The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), June 19, 1911 
TextNewspapers    Obituary M. J. Cummings Michael J. Cummings, one of Oswego's most successful business men, died at Atlantic City last night at eight o'clock. News of his death reached here this noon and the announcement, while received with great regret by citizens generally, was not unlooked for. Born in...
Sandusky Register (Sandusky, OH), Wednesday, August 9, 1911 
TextNewspapers    FIGHT FLAMES THREATENING BOAT FAR OUT IN THE LAKE Captain and Crew of Steam Barge F. H. Prince Have Close Call Off East Shore of Kelley?s Island ? Sandusky Sandsuckers to Rescue The steamer F.H. Prince of Detroit, Capt. Parsons in command and bound for Cleveland with a cargo of gravel was ...
Sandusky Register (Sandusky, OH), Friday, August 11, 1911 
TextNewspapers    STEAMER PRINCE NOW A TOTAL LOSS Boat Burned Off Kelley?s Id. Is Abandoned to Underwriters Damaged to such an extent the owners believe, that she cannot be repaired satisfactorily without more expense than the insurance will cover the steamer F.H. Prince has been abandoned to the underwriters...
Sandusky Register (Sandusky, OH), Tuesday, August 15, 1911 
TextNewspapers    FLAMES LICK UP BOAT Complete Destruction of the Str: F. H. Prince The steamer F.H. Prince beached off the east shore of Kelley?s Island a week ago today after she had been swept by flames, was totally destroyed and is now a total wreck, the fire having broken out when, it is believed, the high...
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Aug 31, 1911 
TextNewspapers    SUPERIOR HEADS PORTS _______ Shows Greatest Volume of Traffic for Six Months Milwaukee, Wis., August 30. - A report has been compiled by Harry Plumb, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, showing the incoming and outgoing tonnage at the six principal lake ports for the first six months of the...
Port Huron Times-Herald (Port Huron, MI), Fri., 29 Sep 1911, page 6 
TextNewspapers  Port Huron Times-Herald (Port Huron, MI), Fri., 29 Sep 1911, page 6page 6  Column 2
Watertown Herald (Watertown, NY), Sat Nov. 18, 1911 
TextNewspapers    Captain A. R. Hinckley of Oswego has been awarded the contract for wrecking the M.T. company barge Davy, which sunk near Point Vivian in the St. Lawrence river some time ago. The Donnellys of Kingston took the contract for $60,000 and finally gave up. Mr Hinckley's contract is said to be for the...
Watertown Herald (Watertown, NY), Nov. 18, 1911 
TextNewspapers    Lumbering Extraordinary Probably the most peculiar lumbering operations I the world are being carried on in the Bay of Quinte, on the northern shore of Lake Ontario, where powerful engines are hoisting valuable oak and walnut logs from the bottom of the bay. Som of them are 50 feet long and ...
The Eau Claire Leader (Eau Claire, WI), Wed., 9 Aug 1911, page 1 
TextNewspapers  The Eau Claire Leader (Eau Claire, WI), Wed., 9 Aug 1911, page 1page 1  Column 6
John R. Stirling (Propeller), U25855, 1911 
TextNewspapers  1911  .... Freight service. Of 500 indicated horse power.       * Formerly steam screw VANDERBILT.       Merchant Vessel List, U.S., 1911             &...
George G. Crawford (Propeller), U204251, 1911 
TextNewspapers  1911  ...., and the WILLIAM M. MILLS to WILLIAM J. FILBERT.       Buffalo Evening News       Tuesday, February 21, 1911             Steam screw GEORGE G...
William J. Filbert (Propeller), U204417, 1911 
TextNewspapers  1911  ...., and the WILLIAM M. MILLS to WILLIAM J. FILBERT.       Buffalo Evening News       Tuesday, February 21, 1911               &#160...
William G. Fox (Propeller), C130311, 1911 
TextNewspapers  1911  ..., [b] FLORENCE YATES.       Merchant Vessel List, U.S., 1911                   Steam screw SAMUEL H. BARONS.* U.S. No...
D. R. Morley (Propeller), U216255, 1911 
TextNewspapers  1911  ... screw [a] W.H. GRATWICK, [b] JOHN C. PRINGLE.       Merchant Vessel List, U.S., 1911                 &#160...
John Milton (Propeller), C75583, 1911 
TextNewspapers  1911  ...;#160;   NOTE:-- I could not find a suitable FLORENCE, one vessel of that name, built at Mill Point, Ont. in 1874, was re-regestered in 1911 as the Canadian JOHN MILTON.             Registry Record...
Hennepin (Propeller), U86016, 1911 
TextNewspapers  1911  ....4 and a crew of 16. Freight service. Of 300 indicated horse power. * Formerly GEORGE H. DYER, sr.       Merchant Vessel List, U.S., 1911 ...
Esther Stewart (Propeller), U136670, 1911 
TextNewspapers  1911  ...; STEWART. U. S. - 1909       ESTHER STEWART - U. S. - 1911       Herman Runge List       ...
Sodus (Propeller), U81471, 1911 
TextNewspapers  1911  ....S., 1911                   Steam screw SODUS. * U.S. No. 81471. Of 42 tons gross; 21 tons net. Built at Buffalo, N.Y. in 1894...
Restless (Yacht), U25270, 1911 
TextNewspapers  1911  .... S. - 1911       Herman Runge List ...
Nellie Lyon (Schooner), C126229, 1911 
TextNewspapers  1911  ...; * Renamed RELIANCE - U. S. - 1906       NELLIE LYON - Canada - 1911 [ C 126229]       Herman Runge List           &#160...

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