The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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ALGONQUIN is downbound in Little Rapids Cut 
Image  1911  ...ALGONQUIN is downbound in Little Rapids Cut in this 1911 photo....
JOLIET above the Soo Locks 
Image  1911  ...This photo by A. E. Young shows JOLIET above the Soo Locks in 1911, her last year of service. She was soon to be lost by collision....
SAGUENAY in R & O colours 
Image  c1911-12  This is SAGUENAY in R & O colours very early in her life. Unfortunately, the Notman photo has been retouched to simulate C.S.L. stack markings.
KEYSTORM upbound light on third Welland Canal 
Image  c1910-12  This is the short-lived KEYSTORM as she appeared while upbound light on the long level of the third Welland Canal.
WILLIAM HENRY MACK downbound at the Soo Locks 
Image  Jul 1911  ...On July 10, 1911 WILLIAM HENRY MACK rammed and sank JOHN MITCHELL on Lake Superior. This Young photo shows her downbound at the Soo Locks for repairs not long after the accident....
DALHOUSIE CITY immediately after launching 
Image  1911  ...This is DALHOUSIE CITY as she looked immediately after her launching at Collingwood in 1911....
WAHCONDAH on the St. Clair River 
Image  c1911  ...WAHCONDAH, with her original forward cabins and flush forecaste, was caught on the St. Clair River by the camera of Pesha, c. 1911....
Image    ...Photograph of GERONIA leaving Collingwood harbour on her trials, 18 July 1911....
City of Hamilton 
Image  ca 1911  Photograph of CITY OF HAMILTON in the livery of the Merchants Montreal Line.
Montreal. RAPIDS KING in Lachine Rapids 
Image  c 1911  ...Mailed to Wanda Jarvis, Gordon Bay, ON from Father, 9 Aug. 1911...
Montreal Harbor looking East, Montreal, Can. 
Image    Coloured postcard showing a crowded Montreal harbour. Two ocean-going vessels, probably of the Allan Line lie on the further side of the basin. Four or five steamboats and unpowered barges are tied up abreast. One is the CONDOR. Coloured postcard. Divided back "Montreal Harbor looking East,...
Trenton, On. Harbour & Southern Outlet of the Trent Valley Canal 
Image    Coloured postcard of the waterfront of Trenton, Ontario with the Ontario & Quebec Navigation Company steamboat ALEXANDRIA (ex-ALEXANDRA) and a second steamboat where the Trent River empties into the Bay of Quinte. The ALEXANDRIA was wrecked off the Scarborough Bluffs near Toronto on the 3 Aug....
Steamer Alexandria 
Image  c1911  ... The ALEXANDRIA was wrecked off the Scarborough Bluffs near Toronto on the 3 Aug. 1915. Divided back. Postmarked "Picton, Ont., 24 Jul 1911" This specific card is featured on the front cover of Maurice Smith's Steamboats on the Lakes , 2005. ...
Steemer "Keewatin," leaving the Pier Lock, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. 
Image  c. 1911  ...A divided back postcard dated 8 June 1911, from Owen Sound Ont....
[Buffalo & Erie basin] 
Image  1911  Panoramic photograph of the I. WATSON STEPHENSON unloading onto a barge at the lumber yards on the Buffalo waterfront. To the right are a number of almost deserted wharves including an abandonned hull half sunk in the water. In the right background are some of the older Buffalo grain elevators.
Steamer Alexandria 
Image  c1911  Black and white postcard of the Ontario & Quebec Navigation Company steamboat ALEXANDRIA (ex-ALEXANDRA) on the Bay of Quinte. The ALEXANDRIA was wrecked off the Scarborough Bluffs near Toronto on the 3 Aug. 1915. Divided back. Postally unused "Steamer Alexandria" Reverse: "The International...
Brigthon Wharf, Presqu'Isle Bay, Ont., Canada 
Image  1911  Coloured postcard or the Ontario & Quebec Navigation Company steamboat GERONIA at Brighton, ON Later known as SYRACUSE (1915-20) and CAPE TRINITY (1920-37) Divided back. Postmarked Smithfield, ON, 11 Nov 1912 "Brighton Wharf, Presqu'Isle Bay, Ont., Canada" "108,671" Reverse: "The Valentine & Sons...
Montreal. RAPIDS KING in Lachine Rapids 
Image  c 1911  A coloured postcard misidentified as the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company steamboat RAPIDS KING (the paddlebox has the name removed from it). See the links for all the variations on this picture which is definitely of the CORSICAN. There is an address entered on the back (Alma Manary of...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), June 19, 1911 
TextNewspapers    Obituary M. J. Cummings Michael J. Cummings, one of Oswego's most successful business men, died at Atlantic City last night at eight o'clock. News of his death reached here this noon and the announcement, while received with great regret by citizens generally, was not unlooked for. Born in...
Sandusky Register (Sandusky, OH), Wednesday, August 9, 1911 
TextNewspapers    FIGHT FLAMES THREATENING BOAT FAR OUT IN THE LAKE Captain and Crew of Steam Barge F. H. Prince Have Close Call Off East Shore of Kelley?s Island ? Sandusky Sandsuckers to Rescue The steamer F.H. Prince of Detroit, Capt. Parsons in command and bound for Cleveland with a cargo of gravel was ...

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