The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 23 May 1903 
TextNewspapers    Actually, though used as a barge after this date (as were nearly all of the large lake schooners, including DOWS), she was not "cut down" (masts truncated) until 1906, when she was converted to a bulk fuel carrier. She stranded and was lost on the Scilly Isles, England, in December, 1907.
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 9 Jun 1903 
TextNewspapers    BIRD'S-EYE VIEW OF THE PLANTS OF THE GREAT LAKES ENGINEERING WORKS (aerial-view drawing of the facility as it will appear when finished) The shipbuilding plant of the Great Lakes Engineering Co. will be the largest on the lakes. Work is being pushed on it and a greater portion of it will be...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 12 Jul 1903 
TextNewspapers    ANOTHER NEW FREAK _____ Chicago, July 11. - One of the queerest steamers ever operated on the great lakes was given its trial trip out of St. Joseph today. The vessel is the Willow, built to run the St. Joseph river between Berrien Springs and Cook's Landing, where no steamers have yet been...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), July 30, 1903 
TextNewspapers    *Built in 1854 by Kirby and Hoyt, East Saginaw, Michigan, as a bark, she was 160 x 30 x 12, 390 gt. She burned to a total loss a few blocks from this point in 1906.      
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Wed., Jan. 28, 1903 
TextNewspapers    ... Island, Jan. 5, 1903. Dear Sir - This letter came ashore in a bottle on the North side of our island today. It was picked up by Orvis Luff. Today we also picked up the yawl of the steamer John E. Hall . Write me at Henderson Harbor. Nelson Luff . The letter found in the bottle on the beach had...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Wed., April 3, 1903 
TextNewspapers    WRITTEN FROM STEAMER HALL . ________ Message Picked Up by Orvis Luff off Stony Point. ______ Purports to have Been Written by One of the Crew on the Ill-Fated Steamer That Foundered Off Main Ducks Last December. Captain Charles Ferris , of the tug Ferris , received a letter today ...
Buffalo Evening News (Buffalo, NY), Sunday, May 30, 1903 
TextNewspapers    Three barges, the ARGO, CARNEY and BUCKLEY, are on the rocks at Grenadier Island at the entrance of the St. Lawrence River. The barges, with the H. B., left Oswego yesterday, coal laden, in tow of the tug SEYMOUR. In a gale the tow line parted and only the H. B. could be saved. It is feared...
Buffalo Evening News (Buffalo, NY), Tuesday, May 5, 1903 
TextNewspapers    The schooner ACACIA was yesterday reported by Capt. Russell of the tug MARY HALL at Oswego as being ashore at the head of the Main Ducks. The ACACIA left Oswego Saturday with 350 tons of coal for Kingston. ...
Buffalo Evening News (Buffalo, NY), Tuesday, October 20, 1903 
TextNewspapers    BARGE ASHORE NEAR OLCOTT. Lockport, Oct. 20. -- A serious wreck has occurred on Lake Ontario at Hopkins Creek, west of Olcott, which resulted in the loss of one large barge. The big propeller Porter, of Picton, Ontario, with the schooners ISABELLA READE and C. W. PECK in tow, got into ...
Buffalo Evening News (Buffalo, NY), Friday, October 23, 1903 
TextNewspapers    STEAMER HOWARD ASHORE. Ogdensburg, Oct. 23. -- The steamer JOHN C. HOWARD, of the George Hall Coal Company of Ogdensburg, owners, is aground today on the Carleton Island rocks in shore. The steamer, which was bound from Charlotte to Prescott with 2,000 tons of coal for the Canadian Pacific ...
Buffalo Evening News (Buffalo, NY), Tuesday, October 27, 1903 
TextNewspapers    The propeller JOHN C. HOWARD, of Ogdensburg was released from the rocks at Carlton Island after lightering 500 tons of her coal cargo. While proceeding to Ogdensburg with the barges BEALS and TOLEDO in tow, a snow storm came up and the three boats were driven on the shore near the city. The ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 10 July, 1903 
TextNewspapers    CHANGE ITS NAME. _______ Shipmasters' Association Not a Labor Union. Chicago, July 9. - Since practically every branch of men employed on the lakes are now in unions, and there is more or less agitation going on at all times, the associations organized along the lines of benignity are making...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Fri., 10 Jul, 1903 
TextNewspapers    The schooner was the MONTEZUMA (US#93397), Davidson hull number 102. She was 341x46x22, 2,722 gt, one of the largest wooden vessels ever built. It was later stated in the press that the reason Davidson's last large vessels took so long to build was the inavailabilty and resultant expense of the...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 23 Jun, 1903 
TextNewspapers    While she was a very small vessel by Great Lakes standards, hauling the steamer (tonnage =20) seven miles to Long Lake must have been a significant project. Either the article is mistaken or the excursion business didn't pan out, as JOSIE (US#77112) ended her days cut down to a tug and used to...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 17 Oct, 1903 
TextNewspapers    ...The bulk freighter MARQUETTE foundered in good weather October 15,1903, shortly after leaving Duluth with a heavy cargo of iron ore. ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 11 Oct, 1903 
TextNewspapers    The three boats mentioned were all sold to Interlake Steamship in 1913. Perhaps speed of construction and strength do not automatically correllate. R. E. SCHUCK (later HYDRUS) and LEWIS WOODRUFF (later ARGUS) were both lost with all hands in the Big Storm of 1913 while GILCHRIST (later CYGNUS)...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 20 Aug, 1903 
TextNewspapers    HATTIE WAS SQUEEZED _______ The little steamer Hattie was quite seriously damaged yesterday afternoon while lying at the public lighting dock just before her 2 o'clock trip to Wolf's. The steamer Mascotte was tied just outside the Hattie, when the Union liner Rochester made a landing at ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 20 Aug, 1903 
TextNewspapers    OFFICIAL TEST DELAYED _______ EASTLAND DISABLED BY PICKING UP A WIRE CABLE _______ Chicago, August 19. - Friday is the time set by the Jenks Shipbuilding Co. for an official test of the new steamer Eastland. Instead of proving her speed in a effort to win a bonus for her builders, the big ...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 1 May 1903 
TextNewspapers    WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY _______ Messages May Be Sent on the Lakes Early Next Week Buffalo, April 30. - Wireless telegraphy on the great lakes will soon be given its first practical test, according to the plans of W. W. Tompkins, lake manager of the DeForest Wireless Telegraph Company. Stations at...
Charlevoix Sentinel (Charlevoix, MI), Apr 30, 1903 
TextNewspapers    Chicago Special: The departure of the schooner Sophia J. Luff with a cargo of corn for Kingston, Canada, marks the permanent removal of five of Chicago's schooner fleet this spring. The Luff, as well as the four others formerly named, have been sold to parties not in the Lake Michigan trade, and...

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