The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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A. D. CROSS towing the schooner ST. LOUIS in the Welland Canal 
Image  c 1889  The schooner ST. LOUIS downbound at Lock 4 on the Third Welland Canal in tow of the tug A.D. CROSS Used to illustrate Ivan S. Brookes, Hamilton Harbor, 1826-1901 .
The steamer MODJESKA in Hamilton Harbour 
Image  c 1889  The steamer MODJESKA in Hamilton Harbour Used to illustrate Ivan S. Brookes, Hamilton Harbor, 1826-1901 .
Syracuse Camera Club in Oswego Harbor 
Image  30 May 1889  ...Photograph of Syracuse Camera Club boat docked on west side of Oswego Harbor, May 30, 1889 before the start for home. Note sign, "Lake Seaman's Union" on stone building at left....
Watertown Herald (Watertown, NY), Saturday, Aug. 14, 1889 
TextNewspapers    Wrecked on the River. Fisher's Landing, Aug. 23. - The three masted schooner A. Vickery, with 21,000 bushels of corn for cargo, bound for Prescott from Chicago, struck a shoal near the Rock Island light house near Fisher's Landing, Thursday night, August 15. The schooner left Chicago August...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Saturday, Aug. 17, 1889 
TextNewspapers    The Wreck of the Vickery. The Vessel Missed Stays and Went on the Rocks. Thousand Island Park, Aug. 17 - (Special). - The schooner Vickery of Chicago, which struck on a shoal off this place Thursday night (Aug. 15), is sunk in eighty feet of water. Nothing can bee seen of the vessel but her...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 17 Sep 1889 
TextNewspapers    Dobbins' improved surfboat became the standard design for the USLS and was widely used in Canada as well.
Chicago Inter-Ocean (Chicago, IL), Aug. 21, 1889 
TextNewspapers    Wreck of the A. E. Vickery The sinking of Chicago schooner Vickery near Alexandria Bay came near being the cause of a tragedy. Captain Massey , though he has traveled the St. Lawrence a dozen times, owing to so many lights in island cottages, thought it best to go to Clayton and get...
A Schooner Wrecked near Thousand Island Park. 
TextNewspapers  "A Schooner Wrecked near Thousand Island Park.," Syracuse Standard (Syracuse, NY), Aug. 17, 1889  A Schooner Wrecked near Thousand Island Park . Special Correspondence of the Standard : FRONTENAC, N.Y. , Aug. 16. - At 10:30 o'clock last evening the large three masted schooner Vickery of Chicago struck on a shoal off Rock Island light house, just opposite Thousand Island Park ...
Some Canadian History: A Battle on Lake Ontario in 1814 
TextNewspapers  "Some Canadian History: A Battle on Lake Ontario in 1814," New York Times, July 7, 1889  SOME CANADIAN HISTORY _____ A BATTLE ON LAKE ONTARIO IN 1814 THE BRITISH TROOPS BADLY BEATEN BY AN AMERICAN FLOTILLA - OFFICIAL REPORTS OF THE MATTER. Ottawa, July 5. - Canadian historians are loth to admit the contention of American writers that the United States, in the war of ...
Daily Times (Oswego, NY), Sat., Aug. 17, 1889 
TextNewspapers    The Schooner Vickery ________ The Schooner and Cargo Regarded as a Total Loss Captain Beauprey of the schooner Watertown and Captain Flemming of the tug Seymour report that they passed the wreck of the schooner Vickery . They say that it is a total loss. The schooner struck on the...
Watertown Daily Times (Watertown, NY), Aug, 16, 1889 
TextNewspapers    A Schooner Sank. The three masted schooner A. Vickery, with 21,000 bushels of corn for cargo bound for Prescott from Chicago struck a shoal near the Rock Island lighthouse near Fishers Landing last night. The schooner left Chicago August 5 and arrived at Clayton last night. Here she took on a...
Watertown Daily Times (Watertown, NY), Aug. 26, 1889 
TextNewspapers    A Sensational Story "A sensational incident of the wreck of the schooner Vickery", says the Evening Wisconsin, of Milwaukee has been made public and caused considerable gossip. It was night when the Vickery reached the river, and the Captain, not-with-standing the fact that he had been down...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 22 July 1889 
TextNewspapers    The J. P. Farnum Burned. South Haven, Mich., July 21. - [Special.] - The steam barge J. P. Farnum, of Cleveland, Capt. L. G. Vosburgh, bound from St. Joseph to Escanaba, light, was burned off this port yesterday evening. She was about fifteen miles out in the lake and was seen by the ...
Iosco County Gazette (Tawas City, MI), Thur., Nov. 7, 1889, page 3 
TextNewspapers  Iosco County Gazette (Tawas City, MI), Thur., Nov. 7, 1889, page 3page 3  Column 4 *Oct. 30 Schooner JANE MASON (US#76139), of 60 feet and 33 gross tons, built in 1880 at Sand Beach (Harbor Beach), Michigan. Registrations at Port Huron showed her owned by Beck of East Tawas. Scow schooner SEA BIRD (probably), US#22375, of 79 feet and 82 gt, built at Algonac in 1862....
Altama (Schooner), U125366, 1889 
TextNewspapers  1889  ...Schooner yacht ALTAMA.* U.S. No. 125366. Of 31.30 tons gross; 29.74 tons net. Built 1871 at Cleveland, Ohio. Home port, Detroit, Mich. 58.8 x 17.7 x 6.4 * formerly schooner yacht CARRIE       Merchant Vessel List, U.S., 1889   &#160...
Ben Hur (Schooner), U3411, 1889 
TextNewspapers  1889  ...Schooner BEN HUR.* U.S. No. 3411. Of 314.53 tons gross; 297.85 tons net. Built 1874 at Dunnsville. Ont. Home port, Detroit, Mich. 138.0 x 25.6 x 11.2 * formerly British schooner M.C. UPPER       Merchant Vessel List, U.S., 1889 Schooner M...
Canton (Schooner), U125164, 1889 
TextNewspapers  1889  ...Schooner CANTON.* U.S. No. 125164. Of 320.62 tons gross; 304.59 tons net. Built 1873 at Trenton, Mich. Home port, Detroit, Mich. 137.4 x 26.2 x 11.8 * formerly schooner CHINA.       Merchant Vessel List, U.S., 1889     &#160...
Charles B. Wood (Schooner), U150196, 1889 
TextNewspapers  1889  ...Schooner CHARLES B. WOOD.* U.S. No. 150196. Of 108.36 tons gross; 102.95 tons net. Built 1880 at Chaumont, N.Y. Home port, Cape Vincent, N.Y. 81.0 x 22.0 x 7.0 * formerly schooner PINAFORE.       Merchant Vessel List, U.S., 1889   &#160...
Eugenia Vista (Schooner), U135577, 1889 
TextNewspapers  1889  ... List, U.S., 1889                   Schooner RUSSIA. official Canadian No. 72997. Of 140.28 tons gross; 133.14 tons register. Built at Port Credit in 1876...
General Burnside (Schooner), U10163, 1889 
TextNewspapers  1889  ...Scow schooner or schooner barge GENERAL BURNSIDE.* U.S. No. 10163. Of 307.54 tons; 292.16 tons net. Foreign built [no date] Home port, Port Huron. 138.0 x 25.5 x 11.3 * formerly Canadian schooner GIPSEY QUEEN.       Merchant Vessel List, U.S., 1889...

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