The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), April 5, 1888 
TextNewspapers    Helped Bury The Dead. ___________ A Man Who Remembers When The British Captured Oswego. ___________ Mr. Alanson Himes, a Resident of Oswego County for Seventy-Four Years, Celebrates His 90th Birthday - He Planted the Big Elms That Skirt the Park. Mr. Alanson Himes, one of the pioneer ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Tuesday, Aug. 14, 1888 
TextNewspapers    Odd Marine Disaster. _______ A Big Schooner Nearly Cuts Through The Lower Bridge _____ Driven at Racing Speed Before a Furious Gale it Was Impossible to Stop Her and She Dragged a Tug Into Shoal Water - The Damage The most singular marine disaster that ever happened at this port was that...
Daily Times (Oswego, NY), Tues., Aug. 14, 1888 
TextNewspapers    The MacDonald Libeled. ____ The City Will Attempt to Collect for the Damage Done to the Bridge From the Owners of the Vessel - Lively Work in Getting out the Necessary Papers. Hundreds of our citizens visited the lower bridge yesterday afternoon to see the Lady MacDonald stuck fast in the...
Daily Times (Oswego, NY), Mon., Aug. 13, 1888 
TextNewspapers    There is an original photo showing the Canadian schooner "B. Freeman" on the beach east of Fair Haven, taken this date.      
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Tues., Aug. 14, 1888 
TextNewspapers    Yesterday's Blow ______ Reports of Disasters on Lake Ontario ______ The Schooners Delaware , Gearing , Fleetwing and others on the Beach - Haven Among the Rochester Yachts - The Katie Gray All Right - Notes. The same storm of yesterday proves to have been quite disastrous to ...
Daily Times (Oswego, NY), Aug. 24, 1888 
TextNewspapers    The Schooner Olive Branch Preparations are being made to raise the schooner Olive Branch, sunk eight years ago between Main Duck and False Duck Island . The parties have constructed two steel pontoons sixty feet in length proportioned accordingly, which they claim will raise anything sunk...
Daily Times (Oswego, NY), Wed., Aug. 15, 1888 
TextNewspapers    ...Apparently the matter was settled, as the Lady McDonald cleared Oswego for Hamilton with 515 tons of coal on Aug. 25, 1888 according to the Oswego Daily Times for that date....
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Mon., Aug. 13, 1888 
TextNewspapers    SIXTY MILES AN HOUR. _____ A Disastrous Northeast Gale on Lake Ontario _____ Vessels Ashore and in Distress - Loss of Life at Charlotte - The East Breakwater Washed Away - The Heaviest Rainfall in Two Years - Damage in the City One of the most severe storms of wind and rain that has ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 18 Oct, 1888 
TextNewspapers    ... in 1884 and was converted to a 4-mast schooner at Bay City, Mich, to be towed by the new propeller OREGON (which got her engine). In the fall of 1887 she broke her hawser in a storm and sank offshore from Presque Ile, Michigan. After Reid brought her up in 1888, she was reduced to a 2-mast schooner...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Thur., 28 Jun, 1888 
TextNewspapers    Capt. Alexander McDougall's cigar-shaped barge, launched at Duluth last Saturday, is being examined by the committee for a classification in Inland Lloyd's Register. The committee is somewhat puzzled, as the boat is something new in marine architecture and has features not covered in the ...
Buffalo Commercial Advertiser (Buffalo, NY), May 2, 1888 
TextNewspapers    This is excerpted from Hollister's obituary.
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 21 Sep, 1888 
TextNewspapers    SEA GULL (US22098), was built at Mystic, Connecticut, in 1863 as a brig and was 147x33x10, 521 gt. She burned and sank in the Straits of Mackinac, near Bois Blanc Island, in May of 1893.
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 29 Sep, 1888 
TextNewspapers    This is probably the schooner-barge CHARLTON YOCUM.
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Sat., 3 Nov, 1888 
TextNewspapers    So long as the big steamboats lying in the river will violate the ordinance prohibiting the working of propeller wheels in the river, so long will accidents continue. It is a positive wonder that crash at Randolph street early yesterday evening was not attended with loss of life. The propeller...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 29 Sep, 1888 
TextNewspapers    Duluth's second shipyard is about to be started. It will turn out wooden vessels, the first order having been given by Captain Yocum to Napoleon Grignon for an 800 ton tow barge designed for carrying lumber. Its measurements are 140 feet keel and 32 feet beam, and the launching will occur next ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Sep. 22, 1888 
TextNewspapers    ...The Bradley tug FOREST CITY (US#120255), built in 1875, was sunk in a collision with the tug JOHN GREGORY while the two were racing for a tow outside the harbor, Sep 1, 1888....
Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), Jan 20, 1888 
TextNewspapers    THE OLD HISTORIC VILLAGE AWAKENING Live men rebuilding the Town-Will make it a Manufacturing town and a Summer Resort Mineral Spring a Chance for Capital-- Advantages Offered- A City Site the Present and Future of the Place Jumping to the Front. The historic village of Sackets Harbor has...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), October 21, 1888 
TextNewspapers    One class of shipwreck that doesn't get much notice is foul play. When a ship was sunk on purpose, it was usually to collect the insurance or steal the cargo. The deed was most often accomplished by arsonists (called "incendiaries" in the old days), and there are records of at least 40 attempts at...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), June 10, 1888 
TextNewspapers    Duluth reports a freak in the marine business. Vessels are bringing cedar ties to that port for the Manitoba Road and taking back tamarack ties to the Soo from Port Arthur for the Grand Trunk. A heavy trade is thus being carried on. ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Apr. 4, 1888 
TextNewspapers    Messrs. Leatham & Smith, of Sturgis [sic] Bay, are preparing to put steam in the schooner Pewaukee, now lying at Manitowoc. They will utilize a 16 x 18 tug engine and boiler for the purpose. In their opinion this will provide sufficient power to drive the Pewaukee along at fully five miles per ...

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