The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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A Boy's Quick Eye And Peril On Board The Lake Schooner Ariadne 
TextNewspapers  "A Boy's Quick Eye And Peril On Board The Lake Schooner Ariadne," Cortland Democrat (Cortland, NY), Dec. 14, 1894  A Boy's Quick Eye And Peril On Board The Lake Schooner Ariadne _______ A striking instance of the play of chance in connection with Uncle Sam's well devised resources was afforded in the case of the Canadian schooner Ariadne ; which stranded during a blinding snowstorm in Mexico Bay, on the ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Monday, May 15, 1894 
TextNewspapers    The New Tug Connell . _____ She Arrived here From Buffalo Yesterday Afternoon. The new tug W. & J. Connell , built by O'Grady & Maher , of Buffalo, for the Connell brothers and Robert Downey of this city, arrived here yesterday. The Connell is a handsome boat, seventy ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 31 Oct, 1894 
TextNewspapers    This is the steamer ARGO, DDD's hull number 120 and their last wooden vessel. She was renamed GLEN in 1930 and was stripped and abandoned in 1938.
Chicago Inter-Ocean (Chicago, IL), 19 May 1894, page 2 
TextNewspapers  Chicago Inter-Ocean (Chicago, IL), 19 May 1894, page 2page 2  ... they had ever weathered. - Chicago Inter-Ocean May 19, 1894 ...
St. Joseph Saturday Herald (St. Joseph, MI), 14 April 1894 
TextNewspapers    Capt. Bert Wilson received a telegram from Capt. Wood, at Milwaukee, Wednesday, saying that the schooner Island City, green lumber laden and bound from Ludington to Milwaukee went down a few miles of the latter city in the easterly gale of Sunday night. Capt. Wood reached shore after a perilous...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), May 6, 1894 
TextNewspapers    I'd be happy to be wrong, but I don't think this tug was ever built, though the plans seem fairly well along. The rounded deck with a rail "to keep the crew from slipping off" doesn't seem like that good of an idea on an open-lake tug where all the work is done on deck.
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), March 24, 1894 
TextNewspapers    Chicago, March 23. - (Special.) - The American Lloyds, which is the first of the outside vessel registers to appear in competition with Inland Lloyds, was issued to-day. This is the work which many vesselmen have attempted to boycott for fear it would reduce the valuation of their boats. A...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), December 6, 1894 
TextNewspapers    WALDO was 204 feet and 1,294 g.t., US#81048. Her cargo burned for several days and was still smoldering when the insurance representative inspected her on the 7th. She was abandoned as a total loss, but was resurrected the following year and rebuilt at her birthplace, the Frank Wheeler yard in Bay...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), June 1, 1894 
TextNewspapers    The SELWYN EDDY was a steel bulker of 2846 t. and 343 feet, built at Wyandotte in 1893 (US#116555). She was abandoned in 1945.
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), June 13, 1894 
TextNewspapers    The boiler, if it ever belonged to the LADY, must have been replaced, as both of the boat's boilers are recorded at the wreck site off Winnetka. See Brendon Baillod's excellent site on the LADY ELGIN:
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), June 20, 1894 
TextNewspapers    The PROTECTOR (US#150050) was renamed JAMES REID after being sold by Hall (a sometime business partner of James Reid) to Reid Wrecking and Towing in 1904-5. In '93 Reid was based at Bay City and moved to Port Huron in 1900. By 1904 Reid's Company was based in Sarnia, Ontario and repurchased the...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), July 10, 1894 
TextNewspapers    A Raftsman Walked the Tow-Line A rather unusual diversion was enjoyed yesterday by the people on the boats and along the docks. The Grummond tug Crusader, Capt. James Canniff, passed down about 2 o'clock, towing a large raft of telegraph poles for W. C. Sterling, from Au Gres to Monroe. As the...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), July 22, 1894 
TextNewspapers    The Steamer Clara Dismantled The steamer Clara, which has been through many changes and done a good deal of good service, has been dismantled, and her bare hull lies in the boneyard at St. Clair. The Clara was built at Detroit in 1860 for a tug, and in 1862 was made into a passenger boat, and...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Aug. 8, 1894 
TextNewspapers    Will Be Tried as Pirates The men aboard the schooner Emma, charged with robbing a bumboatman on the high seas and who are now under arrest at Port Huron, will be proceeded against by the United States authorities on the charge of piracy. Assistant United States Attorney Wilkins received a ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Tues., Aug. 14, 1894 
TextNewspapers    The six alleged river pirates, who were arrested at Port Huron a few days ago, were brought here yesterday by Marshal Petit and arraigned before Commissioner Graves on a charge of attacking a vessel with intent to plunder. Their names are William Johnson, William Murphy, William Cooper, Thomas ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Sept. 23, 1894 
TextNewspapers    Though I don't know all of the relationships, the Hacketts of Amherstburg were a fixture on the Detroit River for decades. Capt. James Hackett, Thomas' grandfather, was an early lakes skipper and later (1830's-40's) light-keeper on Bois Blanc ("BobLo") Island, where he lived until his death in...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Aug 19, 1894 
TextNewspapers    This is one of the first large quadruple-expansion steam engines that I have seen referenced in the lakes trade. The passenger/excursion steamer UNIQUE , built at Marine City, Mich., and launched a few months earlier also had a quad, but had a lot of trouble with engine and boilers and was not...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Aug. 29, 1894 
TextNewspapers    In The Hands of a Receiver Chicago, June 24. - The Columbian Navigation Company went into the hands of a receiver to-day on application of the owners of the Chief Justice Waite. The company's liabilities, mostly owing to the boats chartered for it's world's fair service, will exceed $15,000, ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Aug. 29, 1894 
TextNewspapers    This light was the one built for Columbian Exhibition and then accepted by the government in the fall 1893. It still stands on Rawley Point.
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Sep 25, 1894 
TextNewspapers    New Light Keepers Washington, September 24. - (Special) - The secretary of the treasury has appointed Michael M. Cooney the keeper of Thunder Bay Island light station; Henry Metiber, keeper of Bois Blanc, vice Lorenzo O. Holden, deceased; Thomas Gallagher, second assistant keeper at Spectacle...

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