The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Image    ...Photograph of the MANITOULIN. The evergreen trees suggest that this is her maiden voyage in 1880....
Asia and Ontario 
Image  1873-82  Photograph of the ASIA and ONTARIO in port at Kincardine on Lake Huron.
Image  1873-1881  Photograph of the North West Transportation Company & Lake Superior Royal Mail Line propeller ASIA at the wharf in Duluth.
Image  c1875-1890  Photograph of the PASSPORT downbound in the Lachine Rapids.
Image  1871-93  Photograph of Charles F. Gildersleeve's steamboat MAUD probably near Kingston or in the Thousand Islands.
Quebec and Ontario 
Image  1874-85  Photograph of propellers QUEBEC and ONTARIO at Kincardine. The evergreen trees were decorations for the first trip of a new season.
The steamer CORINTHIAN in Hamilton Harbour 
Image  c 1880  Photograph of the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company steamboat CORINTHIAN in Hamilton habour. Used to illustrate Ivan S. Brookes, Hamilton Harbor, 1826-1901 .
The propeller ST. MAGNUS upbound in Lock 19 of the Third Welland Canal 
Image  c 1880  Photograph of the propeller ST. MAGNUS upbound in Lock 19 of the Third Welland Canal Used to illustrate Ivan S. Brookes, Hamilton Harbor, 1826-1901 .
Captain Edward Zealand Jr. 
ImageComments  c 1880  ...Photograph of Captain Edward Zealand, Jr., master of the propeller ZEALAND, which foundered with all hands west of Nicholson's Island in 1880...
Main saloon of a steamboat 
Image  c 1880  A stereoview of the main saloon of a steamboat probably on the Lake Erie to Lake Superior run as it is part of the "Lake Superior and Minnesota" series published by Union View of Rochester "Union View Co., Publishers, Rochester, N. Y." "Lake Superior & Minnesota"
Honourable John Hamilton 
Image  c1880  Photographic portrait of the Honourable John Hamilton, ship owner, Legislative Councillor, Senator.
Ship Canal, Sault Ste. Marie at Lake Superior 
Image  c1880  Stereoview of arched propeller in the American canal at Sault Sainte Marie. "B" Series
Steamer MAGNET 
Image  c 1880  Photograph of Steamer MAGNET
CHIEFTAIN and JOHN A. MACDONALD towing timber rafts on the Saint Lawrence River 
Image  c1880  Distant view of the Calvin Company steam tow boats towing large rafts of timber from their headquarters at Garden Island, near Kingston, Ontario to Quebec City. A small hut can be seen on the raft where its crew would live. Calvin's operated the JOHN A MACDONALD from 1866 to 1895 and the...
JOHN A MACDONALD towing timber raft on the Saint Lawrence River 
Image  c1880  Distant view of the Calvin Company steam tow boat JOHN A. MACDONALD towing large raft of timber on Saint Lawrence River
Yonge St. Wharf, Saturday Afternoon 
ImageMysteries  1880  ..."467 Yonge St. Wharf, Saturday Afternoon" "Glimpses of Toronto" "James Esson Preston Photographer and Publisher" "Entered according to Act of Parliament of Canada in the year 1880 by James Esson in the office of the Minister of Agriculture."...
Chicago River Elevators, Etc. Chicago, Ill. 
Image  c1880  Stereoview of a busy day on the Chicago river. In the front right corner is the two-masted schooner QUEEN OF THE LAKES of Kingston with a load of timber on the deck. A pair of tugboats work their way down the river past a three masted schooner. A grain elevator is in the background. "Popular...
Government Pier, Cleveland 
Image  c1880  Barge Saginaw East lying at the wooden government wharf in Cleveland, OH Pirated view. "Government Pier, Cleveland" "Stereoviews of New York City Central Park, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Chicago, St. Louis San Francisco Cincinnati Buffalo Cleveland Pittsburgh Detroit Hartford...
Wharf -- Toronto 
ImageCommentsMysteries  c 1870 - 90  Pirated stereoview of the Toronto waterfront, with a group of men and boys assembled on a wharf in the foreground. a small tugboat lies to the left of the image. Behind it lies the two masted schooner, TRADE WIND of Port Hope. Two more schooners lie just outside the wharf. TRADE WIND operated...
Chicago River and Elevators, Chicago Ill. 
Image  c1880  Stereoview from the deck of a steamboat looking at Chicago's grain elevators A and B, with some railroad cars entering B. "1102. Chicago River and Elevators, Chicago Ill." "B" Series.

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