The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Sept. 9, 1882 
TextNewspapers    Treasure in the Lake _______ A Million and a Half Dollars In Lake Ontario Waiting to be Picked up _______ Just now the St. Catharines Journal is engaged in an attempt to get a credulous public engaged in an attempt to believe an apocryphal story related first in the long ago that treasure...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), November 25, 1882, page 3 
TextNewspapers  Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), November 25, 1882, page 3page 3  Column 2
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), November 25, 1882 
TextNewspapers    The schr. GEO. M. CASE wheat laden from Chicago for Oswego, and the H. FOLGER, with coal from Black River for Toronto, could not enter the Welland Canal and were obliged to enter this port. The canvas of both was badly used up, and part of their bulwarks gone. ...
Buffalo Commercial Advertiser (Buffalo, NY), December 3, 1882, page 3 
TextNewspapers  Buffalo Commercial Advertiser (Buffalo, NY), December 3, 1882, page 3page 3  Column 3
Buffalo Commercial Advertiser (Buffalo, NY), December 7,1882, page 3 
TextNewspapers  Buffalo Commercial Advertiser (Buffalo, NY), December 7,1882, page 3page 3  It appears that the schr. MIDLAND ROVER was entering Toronto by the Western Channel when she went aground. A heavy sea was running and the wind was blowing about 35 miles per hour. The tug finding it impossible to get her off, let go the line, and the schooner kept drifting inward. A large ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 3 Nov 1882 
TextNewspapers    The small propeller CELTIC made it to Lake Superior without mishap and lasted until sunk in a collision ten years later
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), October 14, 1882 
TextNewspapers    The Canadian Government has established a lifeboat station at Cobourg, and a [unreadable word] lifeboat built by Francis, of New York, has been placed there. It is fitted for four oars, and a captain or steersman, and is also furnished with a wagon, so that it can be conveyed to distant parts of...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), October 14, 1882 
TextNewspapers    Toward the end of the 19th century, the papers made much of the practice among vessel owners of continuing to use old wooden schooners until they were barely able to float. Indeed, statistics show that as high as 80% of all wooden vessel were used until wrecked, rather than being retired, even...
Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), Thursday, September 21, 1882 
TextNewspapers    An Old Captain - The Man who Helped to Build the First Propeller on the Lakes The Rochester Post-Express says: The trial of the case of Albert Quonoce, and others, against the insurance company of the state of Pennsylvania, involving the amount of $10,000 insurance on the schooner COMANCHE,...
St. Joseph Traveler-Herald (St. Joseph, MI), 17 June 1882 
TextNewspapers    A description of the Graham & Morton Transportation Company's new steamer Lora, which is now receiving her first cargo of freight for Chicago, will be interesting to many of our readers. This fine propeller was built -- at a cost, complete, of about $60,000 -- expressly for the passenger and ...
St. Joseph Traveler-Herald (St. Joseph, MI), Saturday, 10 June 1882 
TextNewspapers    The schooner Fortune Trial, which was in this port during the late blow, was struck by a squall some eighteen miles north of South Haven Thursday, and capsized. Her captain and a seaman were saved by a passing steam barge. ...
St. Joseph Traveler-Herald (St. Joseph, MI), Saturday, 15 April 1882 
TextNewspapers    The Milwaukee Sentinel says: "The propeller Michigan, Capt. Prindeville, arrived Friday from Grand Haven. Captain Prindeville says in regard to the accident to the propeller G. J. Truesdell, mentioned in the Sentinel's dispatches from Grand Haven, Friday, that he sighted the Truesdell when...
St. Joseph Traveler-Herald (St. Joseph, MI), 19 August 1882 
TextNewspapers    A correspondent of the Inter Ocean, writing from Frankfort, Mich., under date of Aug. 10th, says: The first vessel that ever loaded on the Atlantic seaboard for the great lakes was the schooner Thomas Bradley in 1856. Captain Nathaniel Robbins, at present Superintendent of the Life-Saving ...
St. Joseph Traveler-Herald (St. Joseph, MI), Saturday, 9 December 1882 
TextNewspapers    "The steam barge R. G. Peters, which lay in this port and near Brown's ice-house, on the canal, a portion of last week, and left last Friday with the barge A. W. Luckey in tow, for Manistee, took fire and was burned some twenty-five miles off Milwaukee about 2 o'clock Saturday morning. Her ...
Detroit Post and Tribune (Detroit, MI), 18 Apr, 1882 
TextNewspapers    ... What the newspaper of 1882 took to be a huge but ugly vessel was actually the first metal steamer built specifically as a bulk freighter, and has a familiar look to we moderns. Built at the Globe Iron Works at Buffalo, ONOKO was the largest vessel on the lakes at the time, but at 287 feet and 2...
Detroit Post and Tribune (Detroit, MI), April 27, 1882 
TextNewspapers    HAVING TO STRETCH FIGURES - SOME LARGE CARGOES The new iron steamship Onoko, Capt. Pringle, completed loading her cargo of wheat yesterday afternoon, and at about 3:30 o'clock left the harbor on her way to Buffalo. Her report at the custom house says she has 96,000 bushels of wheat, but this...
Detroit Post and Tribune (Detroit, MI), April 28, 1882 
TextNewspapers    THE ONOKO'S CARGO Considerable has been said about what the steamship Onoko could carry on a few inches greater draught of water. The Inter-Ocean states that she took out of Chicago 88,215 bushels of wheat on a draught of 14 feet forward and 14 feet, 4 inches aft, or an average of 14 feet 2 ...
Detroit Post and Tribune (Detroit, MI), Tues., May 2, 1882 
TextNewspapers    THE ONOKO AS OTHERS SEE HER About noon on Saturday the new iron steamer Onoko arrived here with something over 88,000 bushels of wheat. She left Chicago last Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. and her time in coming down was three days and nineteen and a half hours. The Onoko is the largest vessel afloat on...
Detroit Post and Tribune (Detroit, MI), Apr 26, 1882 
TextNewspapers    The loss of the schooner E. M. Portch was due to a collision with the steam barge Leland. Mr. Jacob Johnson, owner of the Portch, made a discovery yesterday that he deems a very important one. H. W. Magee is his lawyer, and Rae and Smith are for the Elk Rapids Iron Company, the owners of the ...
Detroit Post and Tribune (Detroit, MI), Jun 24, 1882 
TextNewspapers    THE LELAND-PORTCH COLLISION A petition was filed in the United States district court three months ago, by the Elk Rapids Iron Company, owner of the steam barge Leland, to limit the liability [for] schooner E. M. Portch, growing out of a collision with the Leland in which the latter was at...

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