The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Syracuse Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY), July 27, 1899 
TextNewspapers    No Trace Found of Mrs. Griffin ________ Unsuccessful Search of the Sunken St. Peter ________ Lake Diver Matoll makes Two Descents to the vessel, but Could Find Nothing of the Woman Supposed to have Been Imprisoned in the Cabin. ________ The tug John Navagh of Oswego, Captain Scott, ...
Syracuse Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY), Aug. 8, 1899 
TextNewspapers    United States Engineer Captain G.D. Fitch of Oswego has received authority from the Chief Engineer at Washington to remove the spars of the wreck of the large schooner St. Peter which lies on the bottom of Lake Ontario, a few miles west of the port of Sodus Point. The wreck is in the path of ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Friday, June 2, 1899 
TextNewspapers    The shipyard the article speaks of was at the end of West Van Buren Street, now the location of huge fuel oil tanks (years ago the Diamond Match Co. site.
Rochester Union & Advertiser (Rochester, NY), Sept. 27, 1899 
TextNewspapers    Schooner Sinks in the Lake ______ Crew Rescued, but the Vessel and Cargo Lost ______ Was Seen in Distress Off Bear Creek and the Tug Proctor Went to the Rescue of Sailors. ______ The Loss Estimated at $20,000 - Narrow Escape of the Members of the Crew From Drowning. ______ The Schooner...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), May 17, 1899 
TextNewspapers    NIAGARA (US# ) was a 276 ton wooden tug of great power and was skippered by Capt. Millen for the Detroit Transportation Co., a company of which he was part owner. He retired from sailing in 1882 and later became president of the Lake Carriers' Association (1897). He died in 1906. The big wooden...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), June 7, 1899 
TextNewspapers    The ANDREWS (US#105224 and later C#122637) was one of the longest-lived wooden schooners in the history of lakes commerce, having been built by Bailey Bros. at Toledo in 1873 and not officially abandoned until 1937 or 8.
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), June 11, 1899 
TextNewspapers    The vessel was the YORK STATE (US#27672) of 89 tons, which was officially rated as a piledriver. Some use was apparently found for her, as she stayed on the registry until 1923. The headline refers to a Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera character named "Pooh-Bah, the Lord-High-Everything-Else" from...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), June 14, 1899 
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Thur., August 31, 1899 
TextNewspapers    ...$56,040 in 1899 dollars is approximately equivalent to $1.31 million 2006 dollars. The CITY OF ROME (US#125914) was built in 1881 at Cleveland and measured 1908 gross tons. She continued to make money for her owners until lost to fire above Ripley, NY, in 1914....
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Oct. 20, 1899 
TextNewspapers    CARRIER PIGEON SERVICE _______ ASHLEY & DUSTIN'S BIRD MADE REMARKABLE TIME _______ Ashley & Dustin began their carrier pigeon service yesterday, and the first bird with a message arrived at Detroit from the Frank E. Kirby at Middle Sister Island yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The first ...
Watertown Herald (Watertown, NY), Sat., Dec. 30, 1899 
TextNewspapers    A Curious Relic. SACKETS HARBOR, Dec. 29. -- John Francis has sold a large arm chair, which he made from the wood of he old ship New Orleans, to a lady from California. The chair was a very interesting piece of work. it was made of four kinds of wood, being white ash curiously inlaid with cedar...
Auburn (Propeller), U3076, 1899 
TextNewspapers  1899  ...;   Bowling Green Newspaper Scrapbooks       March 10, 1899 Steam screw AUBURN.* U.S. No. 3076. Of 1,762 tons gross; 1,662 tons net. Built at Cleveland, Ohio in 1878. Home port, Buffalo, N.Y. 258.8 x 35.9 x 16.2 and 800 Nominal horse power. &...
Case (Propeller), U76824, 1899 
TextNewspapers  1899  ...The steamer J.C. LOCKWOOD will hereafter be known by the name CASE. F. B. Case, managing owner, J. D. Peterson, master, and F.P. Fitzgerald, chief engineer.       The Marine Review       April 27, 1899 Steamer CASE. Official...
J. C. Evans (Propeller), U75867, 1899 
TextNewspapers  1899  ex tug JAMES Mc GORDON
Grace G. Gribbie (Schooner), U125239, 1899 
TextNewspapers  1899  ...Schooner CHENEY AMES changed names to GRACE G. GRIBBIE       Marine Record       April 13, 1899       Schooner CHENEY AMES. Of 284 tons. Built at Youngstown in 187...
Alexander M. Stewart (Propeller), U92030, 1899 
TextNewspapers  1899  ... Vessel List, U.S., 1899 ...
Baltimore (Propeller), U135487, 1899 
TextNewspapers  1899  ... List, U.S., 1899                         ESCANABA.* Built 1881 Bulk Propeller - Wood U. S. No...
Buras (Propeller), U3631, 1899 
TextNewspapers  1899  ....S., 1899 ...
Camelia (Propeller), U4867, 1899 
TextNewspapers  1899  ...; Merchant Vessel List, U.S., 1899 ...
Castle Point (Propeller), U24356, 1899 
TextNewspapers  1899  ... List, U.S., 1899 ...

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