The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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BICKERDIKE is downbound in Little Rapids Cut 
Image  c1915  ...BICKERDIKE is downbound in Little Rapids Cut in this photo c. 1915 by A. E. Young....
Image  1915  ...Even though she carries C.S.L. colours, this 1915 Young photo shows KENORA much as she appeared when built....
Image  c1915  ...This is THUNDER BAY as she appeared c.1915 when owned by James Whalen. She was little changed from her MALTA days except for the removal of the main and mizzen masts....
PREMIER  in Little Rapids Cut 
Image  c1915  ...PREMIER looked like this during her latter years on the route between the Canadian Sault and St. Joseph's Island. Photo, in Little Rapids Cut, by Young, c. 1915....
TOILER  in the St. Clair River 
Image  1915  ...TOILER is seen in the St. Clair River in this 1915 Pesha photo, which shows her after her conversion to steam power....
George A. Graham 
Image    ...Photograph of the GEORGE A. GRAHAM upbound at Little Rapids Cut in the St. Mary's River in 1915....
Image  c1915  ...Photograph of Canada Steamship Lines steamboat EMPEROR upbound at 1915. Note the grey cabins....
The Wharves, Montreal, Canada 
Image  1915  Stereoview of Montreal Harbour 10625- The Wharves, Montreal Canada; Lat. 45 N; Long. 74 W; Montreal is the great commercial center of the Dominion of Canada. It is situated on the north side of the St. Lawrence River and is 625 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. It is the leading port for the...
In the Slip getting ready for a race. Trenton, Ont. 
Image  c 1915  Tinted postcard in a frame of the waterfront of Trenton, Ont. A small tug appears in the right middleground. In the background is a three-masted schooner. Other small row boats and sailboats can be found in the middle along with a number of boat houses. Divided back. Postally unused "In the...
Blockade of Boats, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 
Image  c1915  ...Postmarked "Mackinac Island, 21 Aug. 1915 8 pm"...
Welland Canal (Lock 1).  Port Dalhousie, Ont., Canada 
ImageComments  c. 1915  ...A divided back post card. Postmarked "St. Catharines, Ont. 15 Mar 1915" Sent to Mr. Harry Carr, Clinton Conn, from Geo. W. Morse....
The Wreck of the Eastland 
Image  1915  ...This picture was copyrighted five days after the disaster on 24 July 1915...
Members of American Iron and Steel Institute inspecting the ore docks, Cleveland, Oct. 23, 1915 
Image  1915  ...Members of American Iron and Steel Institute inspecting the ore docks, Cleveland, Oct. 23, 1915...
A.G. Brower 
Image  c1915  Coloured photograph of the U.S. Transportation Co. steamboat A. G. BROWER Originally in the collection of Edwin H. Clemer, who served on the BROWER sometime between 1913 and 1926
ImageCommentsMysteries  c1915  Coloured photograph of the Interstate Steamship Co. steamboat THOMAS WALTERS arrived in a nearly icebound port. Originally in the collection of Edwin H. Clemer, who served on the THOMAS WALTERS sometime between 1913 and 1926
Engine crew of the THOMAS WALTERS 
Image  c1915  Photograph of the engine room of the Interstate Steamship Co. steamboat THOMAS WALTERS. Edwin H. Klemer is in the middle with his arms crossed. The boiler plate refers to the V. H. KETCHAM, built 1874 at Marine City, but whose boiler appears to have been constructed by Samuel F. Hodge of Detroit....
Raising the S. S. Eastland, Chicago River 
Image  1915  Real photo postcard of the Chicago-St. Joseph Steamship Company steamboat EASTLAND being salvaged in the Chicago River. Lying alongside is the Great Lakes Towing Company towboat FAVORITE. Divided back postcard. Postally unused. "Raising the S. S. Eastland, Chicago River" "Max Stein, Chi"
Dry Dock "Duke of Connaught" Montreal 
Image  c1915  ...Divided back. Postmarked Cornwall, ON, 3 Nov 1915...
Daily Palladium (Oswego, NY), March 9, 1915 
TextNewspapers    Dad Kitts is Crowding 80 ___________ Will Have a Birthday Celebration ___________ With One Exception he is the Oldest Native Son of Oswego - How He Manages to Keep Young and Enjoy Life - Makes the Timber Fly on the Alleys Willard A. Kitts, oldest active business man of the city and with...
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY), March 29, 1915 
TextNewspapers    Passing of the Sailing Schooner The indications are that it is only a matter of time, and a short time at that, when the sailing schooner will have disappeared completely from the Great Lakes. For the past few years the only trade they have been engaged in has been carrying lumber on some of...

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