The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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The steamer LILLIE in Burlington Bay 
Image  c 1885  The steamer LILLIE in Burlington Bay owned by Capt. Thomas Thornton and D. A. Mitchell Used to illustrate Ivan S. Brookes, Hamilton Harbor, 1826-1901 .
American Falls and New "Maid of the Mist" 
Image  c1885  Stereoview of both the MAID OF THE MIST in the Niagara River below the American Falls. The steamboat is the older of the two MAIDs built in the 1880s. "48 American Falls and new "Maid of the Mist." "C. Bierstadt, Niagara Falls, N. Y." "Manufacturer of Stereoscopic Views"
City of Green Bay (Steamboat), U91228, 1885 
TextNewspapers  1885  ...Side wheel steamer CITY OF GREEN BAY. Of 172 tons. Built at Green Bay in 1880 by Gregory. Owned by McCormick. Home port, Green Bay. Value $116,000. Class A 2. REMARKS. -- Formerly M.C. HAWLEY.       Inland Lloyds Vessel register, 1885 &#160...
Ontario (Steamboat), U155097, 1885 
TextNewspapers  1885  ...Side wheel steamer ONTARIO. Of 245 tons. Built at Rochester in 1880 by Ault. Rebuilt in 1883. Owned by Barney. Home port, Clayton. Value $25,000. Class A 2. REMARKS. -- Formerly FLOWER CITY.       Inland lloyds Vessel Register, 1885   &...
City of Cleveland (Steamboat), U126333, 9 Sep 1885 
TextNewspapers  1885  ...The CITY OF CLEVELAND, said to be the finest passenger steamer on the lakes, was launched at Wyandotte Wednesday.       Port Huron Daily Times       Thursday, September 10, 1885     &#160...
Hattie (Steamboat), 16 Jul 1885 
TextNewspapers  1885  ...      The stm. HATTIE has gone into Detroit drydock for repairs.       The Marine Record       July 16, 1885 5-2 ...
Periwinkle (Steamboat), 13 Apr 1885 
TextNewspapers  1885  ... on this deck, thus giving the passengers unobstructed room on the main and promenade decks, and will also afford shelter from bad weather. Capt. A.B. Drake will command the vessel.       Buffalo Commercial Advertiser       April 13, 1885 3-2 ...
McIntyre (Steamboat), 5 Jun 1885 
TextNewspapers  1885  ... occupied the club house balcony and furnished excellent music during the afternoon.       Buffalo Commercial Advertiser       June 5, 1885 3-1 ...
Periwinkle (Steamboat), 20 Jun 1885 
TextNewspapers  1885  ... be dancing at the Grove in the evening. Prices as usual.       Buffalo Commercial Advertiser       June 20, 1885 3-1       The stm. PERIWINKLE will make an excursion to Port Colborne on Friday, June 26, leaving her...
City of Cleveland (Steamboat), U125808, 24 Feb 1885 
TextNewspapers  1885  ...Paddle wheel steamer CITY OF CLEVELAND. U.S. No. 125808, of 1221.98 tons gross; 917.29 tons net. Home port, Detroit, Mich. Changed name to CITY OF ALPENA on February 24, 1885.       List of Vessels Whose Names Have been     &...
Darius Cole (Steamboat), U157173, 15 Jul 1885 
TextNewspapers  1885  ...The new iron sidewheel steamer DARIUS COLE was launched at the Globe iron shipyard in Cleveland Wednesday afternoon. She is 212 feet over all.       Port Huron daily Times       Thursday, July 16, 1885 &#160...
C. O. Kelly (Steamboat), fire, 2 Aug 1885 
TextNewspapers  1885  ...Propeller [sic] C.O. KELLY, of Ottawa, 259 tons built 1875, burned at Pembroke, August 2, 1885 and became a total loss. No cargo, value of loss $8,000.       Total Losses on the Lakes, 1885       Cleveland Leader   &...
Lansdowne (Steamboat), C88629, collision, 15 Jul 1885 
TextNewspapers  1885  ...Steamer LANSDOWNE, of Detroit injured by collision at Detroit July 15, 1885. Cargo of sundries. Partial casualty with the amount of loss estimated at $13,000.       Cleveland Leader [Casualty list]       December 7, 1885 &...
Frances Smith (Steamboat), aground, 23 Aug 1885 
TextNewspapers  1885  ...Steamer FRANCES SMITH, of Owen Sound, built 1867 and of 640 tons. On August 23, 1885 steamer went ashore in Georgian Bay. She was got off with a property loss of $3,900.       Cleveland Leader [Casualty list]       December 7, 1885...
City of Milwaukee (Steamboat), disabled, 14 Aug 1885 
TextNewspapers  1885  ...Steamer CIRT OF MILWAUKEE, of Grand Haven, built 1880 and of 1,148 tons. On August 14, 1885 vessel disabled [machinery ?] on Lake Michigan. Property loss value $22,000. Cargo of sundries.       List of Partial Lake Losses, 1885     &#160...
May Graham (Steamboat), 91173, sunk, 8 Sep 1885 
TextNewspapers  1885  ...Steamer MAY GRAHAM, of St. Joseph, built 1879 and of 91 tons. On September 8, 1885 vessel sunk at St. Joseph, Lake Michigan. Property loss value $1,500. No cargo.       List of Partial Lake Losses, 1885       Cleveland Leader...
Hero (Steamboat), exploded, 25 Aug 1885 
TextNewspapers  1885  ...Steamer HERO, of Montreal, built 1878 and of 159 tons. On August 25, 1885 steamer exploded on the St. Lawrence River. Property loss valued at $2,000. Cargo of sundries.       List of Partial Lake Losses, 1885       Cleveland...
Chicago River E. fr. Clark st. Bridge, open 
Image  c 1885-87  Stereoview of propeller and two tugboats, one towing a three-masted schooner, in the Chicago River about 1900. 485Chicago River E. fr. Clark st. Bridge, open Chicago and Vicinity, New Series Gates Bros. Publishers, Chicago.
Steamer Bohemian shooting Lachine Rapids 
Image  c1885  Magic lantern slide of the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company BOHEMIAN in the Lachine Rapids This image appears as VIEW-2474 in the collection of Wm. Notman & Son at the McCord Museum in Montreal. Search under "BOHEMIAN" "William H. Rau, Photographer" "Philadelphia, Penna" "25" Reverse...
City of Buffalo 
Image  1885,   ...Illustration from the article by Jane Meade Welch, "The City Of Buffalo," Harper's Monthly, July 1885, p. 195...

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