The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Buffalo Morning Express (Buffalo, NY), July 11, 1913, page 9 
TextNewspapers  Buffalo Morning Express (Buffalo, NY), July 11, 1913, page 9page 9  Column 1
Buffalo Morning Express (Buffalo, NY), July 11, 1913, page 9 
TextNewspapers  Buffalo Morning Express (Buffalo, NY), July 11, 1913, page 9page 9  Column 1
Daily Palladium (Oswego, NY), Wed., July 23, 1913 
TextNewspapers    Survivor of the Titanic _______ James P. Anderson Now Third Engineer On Querida ________ Came Into Port With a Cargo of Pulpwood For the Oswego Falls Pulp and Paper Company - A Graphic Description of the Loss of the Noble Steamer. James P. Anderson, third engineer on the English tramp ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Aug. 29, 1913 
TextNewspapers    Obituary _____ Peter Dufrane Peter Dufrane, for seventy two years a resident of this city, and one of the pioneer shipbuilders of the lakes, died at the home of his niece, Miss Louise Dufrane, 171 West Seneca street, last night in his ninety-third year. Born in Quebec in June, 1821, Mr. ...
Daily British Whig (Kingston, ON), Sat., Nov 1, 1913 
TextNewspapers    In Marine Circles _______ Mariners Have Long Spell of Good Weather ______ Old Mariner Stated That He Had Experienced Warmest Weather For Sailing in His Forty years' Experience "This has certainly been a great summer and fall for marine work," remarked an old mariner to the Whig, today. He...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Thurs., May 15, 1913 
TextNewspapers    The Death Of Captain Scott ______ Drowned Crossing Mexico Bay With His Tug Yesterday ____ Loss From The Boat Was Not Discovered Until the Latter Was Within a Short Distance of Cape Vincent - Believed to have Fallen overboard When Boat took a Lurch. ____ Captain William J....
Oswego Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), Thurs., May 15, 1913 
TextNewspapers    Captain Scott Was Drowned _____ Cast Overboard from Tug Tonawanda _____ No One Saw Him Fall ____ His Absence Discovered After Some Some Had Passed - Was A Tug Captain Known All Along the Great Lakes Captain William J. Scott , one of the best known tug boatmen on the lake and...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Thurs., May 22, 1913 
TextNewspapers    Watching For Capt. Scott's Body _____ Residents Along Shore Asked To Keep Lookout _____ Captain Anderson of Life Saving Crew Does Not Believe it Ever Will be Recovered Unless Under-Currents Carry It Into Shallow Water. No trace of the body of Captain Scott , former master of the tug ...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), Sat., May 24, 1913 
TextNewspapers    The Recall Of The Tugmen ________ Picturesque and Conspicuous Figures Here Years Ago. ________ Men Noted For Bravery and Daring When Life and Property Was Endangered In the Dark Blue Waters of Lake Ontario - Peace to Their Ashes. In the death of Captain William Scott by drowning from the...
Daily Times (Oswego, NY), Monday, May 19, 1913 
TextNewspapers    The Helen As A Harbor Tug ______ Motor Yacht Did Good Work Yesterday _____ Brought in Schooners _____ No Harbor Tug on Duty Yesterday -- Yacht Club Held Annual Launching Bee and Put Eight Boats in Water There is some class to the motor boat Helen, both from a pleasure and a utilitarian...
Daily Palladium (Oswego, NY), Thursday, May 22, 1913 
TextNewspapers    Watching for Capt. Scott's Body Residents along shore asked to keep lookout Captain Anderson of the Life Saving Crew does not believe it ever will be recovered unless undercurrents carry it into shallow water. No trace of the body of Captain Scott, former master of the tug Tonawanda, who was...
Bulletin (Collingwood, ON), Apr. 24, 1913 
TextNewspapers    Large fog bells operated by water-power are being installed in the light vessels maintained at Limekiln Crossing, in the Lower Detroit River, by the Department of Marine and Fisheries of Canada. The bell was placed on one of the vessels yesterday, and its sound can be heard all over Amherstburg....
Daily Times (Oswego, NY), Wed.,  March 19, 1913 
TextNewspapers    May Acquire Naval Station _______ Historic Old Building at Sackets Harbor Wanted by Jefferson County Historical Society. _______ Watertown, March 18. - While in this city Saturday night the matter of having the old naval station at Sackets Harbor, which has existed since the War of 1812, ...
Watertown Herald (Watertown, NY), Sat. March 29,1913 
TextNewspapers    Capt. Hinckley of Oswego, who has been at work on the sunken steamer Island Belle for several days, succeeded in raising the craft Sunday afternoon. After the hull had been covered with canvas two engines and a rotary pump attached to the engine of the steam roller were placed in operation and ...
Watertown Herald (Watertown, NY), Saturday April 18, 1913 
TextNewspapers    Navigation Open Cape Vincent, April 16.- The steamer New Island Wandered (Wanderer) arrived here about 7 last evening from Kingston, Ont. This starts in operation the ferry service between this place and Kingston for the season. The Wanderer left Kingston at 1:30 p.m. and stopped in Clayton on...
Caramana (Propeller), C92559, 1913 
TextNewspapers  1913  ...; List of Vessels on Registry Books of the Dominion       of Canada on the 31st. Day of December, 1913             First Registration Name...
Cabotia (Propeller), C133825, 1913 
TextNewspapers  1913  ...; * Renamed (b) CABOTIA - Canada - 1913 (C 133825)       Wrecked August 27, 1919, on Lake Ontario, and dismantled.       Toledo Shipbuilding Master List     &#160...
Aggie B. Reid (Propeller), C126865, 1913 
TextNewspapers  1913  ...Propeller AGGIE B. REID.* Built 1897 at Toledo, Ohio.       * Formerly propeller VICTOR.       Name Changes from Registry Books of the Dominion of Canada,       on December 31, 1913. Sessional Papers Vol...
Saugatuck (Propeller), U116149, 1913 
TextNewspapers  1913  ... Changes from Registry Books of the Dominion of Canada,       on December 31, 1913. Sessional Papers Vol. XLV11 No. 16 Steam screw SAUGATUCK. U. S. No. 116149. Of 159.54 tons gross; 108.90 tons net. Built at Saugatuck, Mich., in 1887. Home port, Grand...
Atikokan (Propeller), C131053, 1913 
TextNewspapers  1913  ...;   Name Changes from Registry Books of the Dominion of Canada,       on December 31, 1913. Sessional Papers Vol. XLV11 No. 16                   &#160...

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