The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), June 8, 1891 
TextNewspapers    Obituary Captain "Tom" Collins The shipping in the harbor have colors at half mast today, out of respect to the memory of Captain Thomas Collins, formerly of this city, who died at his home in Buffalo Saturday night of heart failure. Fewer the lakes were as well known as Captain Collins. He...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Tues., June 9, 1891 
TextNewspapers    "Tom" Collins' Last Hours. ___________ A Kind Friend Whom Oswego's Vesselmen Will Miss Buffalo Courier: Captain Thomas Collins, whose death was announced yesterday, attended to his business all Saturday as usual, feeling and looking better than for many a day. At home, after supper, he was...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Wed., Aug. 19, 1891 
TextNewspapers    The Steamer Ontario Something About the Boat That is Bound for Cuba Alexandria Bay latter in Watertown Times: There is a bit of interesting history connected with the steamer Ontario, which left this port yesterday for Cuba, by way of the St. Lawrence River. She was built at Charlotte and ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Friday, Nov. 10, 1891 
TextNewspapers    Twenty-Six Years Ago ___________ A Terrible Shipwreck Recalled ___________ How the Brig Harvey Was Lost Near Little Salmon River - Four Out of a Crew of Nine Lost Texas, Oswego County, Nov. 19 - The gale of the last few days recalls to the minds of our old residents a terrible shipwreck...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Thursday, Sept. 24, 1891 
TextNewspapers    To The Water's Edge. _______ The Steamer Geneva Goes Up In Smoke. _______ The Disaster Occurred at Beach Oswego yesterday. After the Boat Had Landed a Party of Excursionists - Lucky That the Fire Did not Occur Earlier. Shortly after five o'clock yesterday afternoon the excursion steamer ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 29 Oct. 1891 
TextNewspapers    Does this clear things up? Maybe a little. In this article the Free Press forgot that, fortunately, newspapers and dictionaries can't determine the use of the language, only report on it. Lake sailors had their own jargon and usage, regardless of the paper's take on it.
Buffalo Enquirer (Buffalo, NY), Wednesday, September 9, 1891 
TextNewspapers    A dispatch from Picton , Ont., says: "The schooner PERSIA foundered last night opposite Point Peter light, about six miles out in 200 feet of water. All hands were saved. She was stone laden from Kingston to Toronto , commanded by Capt. David O'Hagan , and owned by D. W. Allison ,...
Buffalo Enquirer (Buffalo, NY), Tuesday, December 8, 1891 
TextNewspapers    Ogdensburg , Dec. 7. -- The steamer SAMUEL MARSHALL , with corn from Chicago, arrived today. The OMAHA [sic-- OREGON ] followed the MARSHALL down the river about a mile astern, and when abreast of the Cross-Over Light ran on a flat shoal. She is out about a foot, and her hold is full of...
Buffalo Enquirer (Buffalo, NY), Thursday, December 10, 1891 
TextNewspapers    Ogdensburg , Dec. 10. -- An examination of the OREGON by a diver reveals a hole in her starboard bow five planks wide and five or six feet long. The forefoot and keel are badly damaged. The dry oats between decks are being lightered. When the southwest gale, now blowing, subsides her ...
Buffalo Enquirer (Buffalo, NY), Friday, December 11, 1891 
TextNewspapers    Ogdensburg , Dec. 11. -- The lighter from the steamer OREGON has arrived here with about 17,600 bushels of oats. These were between decks and are damp. The balance of her cargo is under water. She is on a rock about amidships, but does not appear to be strained. Two pumps are now aboard...
Buffalo Enquirer (Buffalo, NY), Friday, December 18, 1891 
TextNewspapers    Ogdensburg , Dec. 18. -- After taking out a large quantity of oats the steamer OREGON , on the rocks at Nine Mile Light , was floated on Tuesday and passed down the river in tow of the tug WILSON . When the OREGON passed Brockville her engines were working and the steam pump was being...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 13 May, 1891 
TextNewspapers    ... the Sault Canal last season. The propeller Western Reserve came next with 2,946 net tons. Following is a statement of the traffic of the Ste. Mary's Canal for the month of April, 1891: Coal, up, 10,919 tons; manufactured iron, down, 94 tons; salt, up, 757 barrels; general merchandise, up, 5,512 tons...
Daily Times (Oswego, NY), Sept. 15, 1891 
TextNewspapers    Interesting Relics ____ Which Were Brought Up From the Bottom of the River by the Dredge General Grant. Mr. W.S. Malcolm with the dredge General Grant has been fishing up some queer things from the bottom of the river during the past few days. One of them is an anchor of the old fashioned ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Sunday, Nov. 22, 1891 
TextNewspapers    An Eventful Record The schooner Hattie Estelle, which was wrecked with the loss of three lives at Manistee, Mich., Tuesday night, has a remarkable record. The vessel was built in 1873 by Capt. J. L. Higgie, who gave her the name of Mary L. Higgie, after his little daughter. Shortly after she...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), May 8, 1891 
TextNewspapers    On nearly the same day as the above article, the KEWEENAW left Bay City for the coast, and the papers followed HER journey as well. One of the lessons learned was that she was towed all the way from the Saginaw River to Montreal in two pieces, with no stop in Buffalo. The tugs GLADIATOR and...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Oct. 6, 1891 
TextNewspapers    At that the YOUNG was pretty much forgotten until her hulk was found and identified in the Straits near the wreck of the CEDARVILLE a couple of weeks ago by divers searching under the Mackinac Bridge for bodies from a jumping incident . Very little appeared in the papers and no document surrender...
Buffalo Enquirer (Buffalo, NY), Tuesday, October 6, 1891 
TextNewspapers    The barge WILLIAM YOUNG in tow of the steamer NASHUA is reported foundered near Mackinaw Island yesterday. The barge's crew were saved. The YOUNG was of 413 tons register and rated A 2 in the Inland Lloyds. She was valued at $11,000, and owned by the Pawme Boat Company. ...
Door County Advocate (Sturgeon Bay, WI), October 10, 1891 
TextNewspapers    The steambarge [sic] William Youngs and schooner Newsboy both foundered in the Straits of Mackinac on Monday. They were coal laden and bound up. The dispatches give no particulars of the disaster. The Newsboy was formerly the property of Capt. John L. Galien, of Racine, and traded at this port ...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), October 11, 1891, page 2 
TextNewspapers  Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), October 11, 1891, page 2page 2  Column 1
Oswego Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), Sept.15, 1891 
TextNewspapers    *Please note that in this article Senator Morrill is sometime seen as Morrell This is an interesting follow up to the affects of the McKinley Tariff

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