The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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In the Thousand Islands 
Image  1901  ..."51357 In the Thousand Islands Copyright, 1901, by Detroit Photographic Co." ...
Off for a river trip 
Image  1901  ..."6135 Off for a river trip" "Copyright 1901 by Detroit Photographic Co." ...
Str. Tashmoo entering St. Clair Ship Canal 
Image  1901  ..."5495. Str. Tashmoo entering St. Clair Ship Canal" "Copyright 1901 by Detroit Photographic Co." ...
Str "Toronto", St. Lawrence River 
Image  1901  ..."51358 Str Toronto, St. Lawrence River" "Copyright, 1901 by Detroit Photographic Co."...
Str "New York", Thousand Islands 
Image  1901  ..."51358 Str Toronto, St. Lawrence River" "Copyright, 1901 by Detroit Photographic Co."...
[Duluth, from Minnesota Point] 
Image  1901  Panoramic photograph of Duluth, MN looking up from the waterfront
Panoramic photograph of Conneaut Harbor 
Image  1901  Panoramic view of Conneaut Harbour including rail cars carrying coal being loaded on a rail car ferry. The buildings of the Lake Erie Supply Company are in the middle of the image while the ore unloaders work on two lakers on the left side of the image.
Lake Ontario, 1901 
Image  13 Dec 1901  ..., Corps of Engineers, Bvt. Brig. Gen., U.S.A. In 1873, 1874 and 1875. Published in 1877. Additions and Corrections under the direction of Major W. L. Fisk, Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army in 1901. Scale 1/400000." "Price 15 cents" Authorities: Off-shore Hydrography by Capt. H. M. Adams, 1st Lieut. C. F...
Lachine Rapids, near Montreal 
Image  1901  ..."51416 Lachine Rapids, Near Montreal" "Copyright, 1901 by Detroit Photographic Co."...
The Locks, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan 
Image  about 1901  Chromolithograph of freighters pasing the locks of the Soo Canal at Sault Ste. Marie, MI with the town to the left and the rapids of the St. Mary's River to the right. "51216 The Locks, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan" "Detroit Photographic Co."
Evening Press (St. Joseph, MI), 18 January 1901 
TextNewspapers    The Graham & Morton Transportation company suffered another severe loss by fire at an early hour this morning when their popular propeller, City of Louisville, was burned nearly to the water's edge. The saddest part of the disaster was the death of Charles Southwell, the watchman of the boat ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 9 Jun, 1901 
TextNewspapers    It is fairly probable that the steamer never made the trip. Though at least one source shows two CHEQUAMEGONs existing in 1903, no sources that I have found show a vessel of the name built in 1893, as the article states. Further, Bill McNeil sends information stating that Louis Cartier, the owner...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), August 30, 1901, page 2 
TextNewspapers  Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), August 30, 1901, page 2page 2  Column 5
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 15 Nov, 1901 
TextNewspapers    TALES OF TERRIBLE SUFFERING RECALLED _____ GOVERNMENT TURNS DOWN BILLS FOR MEDICAL ATTENDANCE _____ EXPERIENCE OF SQUAW ISLAND KEEPERS ON OVERTURNED BOAT _____ Washington, November 14. - Mr. Tracewell, comptroller of the treasury, has rendered a decision upon the claims of Keeper Shields...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Tue, 16 July, 1901 
TextNewspapers    Unpainted or not, the MARTIN had a long career, coming out as a bark in 1866 from Quayle & Martin's shipyard, Cleveland, and lasting five more years from this point, when she was destroyed in a remarkably similar accident.
Marine Review (Cleveland, OH), Aug. 8, 1901 
TextNewspapers    PIONEER SCREW VESSELS OF THE LAKES. Mr. Samuel R. Kirby Describes and Illustrates Vessels on Which He Sailed - Sketch of the Ramsey Crooks - Interesting Events of Early Days. During the past two weeks the Review has received from Mr. Samuel R. Kirby of New York, father of the Kirbys who are so...
Cortland Democrat (Cortland, NY), July 5, 1901 
TextNewspapers    EARLY BOATING DAYS. ____ Cortland at One Time a Port of Entry for River Craft ____ Standing today on the handsome iron bridge which spans the Tioughnioga river at Port Watson Street, one can hardly believe that only a trifle more than three quarters of a century ago this truly magnificent ...
Evening News (Benton Harbor, MI), Friday, 20 Sept. 1901 
TextNewspapers    "Capt. Levi P. Mann died this morning in his apartments in the Rice Block in St. Joseph of consumption, having been a sufferer for many years with the dread disease. He is a member of Occidental lodge, F. and A. M. and the funeral will be in charge of that body. Capt. Mann was well known in ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Dec. 15, 1901 
TextNewspapers    ...*St. Mary's Of these insured losses, at least five were recovered: ELFINMERE, A. B. TAYLOR, ELIZA STRONG, HENNEPIN and LITTLE GEORGY. There were also a number of apparently uninsured losses in 1901 which don't appear on this list....
Sault News Record (Sault Sainte Marie, MI), May 10, 1901 
TextNewspapers    Str. Bon Voyage Burned Last Night Houghton, Mich. May 10 The Steamer Bon Voyage of the White Line, Duluth, was burned to the water's edge on the beach near the Lake Superior Ship canal tonight. The fire broke out around the steamer's smoke stack and spread swiftly. It was impossible to launch...

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