The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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EMPRESS OF INDIA entering Port Dalhousie 
Image  1898  ...In this photo by Wm. Traill believed taken in 1898, her last year on the route, EMPRESS OF INDIA enters Port Dalhousie harbour....
ROSEDALE leaving Yonge Street Dock 
Image  1898  ...This spirited photo by Wm. Traill shows ROSEDALE leaving Yonge Street Dock, in 1898. Note the sails on the fore and main....
COLUMBIAN runs the Lachine Rapids in 1898 
Image  1898  ...COLUMBIAN runs the Lachine Rapids in 1898. Examination of this print shows that most of the persons on deck and much of the wave action near the ship have been retouched, a common Notman feature....
Image  c1896-1900  This is HENRY R. JAMES as she appeared from 1896 until shortly after 1900.
Image    Photograph of ROSEDALE leaving the Yonge Street wharf, Toronto
Image  late 1890s  Photograph of W. J. Brown and the Georgian Bay Navigation Company steamboat CARMONA marked with Canadian Pacific Railway stack colours.
J. H. Jones on Owen Sound drydock 
Image    Photograph of the severely damaged J. H. JONES undergoing repairs on the Owen Sound drydock after the collision with the PACIFIC.
Chicago River on a Foggy Morning 
Image  1898  ...Coloured stereoview of two tugboats and a schooner in the Chicago River about 1898....
Sweet Silver Light of the Moon, Thousand Islands 
Image  1898  ...Moonlight steamboat in the Thousand Islands in 1898. The steamboat's profile fits that of the NEW ISLAND WANDERER....
Michigan City News (Michigan City, IN), Wed., 16 Nov. 1898 
TextNewspapers    SCHOONER BEACHED. Lena Neilson's Thrilling Experience In The Storm Nearly Wrecked at St. Joseph, the Vessel Goes Ashore Near Lakeside - Crew Rescued Amid Great Perils by Life Saving Crew. The schooner Lena Neilson is on the beach ten miles north of New Buffalo and will probably prove a total...
St. Joseph Saturday Herald (St. Joseph, MI), Saturday, 26 March 1898 
TextNewspapers    The steamer H. W. Williams was launched Thursday from the Allmendinger yards. ...
Chicago Times-Herald (Chicago, IL), 28 January 1898 
TextNewspapers    The City of Duluth, one of the steamers in the service of the Graham & Morton Line, lies wrecked on a sand bar off the mouth of the harbor of St. Joseph. Sixteen passengers and a crew of twenty were rescued yesterday by the life-saving crew, with the aid of the breeches buoy, after an...
Watertown Herald (Watertown, NY), Saturday April 16, 1898 
TextNewspapers    ARE EAGER TO ENLIST Lake Sailors Prefer to Fight for Uncle Sam Refuse to Ship For The Season So Long As They Are Prospect Of War- Not To Be Tempted By Good Berths - First Class Men Apply The enlisting of naval recruits from points on the great lakes is causing no small amount of worry on the...
El Aguila (Steam yacht), U126888, 1898 
TextNewspapers  1898  ...Steam yacht COMANCHE.* U.S. No. 126888. Of 357 tond gross; 190 tons net. Built at Cleveland, Ohio, in 1892. Home port, Cleveland, Ohio. 172.3 x 25.0 x 12.7       * U. S. S. FROLIC, June 2, 1898       Merchant Vessel...
Water Barge No. 1 (Barge), U116493, 1898 
TextNewspapers  1898  ...S.O. CO. No. 55.* Built July 29, 1891 Tank Barge - Steel U.S. No. 116493. 323 gt - 323 nt 125.0 x 30.0 x 10.0       * Renamed [b] WATER BARGE No. 1 - U.S. Navy - 1898       Sank at moorings...
Island Belle (Propeller), C96848, 1898 
TextNewspapers  1898  ...;#160;   ISLAND BELLE - Canada - 1898 [ C 96848 ]       Herman Runge List ...
Georgia (Propeller), U125873, 1898 
TextNewspapers  1898  ...Propeller CITY OF LUDINGTON changed name to GEORGIA.       Marine Review       January 6, 1898             Steam screw GEORGIA.* U.S. No. 125873...
New York (Steamboat), U116152, 1898 
TextNewspapers  1898  ...Steam paddle NEW YORK.* U.S. No. 116152. Of 294 tons gross; 131 tons net. Built at Bath, Me., in 1887. Home port, Cape Vincent, N.Y. 161.5 x 26.5 x 7.3 * formerly steam paddle SHREWSBURY.       Merchant Vessel List, U.S., 1898   &...
H. M. Stanley (Schooner), C72580, 1898 
TextNewspapers  1898  ex JESSIE H. BRECK
Hector (Barge), C80699, 1898 
TextNewspapers  1898  ... of the       Dominion of Canada on December 31, 1898                   Schooner GLENORA.* Official Canada No. 80699...

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