The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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DOUGLASS HOUGHTON upbound above the Soo Locks 
Image  1909  ...In 1909 the camera of A. E. Young caught DOUGLASS HOUGHTON, still with two funnels, upbound above the Soo Locks....
JOHN HANLAN sunk in Toronto's Bay Street ferry docks 
Image  30 Jun 1909  ...The date is June 30, 1909, as JOHN HANLAN lies sunk in Toronto's Bay Street ferry docks after being rammed by the H. M. PELLATT....
Spring fit-out at Collingwood 
Image  20 Apr 1909  ...Spring fit-out at Collingwood, April 20, 1909. Group includes HAMONIC, CITY OF MIDLAND, GERMANIC, DORIC and IONIC....
LAKESIDE leaves Port Dalhousie harbour 
Image  c1909  The handsome little LAKESIDE leaves Port Dalhousie harbour enroute to Toronto. Directly behind the steamer is Lakeside Park.
NEVADA downbound at the Soo. 
Image  1909  ...NEVADA was one of three British steamers acquired in 1907 by the Canadian Lake Line. This 1909 Young photo shows her downbound at the Soo....
Image  1909  ...HENRY A HAWGOOD seen in W. A. & A.H. Hawgood's Acme Transit Co. colours in a 1909 photo by A. E. Young....
Image    ...Photograph of MODJESKA backing away from her Toronto pier on Victoria Day, 24 May 1909....
In the Harbor, Collingwood, Canada 
ImageCommentsMysteries    Coloured postcard of Collingwood harbour with four steamboats in port Divided back. Postmarked "Port Arthur, 22 Sep 1911 10:30 pm" "In the Harbor, Collingwood, Canada" Reverse: " Published by Stedman Bros., Brantford, Canada. Made in Germany 655"
Twelve O'clock Point Summer Resort, Trenton, Ontario 
Image  c 1909  Coloured postcard of a steamboat in the Murray Canal at Twelve O'clock Point Summer Resort near Trenton, Ontario. A queue boards the steamboat. Divided back. Postmarked "Sintaluta, Sask.Apr 3, 09" "Twelve O'clock Point Summer Resort, Trenton, Ontario" Reverse" " A. 730.137" "Private Post Card"
Steamer "Turbinia" nearing Toronto 
Image  c 1909  Coloured postcard of the Hamilton Steamboat Company steamboat TURBINIA as it approaches the wharves in Toronto. Divided back. Postmarked "Toronto 17 [ ] 09" and "Ayr Jan 1 10" This is based on the same photograph as other views of TURBINIA in the collection, including a night view. "Steamer...
Northern Navigation Coy's S. S. "Hamonic," Great Lakes Service 
Image  c 1909  Coloured postcard of the Northern Navigation Company steamboat HAMONIC. She is carefully coloured so that the smoke highlights, rather than obscures, the flag flying at her stern. Divided Back; Postmark is indistinct but there is a King Edward VII stamp and the message is dated 14 Aug. "Northern...
Steamer "Turbinia" nearing Toronto 
Image  c 1909  A coloured postcard of the steamboat TURBINIA approaching Toronto at night. An undivided back postcard. This is from the exact photograph used in the daytime views of TURBINIA approaching Toronto "Steamer "Turbinia" nearing Toronto" "101,818" Reverse: "The Valentine & Sons' Publishing Co., Ltd. ...
"Outward Bound" A Deck Scene on the NRL Steamer "Chippewa" 
Image  c.1909  ...A coloured undivided back postcard. It is postmarked Toronto, ON, 12 May 1909....
Str. "Waubic," Georgian Bay, Canada 
Image  c1909  Coloured postcard of the Northern Navigation Company steamboat WAUBIC in service on Georgian Bay. A small motor runabout lies in the foreground. A coloured divided back postcard. "Str. "Waubic," Georgian Bay, Canada" "601,548" Reverse: "The Valentine & Sons' Publishing Co., Ltd. Montreal and...
Port Huron, Mich. Gratiot Light by moonlight on a winter's night 
Image  c 1909  ...A coloured divided back postcard. It is postmarked Sarnia, ON, 16 Aug. 1909. It is dated 17 Aug. 1909 from Galt, Ontario on the front....
Pass Street boat docks, passenger boats and docks, Buffalo, New York 
Image  1909  Panoramic photograph of the passenger wharfs on the Buffalo waterfront. The paddlewheeler WESTERN STATES lies to the left while the AMERICANA has a number of passengers on board to the right. The Wilkeson Elevator is in the background to the right.
Panorama of Oswego, N.Y. 
Image  1909  Panoramic photograph of the Oswego river extending out to the harbour mouth, the grain elevator and the lighthouse.
Thousand Islands 
Image  1909  Panoramic photograph of the Thousand Islands. The steamboat ISLANDER is docked in front of one of the major hotels.
The ICE JAM at Niagara-on-Lake 
Image  24 April 1909  Black and white postcard of the ice jam on the Niagara River from the wharf at Niagara-on-the-Lake. The range light is in the background on the right. "Ice Jam at Niagara on the Lake taken April 24/09
The Roosevelt leaving Chicago for holiday trip 
Image  1909  ..."45. The Roosevelt leaving Chicago for holiday trip." "Copyright, 1909, by Stereo-Travel Co." "Stereo Travel Co. Corona, New York City"...

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