The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 23 Sep 1893 
TextNewspapers    MARINE MATTERS _______ THE VALLEY CITY LEAVES EAST TAWAS East Tawas, September 22. - The tug Moore left for Cleveland with the steamer Valley City in tow this afternoon. The Valley City is a little flat-bottomed river boat which formerly run on the Grand River, and her voyage down the lakes...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 26 Sep 1893 
TextNewspapers    The sternwheeler Valley City, which has been several weeks out from Grand Haven, passed down last evening and will reach her destination (Toledo) if she keeps on. She might be very useful on the Ohio River, but is quite out of place on these waters. ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), October 16, 1893 
TextNewspapers    The steamer Jay Gould came into Bay Mills (Lake Superior) with five feet of water in her hold. The first mate, Ben Lewis , was caught by a wave and washed off the deck during the storm. As the crew were throwing him lines and life preservers, another wave from the opposite direction caught...
Rochester Union & Advertiser (Rochester, NY), Oct. 21, 1893 
TextNewspapers    Traffic On Lake Ontario ____ It's Growth And Decadence During The Past Century. ____ Early Boatbuilding at Ontario's American Ports - Reminiscences of an Old Lake Captain - His First Trip to Chicago - Present Condition of Shipping on the Lakes. The big fleet of schooners that went up and...
St. Catharines Daily Standard (St. Catharines, ON), November 18, 1893, page 4 
TextNewspapers  St. Catharines Daily Standard (St. Catharines, ON), November 18, 1893, page 4page 4  The propeller Ocean is expected to arrive at Port Dalhousie on Monday to receive a thorough overhauling and repairing at the cost of about $7,000. The boat will go on the dry dock of Messrs. Dixon & Sons , who have the repairing. Dixon & Sons of Port Dalhousie will be very busy ...
Buffalo Enquirer (Buffalo, NY), Wednesday,  April 26, 1893 
TextNewspapers    Oswego, N. Y., April 26. -- A special to the Palladium from Charlotte states that the tow of the tug HECTOR, consisting of the big dredge GENERAL MEADE, and two scows, bound from Sodus to Detroit, was broken up in the north-east gale last night, west of Charlotte, and went ashore. The boats ...
Sturgeon Bay Advocate (Sturgeon Bay, WI), Saturday, 14 Oct 1893, page 5 
TextNewspapers  Sturgeon Bay Advocate (Sturgeon Bay, WI), Saturday, 14 Oct 1893, page 5page 5  Column 3
British Whig (Kingston, ON), Friday,  Sept. 1, 1893 
TextNewspapers    Capt. Thompson Tells About The Singapore's Loss Capt. Thompson, of the schr. Singapore, arrived from Oswego, yesterday afternoon, on the prop. Alcona. The captain had a rough time of it Tuesday morning, but if he could only have sailed his vessel when the time came the Singapore would not now...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Tues., Oct. 17, 1893 
TextNewspapers    *Most of the bodies eventually found were wearing life jackets. In general this account of the sinking cannot be trusted. It has some factors that do not show up in other reports, such as the presence of the captain's wife and children on the ship, and the fact that there was a survivor at...
Buffalo Evening News (Buffalo, NY), Monday, October 16, 1893, page 1 
TextNewspapers  Buffalo Evening News (Buffalo, NY), Monday, October 16, 1893, page 1page 1  Column 2
Buffalo Evening News (Buffalo, NY), Tuesday, October 17, 1893, page 4 
TextNewspapers  Buffalo Evening News (Buffalo, NY), Tuesday, October 17, 1893, page 4page 4  Column 1
Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 18 Oct 1893 
TextNewspapers    Clark' Story Discredited Buffalo, NY Oct 17.--A special dispatch from Dunkirk this morning says the story told by the man Clark, who claims to be the sole survivor of the wrecked Dean Richmond, is wholly discredited here. The agents of the boat line said no such man shipped at Toledo. Clark's...
Daily Times (Oswego, NY), Feb 22, 1893, page 6 
TextNewspapers  Daily Times (Oswego, NY), Feb 22, 1893, page 6page 6  Column 3 and 4
St. Joseph Saturday Herald (St. Joseph, MI), 25 November 1893 
TextNewspapers    Capt. Fred Kendrick, of this city, master of the U. S. tug Graham, rescued the crew of the barge Rutter that was lost at Ludington, in 1879, during a terrific gale, for which he received a handsome gold medal of the first-class from the Treasury Department. The then master of the barge was ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Tues., November 7, 1893 
TextNewspapers    ... The Columbian Exposition (i.e. World's Fair) which took place at Chicago in 1893 had many maritime connections, including replicas of historic vessels from all over the world, a full-scale model of a U.S. battleship built of brick and a number of innovations such as electric boats and the only...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Dec. 2, 1893 
TextNewspapers    When boats are constructed as duplicates of each other the arrangement is subsequently on occasions found to be very convenient. For instance, Wheeler & Co. built the steamers G. W. Roby, of this port, and the John Plankinton, of Milwaukee, from the same moulds. Last week the latter boat, with a...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Wed., Dec. 6, 1893 
TextNewspapers    A Rudder Made of Rigging Owen Sound, December 6. - With their steamer's top mast for a rudder post and rigging for a rudder, the crew of the steamer Myles succeeded in bringing their boat into port to-day. For over seventy hours they had been adrift. The Myles was bound here with wheat from...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), October 12, 1893 
TextNewspapers    For Cushing's exploit and pictures of Smallman's command, PICKET BOAT NO. 1, see
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), October 12, 1893 
TextNewspapers    Death of a Well-Known Vessel Man. Buffalo, October 8. - Capt. Thomas Maytham, one of the best-known vessel owners of the lakes, died suddenly from unexplained bowel trouble last night. He was 53 years old. Few men had more friends among navigators and vessel men. He washearty, upright and ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Dec. 11, 1893 
TextNewspapers    Steel vs. Wooden Boats Chicago, December 10. -The great losses which owners and underwriters have suffered the past season on the lakes on the large modern steel steamers have raised the question as to the adaptability of steel vessels as ordinarily constructed, for lake traffic, where boats...

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