The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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The steamer MAZEPPA 
Image  c 1887  Photograph of the Hamilton Steamboat Company steamer MAZEPPA Used to illustrate Ivan S. Brookes, Hamilton Harbor, 1826-1901 .
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), April 9, 1887 
TextNewspapers    Obituary. Andrew Miller Oswego lost one of her best known and worthiest citizens in the death of Andrew Miller, which occurred today at the age of 76 years. Mr. Miller was born in Coleraine, Ireland, May 3, 1806, and came to Oswego when 25 years old. He had learned the trade of a ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Thurs., Oct. 27, 1887 
TextNewspapers    Capt. John Van Alstyne _______ Death of The Good Old Lake Captain Last Night _______ Interesting Facts in a Remarkable Career - He Commanded Vessels for forty-two years and Never Lost but One - Beloved by many Warm Friends. Oswego sailors and citizens will be shocked and painted to learn...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 18 Jun 1887, page 1 
TextNewspapers  Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 18 Jun 1887, page 1page 1  NEARLY THIRTY LOST _______ The Steamer Champlain Burned On Lake Michigan _______ FIFTY-SEVEN PERSONS, PASSENGERS OFFICERS AND CREW, ON BOARD _______ Twenty-four Persons Known to Have Drowned or Burned to Death. _______ Names of the Victims and The Survivors So Far As Learned _______...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 21 Nov 1887 
TextNewspapers    *tug BOB TEED, as identified in a later article In fairy tale fashion, both the Stampede and her crew lived to sail another day.
Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), 12 November 1887 (Saturday) 
TextNewspapers    Capt. A. P. Read , owner of the schooner Myosotis , received a telegram from Capt. John Mahoney , the master, reporting the loss of his vessel at St. Joseph . The Myosotis left Escanaba last Tuesday with 600 tons of ore. Encountering adverse winds she ran to Chicago for shelter, leaving...
Rochester Union & Advertiser (Rochester, NY), Aug. 31, 1887 
TextNewspapers    Coal Schooner Sunk _____ Run into by the Siesta at an Early Hour this Morning ______ Special Despatch to the Union and Advertiser CHARLOTTE, Aug. 31. - The steam yacht Siesta, Capt. John Davis. while coming up the lake from Alexandria Bay about 1 o'clock this morning, twenty-five miles...
Berrien Springs Era (Berrien Springs, MI), 1 June 1887 (Wednesday) 
TextNewspapers    THE PURITAN. The new Graham & Morton steamer was successfully launched last Wednesday, in the presence of about 5000 people. The dimensions of the boat briefly stated are as follows: Length of keel, 165 feet; over all, 175 feet; depth of hold, 13 feet; breadth of beam amidships, 23 feet; ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Sep. 6, 1887 
TextNewspapers    Judge Horne has given his decision in the case for damages brought by the owners of the tug Bob Hackett against the propeller St. Magnus on the 8th of September, 1885, when the craft collided between Limekilns Crossing and Bois Blanc Island, and the Bob Hackett was sunk and proved a total wreck....
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Sept. 9, 1887 
TextNewspapers    Twenty-four shaped spars have just been shipped from Pinconning, Lake Huron, to Halifax to be reshipped to Liverpool, England. ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Nov. 1, 1887 
TextNewspapers    There are at present 350 men at work at Wheeler's shipyard at West Bay City, and this force will be kept on all winter. Mr. Wheeler has five boats in the course of construction now. Three of these boats will have a 276 foot keel and will cost $132,000 each. One of these boats is being built for...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 4 Oct. 1887, page 1 
TextNewspapers  Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 4 Oct. 1887, page 1page 1  Buffalo, October 3. - [Special].] - The storm which set in shortly before 7 o'clock this morning has been the most severe one of the season. The wind reached fifty-two miles an hour several times between 7 a.m. and noon, and blew at a rate of forty-five miles steady since the storm commenced. ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 4 October 1887, page 1 
TextNewspapers  Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 4 October 1887, page 1page 1  South Haven, October 3. - [Special.] - The schooner City of Green Bay, a three master, bound down the lake loaded with iron ore, sprung a leak off Saugatuck last night. The Captain attempted to keep her afloat until the heavy sea subsided and lay off shore here. At 4 o'clock this morning the ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Monday, March 7, 1887 
TextNewspapers    Another Harbor Wanted A vigorous effort is being made by marine men and those interested in navigation on Lake Ontario, to secure an appropriation for the establishment of a lighthouse and harbor of refuge at Port Ontario. Petitions are being circulated and signed by all sailors and vessel men...
Chicago (Propeller), U80901, 1887 
TextNewspapers  1887  ..., 1887 p.1 Steam screw CHICAGO.* U. S. No. 80901. Of 78 tons gross; 12 tons net. Built at West Bay City, Mich., in 1882. Home port, Chicago, Ill. 81.4 x 18.2 x 7.0 and a crew of 10. Fire service. * formerly steam screw W.H. ALLEY.     &#160...
Regina (Schooner), C85423, 1887 
TextNewspapers  1887  ..., 1887 p.2 Propeller EUROPE. Official Canadian No. 85243. Built at St. Catharines in 1870. Of 709 tons gross. 136 x 23 x 12 DISPOSITION:-- Burnt Welland Canal April 20, 1884       Provincial List of Canadian merchant Steamships     &...
Eugene A. Galvin (Steam yacht), 1887 
TextNewspapers  1887  ...The name of the stmy NINA & EDNA has been changed to EUGENE A. GALVIN after the son of Capt. Michael J. Galvin.       Buffalo Commercial Advertiser       June 1, 1887 3-6       The stmy. NINA...
Ella Ross (Steamboat), C77589, 1887 
TextNewspapers  1887  ... and return by the St. Lawrence.       The Marine Record       Thurs. February 24, 1887 p.5 Side wheel steamer ELLA ROSS. Of 17 tons. Built at Montreal in 1876 by Webster. Owned by Rathbun & Co. Home port, Deseranto...
Philo Scoville (Schooner), U19620, 1887 
TextNewspapers  1887  ...;#160;     The Marine Record       Thursday, September 15, 1887 p.5             Schooner MIDLAND ROVER...
Otego (Propeller), U155075, 1887 
TextNewspapers  1887  ... in 1883. She was formerly called the CITY OF St. CATHARINES and measures 224 tons. She will tow two consorts in the stone trade and will be commanded by Captain J.J. Frink.       The Marine Record       Thursday, February 10, 1887 p...

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