNewspapers    ... were are enabled to say that in the season of 1871 there are 128 lake barges engaged upon our chain of lakes and rivers (besides those used exclusively for river transportation) in conveying the products of our forests, our salt works, and our farms to market. These barges are of a capacity of 39...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 12 Sep 1871 
TextNewspapers    Vessels Passing Through the Welland Canal By special dispatch to THE DETROIT FREE PRESS, from Port Colborne, the following vessels are reported as passed through the Welland Canal September 11: DOWN Prop City of Concord, Chicago to Ogdensburg, general cargo Prop Buckeye, Toledo to ...
Oswego Advertiser & Times (Oswego, NY), Tues., Aug. 15, 1871 
TextNewspapers    Launch Of The New Schooner Havana. - The new schooner Havana, built by A. Miller & Co. for T.S. Mott, was launched yesterday afternoon, from the foot of East 2d street. A large crowd assembled in the vicinity, every available spot being occupied, from which a view of the vessel could be ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Tues., Aug. 15, 1871 
TextNewspapers    The Launch Yesterday. According to announcement the new schooner built for Mr. T. S. Mott, by A. Miller & Co., was launched yesterday afternoon. Every available space for watching the event was occupied by four o'clock. The trestle of the Delaware & Hudson Co. ran parallel to the course of the...
St. Joseph Valley Register (St. Joseph, MI), Thurs., 3 Aug. 1871 
TextNewspapers    The second steamboat on the scene was the A. C. Van Raalte .
Chicago Times (Chicago, IL), 20 July 1871 
TextNewspapers    BURNING OF THE PROPELLER JOE BARBER . A serious disaster occurred on the lake about midnight on Tuesday, the propeller Joe Barber being burned between this city and St. Joseph , Mich., and two lives lost. The vessel left Benton Harbor shortly after 2 o'clock on the night above ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), March 21, 1871 
TextNewspapers    ...The average opening date was March 24, about a month later than the official openings of today. In 1871, wooden-hulled vessels had to be sure most of the ice was gone from their routes before they set out for the first haul of the season.       ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), March 29, 1871 
TextNewspapers    HOUSING IN TUGS. - The work of housing in tugs, in order to place them in a more serviceable condition for the performance of outside work, has of late become quite general, and it is believed by many that the plan ere long will be universally adopted. Among others that are thus fitted out the...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 16 Apr, 1871 
TextNewspapers    This vessel was the JAMES COUCH, later TASMANIA, a large three-mast schooner of nearly 1,000 tons.
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 25 Apr, 1871 
TextNewspapers    ...This article containing a wealth of shipbuilding jargondescribes the launch of the large 3-master JAMES COUCH (later TASMANA) in 1871. She was probably the largest free-sailing schooner on the lakes when built.    ...

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