The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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WM. A. HASKELL at the Soo Locks 
Image  1907  ...WM. A. HASKELL, later to be known as JOYLAND, is shown at the Soo Locks in this 1907 photo by A. E. Young....
ESCORT at Port Dalhousie with the barge UNGAVA 
Image  November 23, 1907  ...ESCORT was a typical wooden harbour tug and long served on the Welland Canal. View is taken from a mourning card issued after her sinking on November 23, 1907 and shows her at Port Dalhousie with the barge UNGAVA....
H. M. PELLATT upbound at Little Rapids Cut 
Image  1907  ...Upbound at Little Rapids Cut in a photo by Young, H. M. PELLATT sports her newly-acquired Canadian Lake Line colours in the spring of 1907....
Steamer "Brockville" in the Long Sault Rapids, Canada 
Image  c 1907  Coloured postcard of the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company steamboat BROCKVILLE in theLong Sault Rapids of the Saint Lawrence River. This BROCKVILLE was launched as the COLUMBIAN in Chester, PA, 1892. She was renamed BROCKVILLE in 1904 and rebuilt and renamed RAPIDS QUEEN in 1909. Divided...
Niagara Navigation Coy.'s Steamer "Chicora" 
ImageComments  c 1907  Coloured postcard of the Niagara Navigation Company steamboat CHICORA on Lake Ontario "Niagara Navigation Coy.'s Steamer "Chicora" Reverse: "The Valentine & Sons' Publishing Co., Ltd. Montreal and Toronto; Printed in Great Britain" PostMarked "Toronto, Ont., 1:30 PM, 24 Jul 1908"
R. and O. Navigation Co.'s Steamer "Kingston" 
Image  c1907  Coloured postcard of Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company steamboat KINGSTON. A small launch can be seen near the KINGSTON's paddlewheel. Postmarked "Kingston, Ont., 14 Jun 1915, 11 am" Reverse: "Valentine & Sons' Publishing Co., Montreal and Toronto Printed in Great Britain"
Quebec. Chateau Frontenac et Citadelle. 
Image  c 1907  Coloured postcard of Quebec City featuring the Citadel and the Chateau Frontenac. In the foreground in the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company terminal. Behind this are the offices of the Quebec Steamship Company and the Thibaugeau Frere's & Co. To the left is the Levis ferry SOUTH "Quebec....
Kingston City, Modern Elevator in foreground 
Image  c 1907  Black and white postcard of the Kingston waterfront featuring a concrete grain elevator. Clustered around the elevator and the neighbouring wharf are schooners, barges, tugs and a larger freighter. At the head of the wharf a barge is either under construction or being repaired. A barge is being...
The Quay, Montreal 
Image  c 1907  Coloured photograph of the Montreal waterfront around 1900. The Richelieu and Ontario Navigation steamboat QUEBEC is discharging freight onto the quayside. Two-wheeled horse-drawn carts are in the foreground while the Bonsecours Market can be seen in the background. Divided back. Postage...
Moonlight on the Harbour, Port Hope, Canada 
Image  c 1907  Coloured postcard of a moolit Port Hope harbour. One of the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation steamboats is heavily lit up on the outside of the pier. A tugboat and barge (possibly carrying coal or dredge spoil is inside the pier. A third vessel, possibly a dredge is to the lower left. The...
Swing Bridge at Entrance to Harbour, Hamilton, Canada 
Image  c 1907  The bob-tailed swing bridge with a car of the Hamilton Radial Electric Ry. crossing to Burlington Used to illustrate Ivan S. Brookes, Hamilton Harbor, 1826-1901 . "Swing Bridge at Entrance to Harbour, Hamilton, Canada"
Steamboat Dock, Oswego, N. Y. 
Image  c 1907  The small excursion steamboat ARUNDELL loading passengers at the wharf in Oswego around 1910. Divided back. Postmarked Oswego, NY, 4 July 1910, 10:30 a.m. "Steamboat Dock, Oswego, N. Y." Reverse: " The Hugh C. Leighton Co., Manufacturers, Portland, ME,. U.S.A. Made in German 3948"
Steamship Eastland and Chicago River 
Image  c 1907  ...Divided Back. Postmarked "Chicago, Ill., 20 Aug. 1907"...
A Gala Day near Trenton, Ont. 
Image  c.1907  Passengers gather around three steamboats, including the ALETHA, on a festive day near Trenton Ont. The others may be the BROCKVILLE and VARUNA which served on the Bay of Quinte in the Quinte Navigation Company (and later Canada Steamship Lines) A divided back postcard. "A Gala Day near Trenton,...
Niagara River Line Steamer "Cayuga" 
Image  c. 1907  ...A undivided back postcard postmarked Toronto, Ont., 30 July 1907 and Wesley, Iowa, 1 Aug. 1907...
Str. "Lakeside"   Leaving Port Dalhousie for Toronto, Canada 
Image  c. 1907  A view of the steamboat LAKESIDE departing Port Dalhousie at the mouth of the Welland Canal for Toronto. The two light houses on the pier can be seen. A divided back post card "Str. "Lakeside" Leaving Port Dalhousie for Toronto, Canada" Reverse: "Warwick Bro's & Rutter, Limited Toronto"
Northern Navigation Co.'s Steamer "Saronic," Lake Superior Division 
ImageComments  c1907  A coloured postcard of the steamboat SARONIC of the Northern Navigation Company's Lake Superior Division A coloured divided back postcard. "Northern Navigation Co.'s Steamer "Saronic," Lake Superior Division" "102,812" Reverse: "The Valentine & Sons' Publishing Co., Ltd. Montreal and Toronto...
Steamer "Monarch" in the Soo River 
Image  c. 1907  Black and white postcard of the steamboat MONARCH on the Saint Mary's River near Sault Sainte Marie. Three vacationers watch from a small boat. A black and white divided back postcard. "Sault Sainte Marie" "Steamer "Monarch" in the Soo River" Reverse: "K.272 W. G. Macfarlane, Publishers, Toronto"
"Assiniboia" at Owen Sound, Flagship of C.P.R. Upper Lake Fleet 
ImageComments  c. 1907  The flagship ASSINIBOIA of the Canada Pacific Railway Upper Lake Fleet in port at Owen Sound A coloured postcard with a divided back ""Assiniboia" at Owen Sound, Flagship of C.P.R. Upper Lake Fleet" Reverse: "Published by Stedman Bros., Brantford, Canada. Made in Germany"
Str. "Brockville" among the Thousand Islands 
Image  c. 1907  A coloured postcard of the steamboat BROCKVILLE among the Thousand Islands on the Saint Lawrence River in Ontario. A coloured postcard with a divided back. "Str. "Brockville" among the Thousand Islands" "St. Lawrence River, Canada." Reverse: "Warwick Bro's & Rutter, Limited, Publishers, Toronto"

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